Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day? Here Are 33 The Most Accepted Reasons That No Child Can Ignore


Why do we celebrate father’s day?: – Father’s Day is celebrated in every country of the world to honor fathers. The purpose of celebrating this day is to celebrate the importance of a father and to appreciate his work. Just like on Mother’s Day, mothers are honored.

In the same way, Father is honored on Father’s Day. Let’s know the reason behind celebrating Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most of the countries. While some countries celebrate on a different day. In Nepal, the father’s day is celebrated based on the calculation of the lunar calendar by astrologers and scholars. It is celebrated on Bhadra Krishna sushi.

Without the word father, there is no idea of life. Father means a sacred relationship that can not be compared with any other relationship. The history of honoring the father has been running for several hundred years. Parents and gurus are all considered to be gods.

Mother has the biggest place in the world. But father’s contribution in making a child bigger and more civilized cannot be underestimated. When a child gets wounded the pain felt my father is the same as the pain felt by the mother.

The father is distressed with the son’s injuries, but he has to remain strong in front of the son. So that the son can learn to be able to face life’s problems by becoming tough.

When we were baby we hold the finger of the father and learns to walk. We get the knowledge of every kind from them. A father is a person on shoulders we sit and dream of achieving the world.


Our father gives his entire life to children and family for our better future. He makes many sacrifices to make his children successful.

As we all know the father is proud of the family, it is like the pillar of the family who has to make stand in the strong matrix to all of the members.

Father is the main image of the family as it is even treated as the leader of the family or guardians of the family. Those family who has not the father or especially those children are very unfortunate who do not have a father.

They have not seen the life and love of eth father are unlucky and even not the mature. Father teaches the child and makes them recognize to the outer world.

Mother gives the birth of the child, they bring the child on this earth. But the father is who makes their identification with prestige. There are uncountable words in appreciation of father.

Father’s day is very much important and even it is celebrated as one of the next Sun is going to light up in the family with new manliness and enthusiasm.

Father is the leader and leader day should be celebrated in any case and difficult situation to show the relationship and love to the family. Father’s day celebration also makes the father and all together in connecting to each other where the love does not get a chance to shrink.

Many of the people and daughters especially love and celebrate father day with great joy and great presentation of entertaining things. Daughter is very special for children and if we see the category and catalyst fob father day, the main role of arranging and amazing is gone on children.

They want to make their father day as one of the festivals of happiness. And happiness is also spread around the family surrounding.

Due to the best arranging of everything, father day gets the greater loud and leads on every beat of music and vocal. Celebrating father’s day of the father have also many reasons because it is not one the occasion but also the fashion and secession. Father day has many reasons behind the screen.

All these dedication of the father should be valued and recognized by the children and by his wife. Thus we celebrate fathers day.

Therefore, we are here to give you the reason for its celebration. Children remember their past times when the father used to show her or him the outer world and making their introduction with all the things ad creatures.

Why Do We Celebrate Father's Day

So, the father is not only our father and expert of the family but also the teacher who had taught us new things new lessons of the world to us from his experiences. They also make us alert to move on and touch the summit of success. Here is the special effective reason that describe the reason for celebrating father’s day.

The reason to celebrate father’s day can be millions. But some of the major reasons are as follows:

33 Great Reasons Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

1. The first Historical reason

Father’s Day started in the early twentieth century as the Mother’s Day Supplemental Festival to honor fatherhood and upbringing by men. It is celebrated in the memory of our ancestors and in their respect. Fathers Day is celebrated on various dates in the world.

Why Father's Day in celebrated

Contrary to popular belief, Father’s Day was originally celebrated on 5 July 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton organized this special day in honor of 210 Fathers who died in a mine accident in Monongah, West Virginia, several months ago on December 6, 1907.

The First Fathers Day Church is still present in Fairmont by the name of the Central United Methodist Church.

2. The second historical reason

According to the popular belief, Sonora Dodd of Washington felt that fatherhood should also be recognized. She wanted to hold festivities in honor of other fathers. Like her father, William Smart, who was a retired soldier and who raised his family alone after the death of his wife at the time of the birth of her sixth baby.


When Sonora was 16 years old, her mother died. The following year Sonora took this idea to Spokane YMCA with the help of pastor Dr. Konrad Bluhm of the Old Sentinery Presbyterian Church (now Knox Presbyterian Church). The Spokane YMCA and the Ministerial Alliance supported Dodd’s idea and promoted it by celebrating the first Father’s Day in 1910. Sonora suggested that her father’s birthday was on June 5.

So father’s day should be set on that day to the honor of all the fathers. Since the pastor wanted some time for its preparation. So it took some time. On June 19, 1910, the youth members of the YMCA went to church by wearing flower roses.

Red rose in honor of the loving father and white rose in honor of the father of the deceased. They dwell in the city and share gifts with the fathers left in the house due to illness.

It took several years to make it an official holiday. Despite the support of the YMCA, WWCA, and the Church, Father’s Day was afraid of disappearing from the calendar. While Mother’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm, Father’s Day was ridiculed.

Slowly the holiday got support but for the wrong reasons. It became the character of satire, parody, and ridicule, with the jokes of the local newspaper. Many people saw it as the first step to fill the calendar with thoughtless encouragement.

In 1913 a bill was introduced to Congress to give national recognition to the holiday. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson went to Spokane to deliver a speech at a Father’s Day festival. He wanted to make it official, but fearing his commercialization, the Congress opposed it.

In 1924, US President Calvin Coolidge recommended that this day is celebrated by the whole nation. But its national declaration was stopped. The Congress had turned down two attempts to get this holiday formalized. In 1957, Chief Senator Margaret Chase Smith wrote a proposal. She stated that the Congress had ignored the father and honored mothers only for 40 years.

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson issued the first Presidential Declaration. Father’s day was declared to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Six years later in 1972, the day came when President Richard Nixon signed this law and made it a permanent national holiday. In 2010, ‘Father’s Day’ centenary celebrations lasted for one month in Spokane in memory of ‘Father’s Day’.

It may seem long but the historical reason is the main factor why we celebrate any day. That’s why the historical reason has been explained in detail.

3. Recognition of father

History has shown that my mother’s importance was recognized and valued at the time. Fathers were completely ignored. It doesn’t mean that mothers are not important or fathers are not important. Both of them are equally important to create a baby. Both of them equally do their respective jobs to raise a child.

The roles they need to play is separate. But both mother and father worry about their child. Take care of the sickness. Protect their child. Educate their baby. Provide home and hope, joy and happiness, courage, and strength in their own special way. So to recognize the importance of the father and value them the father’s day is celebrated.

4. Show of respect – Another Most Accepted Answer about Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

the day is the day of showing respect to the one who has been the role model and the ideal person of any kids. The father who taught us to take the first baby step by holding our small hands. The father who Carey his kids on his shoulder in spite of the peeing of his kid on his shoulder.

The father who always clear up the messes of the children. The father corrects their mistakes and punishes them to teach them a lesson. The father who has always his shoulders ready to provide for the children no matter what his age.

Such a father deserves our respect. So to show that we kids respect your father the father’s day is celebrated.

5. Show of love

We children think the father should be respected and mothers should be loved and hugged. But we forget that father also needs our love, our hugs, and our kisses. He may show he is the toughest guy. He never showed us the tear. He punishes us. He appears as a strict disciplinarian most of the time. He seldom talks his heart out to his children.

He plays the role of the provider and the protector. But we forget that he is also a human being. He cries in the dark. He hides his feelings. He never shows that his heart is as soft as his wife. He also worries about us. He also prays for us.

We understand this when we also become the father and the mother ourselves. Thus to show him the love he always wanted but never asked we celebrate father’s day.

6. Dedication

Father also misunderstood the children. He thinks that we only sacrifice and stay dedicated to our mother. After we grow up we try to protect our mother from any harm. We cuddle with our mother. But we don’t behave the same way with the father.

There always remains some kind of distance between the father and the children. Because children also can’t show their fathers freely their feelings as they show to their mother. Father thinks we are less dedicated to him. So to show we are equally dedicated to father too we celebrate the father’s day happily.

7. Receive the blessings – Another Most Accepted Answer about Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

The kid who has the hands of his father on his head is never afraid. Whether the kid is a kid or turned into a massive bodybuilder. Or so be the small angel turned to a young beautiful girl. They always need their father’s strength to protect them. They always need the shoulder of the father to lean on. They always crave for the advice of the father.

They need a teacher to create a dream they want to achieve. They need a guide to show them the path to walk on to follow the dream. There is no doubt who plays all these roles in our life except for our father. All these are the blessings that our father give us. Thus to receive the blessings we celebrate for your father.


It is also eth reasons for celebrating the day of the father in the family because we know that family is the summation of all individuals. And father has a great role to make our family identity and attitude forward. He is our ideal and we also ways are the followers of the father.

Due to the increasing age, it makes them dis-courage and fatigue after completing any small works. If we celebrate his day then, it fills up the joy and manliness in his mind and body.

Laziness lies in the mind not in the body, it is saying of a great person. From it, we can know that the father should get the wishes and support in a difficult situation. From the day, he feels that I am also alive and active.

9. To wish father

We celebrate father’s day to wish him a happy life, a happy day, and long life. The world is moving so fast. It’s not the fault of the children to keep up with society.

They also have to work hard. Their life is so full of cornflakes, omelet, and coffee. 3 or 4 hrs of sleep and stress of the competition to be on top. All these happenings make the children so busy they hardly find time to give to their father.

They sometimes even forget to ask about the health and the well being of the father and the mother. Thus one day especially is separated in a year. So that the employers and the so-called corporate offices can be a little lenient on their staff.

They can spare some time to visit their father and wish him a happy day and year ahead. They can pray for their father’s health. They can pray for their father’s happiness.

Daddy’s Little princess who has become so busy in her family life and official life can visit her father on one special day. And be the same little daughter.

So to wish our father for his health and happiness we celebrate one special day in a year as a father’s day.

10. Special feeling

I still remember the day when my father dressed me like a princess of Frozen. That day I really felt I was the princess of some kingdom created by my dad. Not many but all of us have surely felt that way. When a son becomes a teenager a ceremony called Bartaman is held to say to him that now he has become the adult and man of the family.

A son feels so proud on the day that now he also gets to take care of his family like his father. A daughter who has her first menstruation is kept for 12 days in an isolated room. On the thirteenth day, she is taken out of the room and show her to her father.

The ceremony is called Gupha in Nepali. In western countries, the bar mitzvah is held for the son resembling the Bartaman. And for the daughters, the event called Quinceañera is held when she reaches the age of fifteen.

To tell her that she has now become a woman. When we pass the School Leaving Certificate or we graduate our dad was always there to take our pictures and celebrate. How we felt special. No matter what religion we are or in which country we belong and what ceremony we celebrate our father has always made us feel special.

It is our duty and responsibility to make our father special too for all his efforts. For making us feel special our whole life. Even if we can’t make the whole year special for him. The one day is separated and formed especially for him. To make him feel important and valued. Thus we celebrate father’s day.

11. Sacrifices

The celebration of the father’s day is based on the recognition of the sacrifices the father made for his child. The mother died and the father took care of his children single-handedly.

He gave them the love of both father and mother to his children. Not only in history but now also father makes lots of sacrifices for his children and the family.

He sacrifices his dreams. He sacrifices his desires. He sacrifices his bodily fitness. He sacrifices his hard-earned money all to his family and kids. He sacrifices his sweat and blood to put the roof over the heads of his children. He sacrifices his good night’s sleep to change the diaper of his baby. He sacrifices his tiredness to play with his children. He sacrifices his hope for his comfort for the sake of children.

So many sacrifices he makes. So it is also the duty and the responsibility of the children to sacrifice for their father. If not possible sacrifice one day of their busy schedule to be with their father. And recognize what sacrifices he had made for us.

Thus we celebrate father’s day.

12. Appreciation

Fathers do so much for us. In fact, both mother and father have an equal contribution in raising a child. Both of them sacrifice their good night’s sleep. Both mother and father hold the little finger of the child to teach him how to walk. Father portrays himself as a rough and tough individual in front of his child.

So that he can learn how to deal with life problems later as he grew up. The mother acts as a sweet caring loving angel who doesn’t hesitate to cry in front of her child when he is sick or wounded. She shows her worries in the form of tears she sheds. A child always finds the cool shadow when hurt in the hugs and kisses of the mother.

Fathers Day in Nepal
Nepali Novelist Jitendra Sahayogee with his father

Whereas he always finds the strong shoulder of the father to lean on when he is scared and afraid of the evils of the world. We don’t have to deserve the love of the mother.

She gives it anyway whether we deserve or not. In the eyes of a mother, a child is neither good or bad. He is just her little baby who needs all her love and nurturing no matter how much he grows up. She hides the mistakes of her child.

Just to save her precious details little angel from the punishment. But the father always sees the mistake of his child. He clears the messes of his child and punish him. So that he learns to never the mistakes again. A child has to earn the love of the father. He has to be the person who deserves the love of a father.

He always finds the strength and the courage that he needs from the father. His father turns into a superhero who can do anything. In short father and mother, both have different roles they play in our lives. But we don’t show our appreciation to the father in comparison to what we show to our mother.

We just don’t know how to show our love for him. We can only show our respect for him. Thus father also misunderstands that his children don’t appreciate him as much as they appreciate their mother.

So one special day is separated just to let the children show their appreciation to the father as well. To show how much they admire their father. How much they love their father. To show that he is as important to them as their mother. So to appreciate what our fathers have done for us. We celebrate father’s day.

13. Happiness

For us, fathers are always happy. We have never seen our father’s cry. We have never seen our father sad or upset. He seems to be always strong and happy. But little done to know that fathers are also sad sometimes. He just doesn’t show his emotions in front of his children. When a child hurts himself during play.

Mother cries and worries to death for her child. She makes a lot of fuss and tries to do everything she could to comfort her child and take away the pain. But the father doesn’t do that. He doesn’t make a fuss about.

He just asks his child to get up and suck it up. But little do we know that he is as much worried as the mother. He doesn’t want to show the weaknesses and make his child soft. He wants to toughen up his child so he learns how to deal with the problems life gonna throw to him at some point.


So a child thinks a father can never be sad. He is so strong that nothing can make him cry. But father’s cry too. They cry when no one can see them. They get upset when he knew he can’t provide for his family as much he wants. He too gets worried for his child. We realize all this when we ourselves become the father of a child.

We would know how much exhausted he was when he returned home but still gets the energy to play with us. We would know how much difficult it is to fulfill all the wishes and desires of a child. We would know how hard it is to put the hard face in front of his kid when he is sick. So the children also want to make their father happy.

The day would come when we get hurt after realizing how much we hurt our father’s when we scream and shout at them. Thus to compensate all the faults we did toward our father. And to make him know that it’s ok if he wants to cry in front of us. It’s ok if he smiles and laughs with all his heart we celebrate the father’s day.

14. Time

When we grow up. We get to indulge in our day to day life. We become busy to keep up with the fast-moving society. We work hard to earn our living. We sometimes forget to give time to our parents. It’s not that we completely forget about them. It’s just that this fast-moving world doesn’t allow us to take a break. We don’t have enough time for ourselves.

We don’t have any spare time to give to anybody. For mothers, however, we take some time to call her and say how much we love her. We share all our feelings and problems with mother. But we don’t do that with our father’s. We call him when we need him. We only remember him when we are in problem.

We only have time for him when we need him to solve our problems. It is not the fault of us the children. It’s just that he had portrayed himself like that strong in front of us.

We think he doesn’t need us and our time but we need him and his time. But father also needs our time and care and love that we show and give to our mothers.

He doesn’t ask for it. He doesn’t demand it. But he needs it. So to give him time and love even for one day. The special day is celebrated just for him as father’s day.

15. Fulfill the desire – Another Most Accepted Answer about Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

Remember how father has bought us all the toys we desired when we were kids. He roams around all the malls and the shop to find and buy the Barbie that his little princess asked for. He brings home the bat that his son wanted because he wanted to be a cricketer.

He buys the most expensive shoes for his child so that his little delicate feet don’t get hurt. But his shoes were torn. He puts the food on the table that we like to eat. He shows how delicious the broccoli is to make us eat the broccoli too. Although he hates broccoli but doesn’t show it. He works day and night so to provide us the home with all the luxury and comfort we need.

As we grow up we come to how hard we have to work to buy all those things. How much he had killed his wishes and desires just to fulfill ours. It’s our turn when we want to fulfill the desire of our father.

To give whatever he wants and need. Though we can’t do it all the time around even for one day, we want to give him all his desires. So we celebrate father’s day.

Support and strength: Our father has always been the source of the strength and the courage for us. He is our first superhero and the first crush of his daughter. Father always is ready to help his child and clear up the mess.

No matter how old he is. But as he grows old. His once shiny black hair turns white. His eyes slowly lose the vision he used to have when he was young.

He slowly stops hearing things like he used to. He slowly had the pain in his joints and can’t walk like he used to. He needs us his children to be his spectacle to help him see clearly. He needs us as his ear to hear things. He needs us as his walking stick to help him walk.

It’s our turn to support and be the strength of our father. To keep us reminding that and to give him the support he wanted and needed without for him to ask for it. We celebrate the father’s day.

16. Ancestors remembrance

Father’s day is not only for the celebration of fatherhood. But it is also the day for us to remember our ancestors because of whom our fathers are in our lives. If not for them we wouldn’t have the father we love. They are the fathers of our father. So we need to pay out respect and dues to our ancestors. Whatever our father has taught us.

It is our ancestors who have taught him, who have passed the killer generations to generations. The qualities we admire in our fathers are the heredity of our ancestors.

Thus in order to honor father’s day is chosen to pay our respect. In order to remember them and the sacrifices, they have made to raise our father’s and make him what he is we celebrate father’s day as the remembrance day of our ancestors too.

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17. Spiritualistic reason

Those who have the physical presence of their fathers are fortunate enough to visit him and meet him every day. But those who have already lost their father aren’t that fortunate.

Those who have father can still make up for all the mistakes they had done and take care of the father. But those who have already lost their father are not fortunate enough to do what they wanted to for their fathers.

The only thing they can do is to remember their father in their mind and heart. Look at his old pictures and cry their heart out. So especially for those children who have lost their father.

A day is chosen for them to pray for the souls of their father. They perform Shradhha( a ceremony in honor of the deceased father) and do the Tarpan(an act of offering eater to the soul of his father).

They visit the pilgrimage and meditate to offer peace to the souls of their father. This father’s day is celebrated to keep the souls of the deceased in peace.

18. Equality

The history of the original of the culture had shown that there had never been any equality between father and mother. From the beginning mother’s day was celebrated to honor the mothers of the home for the love and sacrifices they made for the children. Women day was celebrated to honor and respect the women all over the world.

In Hindu religion, the Deepawali was celebrated with one special day as Bhaitika to pray for the long life of the brothers. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated again to pray for the protection and security of the brothers. Teej was celebrated as a symbol to pray for the long life of the husband’s. But what about the fathers.

The one person who did all the work and sacrifices was completely ignored. Thus to bring equality in the festival of honoring and respecting and praying. One day was chosen and celebrated as father’s day.

19. Assurance

Father’s also need assurance of the children that they are gonna love him the way they do their mothers. They are gonna give him the support that he may need in the future. They are gonna give him time and love and care that he fully deserves. He may never ask for it. He may never demand it. He may never show that he is weak or sad or upset.

But we the children need to know though he is strong he also needs the support and strength from us. So to make sure that he knows. He is not only physically taken care of but he will be loved and cared just like the way he loves us and care for us. This father’s day is celebrated.

20. Symbol

Father’s day in Hindu culture is celebrated in Bhadra Krishna Paksha Amavasya. Which means Aushi the night when there will be no moon to brighten up the night sky. The night without the moon is so dark and scary. That’s what our life would be if there is no father. The night without the moon is the night for the creature of the dark to roam around freely. The night offers no assurance and no guidance to the passerby.

The life without the father means no protection and security. No strong arms to wrap around you when you’re scared to death. No guide and the teacher to show you the right path ahead for your life.

So God sent his son to everybody to be the father. It signifies the symbol that if there’s is no father in the life of the children. The children and their life will become like the night without the moon in the sky.

This father’s day is celebrated as a symbol of love and appreciation if father’s.

To honor and respect and love the father we don’t need any special day. We don’t need one day a year to celebrate for our father and mother. We don’t need to shower them with the gifts and luxury. We only need to take care of them when they age. It is said when a person grows old he just turned into a kid with white hair.

So it is the time to take care of that kid who has to lighten our life. It is the time to shower them with our love and care. It is the time to know their wish without the need for them to ask for it.

21. Remembrance

The children who are away from their father. The children residing abroad for various reasons whether they be study or work or residing abroad as the Nonresidential Nepalese. They remember their father whenever they face any difficulties. They try to resolve the stress just by thinking about what their father would do. What their father would suggest.

A son who has now become a father himself answers his kids with the same answer he received when he was a kid himself. He trains his kid just like his father trained him. He walks in the footsteps of his father.

It’s needless to say that father is the first crush of any girl as a kid. She watches her father. Observe how he protects her when she was scared and afraid.

When she grows up, her father keeps a Keen eye on every boy she meets. And ultimately she marries the person who is the reflection of her father. She knows that she may or may not be the queen of her husband’s home. But she will always be the little princess of her father. Though she doesn’t live with him anymore. But she always remembers him.

Similarly, the children who are not as fortunate as the ones who are mentioned above. The children who have lost their father and can no more feel the physical presence of their father.

They also remember him as their father. They repent for the shouts and screams they throw at their father. They regret the moments when they couldn’t be with their father. They realize how much father meant to them and how much he had done for them. They regret that they couldn’t give happiness to their father as he deserves.

Thus as a day to remember the most precious person in our life we celebrate father’s day.

22. To make equal value

In today’s time, every family members or parents celebrate their children’s birthday. It has become like fashion and festival whatever we say.  When we want to make the family status high, we have to also maintain and perform our living styles in a high manner.

That is why, if you celebrate your birthday, then it’s also the turning point of celebrating father’s day for making him also the equally valuable person. Celebrating only your birthday will hurt him and he also becomes depressed that you have started hating your father as he thinks so.

Thus, for making everyone equally treated, there is a need of celebrating vent father’s day.  It’s also one reason for celebrating father’s day.

 23. Giving award as the guardians

In family, there is not any other special occasion organized for awarding father, but father’s day is the special and most happy day for him. On that day, you can give your gifts as awards and incentives as they wish.

You can elevate their motivating mind and makes them believes about his day and time. Father’s day is also the day of giving respect in public, giving awards for doing the good for family and self too, giving the wishes for a better and happy life. Father is eth commander of eth family.

When you celebrate father’s day, it makes him that family is giving me a prize that would make him motivated and energetic to create and take any better changes for the family. Therefore, it is also the reason of celebrating father’s day.

24. Respecting as our teachers

It is also one of the reasons for celebrating father’s day. We are family with father from our childhood because we have walked by catching with father fingers and seen the outer world. So it is very difficult to forget our past. 

The past moment has made the permanent creation in mind due to the shadow and reflection are even weaving and spreading in our mind. We celebrate and organize father day even for respecting him as one of our teachers.

We have known the world through our father’s help. The teacher makes us understand the content and syllabus of the books that are only given in the book.

But father teaches us about the reality and extra of the books which are the basic understanding and knowledge that helps to make us one of the rational people. We respect our teacher and in the same manner, we have to also respect our father as a teacher instead of them.

For respecting, his respecting day is the one of eth best chance not except it any other program can be special for respecting father.

25. Role model of the family

When we are in any difficulties situation, at that time, we first imagine the father’s help and even we share with him. The family also possess the same rule to solve the problem.

Due to the boss of the eth family, it’s also his first responsibility to make the family members all happy and glad every time. He is trying of making family fully happy every time even by taking the risk for children sometimes.

Children want to grow up and we grow up by making the father as our role model. We had done everything that the father had instructed. It is also the reason of celebrating father’s day as a role model.

26. Best mentor

We can also give the post of a father as a mentor. If we know or classify the features of mentors, then most of the features get similar to father features. Both stand for the upper position for giving advice and instruction.

Mentor never thinks bad of their disciple, in the same series, the father also always wish the best for their children. 

However, sometimes, a mentor is not always with you or in your connection to give you advice in every critical and controversial situation but a father is always in our connection and we can share our problem anytime without any fear.

There is no stipulated time for taking the grievances as a mentor when we make eth father as our mentor. Thus it is also the reason for celebrating father’s day.

27. best adviser – Most Accepted Answer about Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

The world is busy in gaining self-respect and self-posting. They even push their competitor to get the self first and victory. People do not want to see others moving ahead.

When we fall sometimes in a very critical and difficult situation, at that time we need the hopes, motivation, and advice to the outcome from that situation. At that time, the father is only the man, who leads out from those pinching situations.

Father is also your best adviser we can say as it also played the role of adviser and advocate according to the demand of time and situation. Therefore, it is also one of the reasons for celebrating father’s day for making motivated as the best adviser.

28. Take us for visit and tour

It is also eth reason of celebrating father’s day without any climate effects. Father is not only the world but it’s the charismatic word that has mysterious meaning and it cannot be explained in a limited number of pagers and papers.

Father also comes first in the tongue to children because the father takes us out of the home and makes us the introduction to many other things and persons. Father takes us in visiting new places for refreshments and viewing the glittering images and iconic places.

We also get refresh and relax by seeing the amazing places where we have not visited ever. Father takes us for showing the places in our saying and humble request. This is why we love our father very much.

29. Adventurous master

We can also say this because when we are in a fear situation, then father comes first to pick pour from that situation. Father is the fearless master of all times reduces our fear and teaches us to fight with a fearful situation.

Father makes us allow us to run in the root of the riot for making us fully mature. He also takes our hands to introduce new and adventurous steps and flats of life that can occur anytime. Dad makes us prepares for fighting with circumstances. It is also the reason that makes us obliged to celebrate father’s day.

30. Sports partner

Father also becomes our sports partners and teaches us to play the game and sports. Firstly, the father makes us be players from inner and then after we get to play with father.

We do not have ideas for playing games and specific sports but the father gives us ideas and rules about all the games which we go to play. Father also makes us early to wake up from going out for doing morning exercise to keep and maintain the health status free from attacking of any disease.

We do not have to search our partners when we want to play any games,  father already becomes our partners and plays as an opponent team. It also creates a fun and fantastic moment. It is also eth one of the reason among many.

31. Support us financially

We are the real idol of our father and when we want to do anything, we need money. Money is only provided by our father. Father is also the bank that gives you money for making the things a buy.

You can get the money at the time of the needy and you can enjoy in the market only from money. Money providences sources are rooted in father. Father is only helping you financially no other else.

Therefore, it also becomes one of the major reasons for the compulsory celebration of father’s day. Father helps us in every situation where there is a need for support of money or only motivation.

32. Dad is also our administrator – Another Most Accepted Answer about Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day

It is also the major reason that makes us happy and gives the order to celebrate father’s day with great joy. Dad plays their role in our life also as administrators who make you a warning on every wrong step.

We even get regret or angry over father sometimes, but if we think about it in a cool mind, then we know that it is done for our betterment. Thus, we get the easy procedure to reach on our destination if we follow the rules and instruction of the administrator that is a father.

33. They are our artist and actors

We get fun and get a chance to enjoy only when our father becomes our wish entrants. We get more royalty if pour father becomes our actors and makes us laugh by showing the various arts and mimicry of different popular actors. Thus we enjoy lots of our father’s actions.

Therefore, we can say that it also comes under the list of celebrating father’s day reasons.

This year the father’s day is gonna be celebrated on Bhadra 24. Let’s vow to make this day of our father a very special one. From this day forward we will take care of him and love him.

We are gonna nurture him the way he did for us. We also gonna remember our ancestors and pay them the respect. We are gonna give the time and assurance to both our parents. We are gonna take care of him and not some stranger in the old age homes.

Please know they don’t need money and the luxury. They only need our time and love. Just spare some time to talk to them. That will be enough for our mother and father.

May this year’s father’s ay bring all the happiness and joy to all the fathers in the world.

Dad, you’re all kinds of strong. You show me every day that no matter what, you’re going to work hard to take care of us. Happy Father’s day.

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Author: Rita Mahato, Ankur Pradhan


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