39 Relationship Tips on Why And How to Live in Harmony with Your Spouse

Relationship Tips on Why and How to Live in Harmony with Your Spouse: – How to make a live-in relationship work? Couples living respectively may find that there is significantly more to a live-in relationship than a sugar covered picture of two individuals grinning, giggling and romancing.

Regardless of whether you are moving in with your long haul sweetheart, officially living with your beau of a couple of months or living respectively before marriage to give your relationship a trial – these tips will enable you to live with your accomplice and appreciate the center pith of a live-in relationship.

Of the unfinal union of Venus (Goddess of Love and Symbol of the Feminine) and Mars (God of the war and symbol of the male) were born a few children, among them a goddess called harmony.

Harmony is the goddess who governs the search for balance between opposites (her parents, for example) as hatred and love, reason and emotion, body and soul, peace and confusion, fear and desire. For many, the search for a life with harmony means striving for one day to enjoy a life that is finely balanced.

The problem is there, at the end point. It is necessary to recognize that experiences as happiness conquered, balanced life, are not proper of human life. At least not so …. static … definitive ..Since the 1980s the World Health Organization has used terms such as the dynamic balance between areas of life to define the concept of Quality of Life. And that makes a lot of sense. In nature, everything is moving.

Life is movement. It flows, It is expansion and contraction. So it does not make sense to hope to one day conquer life in Harmony. The great (and possible) purpose is to learn to live on the move. Thus bringing the definitive harmony we are seeking. The initial step is to learn to live in harmony with oneself. Living in harmony with yourself is a real asset on a daily basis.

When I am in harmony with myself, I agree with all the people around me. My desires and feelings are directly related to what I do or don’t. To live this harmony, one must simply dare to be oneself. It is possible to live in harmony with oneself by being true, by seeking that own truth which belongs only to ourselves.


In other words, one should not force oneself or use violence to accept something or someone. One must be able to express disagreements even with those whom we esteem. With the sluggish economic situation and the international tensions that make the news; the concern for the future is great for some people.

Many have lost their inner flame. It is important that everyone can regain self-control to feel this intimate peace so beneficial. For this, thoughts must stop focusing on difficulties, they exist, it is a fact. To think about it without stopping does not allow to solve them, nor to be in the state of mind of appeasement necessary for the decision making.

Unencumbered by negativity, our mind is in condition to find the harmony between what is in us and what is presented to us. Thus, we are much better able to manage all of our personal, family and professional obligations.

Importance of living in harmony

My daily quest is, fundamentally, one thing: to be happy. Other people, smarter beings, aim to extend this circle of happiness to their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Still others – truly the most accomplished – forget about themselves and bring happiness, empathy, and compassion to all without any kind of rejection or discrimination. In this group of evolved beings are usually masters and spiritual leaders.

They are people who have brought words of harmony among peoples, of love and affection towards their neighbor, regardless of religion, creed or faith that they profess. Values such as peace, devotion, and altruism could be seen in figures such as Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Zarathustra, Confucius, Lao Tzu, among others.

They are seen as examples of life, sources of inspiration and spiritual elevation, or often as the very origin of benevolence and acceptance. It seems reasonable that it is a human purpose to be peaceful and transmit positive energy around, filling the hearts of all. Approaching this positive vibration repairs sorrows, nourishes the spirit and protects even the soul. Indeed, many animals possess this intrinsic characteristic.

After all, who does not feel positively altered, fulfilled and full, in the conviviality with their favorite animal? So, if animals even possess this property, how could that power be lacking for us humans, endowed with great intellect and ingenuity?

Is it still needed to say why harmony is needed in society and what importance it holds in human life? Let’s discuss some:

20 Reasons Why It IS Important to Live in Harmony in Life – Relationship Tips For Everyone

  1. It is in peace that resides wisdom:

Our heart has unlimited space, capable of receiving all beings and the supreme power of accommodation and divine love. Discovering this modifies all techniques of meditation, yoga and personal evolution into a tool of service to all beings for common growth and extended to the maximum possible.

It is in non-violence, peace, and harmony that lies the pearl of wisdom: peace is the highest value, the most valuable of all the fruits that we have within us. And the pacifying action is the external reflection of it. In Sanskrit, the prayer says: “Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu,” which means: “May all beings everywhere be happy.” I hope that it will be so.

  1. Peace and Harmony are the true riches of a family:

The family harmony always deserves great attention, because it is the base that gives security and provokes well-being in life. The family environment makes all the difference in people’s lives, being determinant in the way they face life.

Family Life consists of intimate coexistence with people of different ages, habits, and personalities. That is why it is a field conducive to inevitable friction. However, living in a climate of harmony and respect is possible. Disagreements between brothers, brothers-in-law, parents, and children, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law are common and often turn into real fights. It is essential that only the people involved in the problem participate in the discussion.

To achieve harmony in the most intimate relationships requires detachment, renunciation and a lot of good will. It is necessary to consider the ideas and personalities that are distinct from all members since respect for each individual’s differences is fundamental. In the work of seeking family harmony, it is often necessary to give in for the good of all.

To prevent people from feeling that their will is always relegated, it is important that agreements are made that everyone feels cared for. Hot arguments, shouts, or curses only amplify the difficulties and foment more fights that can be definitive in the remoteness of the relatives.

Essential for any work of understanding is frank dialogue whereby people state their reasons and understand the reasons for others. Gentle and polite conversation is an intelligent way of expressing feelings and concluding agreements for the sake of family unity. Successful relationships are based on mutual admiration, personal appreciation of each.

Manifest admiration has a transformative effect; there is great power insincere praise. When one person praises the other something happens between them and the relationship intensifies. Faced with disagreement between family members, it is important to be the peacemaker, trying not to extend rivalry.

Keeping our minds at ease is very important so that understanding and disharmony can be undone. Someone has to watch over serenity, so be it you. In every home, there are times of irritation and disagreement. What makes all the difference is how family members act in the face of these crises.

  1. Harmony needed for a happy marriage:

Marital harmony is achieved when the couple, in the experience of love, “surpasses itself” and harmonizes their qualities in a solid and deep union. When this occurs, each one becomes enriched by the qualities of the other.


There is then a transfusion of gifts between the two. But for this it is necessary that the couple arrives at the unit, overcoming the falsehoods, infantilities, lies, and infidelities. Let nothing divide them: lies, quarrels, hatreds …It is unfortunate that among many couples, with the passage of time, and with the routine of everyday life, attention with the other, and, worse, respect, are ending.

It is not logical, for example, that one offends the other with heavy words that provoke resentments; it is not fitting that the husband should speak ill of his wife to others, criticizing her for others. This too is infidelity. This does not happen only in the sexual field.

On the other hand, care must be taken so that attention, affection, towards the other, does not diminish. It is important to keep the flame of the desire to please the other alive.

It is in the details that this often manifests itself: What is the clothing she likes that I wear? What is the haircut he likes? What is the fashion he likes? What is the food he likes? What is the furniture she likes? What car do you prefer? What leisure do you like?

Finally, the concern to cheer the other, without falling into the exaggeration, of course, is what maintains the communion of lives. In order for harmony to happen in the life of the couple, day by day, it must reject everything that can disband it.

Fights and offensive words, comparisons with the lives and attitudes of other couples, disagreements with the family of the spouse, envy and jealousy of the other, disagreement in the use of money, complaints, negativism, exaggerated attachment to parents, bad mood, rage. In short, everything that soured the relationship.

For the harmony to happen it is necessary to know the other. Each of us is an unfathomable mystery, unique and unrepeatable. We are individuals. Each of us is irreplaceable, and this shows how important we are to God. When we are married, we receive the other from the hands of God and the family, as a unique gift and that must, therefore, be taken care of with utmost care, forever.


It is fundamental for the life of the couple that each one knows the history of the other: his life, his past, the familiar reality from which he came, etc. so that he can understand, help him, love him, forgive him, it. No one loves who he does not know. All our past remains alive within us, and we take it to marriage. In order for the other to understand me, you must know my past, the story of my life.

And there it is the importance of revealing to the other this “mystery” that we are, in a clear and authentic way, without pretenses and lies. Usually, a man expects the woman to be capricious, with himself and with the house, to take care of his appearance and stimulate him in his activities.

The woman, for her part, expects understanding, security, attention to her qualities, affection, romance, praise, affection and also encouragement for her accomplishments. Personal differences are not obstacles to conjugal harmony. On the contrary, the couple’s communion is rooted in the natural complementarity that exists between man and woman and grows in the sharing of the riches of each one.

Usually, a man expects the woman to be capricious, with himself and with the house, to take care of his appearance and stimulate him in his activities. The woman, for her part, expects understanding, security, attention to her qualities, affection, romance, praise, affection and also encouragement for her accomplishments.

Personal differences are not obstacles to conjugal harmony; on the contrary, the couple’s communion is rooted in the natural complementarity that exists between man and woman and grows in the sharing of the riches of each one.

  1. Happy neighbor happy society:

Participate in community events. Keep an eye on events, parties or community fairs about to happen in the neighborhood. Volunteer or donate objects or money for local events.

This way you can feel more connected to your neighbors. Contact neighbors. Meet the people who live nearby. Knock on your nearest neighbor’s door and offer a piece of cake, greet them when you cross them on the street and be friendly and sociable to get involved in the community.

You can also invite them for dinner or for an occasional drink. Offer to help them. Let’s say you have an elderly neighbor. Offer a hand in handiwork in the yard or with shopping bags.You can also invite your neighbors to dine in your house or offer them a drink to connect with them.Connect with your neighbors. Get closer to the people who live around you. Knock the door of their houses and give them something baked.

Also, greet them with a smile when you meet them on the street. Be friendly, supportive and sociable with your neighbors so you can develop a sense of community in the neighborhood. This way, you have a happy relationship with your neighbors thereby creating a safe secured peaceful and happy society.

  1. Stronger self:

Our words and actions obey the impulses of our ideas. Thoughts are energy, waves, images and real creations in the person’s aura or electromagnetic field. Once we think, ideas are organized in the mind, become our companies, and influence our communication and what we are going to attract in our day today.

We are what we think, that is, the result of the material we select in our thinking in our mind. If we select thoughts of balance and goodness we will be more educated, productive, beneficial, and this facilitates the change of our destiny for the better. We achieve what we want by insisting on maintaining positive ideas. Now that you already know that our thoughts and feelings are like little waves in a lake echoing in the Universe.

And similar to them, they come back to us and that goes for both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. So watch your thoughts, for they generate your feelings and create your life reality.

Remember to never forget that when someone hurts you, we always have two options: the first is you take revenge and be happy momentarily and the second is to forgive and be happy forever. Finally, we must understand that any process of healing and purifying negative and harmful thoughts that may come in our minds, is to accept that there is nothing wrong with us.

It is only a perception of some situation that needs to be remodeled or configured of way, it means you to have better results in the future. Try doing this exercise always, today, now for example. Insist on looking for the good in all the people you meet. In all situations, See the light in your eyes, in your face, in your smile, and in your presence and enjoy it and do it also with the other people that you relate or find your way.

Make a mental reverence for the light present in all situations and people with whom you meet and above all, do not tell anyone that there is something wrong with them. For error is a matter of self-opinion. When you shed that light on others, you will strengthen that same light within yourself.

Two things that determine the kind of energy we will receive are our attitudes and our thoughts. In that sense, if you want to get positive energies to live in peace, show the universe that you deserve it through your positive actions. Avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts, do not judge people lightly, do not act in a violent way, try to be fair in making decisions.

In short, be someone who really prioritizes tranquility and promotes peace in every gesture.

  1. To make Understand That Loving Is Not Controlling:

Love is an extraordinary feeling that makes us want to see the people we live happily. However, it is important to be able to differentiate your affection from the need to control the other.

Looking after the happiness of those you love is a very beautiful attitude, a true demonstration of generosity and affection, but remember that everyone is free to act and make decisions according to their own ideas, feelings, and values.

Therefore, pay attention to the way you act in your personal relationships, respect for yourself and, above all, trust.Look for unconditional love, do not control others. Stop wanting to exercise your power over others and the results of your life are your first and greatest step to live peacefully.

Trying to control people revolves around wanting to impose your will and your reality on others without even trying to understand their point of view. In relationships, the manipulative approach will keep you in conflict with others.

Instead, replacing the desire to control with a broad approach based on love for others welcomes their shortcomings and differences, and this is the way to a peaceful life. Think of peace before power. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than that obtained through threats of punishment.

If you have learned to control others through threatening behaviors, actions, and attitudes, these people who are subject to your power will respond because of coercion, not out of respect or affection for you. And this is not a peaceful way of living. Absorb negotiation, conflict resolution, and assertive communication skills.

These are important and constructive communication skills that help you avoid or effectively manage conflict with others. Not all conflicts can be avoided and not all conflicts are negative, as long as you know how to handle them skillfully.

If you feel you don’t have enough capacity for these forms of communication, read many books on ways to improve them. When communicating with others, try to avoid giving orders, moralizing, demanding, threatening, or pricking people excessively with questions aimed at extracting too much information.

Each of these forms of communication will raise the conflict with those who feel that you are trying to control them instead of talking to them as if you were on the same level. Start to trust that the people around you would be able to live a good life if all things were the same for everyone.

In this sense, even giving advice brings with it manipulative tendencies when you useful suggestions. In order to interfere in the lives of others instead of simply offering your points of view without expecting others to act on what you said. Let them act on their own will.

  1. Help exercise forgiveness:

Grudge is a noxious feeling that prevents individuals from overcoming the past and looking forward to experiencing the present in fullness.

Therefore, to live in peace, it is necessary that you eliminate those sorrows from within, forgiving those who may have caused you some evil, and making room for love and for good. As much as you may not be able to regain confidence in the one who hurt you, overcoming pain will help you find your inner peace.

  1. Prioritize the Dialogue:

Even if you strive to live in peace, there will be situations where you will find differences between your opinion and that of other people. After all, each individual is unique and dealing with differences is part of the coexistence.

What you should change is how you act when that happens. Instead of imposing and arguing to prove your reason; prioritize the dialogue so that you can hear the other’s point of view and also express your respect. Talking is the best way to find understanding and a great opportunity to acquire and share experiences and knowledge.

  1. Helps to Take care of your health:

Your health has a great influence on your state of mind, so taking care of it is a gesture of self-care and self-love. Choose well the food you feed the body and the thoughts with which it will feed the mind, practice physical exercises and do regular check-ups.

The absence of disease is not synonymous with complete health, to be truly healthy it is essential that your body, soul and your mind are truly in harmony.

  1. Assist to Be optimistic:

Be optimistic and believe that good always wins; is an essential act for peace to establish itself in your life. For this, it is necessary to allow yourself to open your eyes to the good side of life, in order to see that, even in delicate moments, it is always possible to find a positive lesson that will make you grow.

Optimism is a contagious and multiplying feeling, so the more you surround yourself with optimistic people, the more your mind will engage with positive thoughts as well.