Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated? 20 Heart Touching Reasons

Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated? : Shravan Purnima’s second celebration is Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan). This is an old convention. Bhavishya Purana alludes to a fight amongst divine beings and evil presences, and Indra (the lord of the divine beings) was feeling discouraged.

Around then Indra’s significant other Sachi took a string, accused it of consecrated verses or Mantras for assurance, and tied it on Indra’s hand. Through the quality of this string, Indra vanquished his adversaries.

From that point forward till today this celebration is commended.

Raksha Bandhan Festival

Rakshabandhan is the emblem of brother and sister deep love which forecasts the immortal and unity relationship among together. Raksha Bandhan is treated and taken as one of the greater festivals for brother and sister, as it comes once only in a year.

This is the festival that makes the bonds and graces the gravity of gratitude and success in life blessed by the sister by tying the Rakhi in the right hands.

Rakshabandhan means the tying of the Rakhi designed in different shapes and colors having the same meaning. the sister staying far comes to brother’s house for tying the Rakhi and bless the betterment of brother.

May he get the long and giant success without falling and failing, these types of wishes are done while tying the Rakhsbandhan. According to Hindu traditions, Rakshabandhan also consists and hold many confidential and interesting story behind its formulation and uses.


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The lord Rama has tired the rope by his sister and from that time also it comes in use as traditions, released these types of myth and words by adults and many saints. 

Focusing the truth only, we get the different secrecy behind its tradition, anyhow, it is presently treated as the festival and celebrated as the great festival and symbol of brother and sister love.

By the bless and thumping boon of the sister, make brother more courageous and bolster to uplift and step up in their life journey. Many obstacles will be itself reduces or extinct from the way they appear on the traveling platform.

These types of bless and brother and sister love shows and display the deeper love and unbreakable relationship between brother and sister. If the sister is far from the brother, they miss this festival and regret about the events and functions.

Excluding the excuse, many brother stay far from the sister’s reach to sister home for taking the grace and bless my sister.  Sister is treated as the goddess according to Hindu culture and holy book.

Sister is compared to the goddess which has the power to transform the component from their intentions and mentality if she is hurt. After performing the ritual of tying the Rakshbandhan in brother’s hands by a sister, there is a system of giving something as the gift instead of tying the Rakhi.

Meanwhile, after talking and lighting on ancients relations with this festival, there we find many guts of words and sentences saying the meaning and describing of the Rakshabandhan.

Rakshnandhan is described by many great saints and monks by their knowledge and spiritual wisdom in their language but the morality has concluded in the same sense by every monk that it is the festival of brother and sister love to remain continuity and move forwards across the life.

Through the progression of time celebrations are experiencing adjustments. Rakhi is otherwise called Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi has turned into a holy celebration for sisters and siblings. Sisters attach them to siblings. Ministers attach them to individuals of his gathering.

Amid the medieval times, if a lady tied a Rakhi on the hand of any man, at that point it wound up basic for him, as his religious obligation of the most elevated request, to ensure that lady.

That man would put his life in question to secure the respect of that lady. Back then, numerous Rajputs relinquished their lives to ensure their profound sisters.

Humayun got a Rakhi from the ruler Karmavati of Chittor and for that, Humayun did his hallowed caring obligation and ensured her by restricting his fighters.

As per old conventions, it is standard to have strings that are accused of consecrated verses (Mantras) and purified with rice, Durva grass and so forth.; to have these tied by individuals who know the Veda precious ones.

This insurance string spares from sins from one perspective and evacuates infections then again. By tying this string, assurance is managed for an entire one year and a wide range of fears are expelled.

These days Rakhis are enlivened with delicate plush strings of different hues, and with trimmings, pictures, gold and silver strings, and so forth.

These Rakhis improve the aesthetics of the general population. Inside these Rakhis live holy emotions and well wishes. It is likewise an awesome holy verse of solidarity.

Going about as an image of life’s progression and a main delegate of harmony. Every individual ought to celebrate with excitement this holy celebration of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.


Historical Facts and Importance on Raksha Bandhan

So why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan? The idea of Raksha Bandhan is, for the most part, that of insurance. Regularly we discover individuals heading off to the ministers in sanctuaries and getting a holy string attached to their hands.

We discover this in the sanctuary of Kala Bhairava at Varanasi where individuals get a dark string fixing to their wrist. Essentially at Sri Vaishnodevi Temple in Jammu, we discover individuals bind red band to their brow in the wake of revering the Goddess.

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In Hindu religious capacities we watch the priest binds a string to the wrist of individual/splaying out the custom before its initiation.

It is accepted and said that even Yagnopaveetam (hallowed string over the chest) goes about as a Raksha (security) to the wearer if one keeps up its sacredness.

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In the idea of Marriage, Mangala Sutra (tied around the neck of the lady of the hour) and Kankana Bandhana (a string fixing to the wrist of the lady of the hour and prep by each other) likewise has a comparative inward noteworthiness.

The tying of a Rakhi is not bound to a sibling and sister. It could likewise be fixing by a spouse to her significant other, or by a follower to the Guru. This bond does not need to be between blood relatives – a young lady may receive a kid as her sibling through the tying of a Rakhi.

This custom fortifies the power of profound devotion, as well as rises above the limits of the family. At the point when a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of dear companions and neighbors, it underscores the requirement for an agreeable social life.

This widens ones’ vision past the outskirts of one’s claim family to the whole earth (Vasudha) as one family – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

According to Indian religious lore, Lord Siva is considered as the Father and Goddess Parvati as the Mother. The devotees of the Lord are my relatives, and I belong to all the three worlds.

Mata cha Parvati Devi pita Devo mahaeswara
baandhavah Siva bhakthascha swadesho bhuvana-trayam
माता च पार्वती देवी पिता देवो महेश्वरः
बान्धवाश्  शिव भक्ताश्च  स्वदेशो भुवनत्र्यम्

Mythological stories and significance

Mythological stories also show why and how the Raksha Bandha is very important to celebrate. The historical backdrop of Raksha Bandhan is very profound attached and is associated with a few fanciful and verifiable stories.

The most prominent one is connected to the tale of Rani Karnavati of Chittorgarh and Mughal King Humayun.

Chittorgarh was once assaulted by Bahadur Shah and it was impractical for widowed Rani Karnavati to spare her realm from the relentless drive of Bahadur Shah. She sent a rakhi to Humayun and argued to spare her and the domain.

Overcome by feelings, Humayun, alongside his compelling, instantly raced to Chittorgarh to ensure the ruler.

Even though he couldn’t spare Karnavati as she and all other womenfolk there had submitted suicide before he could achieve, Humayun battled against Bahadur Shah and spared Chittorgarh from his intrusion.

Afterward, he gave over the domain to Karnavati’s child Vikramjeet Singh.

Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated

Raksha Bandhan

There are numerous legendary stories connected to Raksha Bandhan’s inception. One about Hindu fanciful characters Krishna and Draupadi are exceptionally mainstream.

As indicated by the story, when Krishna cut his finger once, Draupadi secured the cut by tearing a bit of fabric from her saree. Krishna at that point guaranteed to spare her at whatever point she needs his assistance. He kept his promise in all conditions.

Another fanciful story interfaces the celebration with devil lord Bali and Goddess Laxmi. As per the story, Laxmi’s better half Vishnu was requested that Bali live in his royal residence, which Laxmi did not need.

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She tied a string on Bali’s wrist and subsequently made him her sibling. At the point when Bali asked her what she needs consequently, the Goddess requesting that he free Vishnu from the ethical authoritative of remaining in his royal residence, which Bali allowed.

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We observe Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi celebration) reaffirm our adoration to our siblings and sisters. It is an image of adoration and petition for prosperity when sisters tie the rakhi around the correct hand wrist of their siblings.


The siblings, then again, pledge to love and ensure them generally. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of rakhi. This celebration is devoted to the bonds amongst siblings and sisters. In this event, the holy connection between sisters and siblings is commended.

This is not restricted to individuals who are actually (organically) siblings and sisters. On the off chance that you have a dear companion whom you consider to resemble kin to you, you can observe Raksha Bandhan with them also.

And also having importance in human life (i.e. in the way that siblings and sisters are critical to us), we praise the Rakhi celebration for fanciful and religious reasons also.

Raksha Bandhan can be followed back to a few Hindu myths that commend the energy of kin bonds. In one myth that is foundational for Raksha Bandhan, for instance, Lakshmi utilizes kin security she has made with Bali to spare Lord Vishnu from being caught.

The legend says that Lakshmi tied a Rakhi around the wrist of the shrewd King Bali and made him a sibling with the goal that he permits her significant other, Lord Vishnu, to leave his royal residence. He conceded her desire.

For Jains, Raksha Bandhan has extra importance, as amid this celebration aficionados praise their bonds with their minister by getting woven wrist trinkets or different sorts of the band from the cleric. Love is delightful particularly when it is honest to goodness.

The Raksha Bandhan is, subsequently, a perfect time to expand on our associations with our kin and reaffirm our sense of duty regarding love and ensure them.

In the event of this celebration sisters by and large apply tilak to the temple of their siblings, tie the holy string called Rakhi to the wrist of their siblings and do arati and appeal to God for their great wellbeing and long life.

This string, which speaks to love and radiant suppositions, is known as the ‘Raksha Bandhan’ signifies ‘an obligation of assurance’. The sibling consequently offers a blessing to his sister and pledges to care for her.

Before tying a Rakhi on their sibling’s hand the sisters initially tie a Rakhi on the Tulasi plant and another Rakhi on the peepal tree requesting the security of nature – Vriksha Raksha Bandhan.

This celebration has more profound importance and otherworldly noteworthiness. Every individual is showed by divine vitality.

On this day frequencies of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Saraswati achieve the earth in more noteworthy amounts and both the kin advantage from this custom to the most extreme degree.

The profound energies in both get the more noteworthy lift. Similarly, as the sibling is bound by a guarantee to secure the sister in the wake of getting a string tied onto his wrist, so adding the sister goes to God for his assurance.

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Amid the custom, utilization of tilak on brow is an image of enlivening of Soul-cognizance. It additionally connotes triumph again indecencies of desire, outrage, covetousness, connection, self-image, torment, and so on.

Every one of us is tied with some sort of obligation or ring Bandhan. While tying a Rakhi on the wrist it is trusted that perfect vitality or vibrations transmit starting with one individual then onto the next.

So, however, the kin gets trapped with each other at the gross level yet unpretentiously the current give-and-consider between them is settled. Consequently, it can be viewed as an approach to get liberated from past obligations.

Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the unmatched power of profound devotion, care, and regard. Be that as it may, from a more extensive point of view the celebration of Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) passes on an inborn message of widespread fellowship and sisterhood.

Therefore the celebration of Rakhi passes on a message that has socio profound centrality underscoring the requirement for sustaining positive qualities, virtue in thought, word, and deed. Started by the Gods, the tradition is carried on by many brothers and sisters in India.

Along with the promise of love and protection the festival has taken on rich and expensive color, with designer rakhis being the norm. Jewelry and other costly items have replaced the more humble gifts that the brothers used to give in the past.

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Every individual ought to observe Raksha Bandhan with eagerness. Alongside a supplication of the sister for the welfare of the sibling and the sibling for the security of the sister, both ought to appeal to God for quality to ensure the country and Dharma.

On this day frequencies of Lord Ganesh and god Saraswati achieves the earth in more noteworthy amounts and both the kin advantage from the custom to a more prominent degree.

It is said that when tying the rakhi the perfect Energy guideline in the lady gets showed and is transmitted to the man through the wrist. Subsequently, he gets a 2 % advantage from it for up to 5 hours.

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So, now we know the importance and the reason for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Either it is the almighty god or a devil demon or a human being it is good that we respect our sisters and take blessings from them and have fun and enjoy a happy life.

I think that is the main motto and objective behind celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Thank you for reading this article. If you think more things are remaining that you know, then feel free to share with us by commenting in the comment section below.

20 Reasons Why is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated?

There are many reasons and demanded the 20 reasons why we celebrate the Rakshabandhan are followed b with causes:

1. This is the festival of brother and sister which shares the graces and bless each other by tying the Rakhi in brother’s right hands.

2. This festival unites the brother and sister relationship even after any conflict and puzzling in a relationship.

3. As it comes once a year, also helps to fill the gap of relationship. It makes the relationship along with the whole family motel close and closer.

4. By making the sharing and caring also reflect the love and laugher joints and forms the new creation in life.

5. Rakshabandhan holds many truth and many hugger behinds its formulation and traditional continuity.

6. It is worshipped in Purnima also known as the night and time of rid of darkness they say only the happiness will be shaded in the brother’s life.

7. The love between brother and sister will never break the limit and faith over each other.

8. Misconception and misunderstanding also go out from the relation by the meet of this festival.

9. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by every Hindu community around the world.

10. It is the festival of love, and compulsory to celebrate.

11. Some celebrate it the compulsory while some celebrate as the buff.

12. Seeing others also motivate and produce the courage and interest in viewer start to attempt the Rakshabandhan by treating other youth or relative as the brother or elder brother.

13. It is a yearly formulation and improving the relationship more solid between brother and sister.

14. Lending and spending may go out of boundary in this festival due to the occasional meeting.

15. Celebrating Rakshabandhan is the festival and it will be full of circumstances on the way if we prohibit this festival, as it is the belief.

16. Rakshabandhan has such a power which diminish and deduct all the trouble and terrific evidence come unknowingly to as barriers are chased by the brother and sister love after tying the rope called Rakhi in brother’s hands. Therefore, the rush and facial expression of brother and sister are looking more glowing and charming on this day after feeding something like fruits and sweets while tying the Rakhi on brother’s hands.

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17. Rakshabandhan does not only make you the problem-free but also the family happy due to coming and going home of you because you and your sister have spent the childhood in the same quadrangle and field. Sister is treated and respected as the goddess and so she worshiped.

18. Thus, it is making and trekking towards heaven and making the sins free by taking and bowing heads in front of a sister. Tying the rope in the right hands make s the brother more fortunate and fast to grasp the dream.

19. It is not only the festival but also the meet of brother and sister after a long period that avoids the distance of staying far from the home and brother to both of them for brother and sister.

20. After evaluating all the past and present action and activities perform by many brother and sister, we can only conclude that the festival of Rakshabandhan has a delightful appreciation and have held the great belief on it as it is persuaded.

Ways Nepal’s neighboring country India celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Kite festival – In India, Jammu celebrates Raksha Bandhan by organizing a kite festival. kites of different shapes and sizes are made.

Jhulan Purnima Festival – Traditional festival of some communities of India. Dedicated to worship of Lord Krishna along with Radha placed in a swing.

Janeu Thread Festival – Celebrated in a place like Uttarakhand, Janeu is a thread tied around the torso of all men and is changed annually amidst festivities.

Narali Purnima Festival – Celebrated in Maharashtra and other coastal areas by freshmen through immersing coconuts in the water and praying to the sea.

Janeu Purnima Festival – Celebrated in Nepal, this tradition is similar to Uttarakhand where elders tie the Janeu on each other’s wrists as well as younger ones.

Kajari Purnima Festival – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh as well as Uttar Pradesh celebrate this festival. This ritual is performed by farmers for their land and mothers perform a special puja for their sons.

Avani Avittam Festival – Celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra, and Odisha, only made Brahmins take part in it and change their sacred thread after the puja.

Pavitropana Ekadashi – Celebrated in some parts of Gujarat, it is the day when people worship Lord Shiva amidst celebrations.