10 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal


 5. Country of mountains:

annapurna mountain nepal

Annapurna Nepal

Nepal is also known as the country of a mountain because it contains about eight great mountain whose height is above 8000 meters. And there many small mountains that are adjusting in the country in many parts of the country. The country is also famous for the white gold that is snow in the mountain shines likes the gold amplify the mountainous diagram and dimensions. People from the world come to trekking in the mountains because Nepalese mountain is regarded as one of the easiest track of practicing the trekking and climbing the mountain. A person learns to climb and walk on the mountain by trekking firstly in many different mountains. Annapurna is the one of the famous and popular trekking destination made by a large number of internal and external tourist. It’s also the first trekking destination permitted by the government in 2029 BS.

 6. Country of many temples and architecture:

Places to visit see Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal

Snake Nagraj in Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal

It’s the country of Hindu and other religions too. So, here seems many devotional architects and religious places for the worshipping of the different religions. Due to a large number of Hindu living in the Nepal, there is situated of many temples of many designs in almost many parts of the country and in small distances. The temple built in old age and many years ago that is giving the identity of Nepal and upgrading the recognition in the list of the historical and cultural country. There are many architectures that is symbolizing the Nepal with their own creativity and utmost attitudes. The PASHUPATINATH, SWAYOMBHU, JANAKI TEMPLE, etc are the glimpse of the Nepal, making the country rich and resist.

7. Non-hanging country:


no hanging

The one thing that is supported by everyone is that the country is following the path of humanity and not any illegal path the constitution of Nepal have not any articles and clues containing the rule and law of hanging the criminal. The criminal are not changed even they have accorded the murder or un-humanity nature works outside. The country has not the law of hanging the criminal. If the criminal is proved then he will get the lifetime prison. The life has to spent in a cage between the four wall. The life starts to burn torchlight in the night to see any colorful substances and the world. So it’s also one of the major reasons and causes to love my country very much. I think you are also on the support of it. Because the country will not even excuse your crimes nor you will be rescued.

8. Cultural country:

It’s the country of culture and traditions where the people for every class and every tradition get engaged and share their pain and pleasure in own plates by hugging each other. There are many people who are supporting it with great joy and great heart. The culture of the country also speaks about the person and countrymen attitude and personality. The personality maintains the positions of the country and the attitude of looking Nepal and Nepalese will automatically change.

Tharu culture in Nepal

Tharu culture in Nepal

The country has to maintain this cultural effect and contrast that make the country reputed. It’s the culture which gives the position of respect and recognition that describes the countrymen and country identity. The man is linked to the country. The culture is the symbol of representatives which represent the identity and icon of the country. The culture of Nepal is different as there is the common living of all the religions.

9. It’s your turn to add the best reason in comment box

10. It’s your turn to add the best reason in comment box

So it’s also the family which has made the country more cultural with their release of many norms and traditions.

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Reasons Why People Around the World Falls in Love with Nepal