14 Reasons that Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s Day

14 Reasons Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s Day #Happy New Year 2077

{Happy New Year 2077} New year is  itself new which bring new light on the face of people, birds, and plant. Everything looks new in the new year. The person gets new energy and whether as well as plant and animal. A person has many dreams to fulfill and it’s the right time to celebrate a new year with full of happiness and taking the strong commitment to making the dream true. Inside and outside people of a country seems happy and celebrates the new year as a festival. The views of the country are full of lightings and busy in the party. People of high grade celebrates the new year in five-star hotel whereas low-class people celebrates the new year by making different delicious dishes and the youngsters celebrate by  celebrating picnic. The picnic site seems full on the occasion of  new year.

Many people make plans to visit the new place in Diwali and travel to new site for making more fun and doing more entertainment. All the school children celebrate it by going picnic or organizing programs and share their wishes with their owners. The main youngster waits for this opportunity to make the entertainment and do the party in the new year. The weather of the new year is also motivating the person for enjoying. The Past is forgotten and present is celebrated in the celebration day of new year. The new year is also famous as the’’  celebration or party  day ‘’among the youth. The new  year is celebrated all over the world in first January. People of the world unites the happiness and spreads the love. They join the hands for consistency of peace and humanity on the earth.

Reasons Why Do We Celebrate happy New Year's Day
New Year Celebration

There are different plants grew up in the garden if your plants or not in the garden, but also there grew up some wastes or planted tree. Similarly, there are different people living in the earth  having  violence in nature . so also people prays to provide good things in their mind on the celebration of new year. There are many things to create and make the new  year live and fresh in the hard disk of our mind. the appearance of colorful lights and blasting of different crackers are adding the roseal smell in the environment of  the celebration of new year. making the journey and collecting the photographs of different locality helps you to celebrate new year  modernly in coming year. A lot of love and stadium of happiness makes you flavored and fantastic your life which also helps you to become renown man by increasing your personality.

The background of the new year is not bound by the border of any country. Everywhere and in the face of everyone , we can look the smiley face that determines and increase the value of the new year. The moment on the new year is no more mind by the people or anyone if there happens something or committed any mistakes. Because everyone is wetted in the music and whiskey of new year party. The  different types of wine and whiskey are also increasing the intension towards the celebration. A person enjoys this party as much as they can . they have forgotten all the past tension and enjoying in the present. They feel relax and make the mind free from tension. It is not the planned party  that can be again be done , it’s the time to celebrate as much as people can , because the new is celebrated only once in the year that is January first. Persons have many reasons to celebrate new year likes the follows:

1. Making planning chart for the year :

As the new year comes with lots of funs and entertainment, the person also thinks for the whole year in the new year. The 365 days is not minor things that can be spent without making planning. If without making planning , it is done then  there no guarantee of achievement. If the game is played by making the strategy for winning , then the games on your hand, if not you will be the looser.  Setting new goals helps to reach you in your destiny.  A person wants to achieve great things but they  want it by without doing works and  changing behavior. Behavior also marks the person identity and  person looking angle toward him. One single black spot makes off lighted in the white wall. A person is a very much light hearted and become helps in nature.

Making planning chart picture for doing things

They may be changed after new year but their behavior is almost changed in new year. All the grace and wishes, bucket of love are spread all over. Strong and body builders are not showing the power in front of thinner. Parents also excuse  the  mistakes committed by  their son. They don’t say and abuse after doing mistakes too. It is the time of speaking good behaving good with other so that the person gives blessing. The life itself become brights and lightful if the man understand and started to behave. Doing good behavior is the steps of getting something big. So it will be your big deal and right opportunity to make plans for the year according to the achieving goal or target. This is one of the best reasson that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

2. Doing more fun and entertainment :


New year will also be the boring day if there is not entertainment in first January. Every person wants and makes this day special. Because it’s the new year. The celebration of new   year can be looks in hotels , party palace and in dance bars. Its also the doing the time of fun and making the new year memorable. Very soon we welcome 2077. And the planning have been started in the mind of youth. First year is the new and firs day of year so also people want to start the first  day with happiness. If the day is not started with happiness then there might be the black and bad startings of the new year. The pool and dance party are organized in many places in the town. And youth makes the new year more lightful and bright which makes the man courageous to celebrate and take part in the celebration of new year. Days of the youth   can’t want to miss the opportunity and enjoys the time freely and endlessly. This is one of the best reasson that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

3. Forgetting the past :

As it is the day of celebration how can someone remembers the past. People take part in the celebration of new year by forgetting the past and making the present funny and enjoyable. They forgets all the past bad memory and events that he or she have recurred and makes the new year more special day in the air of music and water of wine and whiskey.  The presentation of people with the new feeling and face also extends the spreadness of feeling the new year celebration. Groups and single  have differences and is also the major cause of organizing the programs. If the  celebrations starts the movement of persons parts also starts in the tone of music. And the celebration will be only more entertaining if the person have not carried the past tension. So this is also the occasion of forgetting the past to take and the day special and memorable. This is one of the best reasson that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

4. New start of year and life :

The man starts their year with new planning and making the first day special. They have sets the full year planning  on the first day of new year. The love is only started from the starting day and the hate is buried under the land. Person is  ownself  becomes motivated in the new year because it determines the life quality. The life of achievement can only be possible by the  commitment and if the first day is good  the last will be also good. As we know that first impression is the last impression, first starting is the process of walking and increases the hopes of getting the big deal. This is one of the best reasson that why do we celebrate new year’s day.


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