Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal? 10 Reasons Collected From Survey Report

10 Reasons Why do many tourists visit Pokhara?

Pokhara, the second largest city of Nepal, has a beautiful Himalayas with awesome natural beauties you will never be tired of enjoying it. It is always number one city in the list for adventure and leisure.

It is the gateway to Annapurna trekking. It is mostly famous for trekking, boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding and the stunning view of Annapurna Mountain range.  So, it is the favourite and top priority place for most of the tourists. Once who visited Nepal has visited Pokhara.

Who haven’t been to pokhara? I am sure you already did but if you have not then what are you waiting for? Pokhara is the top tourist preferred place and that goes for all the Nepalese here.

The FewaLake and the environment is so different from any other town. And if you want to leave behind the chaos and pollution of Kathmandu, then pokhara is where you should go.

The Fewa Lake along with Begnas Lake was so fascinating to watch. People come here for paragliding and enjoy boating at the lakes. The ambience at lake side is so amazing.

You can see lots of tourists there drinking and enjoying with friends and families. The lake side ambience always reminded me of Thamel of Kathmandu but there are people with different views and perceptions.

Places to See in Pokhara Nepal, City of Lakes

So, why do most tourists visit Pokhara?


Here are the reasons why Pokhara is always the top choice of most of the tourists and I believe that after reading this, it will be in your top priority list too.

10 Reasons Why Do Many Tourists Visit Pokhara, Nepal?

1. Spectacular beauties of Himalayas

Pokhara has the spectacular beauties of Himalayas. Three 8000 meters peaks named Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu can be seen from the city while the Machhapuchhare also was known as Fishtail can be seen from any corners of Pokhara.

The magnificent image of Machhapuchhare in the Fewa Lake will make everyone fascinated. The sunshine and the Sun set view of Annapurna range is so compelling that many tourists hike for hours to reach Sarangkot Hill top just for that one shot.

2. A suitable place for Adventurous

If you are adventure lovers, if you want a thrilling experiences and if you want to make your travel fun, then Pokhara is the best choice for you. You will not be disappointed here since Skydiving, Paragliding, Ultralight flights, Bunjee jumping, mountain biking, Rock climbing, Rafting are all available in this one place.

This is the reasons why most of the tourists visit it to get adventurous and exhilarating experiences.

3. Peace and Natural Beauty

Pokhara is the best place for tourists for holidays since it has a peaceful and natural environment. City is well managed than Kathmandu with less crowded and reduced traffic jams.

The valley offers pleasant scenic beauty loaded with a vast vegetation and breathtaking views of lakes that completely gives a different landscape. One can enjoy the peaceful environment with the pleasant natural beauty in the city.

4. Beauty of Lakeside

Pokhara is the home to numerous lakes. Fewa lake being the most famous includingBegnaslake, Rupa lake, Gude lake, Neurani lake and Maidi lake among many others.


These are formed from the Glaciers Rivers that comes from Annapurna range. Swimming and boating are the most enjoyable activities performed in the lakes which will make the visit fun. A Hindu Temple, Barahi, situated at the mid of lake gives the pleasant view of an island.

cycling lake side pokhara
Cycling in lake side Pokhara

Most of the tourists love to enjoy residing in the hotels, pubs and bars located near the lakeside where they can get the pleasant environment and enjoy the nightlife of Pokhara.

5. Trekking

Trekking is the most fantastic adventure in Pokhara. This is because tourists have varieties of choices to choose their favourable trek in the mountains around Pokhara. The most famous trekking routes are Poonhill, Annapurna Base camp, Jomsom, Muktinath, Royal trek.

Since Annapurna Basecamp (ABC) is famous worldwide, Pokhara is the starting point for the tourists to get to the camp. Due to this, most tourists who want to trek ABC stays at Pokhara. Trekking helps tourists to view the natural scenarios and get the first hand experiences of the local community.

Figure 5 trekking in Pokhara. Picture credit: Peaceful Himalayan trek

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6. Peace Pagoda stupa

Peace Pagoda stupa also called Shanti stupa, a Buddhist pagoda style monument in the southern shore of Fewa lake is a major tourist attraction place in Pokhara. It is built as a symbol of peace at the height of 1100 metres on the Ananda Hill.

It provides a panoramic view of the Annapurna ranges, Fewa Lake and the Pokhara city that will catch everyone eyes. It provides a splendid view of Sunrise and Sunset due to which most of the tourists visit this stupa. To reach this stupa, there are hiking trails, cycling tracks and the blacked topped road.

Figure 6 Peace Pagoda. Picture credit: Pokharacity.com

7. Ancients caves

One of the reasons most tourists visit this place is due to the ancient caves available here.  There are ten caves among which nine are allowed to visit. The most famous caves are Mahendra cave, the Bat’s cave, GupteshworMahadev cave, Crazy cave, The Siddheswor cave, Balkailaseswor cave, Western power station cave.

8. Museums

Pokhara is also famous for the international Mountain museums. This museum features all the information about historical documents related to mountaineering. Tourists who are fond of climbing mountains basically visit this place for getting knowledge about mountaineering.

Likewise, there are others museums like Gorkha museum and Pokhara regional museums. In Gorkha museums, one can get to know about the Great Gorkhas and their achievements.

A collection of photographs are the major attraction. Similarly, Pokhara regional museum is all about the history of the Pokhara. It features ethnic backgrounds, cultures and traditions of past.

Figure 8Pokhara museum. Picture credit: tripadvisor.com

9. Waterfall and rivers

Davis fall is the main tourist attraction centre for those who are fond of waterfall. The best time to visit is the in monsoon during huge a large quantity of waterfalls that make it much more vigorous.

It attracts the tourists to view the mystery of waterfall and it is also associated with the death of tourist name David. SetiGandakiriver is also another major tourist spot. The river vanishes underground along the city that makes everyone wonder about it.

10. Affordable

Comparing to the other cities of the world, Pokhara is much more affordable. So, many tourists are attracted here since they can get all of the above experiences in affordable price. They can choose their own style of accommodations since there are large no. of hotels and restaurants offering the best prices.

Words are not enough to describe the features of Pokhara and the fun you can have there. The only way to feel such experiences is by visiting the place and receiving the delights that it offers. So, if you want to make your travel fun, thrilling and chilling, then list the Pokhara in the top priority of your travel list.

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