Here are the 10 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

Why people love Nepal? :- I think there are not any people who have not heard the name of Nepal. Nepal is the small and landlocked country but it has occupied its places in the topics of many resources in the hearts of world’s people. People of the world come to Nepal and visit it’s all the topography and geographical territory that gives them pleasure and full return of their investment after visiting the Nepal.

Nepal is not only have adopted the names by natural resources production but also in the sector of mountains. It’s the country of brave warriors, mountainous and historical architect. The country has never become the flank of any other country.

The world’s remind Nepal for this topics and matter too. It’s only the country who have never become the slave and have not operated their governmental and functional services under the eyes and leadership of another country. The country is respectfully known and called as the country of brave GURKHAS.

The country has never tasted the deafest with any assaulter. Nepal and Nepalese are able to gain and earn the names and identify positively with the works and image of country altitude. No one forgets the name of Everest that speaks our identity and pride.

Reservation for our identity will never go and swept away by the wind. Nepal has many reasons adapted to love it. It’s the country of beautiful goals and beautiful girls too. The country has one of the largest tourism ground where the people around the world come to passionate their desire come true. a person is always in the search of new platform for the entertainment and refreshment.

They want to live the life of the animal by celebrating and taking the joy and fully pleasure of every moment of life. I also agree with this views and statement because it’s the thought that makes the people more smart and respectful.

Nepal has many opportunity and many legal resources which can make the Nepal one of the dynamite and unique country of the world in the fields of infrastructure and technical development. But due to the many political and many underground obstacles, it has become the puncture vehicle in the development track or roller.


The country has to fist wake up to make the wake to the Nepalese or countrymen. The country has first managed the resource and manpower for the development. The country has many resources and reasons holding for its loving and many places and a promotional pigment is even in the uses. The country is growing its capacity and productivity in every sector.

So it’s the generation looks to see the Nepal as the one of leading country of the world. As the country holds many resources and arms and ammunitions for development but it’s all are kept like the wastes or garbage. The gold not in uses is valued like the steel.

So there are many mines that give you the way to becoming the strength able it depends upon you for resisting it or not. The person who has kept the desire to grasp the sweet grapes from the long erected tree have to keep the hope and ability to grasp those grapes with their own hands.

But if you are treating and speaking the cracking voices in the crowd to represent yourself as the powerful almighty, the matter will dissolve and denied.

7 Reasons Why People Around the World Fall in Love with Nepal

There are many specific topics and headlines that will clarify and speaks about the reason to love Nepal:

 1. Nonracist country:

We know bitterly that this is the country of grouping and group functioning because here no will intervention in your works and activities you are doing. There are many people who even feel jealous by showing you but they don’t stay for long times as obstacles due to your strength and powerfulness.

Nepal is the country many religions and cultures and here is living the people of all castes and religions but there is not seems to discrimination person spends their life with full enjoy and interesting.

Non racist race peace unity hands
Nonracist country

There is the conversion of many occasion among other. In religion version, Hindu share their festive fact with Muslim and Muslim facts with Hindu for consisting and reviving the bond and relation alive forever. There seems the harmonious relationship between many people and nonrelative and on castes. It’s the symbol of humanity that use to see in Nepal only.

Here, there are no any types of governmental barriers and people wish to create those headache tracks that makes the blockade in our moving life. Pope seems very cooperative and coordinating in nature, all the person and on castes also contribute their efforts and thought in the works or any ceremony of Hindu and other and Hindu also help in the conduction and their ceremony. These all are now made as the compulsory attainment that has to made by the society.

So this country has made the image of positivity and reputed level of positioning in the list of the world.

 2. Country of Everest:

It’s the country of worlds and the Nepal is the country of one of the leading roles mode that is proved by the world largest peak is located in the territory of Nepal. Nepal is the country who is recognized the country of Everest. The history of Everest is very interesting and sensible.

It is called as the ‘’Pandhrau Chuli’’ in an earlier age. Later on, after the name identifying by the history father’s Baburam Acharya, it gone to kept and called as the Sagarmatha and the man of England Servier George Everest, kept the name, Everest.

From that days, the Sagarmatha become popular and famous with the Everest. The Everest is the height of 8848 meters which the toughest level of the earth. It’s the second thing which is very much clearly shown from the moon and the first one is the great wall of china. The Everest have touched even the border of china, sometimes it comes to listen and become the scandal which is totally false.

 3. Country of Gautam Buddha:

The God also knew in the world who have spread the message of peace to the worlds. As we see in the present age, there is races of manufacturing weapons and missiles for war but no any country is forward to control the violence and human illegal attitude and participation in the different convention that is spoiling the society.

The revolt is going rapid increment by many terrorist and many invisible black people. But not of any government and not any powerful country is supporting and coming in the campaign for alleviating these types of terrorist attacks conducted for the destruction human assets and mentality.

Lord buddha

Gautam Buddha is one of the great identical consisting person who came in the figure of normal person born in king’s palaces but ruin and left the palaces in very earlier age and get the enlightenment of Buddhism and started to spread the message of places and humanity to love and live the life of making the harmonious and cooperative society.

He was the man who has spread the peace of roots as the streams to the world that had made him the God. The world respect and given the position as the light of Asia but in the present age, he is not the light of Asia he should be the light of worlds and in today’s context, peace is needed in every country.

 4. Country of beautiful girls:

This is not the country of beautiful resources only but also the country of beautiful girls. The Nepal is also recognized for the beautiful girls as it also takes part in world beautiful competition that is miss universe and miss world.


The country has many people and many societies who have their own shape and size of production in the body. The Nepalese are mostly in good and bold figures that make you crazy to touch and attract. It’s the Nepal where people become senseless by saving the girl’s behavior and actions.

beautiful nepali college girls well dressed Picture
Beautiful nepali college girls – well dressed Picture

The Nepalese girls are much fluent in conversation with strangers too. So they don’t feel shy and don’t hesitate to talk about any subjects which make her insulted. They are friendly in nature. They will make you friends very soon.

If you want to marriage with Nepalese girls then you have to first term as the friendship and then you have to step up for next process. The Nepalese girls are very sweet and intelligence and they are very active to know and choose their life partner. The beautiful girls of Nepal will make you fall in love willingly or unwillingly.

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 5. Country of mountains:

Nepal is also known as the country of a mountain because it contains about eight great mountain whose height is above 8000 meters. And there many small mountains that are adjusting in the country in many parts of the country. The country is also famous for the white gold that is snow in the mountain shines likes the gold amplify the mountainous diagram and dimensions.

Mountain Dhaulagiri Himalayas Nepal
Mount Dhaulagiri Area, Nepal

People from the world come to trekking in the mountains because Nepalese mountain is regarded as one of the easiest track of practicing the trekking and climbing the mountain. A person learns to climb and walk on the mountain by trekking firstly in many different mountains.


Annapurna is the one of the famous and popular trekking destination made by a large number of internal and external tourist. It’s also the first trekking destination permitted by the government in 2029 BS.

 6. Country of many temples and architecture:

Places to visit see Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal
Snake Nagraj in Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal

It’s the country of Hindu and other religions too. So, here seems many devotional architects and religious places for the worshipping of the different religions. Due to a large number of Hindu living in the Nepal, there is situated of many temples of many designs in almost many parts of the country and in small distances.

The temple built in old age and many years ago that is giving the identity of Nepal and upgrading the recognition in the list of the historical and cultural country. There are many architectures that is symbolizing the Nepal with their own creativity and utmost attitudes. The PASHUPATINATH, SWAYOMBHU, JANAKI TEMPLE, etc are the glimpse of the Nepal, making the country rich and resist.

7. Non-hanging country:

no hanging

The one thing that is supported by everyone is that the country is following the path of humanity and not any illegal path the constitution of Nepal have not any articles and clues containing the rule and law of hanging the criminal. The criminal are not changed even they have accorded the murder or un-humanity nature works outside. The country has not the law of hanging the criminal.

If the criminal is proved then he will get the lifetime prison. The life has to spent in a cage between the four wall. The life starts to burn torchlight in the night to see any colorful substances and the world. So it’s also one of the major reasons and causes to love my country very much. I think you are also on the support of it. Because the country will not even excuse your crimes nor you will be rescued.

8. Cultural country:

It’s the country of culture and traditions where the people for every class and every tradition get engaged and share their pain and pleasure in own plates by hugging each other. There are many people who are supporting it with great joy and great heart. The culture of the country also speaks about the person and countrymen attitude and personality. The personality maintains the positions of the country and the attitude of looking Nepal and Nepalese will automatically change.

Dashain Vijayadashami Tika Paintings Sketch Image
Vijayadashami Tika Paintings

The country has to maintain this cultural effect and contrast that make the country reputed. It’s the culture which gives the position of respect and recognition that describes the countrymen and country identity. The man is linked to the country. The culture is the symbol of representatives which represent the identity and icon of the country. The culture of Nepal is different as there is the common living of all the religions.

9. Nepalese Lifestyle

The Nepalese lifestyle is unique and a great example of “contrasts”. Although many cultures follow some types of life, the Nepalese are unique because of their traditions, religion and a poor life. People have different beliefs but, still, this group of people has managed to live a happy and prosperous life.

The people of Nepal, the Himalayas, are very religious people. They believe in the goddess of wealth and good fortune. This means, that they have faith that Goddess gives blessing him/her of wealth or money if he/she praise, worship her. They spend some of the their money on temple maintenance, donates clothes, and food for the temple. Even if someone gets some money by doing some work, it is not very big and most people consider it as an unworthy way of getting rich.

They are also aware that life should be comfortable and luxurious. So, they have developed some interesting practices to make their life enjoyable.

Nepali Meme Quotes About Smile Life Happiness
Nepali Quotes About Smile

First of all, the Nepalese people, like any other people in the world, believe in the power of god. That is why, there is no place for any particular prayer in their temples. Instead, they emphasize the importance of respecting god and doing things according to his teachings. They do not practice any ritualistic worship, just following the guidelines of the religion.

The Nepalese people are very helpful and friendly. They treat their neighbors with respect. In fact, they consider other religions and culture as their friends. Their way of dealing with other people is unique and it is one of the main reasons why they live so long lives.

The Nepalese culture is a very traditional and conservative one. There is no place for innovation, free thinking and freedom of expression. This means that the religious and cultural values of the people are very limited and important for the survival of the country. A person who is from this culture will have a hard time adjusting to other cultures or lifestyles if he does not live in Nepal.

Why Is Holi Called The Festival Of Colour

The Nepalese people are very humble and friendly people. They do not like people to talk much about their money or position. They keep their culture and way of life secrets and are very modest. Because of the fact that they live in such a conservative environment, they are very careful about what they wear and how they look.

The culture of Nepal is full of rich history and heritage. They are proud of their rich history and definitely want people to remember all about it. This is one of the main reasons why they are so respectful and humble. When you go to Nepal, you will notice many differences between the people, but at the same time, you can be sure that each one is unique. That is the beauty of a country that has such rich traditions and history.

One of the interesting traditions in Nepal is that people don’t like to change their clothes once they reach a certain age. In fact, many of them consider it to be a crime. That is the reason why they follow a very old custom of wearing their old garments for a long time until they pass away.

That is their way of keeping their culture alive through the ages. Although some might think that this is rather peculiar, it does help them to preserve their unique way of dressing that includes traditional clothes and jewelry. If people would change their way of dressing for the sake of fashion, it would certainly become a fashionable trend that would be quickly replaced by another culture.

Another tradition in Nepal is that people do not like to use new clothing as soon as it is washed. Instead, they put it in a chest or a cupboard where it can be properly maintained. The materials used for making these garments must be of the best quality and not made out of artificial materials.

They should look and feel soft and must not wrinkle easily. That way, the people in the present generation will surely want to keep their culture alive in the coming years.

The high quality clothing that people in the present generation are wearing today began to appear during the era of the great yogi Buddha. It all started when the people got fed up with using cloth as their daily attire. They finally decided to discard it all together and revert back to their natural old garments made out of wool. Those garments which were made from wool were called Dhoti while those made from silk were known as Kaftan.

During the past few decades, the people of Nepal have come a long way in terms of fashion. Today, they dress elegantly even when they are at home. They know how to mix and match clothes so that they can match any type of occasion easily.

Even though the present generation considers itself to be a modern person, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t understand the importance of having a good wardrobe. Today’s generation of young people has absolutely nothing to be proud of; they all look great and smart despite being rich.

10. It’s your turn to add the best reason in comment box

So it’s also the family which has made the country more cultural with their release of many norms and traditions.

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