33 Great Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day – Reasons Behind Celebrating Father’s Day

Why do we celebrate a happy father’s day?: – Father’s Day is celebrated in every country of the world to honor fathers. The purpose of celebrating this day is to celebrate the importance of a father and to appreciate his work. Just like on Mother’s Day, mothers are honored. In the same way, Father is honored in the Father’s Day. Let’s know that reason behind celebrating Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most of the countries. While some countries celebrate on a different day. In Nepal, the fathers day is celebrated based on the calculation of the lunar calendar by astrologers and scholar. It is celebrated on Bhadra Krishna sushi.

Without the word father, there is no idea of life. Father means a sacred relationship that can not be compared with any other relationship. The history of honoring the father has been running for several hundred years. Parents and gurus are all considered to be gods.

Mother has the biggest place in the world. But father’s contribution in making a child bigger and more civilized cannot be underestimated. When a child gets wounded the pain felt my father is the same to the pain felt by mother.

The father is distressed with the son’s injuries, but he has to remain strong in front of the son. So that the son can learn to be able to face life’s problems by becoming tough.

When we were baby we hold the finger of the father and learns to walk. We get the knowledge of every kind from them. A father is a person on shoulders we sit and dream of achieving the world.

Our father gives his entire life to children and family for our better future. He makes many sacrifices to make his children successful.

As we all know that father is proud of the family, it is like the pillar of the family who has to make stand in the strong matrix to all of the members. Father is the main images of the family as it is even treated as the leader of the family or guardians of family. Those family who has not the father or especially those children are very unfortunate who do not have a father.

They have not seen the life and love of eth father are unlucky and even not the mature. Father teaches the child and makes them recognize to the outer world. Mother gives the birth of the child, they bring the child on this earth. But the father is who makes their identification with prestige. There are uncountable words in appreciation of father.

Father’s day is very  much important and even it is celebrated as one of the next sun is going to light up in the family with new manliness and enthusiastic. Father is the leader and leader day should be celebrated in any case and difficulties situation to show the relationship and  love to the family. Father’s day celebration also makes the father and all together in connecting to each other where the love does not get chance to shrink.

Many of the people and daughter specially love and celebrate father day with great joy and great presentation of entertaining things. Daughter are very special for children and if we see the category and catalyst fob father day, the main role of arranging and amazing is gone on children. They want to make their father day as one of the festival of happiness. And happiness is also spread around the family surrounding.

Due to best arranging of everything, father day gets the greater loud and lead on every beats of music and vocal.Celebrating father’s day of father have also many reason because  it is not one the occasion but also the fashion and secession. Father day has many reasons behind the screen.

All these dedication of the father should be valued and recognized by the children and by his wife. Thus we celebrate fathers day.

Therefore, we are here to give you the reason of its celebration.Children remembers their past times when father used to show her or him the outer world and making their introduction with all the things ad creatures. So, father is not only our father and expert of the family but also the teacher who had teaches us the new things new lesson of the world  to us   from his experiences.They also makes us alert to move on and touch the summit of success. Here are special effective reason that describe the reason of  celebrating father’s day.

The reason to celebrate the fathers day can be millions. But some of the major reasons are as follows:

20 Great Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

1. The first Historical reason:

Father’s Day started in the early twentieth century as the Mother’s Day Supplemental Festival to honor fatherhood and upbringing by men. It is celebrated in the memory of our ancestors and in their respect. Fathers Day is celebrated on various dates in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, Father’s Day was originally celebrated on 5 July 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton organized this special day in honor of 210 Fathers who died in a mine accident in Monongah, West Virginia, several months ago on December 6, 1907. The First Fathers Day Church is still present in Fairmont by the name of Central United Methodist Church.

2. The second historical reason:

According to the popular belief, Sonora Dodd of Washington felt that fatherhood should also be recognized. She wanted to hold festivities in honor of other fathers. Like her father, William Smart, who was a retired soldier and who raised his family alone after the death of his wife at the time of birth of her sixth baby.

When Sonora was 16 years old, her mother died. The following year Sonora took this idea to Spokane YMCA with the help of pastor Dr. Konrad Bluhm of the Old Sentinery Presbyterian Church (now Knox Presbyterian Church). The Spokane YMCA and the Ministerial Alliance supported Dodd’s idea and promoted it by celebrating the first Father’s Day in 1910. Sonora suggested that her father’s birthday was on June 5.

So father’s day should be set on that day to the honor of all the fathers. Since the pastor wanted some time for its preparation. So it took some time. On June 19, 1910, the youth members of YMCA went to church by wearing flowers roses. Red rose in honor of the living father and white rose in honor of the father of the deceased. They dwell in the city and share gifts with the fathers left in the house due to illness.

It took several years to make it an official holiday. Despite the support of the YMCA, WWCA, and the Church, Father’s Day was afraid of disappearing from the calendar. While Mother’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm, Father’s Day was ridiculed.

Slowly the holiday got support but for the wrong reasons. It became the character of satire, parody, and ridicule, with the jokes of the local newspaper. Many people saw it as the first step to fill the calendar with thoughtless encouragement.

In 1913 a bill was introduced to Congress to give national recognition to the holiday. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson went to Spokane to deliver a speech at a Father’s Day festival. He wanted to make it official, but fearing his commercialization, the Congress opposed it.

In 1924, US President Calvin Coolidge recommended that this day is celebrated by the whole nation. But its national declaration was stopped. The Congress had turned down two attempts to get this holiday formalized. In 1957, Chief Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a proposal. She stated that the Congress had ignored the father and honored mothers only for 40 years.

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson issued the first Presidential Declaration. Father’s day was declared to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Six years later in 1972, the day came when President Richard Nixon signed this law and made it a permanent national holiday. In 2010, ‘Father’s Day’ centenary celebrations lasted for one month in Spokane in memory of ‘Father’s Day’.


It may seem long but the historical reason is the main factor why we celebrate any day. That’s why the historical reason has been explained in detail.

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3. Recognition of father:

The history has shown that my mother’s importance was recognized and valued at the time. Fathers were completely ignored. It doesn’t mean that mothers are not important or fathers are not important. Both of them are equally important to create a baby. Both of them equally do their respective jobs to raise a child.

The roles they need to play is separate. But both mother and father worry for their child. Take care of the sickness. Protect their child. Educate their baby. Provide home and hope, joy and happiness, courage and strength in their own special way. So to recognize the importance of the father and value them the father’s day is celebrated.

4. Show of respect:

the day is the day of showing the respect to the one who has been the role model and the ideal person of any kids. The father who taught us to take the first baby step by holding our small hands. The father who Carey his kids on his shoulder in spite of the peeing of his kid on his shoulder. The father who always clear up the messes of the children. The father who correct their mistakes and punish them to teach them a lesson. The father who has always his shoulders ready to provide for the children no matter what his age.

Such a father deserve our respect. So to show that we kids respect you father the father’s day is celebrated.

5. Show of love:

We children think the father should be respected and mothers should be loved and hugged. But we forget that father also need our love, our hugs, and our kisses. He may show he is the toughest guy. He never showed us the tear. He punishes us. He appears as the strict disciplinarian most of the time. He seldom talks his heart out to his children.

He plays the role of provider and the protector. But we forget that he is also a human being. He cries in the dark. He hides his feelings. He never shows that his heart is as soft as his wife. He also worries for us. He also prays for us. We understand this when we also become the father and the mother ourselves. Thus to show him the love he always wanted but never asked we celebrate father’s day.

6. Dedication:

Father also misunderstood the children. He thinks that we only sacrifice and stay dedicated to our mother. After we grow up we try to protect our mother from any harm. We cuddle with our mother. But we don’t behave the same way with the father. There always remains some kind of distance between the father and the children. Because children also can’t show their fathers freely their feelings as they show to their mother. Father thinks we are less dedicated to him. So to show we are equally dedicated to father too we celebrate the father’s day happily.

7. Receive the blessings:

The kid who has the hands of his father on his head is never afraid. Whether the kid is a kid or turned into a massive bodybuilder. Or so be the small angel turned to a young beautiful girl. They always need their father’s strength to protect them. They always need the shoulder of the father to lean on. They always crave for the advice of the father.

They need a teacher to create a dream they want to achieve. They need a guide to show them the path to walk on to follow the dream. There is no doubt who plays all these roles in our life except for our father. All these are the blessings that our father give us. Thus to receive the blessings we celebrate for your father.


It is also eth reasons of celebrating day of father in the family because we know that family is the summation of all  individuals. And father have great role to make our family identity and attitude forward. He is our ideal and we also ways are the followers of the father. Due to increasing of age, makes them dis-courage and fatigue after completing any small works . If we celebrate his day then , it fill up the joy and manliness in his mind and  body. Laziness lies in the mind not in the body, it is saying of great person. From it we can know that, father should get the wishes and support in difficulties situation. From day, he feels that I am also alive and active.


9. To wish father:

We celebrate father’s day to wish him a happy life, a happy day and a long life. The world is moving so fast. It’s not the fault of the children to keep up with the society. They also have to work hard. Their life is so full of cornflakes, omellete and coffee. 3 or 4 hrs of sleep and stress of the competition to be on top. All these happenings make the children so busy they hardly find time to give to their father.

They sometimes even forget to ask about the health and the well being of the father and the mother. Thus one day especially is separated in a year. So that the employers and the so-called the corporate offices can be a little lenient on their staffs. They can spare some time to visit their father and wish him a happy day and year ahead. They can pray for their father’s health. They can pray for their father’s happiness.

Daddy’s Little princess who has become so busy in her family life and official life can visit her father on one special day. And be the same little daughter.

So to wish our father for his health and happiness we celebrate one special day in a year as a father’s day.

10. Special feeling:

I still remember the day when my father dressed me as princess of Frozen. That day I really felt I was the princess of some kingdom created by my dad. Not many but all of us have surely felt that way. When a son becomes a teenager a ceremony called Bartaman is held to say to him that now he has become the adult and man of the family.

A son feels so proud on the day that now he also gets to take care of his family like his father. A daughter who has her first menstruation is kept for 12 days in an isolated room. On the thirteenth day, she is taken out of the room and show her to her father. The ceremony is called Gupha in Nepali. In western countries, the bar mitzvah is held for the son resembling the Bartaman. And for the daughters, the event called Quinceañera is held when she reaches the age of fifteen.

To tell her that she has now become a woman. When we pass the School Leaving Certificate or we graduate our dad was always there to take our pictures and celebrate. How we felt special. No matter what religion we are or in which country we belong and what ceremony we celebrate our father has always made us feel special.

It is our duty and responsibility to make our father special too for all his efforts. For making us feel special our whole life. Even if we can’t make the whole year special for him. The one day is separated and formed especially for him. To make him feel important and valued. Thus we celebrate father’s day.

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