18 Reasons Why You Should Not Date with Nepali Girls


Nepali girls are very beautiful in nature as they are conscious of their body maintenance and color fitness. Girls are born on the earth for killing the boys by saying their beauty and bold figure. The story related to girls has been many published about different God.

How do average Nepali girl/women look like

Nepal has a population of over 25 million, consisting of more than 100 ethnic groups speaking different cultures and languages. The female population in Nepal was reported in 2016 in the year 14919469.

This is clear from the World Bank’s collection of development indicators compiled from officially recognized sources. The distribution of different ethnic groups reflects the geographic diversity of the country.

The majority of the population of Nepal is of Indo-Aryan origin, the rest are Tibetans and Bhotia, inhabitants of northern Nepal and Mongolian inhabitants of the central belt. His appearance varies from place to place.

In this article we will show how women look like in Nepal because of their ethnicity.

Nepali Girls From Newar community:

Kathmandu was the home of the Newar community. The Newars are residents of Tibetan-Burmese descent who speak both in Newari and in Nepali. The Newars are among the largest indigenous groups in Nepal, accounting for 7% of the total population.

Nepalese model with newari traditional dress
Nepalese model with newari traditional dress

Several Newari families follow Buddhism and Hinduism. People in this group generally tend to trade, trade and agriculture. They are characterized by art, literature, sculpture, bronze, silver foundry and fascinating architectural forms.


They are the mix of the Tibetan and the Aryan tribe. Normal Newari women usually wear Sari Cholo, Kurta Salwar, but in their cultural program they wear their homemade dresses called Haku Patasi.

Nepali Girls From Brahman community:

The Brahmins are the priestly class of Indo-Aryan origin, also called Bahun, which occupies the highest position in the Hindu hierarchy. It is said that they came to Nepal from different parts of India.

Marriage in Nepal Nepali Marriage Rituals, Customs and System

Today they are to be found all over Nepal and have taken different professions. Married Brahmin women laid Sindhur on the forehead. They have a clear, white complexion like wheat in the face.

Swastima Khadka - Nepali Beautiful Actress
Swastima Khadka – Nepali Beautiful Actress

Brahmans usually have a pointed nose and black hair. Bramin women wear Guniyo and Cholo for their cultural event.

Nepali Girls From Chhetri community:

The chhetris, which are similar to the Brahmins, also have an Indo-Aryan origin and have traditionally been classified as warriors and stewards. They are recognized for their administrative skills and bravery. Today they are distributed proportionally in almost all parts of Nepal.

The Chhetri women were in the history as combat soldiers in the war of history. It is said that they originally came from North India during and after the time of Lord Buddha.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
Nepali actress Rekha Thapa

The Khas are generally considered to be Bahuns and Chhetris who established their own kingdoms in the past at the western end of Nepal. Chhetri women are similar to Brahmins. It is really difficult to distinguish Chhetri and Brahmin in face, clothing and appearance.

Nepali Girls from Gurung community

Originally they belonged to the Tibetan-Burman ethnic group. They live mainly in the central region of Nepal in places like the foothills of the western part. The Gurungs are good farmers and warriors.

Rishma Gurung
Rishma Gurung

It appears that the Rais, Limbus and Magars have presented themselves internationally as the brave Gurkha soldiers. Gurung women are also called Gurungsheni and have narrow eyes and a small nose.

Gurung women wear a blouse called Cholo in their front-bound language, over a long pleated skirt called Phariyā, which is usually dark red. A band is wrapped around the waist and a headscarf completes the outfit.

Nepali women or girls from Madhesi community:

Madheshi includes groups of Brahmins and Dalit castes, as well as ethnic groups such as Maithils, Bhojpuri and Bajjika. The time when they belong to Brahmins, Muslims and Dalits is unique because of their topographical and territorial influence.

They share culture and tradition like people in Bihar or Uttar Pradesh. Madhesi women usually wear sari and blouse with “pallu” over their ears. They are very hardworking and do not talk too much to new people. Madhesi women resemble women in the Aryan community with brown skin.

Nepali Girls From Kirant community

The kirantis are among the first group of people to rule nepal. Ancient hindu texts such as himvat-khanda and mahabharat have mentioned their names. Basically they come from ostnepal.

These people are of tibetan-burmese origin, worship their ancestors and at the same time follow buddhism, hinduism, animism, etc. They are very good peasants and warriors. They are rich in culture and have several languages ​​and writings.

Kiranti women resemble gurung, magar women. Normally, kirat women wear clothes that feel comfortable and follow fashion on another day, but in their cultural program, kirat women wear a dhaka blouse called cholo in their language, which is tied above it phariyā.

Kirati women are known for their jewelry. The jewels of the kirat rai women consist of the distinctive shirphul disc on the forehead with chandrahaar, it can be in square or round shape, three-part golden headband in the shape of cross moon with a star (sirbandi).

His characteristic earrings are dungri, a large gold stud and chaptesun, a round and flat gold earring with bulaki as a distinctive nasal septum ring …….. Etc.

Nepali Girls From Magar community

The Magars of Tibetan-Burmese origin live in the western region of Nepal. They speak the Tibeto-Burmese language and are Hindu by faith, but also follow Buddhism. The Magar are mostly farmers, but their martial qualities and physical condition have made them perfect soldiers.


The women wear the Paria or Lunghi, the Cholo Chaubandhi or a closed blouse and the heavy Patuka or waistband and the Mujetro or a scarf-shaped garment on the head.

Women living in the Tarakot region even use Tibetan Chhuba. The ornaments are the Madwari in the ears, the Bulaki in the nose and the Phuli in the left nostril, the silver coin chain “[haari]” and the pot (yellow and green pearls) with the Tilhari gold cylinder. [jantar], [dhungri], [naugedi], [phul] and kuntha.

The Magar girls or women do not wear many ornaments, but we can see that some have silver earrings that hang on the earlobes and are called “Gokkul”. The magic girls wear the amulet necklace or medallion, and the women of the lower hills and highlands use them of silver with Mugasteine ​​and Kantha embedded in it.

Silver and glass bracelets and sirbandhi, sirphuli and chandra on the heads are also worn on the hands. These are large pieces of gold that are struck in oblong and circular shapes. Magar women are similar to women of Mongolian tribes with average size of women.

Nepali Girls From Sherpa community:

They are said to come from Tibet, speak the Tibetan-Burmese language and live in the Himalayan region of Nepal. They are hardworking, friendly and reliable. The largest Sherpa settlements are located in Solukhumbu at the foot of the mountain.

Everest Sherpas are known internationally for downhill adventurers. Sherpas women traditionally wear long-sleeved dresses to the thick wool floor called Tongkok. A sleeveless version called Angi is used on a raatuk (blouse) in warmer climates.

These are worn with colored striped aprons; The methyl aprons are worn at the front and back and held together by a raised silver buckle called Kyetig. Sherpa clothing is similar to Tibetan clothing. Wool and silk, which are woven at home, are increasingly being replaced by materials. , The traditional Sherpa dress consists of a knee-length tunic made of yak wool.

This garment is the same for men and women and is used with yak wool pants. Traditionally, yak skin boots were filled with dried grass to warm up. Many Sherpas also wear finished western clothing. If you see Sherpas women, you may find no difference to those of the Tibetans.

Nepali Girls From Tharu community:

They are the only people living in the Terai Forest on the southern base of Nepal. Their ancient religion was animism, often reflecting their mixed belief in Hinduism and Buddhism.

They are supposed to be descendants of the Rajput (ruling class) of India, they have spread from the east to the west of Nepal. If you have been to the Tharu community during the rice season, you can see women and girls walking to the rivers to fish, cover the full width of some with their nets, and collect for curry.

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The tharu women wear the costumes and ornaments which are completely unique compared to other tribes. Cholia (Choli) is used as the top, Nahagi is a white fabric dress and Uporona is the fabric worn in the chest area. They are the most important clothes women wear in the THARU community.

For special occasions and celebrations, various jewels of gold and silver are used in different parts of the body. Tharu women wear the various types of ornaments such as “Nathiya” in the nose, “Kanphul” in the ear, “Hansuli” and “Kanthi” in the neck, “Matha” in the wrist, “Tadia” in the ear elbow , “Tikuli” on the forehead and “Upairi” on the feet.

THARU women also love to have Godana, a tattoo made in different parts of her body. Most of them have ebony or brown skin. They are the mix of African and Aryan society.


Nepalese Women from the city;

Many Nepalese women wear traditional sari or kurta costumes, a long cotton shirt worn over matching leggings. In the cities, young Nepalese will wear western-style jeans with moderate oriental-style tops.

People in cities differ in their caulture and appearance, but the fact that these women tend to keep up with fashion and trends.

Nepalese Women from the rural region

Women from rural region like to remain simple in appearance. People live there with communal harmony and relationship. Most of them are grouped along with common ethnic community. They wear Sari blouse or kurta Salwar. They feel shy of wearing modern clothes.

18 Reasons Why You Should Not Date with Nepali Girls – My Personal Experiences

Boys or the man are the products of God then how can they control their emotion. They even spread and open out with full deep and seriousness while expressing their love and emotion.

Therefore the festival valentines day is mostly and worldwide famous demanding the boys for affording life with oppositions life partners.

A person or the boys have many wishes but he loves any who very deeply with whom he also wants to spend their life with full happy and rivals. Reviving in the same condition after the war spread under the love brings the harmful and dangerous results may be the damages and bad spotted love definitions and practices and identity on the topic of love.

The love always signifies the color ‘red’ so it should not color with black. Adding the relation with Nepalese girls, they are also very forward to grasp the handsome boys and many more features may affect you in the mid of your continuing relations. So it will be better to backward your uplifting steps to makes your life combined with meaningless.

Following are some major causes which will teach you the new less why you should not add your name to Nepalese girls for dating:

1. Searching a green pocket:

Conversely, the Nepalese girls are very greedy in nature and attach with only the green pocket means the pocket full of money. The man or the guys who are rich can easily date with many girls in Nepal because they mostly demand money in any steps and conditions.

wallet pocket money card

Money is their first needs then after you. Safely, there occur many chances for breaking the relations while your pocket got vacant or cashless. Green pocket attracts many girls for dating and setting the new standard of life with new meaning and the new word.

So also the boys who have the pocket full of cash mostly seem interested to date with Nepalese girls. But in your case, it also applies the same formulae to invent the new relations with Nepalese girls.

2. She director and you actor:

This is also a very common statics applied while in the relationship with Nepalese girls. Nepalese girls are beautiful in color and figure so also they are very arrogant in nature. They think themselves very beautiful and have minded any rich guys will obviously adopt me.

They are suffered from those thoughts and don’t give value to any boys, plays with their feelings and emotion endlessly. You have to act and make your actions according to her direction like the movies director role and actor role. If you are ready to do these types of activities then you can if not it’s better to quit.

3. Report payment of your works:

This is like the office boss where you have to take permission for going outside and inside even for doing something new and other activities which you like most. You have to pass your all works sheet to your girlfriend like the boss.

5 Critical Problems That Nepali Girls Are Facing In Nepalese Society

The activities committed by you without her permission may become big evidence. The man is free in nature and them to have the life like the birds with any boundary. But when you make your relations with Nepalese girls, you will be the caged bird having the narrow dreams and actions even not without permission.

4. Gift payment:

It also the big deal has to make keeping successful whenever you fail the relations breaks. There lie many festival and program in a year. The day should not leave without the gift. You have to be very conscious of these things too for dating with Nepalese girls.

You will feel like the traps man or bird having always closed to run away. Remember, the gift should have the expensive tag and brand like something shining to attack her with yours. The gift will also play the instant role or patch up and break up.

5. Excuse on her mistakes:

Guys are treated like the flunky of the Nepalese girl’s relations which you feel after the relations starting. The girls have their own stamped thought which does not get closed even after many hitting.

You have to beg you excuse your mistakes very fast saying sorry if you delays for performing then the fire starts burnings. This can be acceptable but how can it be accepted you have also beg on her mistakes. The Nepalese girls think the guys as the goat and can be eaten as mutton anytime any mistakes and odd done by him.

6. Movies show every day:

You have to keep in your mind who is her favorite hero of Bollywood and Hollywood and even Kollywood. It will help you to easy dated. Further making relations deep, the forgets about all these things and their favorite hero movies get passed, conflict occurs.

So you have to show her every move according to her demand which she like most and which she wants to see or not?. Girls are interested to see films whom fan she is. They don’t want to see and miss any of their films if released. So it might bring you difficulty and distraction in your works.

7. Keep in touch every day:

Boys have bigger dreams and girls have also a bigger dream to grasp the boys having bigger dreams. You have to keep in touch or connection every day. One miss day and miss night may arise the confession and confusion on your relations is he really loves me or not.

Boys are busy in their daily and official works but this problem can be understood and get places to the amendment for a new establishment of strategy and rules. You have to always be in touch which may increase your phone bills and tensions too. This is also the demerits to not date with Nepalese girls.

8. Have the ability to make her smile:

The boys should have shouldn’t have this ability to all. But the absence of this quality, you love will not run for a long time. Because girls are always happy facing and they want to remain happy.

Although, they like the guys who have the ability and capacity to make her laugh by making any types of actions and doing any jokes. It’s the truth, girls look more beautiful in smiling faces.

A smile is also the great factors of life which help to make the people growth with full efforts and personality. Laughing faces is showing the additions on person personality where the sad face will also decrease your willpower.

9. Asks for your salary:

It is very common questions asked by the Nepalese girls in dating even it is told that the girl’s age and boy’s salary should not be asked. But this truth and saying get lost in the relations ship with Nepalese girls playing no role.

If your salary is meetable to their requirement you can be accepted if not rejected. As I have told you earlier the green pocket is mostly demanded and liked and loved. Your salary should fulfill all her basic and luxurious requirement.

The Nepalese girls are pocket destinated having eyes in a pocket and earning. They don’t know the pure love is not compared with the money and property.

10. Personality maintenance:

Girls look delightful by their maintenance of beauty and fairness of their body figure and boys looks delightful and smart with their personality maintenance. It is the most affordable and livable things which every boy have to accept and uses in their daily life.

The good looking is the first attraction and bad looking in the first confusion. So you have to keep full your time to maintain your personality and significance and try for making a great identity.

Personality guys have more probability to be their choice but it is not the weekly and monthly works which can be very better accomplish in daily life due to the bundle of works on ahead.

11. Give your time to her:

You have present at the time of calling and missed call at once if not you will be rusticated from their life like the police calls. Your time should be in control of her hands and you have to act what she order and what she pays.

The personality has not any respect you got while in the relationship with Nepalese girls. You have to act like the rightness of being human. Because your wish and time will under her wish.

12. Leaves you in any mistakes:

The horse will run anytime if you don’t tie them with rope in legs. Because they are a greedy animal. Similarly, the Nepalese girls are too they also have not any fixed time proportion and rule that they can be under. If you don’t do any works according to her and any actions with her advice and permission, you can be kicked at any time.

It is because they will not love and the confusion in love arrives. A person is illegally doing the love or legally making or dating the relation with Nepalese girls might by making the rules and regulation that have to follow by both of them. This system might have some strength to date but may happen very late to apply.

13. Clever girl:

Nepalese girl is very clever in nature and they are doing some greedy activities with the boys. Your reluctances will be her wish and may bring some new project and order in your problems, increases your tension.

They may cheat you and act like the good girls. So it is also one of the bitter reason to not date with Nepalese girls if you are the true lover.

14. Outer attraction:

It is the very confusion matter which makes you fool many times with their behavior and action done in front of you. The truth is hidden under the bucket of all gossips. A person came to the know when they suffer from any tension and problems.

Nepalese girls are utterly very makeup and fairness but innermost are characterless. They may have many boyfriends but have connection done with you might have any reasons hidden under it.

As the fair color, Nepalese girls looked beautiful but due to their spotted behavior and greedy thought had made them spotted with black.

15. Alleged on your action:

It might be one of the major reasons not to date with the Nepalese girls for long time patch up. The Nepalese girls don’t focus on the goal but on the game to be relinquishing with their sides. Girls have vision on the boys wrong action only but not even eyes on their simple mistakes.

If you found with some girls may be your any relative, this might become the big issue to deliver and have to pass with it may or may not have any solution to change and solve.

16. Mobile recharge:

Nepalese girls carry big mobiles but have no balance carry big pocketed bag but have no money. it the truth and capacity of Nepalese girls to forward their legs moving like the models in any condition not declining the beauty layers in the problem or in a difficult situation.

If you don’t help her and don’t pay her mobile bill, can’t move on. You have to take double tension to pay her and your own mobile recharge with a great number.

17. Keeps you in suspension:

Nepalese girls are connected to many boys and are always grasp big hands for their standard life. Your monthly income and expenditure determine her choice to go with whom. You may include as the extra player in their choice. So there is not ensure of inventing the dating date.

18. Payment on shopping:

You have to bear the bill of shopping goods done by her. Your wallet must consist of the money according to her demand and active your ATM card for payment. These all are the unnecessary and unnatural activities performed by the Nepalese girls. So it’s better to dismiss the plan.

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Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

22 thoughts on “18 Reasons Why You Should Not Date with Nepali Girls

  1. I find this article to be so true. I dated a Nepali girl for only a month and in just one month, all the warning signals were flashing like crazy that they are all gold diggers, not only from money perspective but also your time. Your article is spot on!

    1. This Is true. No doubt Nepali girls are greedy they can go with anyone who got money no matter how he look like. Woowww u give the right discreptions

  2. i mean, our country is poor but it doesn’t mean that we are stupid. i know none of what you’re talking about (except the beauty part of course) and none of the people that i know show those characteristics. gold diggers can be found in every part of the world and i’m sorry that you met one by chance. statistically looking at it, i think nepal has a lot lesser gold diggers because we are taught the art of love and giving since a very young age. so please do some research before labelling a stereotype on us.

    1. It’s destiny for all commentaries to have input regarding “most” Nepalese female traits & behaviors displaying similar affects on Males. “Most” Nepalese are competing, surviving & thriving in this dating charade which is driving by “female” lack of empathy & respect for “Male true value which is “his time”. Males need to remains focus & leave the chase to the female who really respects “herself”, “her-time” “himself” & “his-time”.

  3. Dipak Sah, You should have written about your girlfriend only. Most Nepali girls are very loving and caring. May be you met the wrong person, that does not mean all Nepali girls are materialistic. It is unfair for other Nepali girls what you have written here.

  4. Not a good article to read cause most of the writings are reflected emotionally what he has gone through probably. There was not a single point I could agree with , kept reading til the end but not impressive

  5. Your post are pathetic …… Nepali girls are the best they cook the most tasty food Nepali girls wants to have a loving family and will do anything for them they are good mothers and caring Nepali girls are beautiful and they are with their partner on their ups and downs ….m not a Nepali but my mother is a Nepali and she’s a great mother daughter , daughter in law and a great wife …ya it’s a love marriage nd she was with my father to all his ups and downs …so if your not a good boyfriend stop blaming Nepali girls your post shows you deserve this the way your blaming all the Nepali girls lol

  6. Most of the married men over 30 don’t seem to be happy with daily living that I can see. In the US…..they have safety and security and gov,t help where needed: and that’s fine. But the men don’t look happy with there wives….( ever )……except at celebrations etc…..I have NEVER seen a show of affection …..a simple kiss, holding hands, a hug, a passionate look toward each other. The women all hang out together all day long seemingly to stay away from the men…..the men all walk around mostly looking depressed and just unhappy. I’m American and have learned enough of there language to communicate….they do speak English but you don’t find out for a while that the youth understand you quite well. You want to love them…..but will they let you ?

  7. Being a Nepali myself, I can totally disagree with you. You might be depressed that your girlfriend turned out to be a gold digger. But, everyone is not the same. I believe in freedom, independency and virtuality. I would not like anyone disrespecting my personal space and I would be very open minded about his personal life decisions too. So yeah, do some research before writing a damn article. Writers like you should be banned.

  8. Dipak shah ji. I feel sad for you. It seems like you have dated lots of nepali girls and attracted only the gold diggers. That means you are taking wrong approaches.
    Next time, be careful. Try to be less flashy, more fun.
    Many times, guys try to show off expensive clothes, glasses, vehicles so that they can date girls who looks attractive by using expensive stuffs. Try to impress them buying lots of gifts, dinner dates etc and than complain of the girl being a gold digger.

    -nepali woman

  9. Maybe there are some people like that by their nature but not all nepalese girls are gold diggers. Every country has those type of people so you can not just point Nepal in this. Maybe you had this experience because you chose a wrong person to date. But tbh, nepalese boys and girls would kill themselves to be with their loved ones. I’m sorry you met wrong ones and had to go through that, i hope you find a better one next time.

  10. Bro, I couldn’t even finish reading this.

    I am an Australian guy and I’m about to marry a Nepali girl who I’ve been dating for 2 and a half years. This girl is easily the best woman I’ve ever dated and admittedly, I’ve dated girls from many different cultures and backgrounds so I can certainly judge here.

    In Nepal, the girls are taught compassion, respect and kindness and this shows they in their personalities. They’re also hardworking and some of the most beautiful looking women in the world. Also, their food is the bomb.com and they treat their man like a king, especially if he treats her accordingly.

    The are good and bad women from all backgrounds but generally, you can’t go wrong with a Nepali girl. At least you know she’ll be loyal forever and she’s no slut. These girls aren’t easy, they have morals and values.

    Go date a Western girl mate… you’ll change your tone pretty fast. Our society gives them a self-entitled know it all attitude…and forget loyalty and dignity, most (not all) Western women have seen more sausage than a butcher shop and you’re likely to come home to find her choking on your best mates pork sword.

    I can see why she punted you champ.

    1. Go Dave…
      How is the marriage going now?
      I’m kinda interested in a Nepali girl and very interested in your experience. I’m finding both your comment and the article to have some truths.

  11. Nepali girls are not loyal.. 10 of 9 girls are not loyal to her husband boyfriend family … no doubt nepali girls are most beautiful. but always beauty is not everything. loyalty is more important… It’s my experience.


  12. I hope you are a comedian because your language is abysmal and so is your content. You also need to talk to more women because the type you are mentioning are all over the world. Some women are parasites and have an atrocious lifestyle. Some are well perfectly balanced. I would advice you to really get to know some fine women. I think that will change your view towards life. And next time don’t get into relationship with such women, there are fine women out there.

  13. So, where do we start from ? confirmation bias, bias judgments, … etc. I do believe that your judgement towards Nepali girls stems from your experience there and due to that this has been affecting you a lot. I understand, but probably, you didn’t assimilate enough or didn’t meet other than trashy girls. Generalization on a whole sect is not true and can not be true. I am from a conservative culture and I also assimilated in a liberal culture as well and I can see both. For some reason, If you are the playboy who is still a frat college dude with lots of girls around .. your type doesn’t work in Nepal because Nepal is very conservative and highly moral in terms of marriage and relationships and what I know for sure that wherever you travel to you should unlearn yourself to be able to adapt yourself there.

  14. What you have written is pretty true (at least of the Nepali women I have known). Not all are greedy or are gold diggers but of the ones I know well, then yes; gold diggers. I’m not sure they know that about themselves though. It just might be their character or how they’ve been cultivated.

  15. Must have been written by a pickpocketer, fucktard who couldn’t get Nepali girls into his trap. What crap man! These things are so untrue.

  16. Who the hell are you to Judge Nepali girls like that… what the F right do you have to speak such nonsense. All those 18 reasons are useless and wrong. Just don’t speak/write whatever you wish for. Sala dhoti… first know them and then write abt them.

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