Republic Day in Nepal 2020 : Ganatantra Diwas 2077 B.S.


Republic Day in Nepal 2020  : Ganatantra Diwas 2077 B.S.

This post is about when is republic day in Nepal 2020 (2077 B.S.)? This post is about the republic day celebration in Nepal in the year 2020 (2077 B.S.)? When is Republic Day celebrated in Nepal in 2020? When is Republic Day celebrated in Nepal in 2077 B.S.? When is Gantantra Diwas celebrated in Nepal in 2020?

When is Gantantra Diwas celebrated in Nepal in 2077 B.S.? Do you know the date of Ganatantra Diwas in Nepal in 2020? Do you know the date of Ganatantra Diwas in Nepal in 2077 B.S.? Do you know the date of Republic Day in Nepal in 2020? Do you know the date of Republic Day in Nepal in 2077 B.S.?

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As we, all know that Nepal is a South Asian country. It is located between the two powerhouses of the world, Indian and China. Republic Day in Nepal is also called Ganatantra Diwas. Ganatantra Diwas means Republic Day. The date of Republic Day falls in May or June (Jyestha) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon.

The Ganatantra Diwas celebration actually runs for one day. Republic Day 2020 in Nepal will be on 28 May. According to Nepali Calendar, Ganatantra Diwas 2077 will be Jyestha 15. Every year Jyestha 15, Ganatantra Diwas falls in Nepal. We will discuss later on how is Ganatantra Diwas Celebrated in Nepal in 2020 (2077 B.S.). The government of Nepal gives national and public holidays on this Ganatantra Diwas date.

Why we celebrate republic day of Nepal

It’s not necessary to give an answer to the question, Why we celebrate republic day of Nepal to a patriot Nepalese citizen. To them there may be no to hundreds of reasons to celebrate republic day of Nepal.

And it is obvious that it’s a moment of pride for us to celebrate our republic day. On this day the Constitution of Nepal came into force making Nepal a republic nation.


May 29, 2009 marks the first anniversary of the declaration of Nepal as the Federal Democratic Republic. Various programs were organized around the nation to mark the first Republic Day. It was on May 29, 2008 when the first sitting of CA declared Nepal the Federal Republic abolishing the 240 years old monarchy.

To mark this day the government of Nepal declared the day as a public holiday. Various news agencies from Nepal reported the organization of several programs like the army pavilion in Tudikhel. The President and other leaders gave speeches talking about national unity along with other essential aspects.

On Jestha 15, 2065, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal parliament was declared. So we have been celebrating Republic Day every year in remembrance of this event.

The current CPN (Maoist) and other different political parties have the 12-point agreement on the basis of the various parties are united movement against the monarchy was then.

In Mangsir of the 2062 year on the basis of consensus and peaceful movement that the Maoist armed attack, seven political parties had joint movement.

Continuing military action against the Maoists as the seven parties had tried to breed the peaceful movement. Seven political parties on the basis of the consensus of gunfire and the movement were strong.

Movement 2062/63 to set up a foundation in the election, the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly on 15 Jestha 2065 was declared the Federal Democratic Republic. Two hundred and 38 years of the announcement of king rule, this day is celebrated as Republic Day every year.

Republic Day special ceremony during military operations being camped. President has organized a reception ceremony Minister and refreshments. Despite the enormous political achievements after the country declared republic equally challenge the political.

Republic Day is the occasion of the foundation of national unity, peaceful, prosperous, rich, balanced, and inclusive development of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

2062 Chaitra 23 on the movement began in 2063 when on Baisakh 11 was successful. Then King Gyanendra’s people safely deliver the masses’ saying the dissolved parliament after announcing the immediate reinstatement of the seven political parties had announced the protest. The CPN (Maoist) has announced the beginning of his decline, including the Republic of omission ‘consensus’ was removed after the Maoist.

On 28 Chaitra 2064, the largest party in the Constituent Assembly election was M. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s refusal to resign several times in the talks, Prime Minister Koirala was the exact time of the Republic announced an agreement.

The first meeting of the constituent republic, according to the agreement on Jestha 15, 2065 meeting on the Democratic Republic of Nepal announced that the federal lokatantra.

Nepali Congress and CPN-UML leaders stand constitutional monarchy and burning conditions, especially the youths republic’s leadership to go to these parties, the Republic were compelled to go.

The then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, King Gyanendra, imposing placed under house arrest the leaders of the seven political parties will come to those parties about the Republic is said to have been forced to reconsider. The Maoists and the Republic of the CA election, saying the Falgun 2052 year on from an armed war, was conducted.

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Happy Republic Day Images

The Maoists losing situation, and then seven agitating political parties, movements have not been effectively made a binding memorandum of understanding to establish a republic in Nepal has to be analyzed.

Some of the leaders of the seven political parties and the Maoists agreed on deterrent monarchy after some leaders of the seven political parties continued to love the monarchy. CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli, Nepal, remove the comment is made carts were riding US Congress leaders (finance minister) Sharan Mahat aggravate movement when playing golf at the Gokarna Golf Resort discussion has run.

After a partial success of the movement of the monarchy all parties to the election and after the election, according to the agreement, in order to declare the republic had to do much exercise.

After the establishment of the Constituent Assembly election in Nepal, the Republic of fate life and ethnic regional gender, class discrimination, and removing the limit of Nepal sammunata dream is the dream. Corruption, dearness, and unemployment have increased.


After the establishment of the people’s republic has been criticized. Day for three days on Tuesday altar Republic Day Main Organizing Committee, Jestha 14, 15, and 16 on a three-day celebration of the Republic Day has decided.

The original house to celebrate Diwali in different programs by the Office Minister and has urged the Republic Day. Capital wins the special program committee chairman and members of the original function, the CA members, constitutional bodies, political parties, major, officer Minister and the Government of Nepal civilian workers, police, armor, and professor of the Institute staff have been involved.

It is the dream of bringing the whole republic will only be a formality. So, the above things are the reason for the celebration of Republic day in Nepal. Jai Nepal.


Ganatantra Diwas in Nepal / Republic Day in Nepal upcoming years

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Happy Ganatantra Diwas Nepal Wishes in English language

On this bright day, we all want to be proud that we are Nepalese. Let every person feel free, happy, necessary, and respected. Let no wars, natural disasters, economic crises concern us.

I wish on this holiday the country’s prosperity and a bright future, the common good and mutual respect in society, brilliant prospects, and stable success. May every resident of Nepal be happy, loved, and proud of his country.

Congratulations on the Day of Nepal. The greatness and power of our country awe and respect. Let there be a place in the soul of every citizen for the love of their homeland.

May the strength of the spirit of the ancestors bring development and prosperity, give strength for great achievements and faith in a beautiful future.

May the generosity of the Nepal land bring prosperity and comfort, peace, and harmony to every home. I wish you happiness and prosperity.

Congratulations to all Nepalese on the occasion. We wish you a peaceful and blue sky.

May there always be sun and celebration in your hearts. Families will be happy and healthy. And the country will be rich in every way.

I wish all the citizens of our great power a unity of spirit and a lot of strength. Development, personal and spiritual, well-being, order, support, and great growth.

May our Nepal be renewed, improved, flourished, and developed with us.

We wish our country to grow stronger, prosper, develop, and be as powerful and great.

I sincerely want to wish the country prosperity and a happy life in it. May Nepal always remain a mighty power.

May every Nepali person truly be proud of its roots, traditions, heroes, achievements, and victories.

Happy Republic Day Messages Wishes in English language

I wish our nation to be united, powerful, strong, and reliable. So that every resident feels himself to be an important link in a huge machine, called – the homeland.

Let the power flourish, the potential unfolds, and prosperity increases. Happy holiday.

This is a significant day for every citizen of this amazing, unique, and immense country. So, let the threat of war never hang over our country, and subsequently, no one will show neglect and hope to violate the integrity of our nation.

Let everyone who dares to step on our holy land with a sword not resist the onslaught of unity and patriotism of the Nepali people.

We wish you to be worthy citizens of our country, to honor and remember the achievements of our glorious power, to help strengthen the Fatherland and preserve its wealth.

This holiday is a symbol of unity of all who cherish their native land as a small homeland in a friendly family of people of a large country.

I wish that the great and powerful country never lost its strength, that the people of Nepal always remained united and invincible, that the spirit of the country be the strongest and unbreakable.

I wish you a happy holiday, beautiful festivities in the circle of your beloved people, and wonderful friends.

Today is a holiday at our great and indestructible Motherland and I would like to wish all its inhabitants to always be proud of their country.

Happy Republic Day Wishes in English language

May you do things that contribute to the prosperity of Nepal, not to forget their native traditions and culture, and be happy living in Nepal.

I sincerely wish you to know and be proud of the history of the nation, respect the traditions and customs. Cheer with a heart for the prosperity and success of our country, with all your heart to love Mother Nepal.

I want from the bottom of my heart to wish the bright colors of the rainbow in life and happy hopes, good luck, and true patriotism of the soul.

May our country prosper and develop, may Mother Nepal give each of us a good dream and faith in our own strength.

I would like to wish our country to be the first in everything, to have a happy and wonderful life in it. To glorify Nepal with worthy victories of athletes and artists, acts of heroes, and wise decisions of politicians.

I wish you good health, continued prosperity, and true love for the Motherland.

I wish with all my heart to love my Motherland and not to know a single day of sadness.

Let old tales, Nepali songs, and good traditions always fill life with joy and fun, may native Nepal give the heart joy, the opportunity to be a happy and sought-after person.

I wish you a prosper and enjoy life in our nation. May there always be a peaceful sky and bright sun above the country and you.

May we be surrounded by clean air and fun. Happiness, prosperity, patriotism, vivid feelings, good luck, and love for the motherland.

With all my kind soul I want to wish wide open spaces of happiness in the wide-open spaces of great power.

I want us to know the history of my homeland, be proud of its traditions, fight for its well-being, and make a significant contribution to its prosperity.

I sincerely wish you to live beautifully, luxuriously, and happily in your beloved, wonderful, good country.

Let the story of your life be as rich, fascinating, and incredibly interesting as the history of the formation of our country. I wish you health, peace, and prosperity for many centuries.

May every day begin with something good and joyful, may each year be fruitful, successful, generous, vibrant, and interesting for you, for the people, for the whole friendly country.

Nepali land has the deepest historical roots, and the Nepali people carry particles of great Nepali culture. Today, let’s remember this and feel our common strength and power.

Let our country grow stronger and richer, and we live in Nepal freely and joyfully.

We are all Nepalis, which means we already have something to be proud of. Our country is a great power, a reliable stronghold with a rich history that gives us the strength to deal with any problems.

Together, let us continue to build the future of Nepal with dignity, and also teach our children about it. Nepalis. This is your day, the day of your country. Hold hands and feel like one family.

Happy Republic Day Messages Wishes in English language

Let Nepal not know the troubles and wars, let the Nepali people be famous for their intelligence and great achievements.

Let there be always order and prosperity in the country, let only happy changes take place in your life.

On this bright holiday, we are proud that we are Nepali. Let every Nepali person feel free, happy, necessary, and respected, forget about wars, natural disasters, sanctions, and economic crises.

I wish you a bright future, good prospects, good health, and happiness in the family, constancy, and positive emotions.

Peace, warmth, kindness, joy, and light to all of us. Let every day begin with good news and happy events.

Let there be many achievements in the field of science and culture. Let mercy and humanity remain the most valuable qualities.

Let there be no chaos and crisis in the beloved country, may the heart always be easy and good. Let Nepal and you have a generous soul, let you and your loved ones live happily, comfortably, happily, and safely in their native expanses.

I congratulate the dear citizens of our beloved homeland on the Republic Day of Nepal. I wish our vast country friendly neighbors, a wise ruler, and a hardworking, honest, fair people.

I wish to cherish my Motherland with all my heart, belief in its prosperity with all my heart. I try my best to find my place under the sun and with all my actions strive for prosperity for myself, my family, my Motherland. I wish you endless love for Nepal and happy life in this country.

I wish you all a happy future, bright hopes, and fulfillment of desires. May your children and grandchildren be happy and live with confidence in the future. Health and peace to your families.

Republic Day in Nepal 2020: Ganatantra Diwas 2077 B.S.


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