Why Do Many Tourists Like to Visit Kathmandu – 10 Incredible Reasons to Visit Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


6. Tourist friendly people

People of Kathmandu are diverse with various cultures, religions and traditions. Nepali is the most spoken language. But that will not be the problem for you since the majority of people here in Kathmandu know how to speak English. Namaste by joining two hands is the tradition to welcome and people of Kathmandu are always willing to welcome the tourists from all over the world. They love to speak with foreigners. They are charming, kind-hearted and helpful. They show a deep respect for the tourists. But never try to hurt their beliefs. Always respect their religions.

tourists in nepal

tourists in Nepal

7. A day trip to Patan

Patan is located to the south of Kathmandu and solely separated from the capital by the Bagmati stream. It’s the second largest city within the Kathmandu value. Patan has AN ancient history, with the corners of the city being marked by stupas erected in around 250 BC. analysis by Lonely Plant suggests that Patan includes a bigger concentration of temples per area unit than either Kathmandu or Bhaktapur! Patan’s most fascinating attractions embrace the Golden Temple (together with a variety of tortoises found in its courtyard), the five-story Kumbeshwar Temple (dating from 1392), and therefore the Red Machhendranath Temple (dating from the seventeenth century, and containing carvings of a variety of weird and tremendous animals).

Craftsman, Patan Industrial Estate

Craftsman at Patan Industrial Estate

The Patan repository is housed during a rigorously rebuilt Malla royal palace on Patan Darbar and exhibits regarding two hundred samples of bronze or copper gilt statues of Buddhist or Hindu deities. Opened in 1997 by King Birendra, the building’s 14-year restoration was funded by the Austrian government. Highlights embrace a twelfth-century seated Buddha, named Shakyamuni, manufactured from copper alloy and guilt and therefore the Museum’s Keshav Narayan Chowk curtilage (complete with wood carvings, red-brick facade and golden door and window).

8. Fleece, Cashmere, and Pashmina

On the off chance that you adore looking for materials, at that point you will love Kathmandu. Cashmere, pashmina, and fleece scarfs appear to be wherever all through the Thamel vacationer locale in Kathmandu. As you stroll through the lively roads, be set up to arrange hard at the best accessible costs. Furthermore, dislike scarfs are the main thing available to be purchased in Thamel. A radiant choice of winter coats and open air wearing apparatus is likewise up for snatches.



9. Incredible Food at Even Better Price:

There is no deficiency of eatery decisions in Kathmandu. Momo, also called mouth-watering Nepalese dumplings is something everybody must attempt before they leave Kathmandu. A blend of veggie lover and meat momo beyond any doubt goes down pleasantly in the wake of a prolonged day trekking. Regardless of whether you lean toward steamed or fricasseed, it will be hard to arrange just a single set once you encounter the blasting flavor packed into these little dumplings. Roasted chicken is likewise a fine decision. At absolute bottom costs, you may have the capacity to purchase the entire winged creature.

Momo nepal nepali popular recipes dishes

Momo Nepal

10. Namaste Tourists

Obviously, Nepal is a world acclaimed for Mount Everest and world-class trekking outings. However, don’t give that make you a chance to disregard the warm individuals that live in this precipitous district. Nepalese people are so friendly and close that they treat the visitor as their god. They think that tourist is next god for them so, they care them properly and make them no harm. After just a couple of days in the Kathmandu, you will clearly know the genuine importance of Namaste. The general population in Kathmandu approach sightseers with a grin and welcome the vacationer dollars. Specifically, they cherish it when you compliment the excellence of their nation.

nepaliese children people

Nepalese children

11. Interesting Modes of Transportation

Manila has the jeepney. Bangkok has the truck and Kathmandu has the memo. On the off chance that you need to look at a one of a kind type of open transport, bounce onto a bemo in Kathmandu. Three-wheeled electric demos are an extraordinary method of transport for the individuals who need to go on a financial plan while lessening your carbon impression.


Tourist riding Rickshaw at Thamel, Kathmandu

So these were the Incredible Reasons why one should visit Kathmandu valley.

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Author: Niraj Thapa Magar