How & Why (Reasons) to Celebrate Bhai Tika (Dooj) on Tihar (Diwali)

How is Bhai Tika (Bhai Dooj) celebrated

During the marvelous fall months, Kathmandu is alive with the pageantry of festivities, together with the pageant of Lights, Deepawali (Tihar). This lovely pageant is widely known for 5 days whereas individuals offer expression to their happiness by lighting diyas (small clay oil lamps), enhance their homes and entrances with labyrinthine, colorful styles of rice, paint and chalk, and drown themselves within the richness of the occasion. The pageant culminates in Bhai Tika, on a daily basis that rests on the premises of affection, rituals, lovely hues, reverence and puja done particularly for one’s brother. This occasion honors brother-sister relationships, celebrating the holy emotional bond that they share. It’s marked by giving special prayers for every brother’s prosperity and long life.


Legend holds that once the Kirati King Bali suspend fell mortally sick, his sister Jamuna sorted him and guarded him. Once Yamaraj, the God of Death, came for Bali Hang’s soul, Jamuna pleaded to attend till she finished worshiping her brother; that’s, till Panchami (Bhai Tika). She then conducted an extended and elaborate ceremony for her brother and performed a similar for Yamaraj. She additionally places forth some conditions: that Yamaraj shouldn’t take Bali suspend till the tika, that she had smirched on his forehead, fades away; till the water besprent on her brother dries; and till the makhmali flowers wilt.

Over the years Yamaraj sent his messengers to examine the flowers, and once ensure Bhai Tika puja arrived Yamaraj admitted that he had lost Bali Hang’s soul to his pious sister and granted him long life. The fashionable day Jamunas bear in mind the legend and perform the rituals with abundant enthusiasm, love, and gaiety. They believe that the desired rituals can shield their brothers from death which they’re going to get pleasure from an extended life, health, and prosperity. Sister when putting tika on their brother’s forehead they prey for their long and prosperous life whereas brothers, on the other hand, make a promise to keep their sisters safe form every problem that they may face in coming days. This is how the bond between brothers and sisters become strong on this day.

To begin the ceremony, the sister attracts 3 mandaps or boundaries at a chosen place. The mandaps square measure created for Lord Ganapati, Janmaraj (the God of Birth), and Yamaraj. The sister then performs the puja of the deities when that the brother is requested to take a seat on the mat for the tika ceremony. Special offerings square measure placed before of him. Whereas intoning a protecting spell, the sister pours a circle of oil and water from a copper pitcher around his body as a boundary over that death and evil spirits cannot pass. Then, kneel before him; she worships him with the offerings of flowers, nuts, fruits, and rice amidst flaming wicks and incense. She then breaks walnuts before applying the particular tika.

The foremost vital act is applying the special Bhai tika—called saat rangi tika (seven colored tika), consisting of the colors of the rainbow. This is often applied on prime of a white base on the brother’s forehead. Making the tika begins with inserting a banana leaf (cut into a line shape) on the brother’s forehead. It’s controlled by the sister, and then she applies the tika base (made from rice paste). The seven colors square measure dabbed on prime of the bottom together with her fingers. (Some might use a tiny glow stick or a brush in situ of the banana leaf. In this case; the stick is swaybacked into the tika base and brushed vertically on the forehead. The seven colors square measure applied on prime of the bottom employing a completely different stick.) Then, a flower garland is placed around brother’s neck because the sister prays for his long life, happiness, and continuing prosperity.

Bhai Tika is that the fifth and also the final day of the favored pageant of sunshine referred to as ‘Tihar’ or ‘Panchak Yama’ in Nepal. As Bhai Tika may be a part of Tihar celebrations it’s additionally called ‘Bhai Tihar’. Bhai Tika is an especially vital pageant for brothers and sisters everywhere Nepal and those they celebrate the occasion with a ton of enthusiasm and gaiety. On at the moment, sisters apply tilak on the forehead of their brothers and pray to Lord Hindu deity, the God of death, for his or her brother’s long and prosperous life. Exchange of gifts besides a ton of merriment marks the gorgeous pageant of Bhai Teeka.

Ceremonies of Bhai Tika

Festival of Bhai Tika holds a great deal of importance for the individuals of Nepal and that they celebrate the pageant following all the set rituals and tradition. There’s a well-liked legend behind the origination of Bhai Tika in Nepal. It says that way back a sister saved the lifetime of his brother from the clutches of Yamaraj (the God of death) by playing Bhai Tika. Since that point sisters are applying tikka on their brother’s forehead, in a very belief that this can shield their brothers from death and that they will get pleasure from an extended life. Sisters additionally prey for his or her brother’s health and prosperity on at the moment.

Bhai Teeka

In many societies, sisters invite brothers to their house on the occasion of Bhai Tika. To start the ceremony, sister attracts 3 mandaps or boundaries at a chosen place. The mandaps square measure one every for Lord Ganapati, Janmaraj (the God of birth) and Yamaraj. The sister then performs Puja of the deities. After this, brother is given a seating on a mat for the tika ceremony. Sisters apply a special Paanch Rangi Tika’ consisting of 5 colors (red, green, blue, yellow and white) on the forehead of their brother.

Following the custom, sister worships for her brother’s long life and attracts a boundary (mandap) round her brothers with oil victimization devil grass. This attention-grabbing tradition is symbolic of the idea that nobody together with Hindu deity will cross this line of protection guarded by a charmed sister. Brothers additionally bless their sisters with a cheerful life. Sister when putting tika on their brother’s forehead they prey for their long and prosperous life whereas brothers, on the other hand, make a promise to keep their sisters safe form every problem that they may face in coming days. This is how the bond between brothers and sisters become strong on this day.

Celebrations of Bhai Tika / Bhaiya dooj

People of Nepal celebrate Bhai Tikka with a ton of fun and frolic. Auspicious time for holding Bhai Tikka ceremonies in Nepal is asserted by royal prognosticator through the public broadcasting system on the eve of the pageant. On the day of Bhai Teeka, even as the King of Nepal receives tika from his sisters, a thirty-one-gun salute is given by the royal troopers. Precisely at now the whole Nepal would be celebrating Bhai Tika ceremony.

When finishing the ceremony sisters treat their brothers with luxurious meals and ton of gifts, together with a ‘shagun’ of fruits and sweets. Brother in their flip delight their sisters with gifts and money. There’s ton of merriment on the occasion because it is time for family reunion. Relatives are invited to celebrate the legal holiday. Individuals sing and dance and mood of the individuals are usually upbeat. Folks that don’t have a brother of a sister, visit Yamaleswor temple set within the middle of range Pokhari on the occasion of Bhai Tikka to pay deference to Lord Shiva. Ranee Pokhari may be a historical lake engineered by Pratap Malla. It’s set in between Ratna Park and Jamal. Sisters prepare many food items to feed their brothers and brothers buy a beautiful gift for their sisters.

At night, every family and stores can light styles of colorful lights, and therefore the sky is stuffed with spectacular fireworks. Throughout this competition, friends and relatives can get reunion and exchange Tihar gifts and greetings with one another. The climax of Tihar in an Asian country is bathing in the holy stream to purify the body and mind. Additionally, to wish to the gods for the health of the complete family, Nepalis conjointly pay special relation to Laxmi, the god of wealth and luck.

Significance of Bhai Tika

– When execution the evil demon Narakaasur, Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra World Health Organization gave him a heat welcome with sweets and flowers. She additionally dearly applied tilak on Krishna’s forehead.

– it’s believed that the Yamuna visited her brother Hindu deity herself, on at the moment throughout that she applied the auspicious tika on his forehead, garlanded him and fed him special dishes. Being proud of this Hindu deity declared that anyone World Health Organization receives tilak from his sister won’t die on it an explicit day.

– Brother-Sister Bond is increased. Their bond becomes strong. They enjoy each other company. IN this occasion they share their gift and pray for each other happiness and love each other.

Celebrations of Bhai Tika / Bhai Dooj

  • – Sister pray for his or her brother’s well-being and long life
  • – They exchange gifts and eat numerous meals.
  • This five-day amount of Hindu deity is thought as Yama-Panchak. Thus these 5 days, individuals do everything to create Hindu deity happy to avert death or grief in their families.

Happy Bhai Tika
Happy Bhai Teeka
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Author: Rijan Maharjan, Shilu Nepal and Ranjan Poudel