Reasons to use latest version ‘Facebook Messenger for Mobile’ App

There are several reasons why one should use the latest version of ‘Messenger for Mobile’. Most of reasons for using ‘Messenger for Mobile’ are given below.

 Facebook Inc. has announced a new standalone application called Facebook Messenger.  It killed the SMS and other forms of mobile communication now.

reason to use facebook messenger for mobileThis article is here for to understand it in a better way with features of ‘messenger for mobile’

It is really easy to use.  Chatting gets easier and faster than previous version. You can download facebook messenger free.

 Features in new version of ‘Messenger for mobile’

  • There are more than 1.15 billion users of facebook.
  • It can be downloadable free.
  • Reach friends right on your mobile phone.
  • Notification are displayed faster than browser
  • Real time Pop up Facebook notification like status updated notification, friend request notification, comment activity, like/dislike activity, photo tag etc.
  • Real time news ticker
  • share your location with your friends to know if you like to share where you are in nearby, then turn it on with just one click
  • If you don’t want to share your location with your friends to know about where you are in nearby, then turn it off with just one click.
  • Start a group conversation.
  • dock and undock option
  • Get and send messages faster than previous version.
  • test your friends for free
  • Make a plan with your groups on the go.
  • Chat with your friends even you’re using other apps. Tap a chat head to reply, drag them around or flick them down to close.
  • Get your SMS and facebook messages together (in some mobile phones only).
  • Send voice message when you feel to do it or have more to say.
  • Add a photo to share what you’re up to
  • have fun with sticker, smileys and other emoji
  • swipe left to see who’s available
  • get push notifications

 To download the mobile for messenger, remember it this application supports android, blackberry and iphone only.

The download links are here; click to download the application ‘facebook for mobile’.


Enjoy reading.