12 Reasons for the Suicide of Students – Why Teenagers Attempt to Suicide in Nepal

7. Lack of opportunities:

The school period is the pre-period of preparing the children for their future. The college period is the major time period focus in preparation for life goals and future. When the youngsters reach the college, they have high expectations and hope from the society. See, not only the society expects from the students but the students also expect from society.

Such as the society which yields so much pressure on the students to study more, choose to pick the prestigious profession like doctor or engineer or accountant. The students fulfill the expectations of the society with their own expectations to get the reward for their effort to fulfill the expectations of the society. I.e. the students also want the reward in form of good jobs, scholarships for further study in reputed University.

When their hope and expectations are not fulfilled, the students tend to be depressed that eventually need to suicide. After college or during the study in the college, students want to be independent especially financially. At the end of the college, they want to pursue the career which they chose. But in vain, not all the students be able.to get the jobs they want. The time is competitive, the society is competitive.

There’s a lack of good jobs and opportunities in the country. For good dream jobs, one should need either higher advanced degrees or recommendation from some resources. If both are lacking, it’s a dream to get the job. The enthusiasm, hope and the energy that has filled the youngsters will eventually die after some tiring gap of time. This causes the anxiety, mood disorder and depression. The lack of financial stability and independence cause the youngsters to seek the way for their escape.

8. Unbalance:

Numerous researches are being conducted on suicide to find out the answer to the question WHY? Not always the anxiety and stress can be the cause for the suicide. Yes, the depression and stress release a certain chemical which triggers the brain to conduct the suicide but there can be other causes as well.

The recent researches have shown that the abnormal distribution of GABA the chemical found in the brain is one of the triggering element for originating the suicidal thoughts. The production of these chemicals is greatly influenced by the environment. The global warming and change in ecology have influenced more in the development of abnormal hormones and chemical in the body.

The effects can be seen physically like the premature whitening of hair, short heights, premature wrinkling of the skin etc. People especially youngsters who have more or less GABA chemical production in their brains tend to attempt suicide more in comparison to the ones who have the normal formation of this chemical.

Likewise, the study has shown that the babies which are born with low weight or which are born prematurely are more prone to suicide violently when they reach the young age or the teenage age. The other cause can be the stressful womb environment for the fetus. If the pregnant mother is under stress, the fetus brain produces low serotonin.

The brains which have low serotonin level tends to develop the suicidal thoughts more. Similarly, if the children were sick and have undergone chronic inflammatory reaction of the body. In such case, the brain produces quinolinic acid more which can be the cause for arising the suicidal thoughts. In short, the biological imbalance has also been the cause for higher suicide rate Among the youngsters.

9. Financial crisis:

The suicidal tendency is higher among the students coming from the lower economic and financial background than those who are from the well to do families. The well to do children have everything provided to them. They live in a comfortable home environment while those coming from.the low and poor economic background have to struggle from the very young age for even the basic necessities of their life.

Some students have to work and earn for their home and education. Which can lead them to the hands of some dangerous strangers or they even go to some uncanny profession? Some.children may get abused by these adults in their work. All these can put a lot of pressure and tensions in the premature mind of the children. On top of that, often the children from poor economic background have parents who are less educated.

So they don’t understand the concept of a suicidal tendency amongst the children. They don’t know about lending the support and counseling to their children. Often, poor families have more children. Because if the more siblings, a child may feel left out and seek for the attention of the parents. This unfulfilled desire can be the cause for suicide among the youngsters and students.

In schools. and colleges, there’s a constant pressure of keeping up with the friends and peer groups. If one friend has the iPhone, he also wants the same. If one buys the hero Honda, he may want the same bike. Or else, he may feel left out of the group. Due to lack of finance, he may feel left out of the group. This is another cause why the students commit suicide.

10. Exposure to violence:

Violence to the children and youngsters can be in any form by anyone. It may be at their own home by their own parents or caregiver. It may be by their peers, teachers and school staffs in their school and college. Or, it may be at their workplace if they have a job. It can be in the form of online abuse or online bullying as well. All these can give rise to the suicidal thoughts among the children, students, and youngsters.

One of the common cause among the student’s suicide is bullying. Bullying is often conducted by the senior students or the ones who are superior physically or financially tormenting the weak. ones to obey whatever they tell them to do or say. The form of bullying includes physical, emotional, or online bullying. There can be sexting or posting the nude and obscene photos on the social sites.

All these types can be the major causes of the student’s suicide. The other problem can be the sexual violence by the peers in the school or college. Especially the girl students face the sexual abuse more than the male students often by their peers. Recent episode in sidha kura janata sanga have shown how a teenage girl has been sexually abused by a 54-year-old lecturer for several years.


They may lure the students at first to do what they want by giving them the question paper in advance or scoring them with higher marks in their respective subjects. The reason can be any but one thing is for sure that both the male and female students are abused sexually and violently in schools and colleges. Traumatization of the youngsters is even more if they have to face the violence in their own home at the hands of their own parents and caregiver.

Especially if one of the parents is alcoholic, or if the child has to see the constant fight between his or her parents or even if father often beat severely his child in the name of punishment are often the ones who have the thought of suicide. Kids who experience threats to their safety and security, who have a lack of support and nurturing at home even suffer from the destruction of a coping mechanism that they have. All these contribute to the suicide of the youngsters.

11. Mental health:

Mental health and illness is the topic that is regarded as the social stigma and is not talked freely and frankly by the people. But the mental illness is perfectly normal like the other physical sickness for which people seek help and ingest medicine. This concept and thinking are yet to be adopted by society.

Mental illness is neglected severely in society. But what they don’t notice is that the mental sickness if left untreated can be the major cause for the suicide of the youngsters. Due to the increasing lifestyle, family conflicts, fraud and loneliness, and modern lifestyle and race life, youngsters are fast approaching in the grip of schizophrenia.

Lack of awareness is also playing a bigger role in increasing the number. Strange voices in the ears, finding solitude, becoming angrier and suspect of unnecessary are some of the symptoms that signify schizophrenia. The disease occurring in 15 to 25 years is very different from common mental disorders.

The special thing is that in this disease the patient does not know that he is suffering from schizophrenia. In some cases, a sense of suicide in patients is also born. Many times it has also been seen that youth become so vulnerable in this disease, that they leave the food and water. They are afraid that anyone can give them the poison in it. The main cause of illness is an imbalance of the dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain, which is a kind of chemical.

Tension, confusion, hectic life, stray and unbearable incidents in life also increase the disease. In this disease, youth lose their ability to work. Suicide is associated with Depression and Impulsive Behavior. Long-term depression can be a suicide factor. Apart from these, there are many other reasons why any youngster can think of committing suicide. Like mental disorder, borderline personality disorder, chronic or physical disorders and the environment may also be a cause. Occasionally the risk of suicide increases with diseases like psychological disorders such as borderline personality disorder.

Even if the level of serotonin in the brain is low, then one may have the ability to commit suicide. Last year’s statistics of the Nepal police have suggested that 5924 people have committed suicide due to mental illness. The rate of suicide has increased by 13 percent in the past four years. This issue causes suicide to 12 to 14 in a day.

Because of the busy life and using the smartphones during the night have been the cause for mental illness. Apart from schizophrenia, Severe depression is also a cause for suicide among youngsters. Depression causes the youth to believe that there’s no hope for him. It often leads him to think that it is better if he dies, everyone would be better off without him. Likewise other psychotic illness like bipolar disorder, psychosis etc cause the youth to have the inner voice that commands him to destroy himself. Therefore, awareness for mental illness and that they can be treatable has to well spread in the society.

12. Lack of guidance and counseling:

Usually, private schools have appointed doctors or nurses for their students. They only concentrate on the physical health of the students whereas focus should be provided on their emotional health as well. Students struggle a lot in their studies, in sports or in any other fields. Schools and colleges are the places where they spend a lot of time.

So they should provide adequate knowledge and education regarding sexual desire, sexual needs, and abuses. These type of counseling should also be provided by the parents in the home. Lack of proper knowledge, guidance, counseling, and support can lead to suicide among youngsters.

Academic difficulties/poor grades/probation, Lack of motivation/difficulty concentration, Feeling anxious or stressed, Depression/thoughts of suicide, Sexual assault, Dating/domestic violence, Stalking, Past abuse or trauma, Relationship problems/break-ups, Questions about sexuality, Alcohol or drug use, Eating, weight/body image concerns, Coping with grief/loss, Managing anger, Lack of confidence/low self-esteem, Sleep disturbance, Feeling lonely/isolated, Perfectionism, Family problems, and Career/life choices are some of the areas where the students need counseling.

However, Counselling and guidance if given improperly can do more harm than good. The counseling can be harmful if given the wrong type to the wrong problem. It can make the students more depressed than before counseling. Therefore, recognition and analysis of the problem of the students have to be done properly before giving any kind of therapy or counseling.

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