Development of Nepal – Why Nepal Is Not Developed, Underdeveloped Country


Development of Nepal – Why Nepal Is Not Developed, Underdeveloped Country?

It’s little bit true, Nepal is the poor and developing the country in terms of infrastructure and also we can know by seeing the standard of people living. Nepal is treated and recognized as the poor country but one thing I want to make you know that the Nepalese are not poor. They live the life of the luxurious and high class. Talking of past may clarify the attitude and obligation because at the ancients times did not have the many and skilled manpower. As the Nepal is the landlocked, here is not import any raw goods.

The country has depended upon other production. Nepal is the country of natural tourism and natural evolution. But the government of Nepal is showing their interest for a revolution of development context to incremental of Nepalese tourism as the day passes, there is seen some typical changes in the country economy fluctuation towards up and the development of infrastructure is also going in high speed a by announcing the tender. There are many companies working by contracting on the tender with the government of Nepal. The Nepalese government is like the game of football where there are changes of player time to times. There is not any fixed system, of running and circulating the law and system.

Nepali in hilly region

It is concept published by the government of Nepal is that is also not the distribution of the wealth. There is the system of monopoly and the power. Those who have power can demonstrate and dominates anyone. But those who are powerless can’t even get a chance to comment as they have right because due to the threat. There are many happenings of illegal corruption and games sometimes shown to the public which is not strictly controlled by the government and the police.

The political leaders and the government have also pet the criminal like the domestic animal. As the country economy is depended upon the remittance which is sent by the Nepalese youth by wasting their hard labors and sweat on the foreign lands. They are the nation’s builder and catalyst of country development but due to unemployment, they are obligated to waste and use their minds and hands in a foreign land because they give the rewards and the sources from which their family and he are surviving.

Man are of different nature, some are the patriotic and some are like the unpatriotic. There also exist many thought of patriotic which are investing their capital and hands in the Nepalese market and some are greedy that we also call it as the unpatriotic. These types of people are money minded, where they get the good money, they present there and visit there. But it’s also the responsibility of government to make the youth employed and serviceable. The government is also acting like the lame and deaf, not listening the youth’s voice and pain.

Transportation road Bus hilly region Nepal
a road in hilly region Nepal

So sometimes it is seen that the graduate students sit on strike demanding the job to give unless to give the unemployment allowances. So there are much dangerous and injection which is sucking the economy of the country from their needle of syringe that may be the external factors and internal factors. Some of the similar and actual major reason for becoming the Nepal undeveloped is described below:


For the Development of Nepal – Why Nepal Is Not Developed, Underdeveloped Country

1. Political instability:

Due to an absence of politic stability and consistency, there seen many kinds of up and down in the country economic which show the effects on the country and people. The country is depended upon the governmental help and the government depends upon the countrymen. So the government if adopts the policy which is beneficial to the people then it is easy to direct the nation in the developing path. But in the context of Nepal, since2063, there is not the establishment of a new constitution after the dissolved of the old constitution.

Kalanki Chowk Kathmandu Nepal Planned Picture

For making the country constitution, there happens the election but the first election can’t get the success and unable to give the constitution to the country. Then after in 2068, there addressed second constitutional election and after the six years, the parliament becomes able to give the constitution to the country on 2072 Aswin 3. But it’s black luck, the constitution is not implemented due to the protest against the constitution because it has not consisted the large community of Madhesi’s right and even the given right has been fraud and returned back. The Nepal government and Nepal’s mother get the new prime minister after every nine months. The parliament and the government are not able to implement the constitution due to the opposition protest.

If the country seems able to implement the constitution strictly, then the development of sun will rise surely. The political party of anyone’s has not attempted the actual and two third voters. So I think there occur many confusion and mischief in the debate of pushing some amendment pins of the constitution in the parliament. The constitution and the parliament seem no chance to implement due to stopping the parliament processing. So it’s is also the most affecting factors which have affected the country toward the un-development.

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2. Lack of education:

As we know that there is not any strict on the teachers and the leader if they do any kinds of work which is the law and the nation. Like the corruption on several things have not been even got transparent and published due to the power. So these are the poison which is making the country poison. To make the country poison free first there should be the implementation of the law and the crime and the criminal should get punished. The problems in the education are also seen very much in the remote area.

Reasons Why Education is The Key to Success in Life
A girl is studying book

The remote education is day by day going declined. The government has not settled any chain to make them improved and standard. And also there is not showing of interest of the remote area children in the study because the parents have used them as the workers, they don’t give them time to study and also don’t buy the books and needed material for them. This is also the major cause which shows the falling education system of Nepal. Nepalese are very much attached to the children because they love their children very as due to the Hindu culture. In the eastern culture, there is the goods system of loving the own sons and relatives but in the western cultures, all these are values and useless due to a busy life of them.

The people of the village and rural are also suffered from the traditional thought of nonteaching the daughter very much. They think that the daughter is only born for the home works that is cooking the foods and other homo works. So the thought of not teaching the children and daughter is also one factor which is affecting the country development. The women are taking the backbone of country development, so for this, the women empowerment is used and spreading, there are many people of Nepal who are not the reach of school due to poverty and not the available of schools nearby. Education has not shaded all the countrymen and it is on the track of motion to connect all the people of urban to rural.

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3. Unequal distribution of health:

The government eyes should be equal to the every people of the country. The country holds the full responsibility of all the countrymen. The country where there are fewer people is very harmful and more is too harmful. So there is made of rule for the production of a child in limits and also beyond the rule order. The government of Nepal has not the equal eye in their thought while distributing the national income. Nepal government distribute the national income not equally. There is the supply or distribution of the wealth more to the rich people and less to poor people which make the rich more rich and poor richer.

best health diet tips for all ages.

The flow of income separates the people into two groups and category. The market and the product is also consumed by the people according to the income that obtained. The high income is only generated by the high investment and the more sources of income. The economist says that if there is an equal distribution of national income then the poor people can also save and generate the income from many sources which make them poor and the economic stable and bolder.

The country economic is evaluated by the people propensity to consume and invest. Investment is done only by the high-income people and consumption in more ratio is done by the poor people. So the differentiation in the distribution of national income have affected and damaged the economic stability and the country is getting the pain of also such injection. The government should make the common policy to make the people employed and independent. If the people have money then only the country can also get the tax and the national arms and ammunition will fill up.

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4. Lack of establishment of industrialization:

It is also the major reasons for the not development of Nepal. Nepal has not the large market and presence of political order and the people oppression has made the investor depressed to invest in Nepal market. The industrialization is also the main factor which forwards the country economic to the path of development. The country holds many sources and income like as the many herbs and shrubs, timber and many raw materials, but due to proper un-utilization, all the available resources are going day by day vanished. The government has not sawn any interest to cultivate and announces the investment of such resources to make the country stable.

Importance of Industries in Nepal

The establishment of industry announces the many job opportunity to the people which increase the development of the Nepalese and the development of Nepalese leads the development of Nepal. Industrialization makes the track o development more solid and bolsters for the movement of the chain in rapid speed. Industrialization means the production of needed things goods and product in the home country which saves the country wealth to import such product.

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5. Due to landlocked country:

Nepal is the country of stone which even not try to stretch and become flexible because it is pressured by the two big rocks that are INDIA and CHINA. The country has not touched any sea, that makes the country obligated to import the raw material from the India only. The Nepal have to do and act according to the instruction of India. All the Nepalese factory and industry are running with the dependency of Indian raw goods. So, this also the one of the major reason for which the abroad investor don’t want to invest in the country and also there is the presence of political pressure and external pressure.


The country gets developed very fast if any borders or the side have touched the sea makes the country in dependable and there will not be the urgency to connect with India. Landlocked country has to face the unfaith for every sector’s development. The country has to move and direct according to the neighbor country direction. The country has everything but due to unavailable of all and every resource to operate the industry have compact the momentum.

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6. Lack of employment opportunity or poverty:

This is also the major causes have made the consequences of undeveloped. Un-development of the country means the un-improvement of people living standard and lifestyles. The country is resisting the national expenditure by taking the loan from the Asian Development Bank and word back. So there is a loan on every Nepalese head of about rupees twenty thousand. The country is not investing the investment in productive sectors and not creating the job which makes the youth employed and the income starts to grow.

Poverty beggar picture
A beggar is begging for a coin

The employment means there will be the income which makes them consumption and consumption means the income of other . so the chain of income and expenditure should be circulated in fast speed. If there are high distribution and movement of money to the people, means makes every person stable and job handed. The government should give full concentrating on reducing the poverty and creating the job for making the country developed.

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What are things that make Nepal undeveloped country

Countrymen views and  political parties  eyesight towards the national development

Countrymen are treated as the God of the nation because  they are the main weapon to change the nation and changed the government. The king is the countrymen and the voter so they are treated as the decider and umpire of the country. It’s true that if the voter of the country are more educated and conscious about the national and nationality of the country and political parties, then I think the country like Nepal do not take the more time to  grasp the unbelievable success in the field and race of development.

The people and political parties are like the wheels of one chariot, if one get a puncture, other is impossible to move ahead. Similarly, the country or Nepal is not getting the better leader and also the people of the country are not active in giving the vote to the right and qualified person. The man who has the great dream have also the great deep eyesight inside. The building that is erected long has also the bad the deeper inside. The meaning of development is now days been categorized in various thought from person to person.

The same thing is going in Nepal and same thought process is processed in Nepal that has made the country like the paddy insects inside it. The Cauliflower having insect inside it. The Nepal have the resources of everything but not having the utilization in proper ways that can make the gap of long steps and momentum development. The present political parties and leader are currently busy in learning and earning themselves. They don’t have any tension of making the country rather having the tension of making the family richer and more standard.

The present politicians have forgotten the main theme of identity and nationality that the roots speak the quality of the flower and fruits and it also says about the types and features and strength of it. The same thing is applied in the context of Nepal that if the country becomes strong then only the identity of Nepalese become strong and powerful.

The family having power and rich to only one does not consider that the whole society is powerful and rich. for making the country powerful and strong, the politicians should move their thought first and then action towards the projects by protection from the many obstacles.  But it is just opposite action acted by the political leaders in the subject and matter of development while the topic came about the country development. But it is very true that the words and description about the development of Nepal don’t get termination by their mouth while they give the interview in the television or speech in front of people.

The action and attitude for development are totally difference and there are not any symptoms even looked for the development. All the political parties and leader are busy is pulling one other moving legs if any leader tries to develop. They think that the development should be my government stability. The political party has not any courage and commitment for doing compulsory. They do commitment in front of the people and crowd by the speech and later on, even they forget their spoken words and promised projects. The main thing to determine and evaluate the leaders is that they have not any vision and they don’t think for the country and countrymen because they think that if the countrymen get rich more than us then they will not follow or our order, and shake their heads in our instruction and follows our order.

 People opinion:

Nepalese  are very much dominated and they are also very much cheated by the political leader as they made the wish and commitment and did not fulfilled. There  are many political leaders who have not fulfilled the wish and commitment that  they had committed while in the past election. The countrymen power is their vote which is like the power sword that can cut the tree of even  great fruits and also can point and plant out the new ones. The countrymen are  currently in hating mood to the political leader because of making the Nepalese defame and  labor class standard. This is the very un-luck and bad story that I am obliged to tell the many youth almost in majority of the youth are leaving the native land and travelling to the gulf country by leaving their family and mother father.

The bad story and the uncountable pain takes the life of many youth in foreign lands. This is the matter of sorrow which makes the eyes went to the mother and father of motherland. The youth who carry the dream of doing something and having the energy that is also obliged to spend their and expand their labors and mind under anyone and in foreign country. Many youth  return Nepal in box  in dead substances. These are the weeping story consumed by received by the people of Nepal. They are very aggressive toward the political parties. Many people are even spending the life in forest having nothings, is not determined any homes and contribution made and announced by the government to make relief and get t from that black and victim life.

Many society living their life on the edge of mountain  having the panic situation and making the lifestyles like the mold soil can be  bring in any shape  after  getting the hammer on it. The many widow women are spending their life by cracking the small stones in the edge of Bagmati and riverside. There are also many village who have not touched the road and even not saw the bus and transport the poor communication and transportation have made their life like the insects and animal. There are many people who have even not faded always  darkness from their home and obliged to stay and spend their life in darkness. They sewed their dream in dark home and burn that dream in dark room the man who have not watched the open sky  have also the imagination to see it one by  hearing. Now in the present age, all the thing have become common and becoming the substances of fashion.

Countrymen and leader weakness:

The man makes the mistakes , it can be re-correct  but if the leader who sit in the position of decision makes the mistakes, then it can be considered as the foolish and the comment is thrown by all sides and by everyone. The leader who goes in the government by   getting the victory  in the election from my representatives. If the  upper  or the top leaders makes the mistakes then they can be treated as the parrot who acts by the signs and instruction of their owner. The political leader of presently are mostly fall in this group because all the political leaders are uneducated and they speaks the words of education, the matter goes like the jokes and same the people  take their words too. But it’s not the matter jokes and make laugh because even the lame can climb the mount Everest, this is the proof of unbelievable truth. There are many doers who have made their own world  with their own efforts. Mainly the man who have the strong desire and commitment  to do anything are like the storm who goes persistence by cutting the obstacles that comes in the way.

The man  or the leader journey should be like the race  to  conduction for achieving the trophy and admiration of the people and countrymen. The Nepal is very small  country having unlimited resources and natural and   cultural heritage suite which is giving our recognition , if we want then it can be enlarged up and enriched the Nepal and Nepalese with its absorption of foreign income. The history tells us that the china were burning the candle  at the time of unification of Nepal  while the Nepalese  used to  light the electricity. But if we see the present context, it has been totally changed and has achieved the unbelievable level of success in the field of development.  The leader are not active and all are like the damage engine of railways and kept constant in the track making the way strike.

They are like the snails creeping on the soil of desert. They are busy and have not any wish to do for the country that would make me the respectful and appreciated leader. They are only concentrated to corrupt and suck the money and income of the people and nation. The man who has nothing have now built in Kathmandu. This is the matter of thinking, how it become possible. The second subject that directly hit the topic and all the internal and external factors of the Nepalese who also not seems active and consciousness.

Due to poor education and poor behavior, they are even backward and not getting the light of education that has become the barriers in the development of mind and their further life and mentality. The person who has not seen the school can never get and do any miracle in their life. Even the present educator are not behaving and getting the good respect due to their participation in the illegal track that re-injuring and harming their life and dream terrain too.  Nepalese are like the product of the market came for sale. And that Nepalese leader knows better about the condition and mentality of n the Nepalese person, they also purchase the vote and people of the country.

The corrupted mind goes in the government then how can  the country will free from the corruption. The drunkard leader makes the speech of making the country alcohol free, is it possible. The country can be only free if the voter become active and know about their representatives w to whom I am h=going to vote. The  voter activeness can also bring the great revolution in the country. The pure man reaches in the  government then only the government can uplifts and upgrade their speed of development. There are many technology which are scarce to import and also the proper situation that makes the country rich in technology t due to the intervention of many loot groups and invisible power charged by the political leader, if the commission not reached in their pocket.

The majority of voter even got sold in money and wine. These types of activities and act have made the leader more hopeful and corrupted. They think earlier even for the upcoming election and they started to makes the bundles of money increment that will make the optimism of victory. The voter is the key to open the door of the development of the nation but they are not active and sold them  as the  product is increasing their values too. So they are also responsible for their act and habits  that is performed at the time for election. The leader who have the great vision can be only win, if the vote is given with this mentality by everyone, then I think the country lags the development. The people can live the standard life and they can makes the country more brings with their contribution and braveness.

The man who g et the stars are also the brave and who helps them to grasp the stars are also the brave. The sea will not be king the all the river if all the rivers do not loose and mixed in their platinum. The seas are seas due to the mixture of all the rivers.  The same contest is treated in the development of the country and same unity is needed for the development of the country. The sky full of stars is more shining than the appearance of single stars in the sky.

The unity of all individual makes the projects moiré conveinental   and sustainable. The people are the bridge to construct the highways for transporting the great dream and standard of the people and identity and prestige of the Nepalese. The Nepalese and political leaders should also join hands together for making the speed of the development. The constitution can be only the paper if it is not implemented. So the constitution is also the great epics that make and moderates the person from bad track to god track and process them to execute in speculative trims.

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