Top 10 Luxury Resorts in Nepal


TEN BEST RESORTS IN NEPAL: – Nepal is the most stunning country in the world. It really is worth the time spending in this beautiful country. Our country Nepal is also attracting a lot of tourists all around the world not only because of its beauty but also because of the economy that is so affordable for the tourists.

Traveling in Nepal is not very expensive, so one can enjoy the most out of the beautiful sceneries of this country in a fixed budget conveniently. Furthermore, there are so many beautiful resorts in this country.

Staying in resorts is like therapy since resorts can be described as an isolated place that really surrounds you with nature, peace, and serenity. Apart from the luxurious facilities that resort in this country provide, you can be wrapped around with the scenic beauty that this country has been blessed with.

If you are looking for a perfect resort for you this holiday, whether, you are a domestic or an international tourist, you will definitely not be let down by the resorts that are located in Nepal. Nepal is a country that has its own identity and is one of a kind. So, your expectations will surely be fulfilled with the best resorts listed here. Enjoy everyone.

Top 10 Luxury Resorts in Nepal

  1. Fulbari Resort and spa:

The Fulbari resort and spa are located in Green Canyon, Pokhara which lies in the western development region of Nepal. Pokhara, itself is a very beautiful country and the Fulbari resort is like a cherry on top. The fulbari resort is splendid because it is the one and only deluxe five-star resort of Nepal.

There are so many facilities provided in this resort like meeting halls, banquet halls, Ananda Health Farm, the bari express, conference rooms and of course its marvelous dining facilities. The resort also has its own Helipad and so, if you want to arrive in style in this resort through a helicopter, then surely, your wish will come true.

Fulbari Resort and spa kathmandu nepal
Fulbari Resort and Spa

The conference rooms have a capacity of twenty to one hundred and twenty people. The meeting halls can also operate private meetings when required. The Ananda health farm that is integrated into the program of this resort is really such a healthful bliss.


This farm is a center that also provides facilities for detoxification and health loss as well. If you are also looking for such facilities, then this resort is perfect for you to stay in. if you are worried about the accommodation facilities, then you need not worry because you shall have plenty of options.

For the accommodation rooms, you shall have the options of deluxe rooms, super deluxe rooms, and royal executive club and junior or honeymoon suites.

The deluxe room is on the garden level and the rooms on the first floor have been integrated with basic room amenities and portable drinking water.

The super deluxe rooms are provided in the second and third levels with super deluxe amenities with all sorts of facilities like coffee or tea maker, mineral water, newspaper and of course fruit baskets for you. If you are interested in a royal executive club that is located in the fourth floor, then you shall be provided with executive club lounges, fruit baskets, in room foot massage facility and of course privilege check in and check out as well.

You will really be mesmerized with the junior or honeymoon suites as there shall be the facility of Jacuzzi and mirrors that are in the size of a wall. The fulbari resort and spa have offered four junior suites that are each name after the legendary universal beauties, they are Rajamati of Nepal, Mumtaj of India, Helen of Greece and of course the Cleopatra of Egypt.

Such names are used to describe the immense beauty that the room reflects. And of course, how can forget the amazing spa of the Fulbari resort and spa? If you are interested in spa services, then you must surely visit this resort. The facility of the spa has been names Spa Avatar.

This spa avatar is the first and only international spa in our country Nepal so its services are definitely worth the try. The spa really rejuvenates one’s mind, body, and soul through various massages and therapies. If you want to pamper yourself with various massages and facial treatments, then you must surely try spa avatar as this spa provides aromatherapies from by use of exotic Himalayan incense with the combination of deep cleansing facials and massages.

The spa has adopted holistic approaches and therapeutic methodologies like the herbal scrub, herbal infusion and of course various types of massage therapies. There are lots of spa packages that you can look into if you are interested in.

Other than that, there are also overnight weekend packages too where you shall be offered with 20% off at the Gorkha bar with an additional 50% off at the beauty parlor and spa as well. You will definitely have a very enjoyable time during your holiday with your friends and family with the use of this wonderful package that the resort shall provide you with.

If you are a foodie person and you are really looking further to your food and dining experience, then look no further because Fulbari resort and spa has all sorts of food spaces like cafes, Masal bazaar, Komagane, and hanging garden. In the fulbari café, there is a coffee shop and all sorts of all day continental cuisines.

This is located below the lobby space in the fulbari resort with a capacity of one hundred and fifty guests. The masala bazaar has a capacity of sixty guests and it serves all kinds of cuisines that range from the Far East to the Middle East that is absolutely delicious.

The komagane restaurant with a capacity of forty guests serves very delicious Japanese cuisines. The most amazing hanging garden restaurant has a really great view. This garden restaurant is really just the best place for barbecued meat and all sorts of light dishes to enjoy alongside with delicious chilled drinks and beer and your choice of cocktails.

Other than all of these wonderful facilities and services, the ambiance that you shall be surrounded in this resort can be felt in place no other. The resort has a really beautiful aesthetic that is just really mesmerizing. If you really want to have a great time with your family and friends, then most definitely give the resort of Fulbari resort and spa at Pokhara, Nepal a shot and you shall definitely not regret it.

Enjoy everyone and have a good time. Make the most memorable memories here in Nepal.

  1. Gokarna Forest Resort:

Have love for both nature and serenity? Then Gokarna forest resort is just the right place for you to be. The Gokarna forest resort is located inside the property of the Gokarna Protected Forest. This resort is only 10 kilometers from the Kathmandu city and the Tribhuvan International Airport.

The Gokarna Forest Resort is situated on such a site which was historically the private royal hunting ground of the previous hearing Kings of Nepal in the past days. This Gokarna forest is very much in rich historical and cultural significance and this resort is also special and as well as beautiful because of the fact that the main complex of the resort is a remarkable blend of Malla and Rana period architecture.

This type of architecture is also referred to as the neoclassical type of architecture which was most probably influenced by the massive western architecture that uses a lot of huge elements and arches and domes whereas the Malla architecture comprises of use of bricks and sloped roofs and large overhangs of roofs.

The resort in total occupies the land area of large area of the ancient Gokarna Forest with the majestic Himalayas providing dramatic scenes and such a mesmerizing scenic beauty that one might just get lost into the beautiful wilderness for a moment that one spends in this beautiful God gifted place.


There are also facilities for golf, spa and other sorts of activities. You really do not have to worry about the accommodation rooms in this Gokarna forest resort because all of the rooms are well furnished that are exotic superior high quality. Here at the Gokarna forest resort, all of the rooms are fully well equipped.


Services of air conditioning, and electronic safe locks, two-bottles of complimentary mineral water, comfortable herbal bath amenities, drink maker and so if you have love for Nepalese style architecture, then you can also be blessed with the options that have rooms with interior décor that portraits classical Nepali culture in a romantic and warm ambiance.

You will be quite amazed because some rooms also have breathtaking views of the golf course, the jungle and the beautiful courtyards that just screams the Nepalese architecture. Gokarna Forest Resort has the facilities of serving food and beverages. It has four different outlets for this purpose. They are the Hunter’s Lodge Restaurant, Durbar Restaurant, Club House Restaurant and the 8848 MT bar.

All of these outlets have their specialty in their uniqueness because all of them provide a very different flavor to your dining experience. The ambiance of the restaurants with both traditional and modern sitting arrangements add a special experience to your stay in this Gokarna forest resort.

This resort’s kitchen and dining mantra are “Top ingredients well prepared” because only the finest ingredients are selected and then prepares that are mouthwatering and very much delicious.

The Clubhouse Restaurant specializes in Thai and Chinese delicacies, whereas the hunter’s lodge serves very much specialized Nepali cosines that all tourists and visitors can enjoy. You will really enjoy your time spending your evening at the 8848 MT bar because you shall be provided with its wide variety of options.

You can also nod your head along with the vibes and the beats of the live music. You shall definitely be able to enjoy services and facilities of free wifi service that shall really help you to just connect with your friends and families back home to share these unique experiences with.

So why not hurry and just book your stay in this beautiful and breathtaking Gokarna forest resort for your holiday this season? Enjoy everyone and have a great time by making a lot of great memories here in this Gokarna forest resort.

  1. The Dwarika’s Resort:

The beautiful Dwarika’s Resort located at Dhulikhel, Nepal is really such a holistic lifestyle retreat. This resort just mesmerizes one by just drawing on ancient Himalayan knowledge and philosophy of care for nature and of course for one’s self also.

This resort is set in magnificent natural surroundings which really has the ability to capture one’s attention. This resort offers an excellent place in which tone can contemplate and also be able to learn and strive to explore the immense and the strong interrelationships between minds, body, and earth has with each other.

For the accommodation purposes, this resort has provided with the facilities of the options of junior suite, executive suite, and the royal suite. This is a wonderful resort to spend your time with your friends and families.

The rooms are inspired by nature and so, each of the spaces in the rooms and suite at the resort of Dwarika’s resort is very much unique. Each of the rooms has special features and has been created to showcase and celebrate its various forms.

Throughout all of the spaces inside the rooms, a simple, spacious and rustic style complements the tranquil surroundings that very much are inspired by the Mother Nature and hence, showcase the relations and reflections of nature in their own uniqueness maintaining their own individual identity.

The design follows ancient Himalayan principles of energy and they are built by only using local materials that are not harmful to the health of the guests. Much care has been taken to ensure that each suite is a beautiful haven of positivity.

There are both private indoor and outdoor living and sleeping spaces, each of the suites is as if is a part of a lifestyle that brings all of the guests closer to nature, creating an ideal setting for reflection, relaxation and revival at the utmost spiritual level as well.

For all those foodies out there, the Dwarika’s resort at Dhulikhel provides excellent cuisines and flavors at Nature’s flavors, Mako’s zen, poolside restaurant, bar, and Dwarika’s farm. Here at the Dwarika’s resort, they have the belief to maintain a balanced body and mind by nourishing the right type and the right amount of food.

Therefore, meals are therefore a key aspect of the resort, and one of its main highlight feature. Each meal uses very much natural ingredients that are naturally selected, each meal respects with its own flavors, textures, and aromas.

You shall have your mouths water since all the dishes only make use of fresh, seasonal and local produce, primarily sourced from their own organic farms, or from other local farmers which is another plus point. Here, the meals complement the treatments and philosophy of the resort that is leading all of the guests gently towards an enriching lifestyle naturally.

So what are you waiting for? Have a blast of a time with your family as well as your friends by booking your stay in this amazing Dwarika’s resort. You will surely not regret it and instead end up living the best times of your lives making the best memories of your time with all of your loved ones in your holidays.

  1. Rupakot Resort:

Rupakot Resort is a beautiful place to be. It is located on the hills of Rupakot Village on top of Rupa and Begnas Lake. The resort is ideally located in order to discover the traditional and cultural face of the village lives of the people around the place.

Rupakot Resort occupies a total of ten hectares of land and it takes nearly one hour drive from Pokhara Lakeside and airport to the Rupakot resort. This beautiful Rupakot resort is really a haven where the guest’s room will seem as if it has a direct connection into the landscape directly in turn connecting to the beautiful majestic Annapurna Himalaya range of western Nepal.

This is wonderful resort to spend your time with your friends and families Rupakot resort is just the perfect place to stay in if you want to enjoy a true sense of space and uninterrupted views of the serene lakes from your private spaces because there are very much spacious veranda integrated into the rooms.

This resort is special and unique because apart from giving the taste of Nepali rural life, you can also have a taste of luxury due to its various facilities. This is just the right resort where you shall get to experience an outstanding level of service with ultimate comfort. The resort in total has forty-two gorgeous rooms that are so comfortable and very much modern.

All of the rooms are spacious deluxe rooms that have private verandahs that provide beautiful panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan ranges. All the rooms are well furnished with excellent lighting and comfortable furnishings.

The dining experience in this resort is also soul-satisfying and therefore, wait no longer, you must most definitely try this resort to stay in during your holidays this season and of course, have an incredible time everyone. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful Dwarika’s resort with your family, friends and all of your beloved near and dear ones. Enjoy this amazing experience together with friends!

  1. Mirabel Resort Hotel:

Another beautiful resort in Dhulikhel, Nepal is definitely one of the best resorts in our country. The Mirabel Resort Hotel (Pvt.) Ltd. Is a beautiful resort that is situated amidst unique natural beauty and is 30 km away in the east direction of the capital city Kathmandu, on the Araniko Raj Marg which is the Kathmandu-Kodari Highway.

It takes about an hour to drive from Kathmandu and passes by the traditional and cultural towns of Bhaktapur and Banepa in order to reach this beautiful resort. There are options for two types of rooms in this resort. They are the standard and deluxe rooms. Both types of rooms are well furnished and extremely comfortable.

In the rooms, there are facilities of air conditioning, mini bar, hot and cold water supply and also fruit baskets, comfortable beds, and private balconies as well for personal spaces. There is also the availability of banquet services in different halls like Langtang hall, gaurishankar hall and jharana garden.

You shall be able to enjoy a lot of delicacies as well in the restaurants integrated into this resort. There are three restaurants that are named as jharan garden restaurant, the chhahara restaurant, and the arc en Ciel coffee shop and bar. There is also the availability of attractive packages that the guests can look forward to as required.

You better hurry to enjoy your stay in this beautiful and attractive Mirabel Resort hotel at Dhulikhel right now because this shall definitely be an experience that you shall remember for a really long time.


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