5 Reasons Why Zoos Are Bad – Zoo Should Be Banned And Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

Why Zoo Should Be Banned:- Get here a post about reasons or causes related to why zoos should be banned or reasons why animals should not be kept in zoos. Yes, there are several reasons why zoos are bad.

Well, we have always seen animals inside the jungle with joy and grown as a big and furious wild animal most of the time. Our whole ecosystem is also the life cycle of every living being that exists in our environment.

The zoo concept developed long ago in human culture, but as we know, the first modern zoo appears in 1763 AD. People started to kept wild animals and rare birds inside it with proper care and food; France built the first zoo in those days. Those times people are interested in like animals, and they are kept for many experiments as well.

At that time, the meaning of zoo refers to study every behavior and their way of living with a good research team. They also keep handicap, rare, endangers species of animals to support them in various ways. 

Nowadays, we can see that there is both advantage and disadvantage inside the zoo for animals. We can see people are claiming violence of animal rights whenever we kept wild animals inside the zoo, and people still feel unsatisfied with many answers of a zookeeper.

People claim that the zoo becomes the attraction point of tourists these days rather than any educational purpose and research. Zookeeper takes a huge amount of money to show the rare animals and species to the public and earn money through business.

It has been a controversial subject all over the world from the early days to till now. Well, it is true that spending our entire life span inside the small area, especially when you born for wild space.


Today’s harsh reality is just like it, and animals also express their loneliness many times through various actions. 

So, many points show both the positive and negative life of wild animals inside the zoo. They want to live freely in nature with their families and surrounding, but the zoo makes it difficult.

Everyone surely has visited the zoo once in their lifetime and if you have ever noticed the lazy and single life of animals. You will feel so bad, especially if you are an animal lover because modern zoo only intends to do business.

People find it a new way of earning money, and in every country, they get licensed for the zoo, which defends them from any legal obligation. You will see a large crowd anytime near the zoo and watch animals without realizing their physiological effect.

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You will also find that many animals are trained specially to greet people, and they just do it for regular food. Modern zoo is just a cage for a wild animal that defiantly violates their living right and affects their health.

Let’s see some of the important things and the way animals are kept inside the zoo.

  1. Usually, we can see very rare and endanger species of different animals and birds in a zoo that need to be preserved in a safe place. Zookeeper takes care of those animals with proper treatment and provides good food and water. We also heard many examples like zookeepers rescue many elephants and wild injured animals from the forest. 
  2. Zoo animals also serve another purpose, like help to research the behaviors of their nature. You can also see many students were learning botany and wildlife from the zoo, which shows its positive part. The school has many field trips to teach their student about contact with animals and learn from them.
  3. Well, talking about wild animals’ freedom and habitats like elephant and lion, it’s a very small space compared to their original home. An elephant usually walks up to 30miles every day for their health and searches for a new home. Other animals like the tiger and bear also enjoy climbing trees and running widely near the rivers. Everything becomes limited for them inside the zoo, and they seem unhealthy as well.
  4. Every wild animal is a hunter from their born, and their family teaches them every rule and regulation of forest, but if they get food just by setting, they lose their quality. We considered the lion king of the jungle and have a higher level of haunting capacity with a fearful voice. But you have ever heard the roar of a lion inside the zoo and zookeeper turns them into a domestic dog. 
  5. It is a very rare case that zookeepers will ever let them go after they get off from past injuries. Zoo becomes the personal cage for animals, and the government looks it as educational as well. But in reality, people just went for fun and clicked photos with them to post on social media. The modern zoo has many violating rules of animal rights than the early days, and it must stop in any case. 

So, there are some of the ways the zookeeper kept wild animals inside it, and they are as follows

  1. Some zoo cared a lot about animals

Talking about how many zoos in the world may be cruel, but still, we can see some zookeepers who provide proper health service and food. Their main motto is to bring humans and animals close to building up some deeper connection, which cannot be wild.

They bring injured animals in their center and provide shelter, medicine, and food with good care. They even leave them whenever animals become fit and fine again to run inside the forest just like before.

They brought endangered species into a very safe environment and preserved them for future existence. It is so cool and blessed to see those animals start to become happy again after the treatment.

Many zookeepers also protect those animals from hunters and predators, so zoos can be impressive and good if animals were treated like humans. Well, around the globe, you can find many original zoos where animals are safe than the outside environment.

  1. Breeding of endanger species

While, as we are talking about the rare animals that have difficulty searching for a new mate in while forest. They will get a new partner and have bred to increase the zoo’s population of endangered species. So, the zoo and its member play very important to increase the number of those animals with proper care and be safe.

You can see that some of the zoos care about animals and their health so that in the coming days, rare creatures still survive. These programmed types are special and have many more in the various season so they can also learn from it.

Newborn babies were also safe after the birth of these animals, and zookeepers will take care of them properly. Breeding keeps continues from the early days when people want to save the species, and it keeps going till now. The zoo, which has a high reputation, also protects the animals by providing alone space and resources.

The association of zoos accredits these, and they have a standard way to solve the problems related to these species’ animals. So, animals are pretty in good condition in these high standard zoos rather than forest area.

  1. Full resources

Let me tell you one thing than many zoos provide full resources to all the wild animals so that they never miss their home. You can see some zoos are really large and have resources like large forests, rivers and other things to entertain animals.

Zoo will provide many enriched habitats with maximum space with proper care. You can see everywhere green, and animals also feel like they are in a real forest with other animals. Nobody will see animals lonely because they have a group in a large zoo with others of their same kind.

They will learn harmony together, and some zoos also let them hunt inside the forest by leaving goats and other food. So, they enjoy the ride of nature, and whenever you want to visit those zoos, then your guide will be with you to take care of things.

To live freely, animals must adapt to their environment, and that is only possible if they have a full package of space and resources. Zoos are always traditional, and you can enjoy with your family, and we need large space zoos to keep animals safe and healthy. 

  1. Modern cage

Well, you must visit the modern zoo which kept animals inside the glass cage and alone, which is really against their right. This zoo keeper’s main goal is to earn money, and they never care that much about animals and their freedom.

They are not even endangering species but especially bring to increase the beauty of zoo and attraction point. Those individual animals are being forced to take a picture with an outsider who also affects their mind and health. They also got stress on their mind and especially the crowd of the people to make them afraid a lot.

Modern cage seems to be so hard and rough, and there is no such environment of the forest to live for a wild animal. People show more interest in animal babies, so; they also put them inside the glass and cage, which isn’t cute.

The zoo’s harsh reality is their trade and loan the animals to other zoos and individuals for money whenever animals become an adult and overpopulated than they will sell them in a market to earn good money instead of leaving them inside the forest. 

  1. Less helpful

 These days’ zoos usually give their reason to exist for helping endangers animals and protect injured animals from the outside hunter. But that is rarely true because most of the animals you see inside the modern zoo are not engender either injured.

They are never given any freedom and leave them in the forest by a zookeeper. Most wild animals inside the zoo are bigger, so they always ignore the smaller ones who need world attention and safety. So, they only focus on money and other people’s attraction rather than keeping the animal in good condition.

In many cases, animals feel so depressed that they try to attack visitors and even break the cage to run away. So, zoos are not helping animals live balance life; rather, they are giving more pain and limited area.

Many animals’ lives ended in traveling circuses after zookeepers dumb them because of overpopulation, and others are taken for forceful work. Whenever animals don’t attract visitors, and zoos’ income becomes less, they will soon replace it with the other one.

The zoo’s reality and behavior towards animals are breathtaking, and many animal rights activists also claim these from the early days.

  1. Lifestyle depends on their value. 

Well, you may be socked after listening to this, but most of the animal’s lifestyle is already determined through their market value. Compared to the white and golden tiger’s lifestyle is much better than the lifestyle of any other rare endangered species.

Whenever visitors like animals and birds and pay more to visit it for them, they get luxurious food and habitat. Others just get normal, and many old animals even die without proper care inside the zoo.

Zoos keeper only focus on famous animals so that they attract more people and businesses to go well. But if any of those rare animals get less popularity, zookeepers reduce their food and lifestyle.

We can see that they are paid animals just like humans where they get more food and healthy lives if they do a good job attracting people. It becomes common these days, and now day’s zoos get special permission from the government to have animals as pets.

This will directly hamper their mind and healthy because they are getting good care when they are famous. Suddenly, their food and habitat decrease and become low so, zoos are just a cage of animal business in every part of the country.      

We are here with arguments for and against zoos. We have posted here some best and top reasons to ban the zoos. Read here best 5 causes why zoos should be banned.

About Animals and Psychology

I had included this article because I was interested in learning a bit more about animals when I recently took an animal psychology class. I thought there were many interesting topics to discuss but didn’t realize that many of the people taking those classes also had an interest in animals because they took courses about human psychology or health.

It was a pleasant surprise that I did not need to be a doctor to take a class on animals and psychology because I already have a love of animals and their behavior.

My interest in animals began at a very early age, and it wasn’t until much later that I realized that I was attracted to them because they reminded me of myself. I guess I felt like all children do.

There are times when I think that the animals are like me, and then there are times when they remind me of something else entirely. If I was ever in an animal shelter and saw a young dog or cat crying, or if I had to help a cat that didn’t feel well, I realized that it could just be a case of the animal being like me, not necessarily sick.

Animals are very complicated, with very different species of behavior, habits, and physiology. It may be a good idea to think of animals as belonging to one of two categories.

Humans fall into two categories, depending on how they think. We are social animals, and social animals live in groups of some sort, usually in herds and flocks.

Animals that are solitary are different from the other type of animals. They are usually very much like humans but have an even more distinct personality. These animals have their ways of thinking and behaving, and they don’t usually live in groups, since they think for themselves.

Some of the biggest challenges that come up with understanding animals are that most people don’t have the patience for these animals. Animals are not easy to train creatures, and they don’t always want to be treated like you want them to be.

There are times when you need to accept it and let them learn on their own. I don’t think that they want your sympathy. Instead, it would be more likely that they will get bored and leave.

As you may know, there are many books and videos out there about animal behavior and psychology. It is a good idea to find a book on your topic that you like and read it. And look for information about the animals you want to know more about. Maybe you will find yourself talking to animals and talking about them for a while.

Why Zoo Isn’t Good For Animals

Zoos and aquariums have long been a symbol of the human’s love for animals.

It has become a part of our culture that one can go to a zoo to see the endangered species of animals in its natural habitat, to watch the beautiful corals in their natural habitats, to learn about the behavior of animals in captivity, to see how the animals can behave in a group, to experience a bit of wildlife, or to watch a variety of different animal species in their natural habitat.

It seems that the only thing zoos have in common with the outdoors is that they have animals that people get very attached to.

Most people don’t realize that zoos and aquariums are often places that are full of animals that shouldn’t be there in the first place. A zoo is simply one large open area where people can see animals that they don’t want to kill for whatever reason.

If the zoo animals aren’t well taken care of, or if they are underweight, they will probably wind up at a pet store and get killed. In some cases, the animals are even put into a breeding facility, where they will have babies and be raised until they are old enough to be put back into the wild.

So what is wrong with the zoos? Why should we keep sending our tax dollars to zoos and aquariums? One problem is that zoos and aquariums usually house animals who are not as healthy as those in a wild environment. It is not uncommon to find sickly animals in a zoo, which will usually lead to problems with them and the other animals living there.

Another problem with zoos and aquariums is that the animals kept in these environments often end up being stressed out because of the crowd. Some animals are even put into particular containment areas, where they are monitored continuously for some time.

Animals that are not well-cared for often end up developing behavioral problems such as aggression. Many zoo animals are also abused somehow, and the animals can even suffer from emotional issues.

Now then, you may be thinking that zoos and aquariums are bad for animals, but you should probably take a look at these facts. They say that zoos and aquariums are generally the best places to raise animals because of the environment, the space, the number of animals, and the fact that they will be much healthier than the animals left to roam free on the streets.

Why Zoo Are Bad For Animals?

Many people think that the reason that zoo is bad for animals is because of the poor maintenance that they offer. However, this is not true. If you ask any animal expert, they would indeed say that they are the only places where animals get to live and exercise in a natural environment.

The only disadvantage that they face is the extreme temperatures that they will encounter in the zoo itself.

So, in essence, the zoo can be good for animals if they are correctly maintained. One problem faced by all animals in zoos is the presence of many other animals inside it.

This can harm the natural environment, as many animals are used to eating different things that they cannot get in their natural habitat. For example, animals have to eat different kinds of seeds and fruits that they cannot get in their natural environment.

An animal expert would also say that some animals are not happy with the arrangement they have. When animals are kept in captivity, they have to feel like they belong to the zoo.

They will get upset when they are forced to move from one part of the zoo to another. If they are not treated well, they will escape from the cage and roam around the surrounding area.

Lastly, an animal expert would also say that animals do not get enough attention from the zookeepers. Zookeepers should keep an eye on the animals’ health so that the animal is not forced to suffer unnecessarily.

Most zookeepers do not pay enough attention to the zoo’s animals, and they tend just to let the animals do what they want. It is not their responsibility to feed the animals, and it is not even their responsibility to care for them. The zookeepers have to watch and monitor them so that they can remain healthy.

Animals in zoos are not bad for animals. They are the best place that animals can live in. But, some people do not know why zoos are bad for animals, and they think that all animals that live in zoos are poorly treated. Some people even believe that zookeepers are abusing animals.

There are no animals who suffer from the abuse or neglect that is being experienced in zoos. It can even be argued that it is better than the animals’ situation in their natural environment.

So, if you want to enjoy the joy and happiness of keeping animals at home, then you need to think twice before buying a zoo membership. Do you want your family in the hands of a circus clown?

5 Reasons Why Zoos Are Bad – Why Zoo Should Be Banned And Animals Should Not Be Kept In Zoos

The first zoo was established on July 1, 1874, in Philadelphia, America. However, wild animals have been held captive behind bars for our entertainment since far back as 1250 BC. Although zoos claim to be educational and conservative, zoos are unnatural and cruel.

Thus, here are five reasons why zoos should be banned:

1. Insufficient space

Insufficient space is one of the best reason why zoos should be banned. No matter how large zoos try to make their enclosures, it will never be able to suffice or simulate the space that is required for the animals.

This lack of space is particularly an issue for animals that travel large distances. According to numerous studies, elephants, who typically travel 30 miles a day are held captive in places that are, on average, a thousand times smaller. So, zoos are bad. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

2. Animals are taken from the wild

Animals are taken from the wild is another best reason why zoos should be banned. Despite zoos having us believe otherwise, the animals kept in zoos are usually taken from the wild.

For example, recently, in 2010, Zimbabwe planned to capture two of every mammal living in the ‘Hwange National Park’ to sell them to North Korean zoos.

Fortunately, after a lot of criticism and pressure from animal rights organizations all over the world, this plan got foiled. Adding to this, back in 2003, Britain permitted 146 penguins to be captured from the South Atlantic to be given to a South African dealer, who sold it to a number of zoos in Asia.

This required the penguins to Undergo a 7-day long boat journey in which most of them died. So, Zoos are bad. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

3. Abnormal Repetitive behavior

Abnormal Repetitive behavior is another best reason why zoos should be banned. ARB is a behavioral problem that has been observed in wild animals that have been captured and confined.

Why Zoo should be banned
Zoo should be banned

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Animals that have been diagnosed with this disorder show abnormal, neurotic and even self-destructive behaviors like swaying, unnecessary incessant pacing, gnawing on bars, head bobbing, and even self-mutilation. So, Zoos are bad. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

4. Restrict natural behavior

Restrict natural behavior is another best reason why zoos should be banned. However big an enclosure may be, it will obstruct the natural behavior of animals. For example, birds will not be able to fly in zoos, since they are kept in enclosures.

Similarly, animals will be restricted from digging, scavenging, swimming, running, exploring, hunting and selecting a partner. So, Zoos are bad. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

5. Zoos do not serve conservation

Zoos do not serve conservation is another best reason why zoos should be banned. Zoos assert that they breed animals for subsequently releasing them into the wild but animals are bred usually to ensure a captive population and not for reintroduction.

Moreover, animals that have been born in a zoo cannot be released into the wild since they will not have the required skill set to survive in the wilderness. So, Zoos are bad. Animals should not be kept in zoos.

Emailed by Writer: Shalin Chitrakar

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