40 Reasons to Use YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest social network website. Billions of people viewers to watch and discover, share originally-created videos. It is not a paying site, it is totally free. We don’t have to pay any more for watching the videos. From a small baby to older age person, all can use this community site.

40 resons to use youtube

There are many different reasons to use of YouTube. Most of the people think it as a videos store house. But I use the YouTube for 40 reasons that are given below. I can’t limit the reasons and causes to use YouTube. Here I have listed 40 reasons that I use to YouTube, 40 advantages of YouTube of the largest video online community network website.

Here are 40 reasons why I use YouTube. Let’s check it.

  1. YouTube is a free social communicative network. I don’t have to pay anymore to anybody. There are many more websites which wants pay. Nothing is free here but YouTube is free. It’s totally free. Besides my investment of time, making and uploading videos is completely free on YouTube.
  2. It is the largest community network comprised of the largest online video site.
  3. I kill my all leisure time with YouTube. Whenever I have leisure time, I just go to watch the videos on it. It kills my spare time even I was sick. Nobody wants to stay with me because of their busyness when I was sick but it cares me very well. It never makes me feel left out.
  4. I can earn money from YouTube videos too. YouTube partners enjoy additional promotion and inclusion in special advertising programs which run on videos.
  5. I can make new friends every moment as facebook. Making new friend is my great and pleasure hobby. Making new friend makes me happy. It is the YouTube besides facebook that I got my hobby is fulfilling.
  6. I can express my feelings, thoughts, emotions and so many others things to all over the world in every moment through the videos.
  7. I can watch and hear the feelings, acting, thoughts and emotions of others’ of all over the world even he/she is unfamiliar to me. Content of YouTube video is very attractive and powerful. In the online world, all we know that content is the king of the king. I would much rather love watching about something than read something.
  8. YouTube users comment my uploaded videos. It users help to improve my nature, character, body language. I am getting help from it.
  9. The fame of YouTube is very high. It is the world’s largest social networking video uploading and downloading website.
  10. It stored all the things which I have uploaded videos, comments, request etc. in its’ storehouse. It is really the greatest bank of the world.
  11. It helps me to build the relationships with the persons of all over the world. No boundary. It is easier tools to communicate with my
    potential customers via video rather than writing.
  12. I can improve my mental data bank of getting latest valuable information about custom, tradition, culture, religion, science, news, religion, literature etc. I don’t need to watch the TV to know the latest information. Even I don’t need to read the newspaper.
  13. I can advertise and promote my product, services without paying any cost. It is totally free. It is a very good means of marketing for my product. I can create a viral video. If my video becomes a viral video, then potentially thousands of other people will watch and share my video with their people. I can expose my business from an infinite amount of people.  The audience of my uploaded videos can be my targeted area. It can be Global and Local Audience too. It depends on my given keywords.
  14. The video of YouTube is the worthiest video. Here are millions of videos. I can go everywhere I want. I can watch every video of it.
  15. I can demonstrate my expertise.  I can give great tips, information to my viewer through videos. They all know my talents. They, potential clients or customer may come to me.
  16. It serves its services in mobile phones too. I can open my YouTube account in my cell phone too. I can connect with world even when my laptop has not enough battery charged.
  17. It wants my creative and fresh videos and fruitful comments of other videos.
  18. I can download uncountable videos from its server.
  19. I can upload uncountable fresh, not copied videos on it.
  20. It is ready to do everything I ordered him to do for me.
  21. It provides me full of entertainment.
  22. It battles and kills my boredom and temper.
  23. It has changed me from negative thinking person to positive thinking person. It always motivates me in every steps of life. It inspires me always to go ahead and get destination.
  24. 24.                It makes me always happy through videos. I can laugh watching its videos. It knows very well how to make me laugh and happy.
  25. It knows everything what I like and what don’t like through the videos I like or dislike button.
  26. I can share my favorite videos to others.
  27. YouTube always pushes me to be a better video uploader partner. It supports partner videos through automatically-targeted ad formats. I can always try to improve your skills and creativity because it helps partners create even more high quality content.
  28. It can be my friend for life time. It will never break up my heart. I will be always with it. It never intentionally hurts me in any matters. It makes me smile when I am not in the mood to smile.
  29. YouTube is always active. It is my active partner and not sleeping partner.
  30. It leaves me to take the decision for any kinds of matters. It never forced to watch any videos. I can choose the videos as I like.
  31. While watching the videos I like, it suggests me to watch similar types of other videos.
  32. I can improve my video making skills through YouTube.
  33. It helps to find and download new released film on free.
  34. I get YouTube very easy to use, not hard.
  35. It gives chances Service, product provider directly to connect with their customers.
  36. It provides me to solve my question, problems. How, I just upload that question in my video, and then I got a lots of solution, and answers.
  37. I can see my interested field’s Ads on YouTube videos.
  38. I can get more subscribers and fan-following.
  39. YouTube is accessed anywhere in the world, anytime from any device. No vacation is ruled. It mainly provides the upload and download the videos services for everyone 24 hours a day.
  40. It also plays a vital role of distributor platform for original content creators and advertisers.


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