Reasons | Causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels


Reasons | Causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels

Girls trafficking are truly characterized as the purchasing and offering of girls illicitly. It is a noteworthy social wrongdoing in Nepal. It has been spread quickly in remote regions where individuals are uneducated, insensible and poor. Girl’s traffickers in Nepal are accounted for to offer the girls in India.

Girl trafficking in Nepal is by all accounts a testing issue. Girl traffickers have made a mind-boggling system to supply the girls. They go to the remote ranges putting on a show to be social laborers, instructors, officials, etc. They attempt to impact the uneducated individuals. They bait the general population from numerous points of view. Some young lady traffickers put on a show to be unmarried and propose the girls to get hitched.

The guiltless and uninformed individuals have confidence in their words. Likewise, some girl traffickers bait the girls by imagining that they would give them steady employments in India. At that point, they take the girls to India and offer them with the end goal of prostitution. The honest girls are constrained to acknowledge it. On the off chance that they deny it, they are gravely rebuffed and tormented. Girls trafficking are essentially credited to obliviousness, the absence of open mindfulness, lack of education, neediness, joblessness and unpredictable system of pirating and girls trafficking.

Girls trafficking in Nepal have trashed our nobility. This social wrongdoing welcomes numerous social debacles and remains. These days, a lethal infection, AIDS has been spread quickly because of girls trafficking, as well. The girls who are sold in prostitution houses return to Nepal being HIV contaminated. They pass on HIV to different young people in Nepal. A few girls who are exploited by HIV and other lethal sickness are probably going to submit suicide. Our nation is constrained to contribute more cash to cure the HIV tainted young people.

A girl trafficking comes about the whole infringement of human rights. In this manner, girls’ trafficking antagonistically influences the flourishing of human development. The issue of girls trafficking can be settled by bringing issues to the light of the general population, giving training to all, giving openings for work and dispensing with neediness. Some social associations are accomplishing a comment the issue of girls trafficking. Their program ought to be made more compelling to wipe out this issue. Girls trafficking turns out to be a shame of our nation. It can be evacuated by making individuals cognizant. Everybody is mindful to take care of this issue. Besides, girls trafficking ought to be condemned life detainment or the death penalty by law. This wrongdoing needs whole measures to kill its reality until the end of time.

Consistently, around 20,000 girls are taken from their homes in Nepal and transported to India and the Middle East to fill in as slaves. Of these 20,000, it is assessed that 12,000 to 15,000 wind up as whores in Indian houses of ill-repute. In the event that a girl tries to battle, decline or run, she is signed with cigarettes, beaten, mishandled and undermined. Some of these girls are as youthful as nine years of age.

Reasons or causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels

This post is about Reasons or causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels. Here we have tried to give you reasons and data for Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels.


Human trafficking in Nepal is a serious crime concern. Human trafficking in Nepal is rapidly increasing. Nepal is mainly a source country for men, women, girls, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. 

About 300, 000 Nepalese Girls and women are already working there in the Indian brothels of dozens of cities. More than 10,000 Nepali girls every year are trafficked into the red light area of India or Indian brothels. The girls trafficking from Nepal into India for forced prostitution is perhaps one of the busiest slave trafficking routes anywhere in the world. 90 percent of the total girls are between 9 to 14 years of old. Some of them are even under the age of 5 to 7 years of old. The girls and women are sold by their closed relatives like parents, brothers, uncles, husbands, uncle in low etc. Girls (daughters) are trafficked into brothels by their poor parents. Women (wives) are trafficked into brothels by fraud husbands. Girls and women are exploited in sex trade of India. There are many reasons to girls trafficking.reasons of girls trafficking

Everybody knows that Nepal is a poor country. It is under the snare of poverty because of multiple reasons. Nepal is rich in many sectors having many resources. Literally, girls trafficking means the selling of girls in other country or even inside the country for prostitutes of may be labor force.But optimum allocation or use of resources has been going on. In Nepal, the girls are very beautiful because of their beauty and well caring. This is also one of the reasons for exporting the girls through different invisible channel and person. There are many agents how are working on the second under the eyes of police and government.Although, the government and various   NGOs and  INGOs can make anyone vibrate. It is also one of the reasons that foreigners want to tastes its sweetness. In Nepal, girls are not working or getting the job.

As Nepal is a poor country and has scarcity or problem of getting a job due to lack of resources and vacancy or industrialization, most of the girls are tempted in the living of luxurious life in foreign. They are trapped by showing them temptation about the highest salary, safe accommodation and many this that turn they’re though and get ready to move with them.  Most of the Nepalese girls are indirectly trafficked through India borders and then they are sent to stipulated destination.  If we see the report of Maiti Nepal and government, it is shown that about 10 to 15 thousand of girls are exported in the world from Nepal. As the world is going on the way of sucking someone life without knowing about their roots and situation.Many rich people demand the beautiful girls to spend the night with as the sex and prostitution industry in the world is increasing day by.

The girls are demanded to fulfill the needs of guest in their hotels and bars. By looking all these aspects, Nepal has been also targeted because of a poor country. The agent who is working as exporting the girls to a foreign country is playing the role of tempting and trapping the girls. They better know about the girls and convince then after giving some luxurious catalogs in front of her eyes. Girls of Nepal are also uneducated and they not about the consequences that will happen after this incident. Due to this, the agent is using it as the strength and has made this occupation as sources of income. Agent are earning high amount of money  without sweating in the sunny days and investing the amount. Mostly, the victims of trafficked girls are from the remote area and Himalyan area who have not seen the colorful world and are obliged to live in hazardous and  black and white life.  Remote and rural girls are targeted most becausethey easily make them convince and trap in their own snare.

Many  trafficked girls are obliged to spend theirhell life on foreign life, on other cage. They are working life the person prostitutes in foreign and always cry for their rid off.They want to disclose form their trapping and snarling.”Maiti Nepal” and other organization are working for its better solution.  Mostly it is seen that, the girls are trafficked also due to their extreme greedness. Many girls do not want to sweat and work in native land but they easily do their work in foreign land. It seem that the most of the girls are trafficked by their own relatives. And they get easy to motivate and trap them in their own gerymendering.The world is going day by day brutal  and people are lacking the attribute of humanity. The world humanity has been only in the words and mouth not in the human behavior. Many people of the world who have money in the pocket expend their money to get the marrow of girl and sex.


Girls  in bars are spring and scrollout in front of  public and customer in very short  or in transparent dress. They are used as the machine of giving marrow and releasing their tension.  Where as somewhere, girls are taken as the  incarnation of goddess and somewhere they are treated as witch. This all are the major displaying that are seen in the human society from national to international community. Nepal has been suffered from this problem very much due to lack of awareness and education. Girls are even ranked as second citizen in Nepal and taken as the machine of baby producing.The same thing is also done in internationally market and places, girls are taken as the object giving pleasure to people. That is the problem of girls trafficking is increasing everywhere.

Reasons | Causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels

1. lack of education:

In Nepal only 65% of people are educated that also shows their intensity and thinking capacity. When people are educated they  cannot be easily trapped in any one temptation. Many remote and rural area are also beyond the touch of education. There are also many society and village where their is the light of education. They are obliged to sent their children in farm land with their animals i.e. ox or buffalo, sheep and goat rather they should be sent to school having books in hands.Government of Nepal is making the policy for accessing the education to every home and every village. When people become educated, then the risk of trafficking  automatically declines due to the awareness and understanding. Many people does not know about the trafficking even and they are trapped easily by saying some sweet words, sawing them sweet dreams of living life. Education plays the vital role for clearing this problem rootly. When education lack in person, they become the tree without leaves, having no value and used only for burning  as wood.The light of education should be spread all over the country from rural to urban.

2. Poverty:

Poverty has closed the people in their dense as disease in Nepal. Its effects is also saw deeply and largely in girls trafficking. Girls  are also used as the labor for  balancing the family and fulfilling the family needs for surviving.  Due to small family having not the income, they are trapped and snare in the hands of trafficker. Poverty in Nepal has covered the about 80% people in their arms. Due to many problems and lack of opportunity, they are obliged to travel the other country for job and earning purposes, when they  reach their, they get shocked that she  has been sold to any unknown person. Poverty is also the major cause of  girls trafficking in Nepal.

3. Lack of  job opportunity:

It is also the burning problem of Nepal which can be seen in the airport from where  about 10,000 youth travelled to foreign country  daily  in search of job.  Even skilled manpowerare not getting their actualremuneration according to their works efficiency and efforts. Many educated people are walking on the streets with empty hands and in the search of job. When there announces any vacancy, there seems the crowd of people to fulfill the vacancy  in very few requirement candidates. Many of the girls are alsonot educated and those who are educated also not got the good and respectable job. For fulfillment of their requirement, they thinks for foreign travelling and  they fall in the snare of trafficking. When there is not job in girls hands, they even become obliged to do the sexual acts  and in that process also they are trafficked. Having not job in hands to females, makes them difficult to fulfill the family requirement make them obliged to go outside of the country in the search of job and they are trafficked unknowingly.

4. Divorce:

When women get divorces by her husband, they become single and falls in pit.  In  Nepal, there is not practices of this issues when there arises some conflict or mis-conceptionbetween husband and wife. But the limitation crossing becomes the reason for living particularly or single. At that situation also, girls or women are targeted by the trafficker and tempted for providing them good job which access them in the snare of trafficking. Many girls are even dragged into prostitutes due to their family problem.While some also get ready to work in the prostitutes industry knowingly but  fees hesitate to do it in their own native land. So to get rid of from everyone eyes, she choose the foreign lands for becoming  white person even having black character. They speaks  white lie to their relatives about the job  because of trafficked in such places from where it is about to impossible to come out.

5. Discrimination and domination:

These two words are two black faces of the society which has also made many girls prostitutes and trafficked. Mostly in Nepalese society, the underdogs are dominated and discriminated due to their caste and level. Some are also dominated or discriminated  due to their jobs. There are many issues and   actions that has made many girls depressed in eth society. Due to that kinds of tortures and devil behavior with her makes irritate and angry  and decided to left the society and live far from it. When she become far from the society, it needs money to fulfill and spend the day.  To live good and happy life also, they are trafficked by the trafficker.Discrimination domination is existed in every levels but it seems somewhere more which makes irritate and aggressive  somewhere less has maintainthe relationship.

Reasons to girl trafficking in Nepal are as follows:
  1. Poverty and unemployment prevailing in the hilly and remote areas.
  2. Political situation
  3. Lack of awareness in the peoples’ mind especially in rural area
  4. Lack of the development of infrastructures and social services in the rural area
  5. Lack of government policies, strategy and laws to punish and discourage trafficker
  6. Nepalese girls are thinking by heart, not with mind.
  7. Open boarder between Nepal and India
  8. Lack of education
  9. Careless about herself
  10. Nepalese girls are supposed to the virginity. Customers in Indian brothels like virgin girls. Customers wants to buy young virgin girls with an atmosphere of virgin.
  11. White, fair skin colour of Nepalese girls. Nepalese girls are beautiful.


Finally, Trafficked girls are mostly sent to gulf country  and other country. In gulf country, they are convinced by saying that she will get good job and good salary without doing hard work in sunny say and high temperature that there exist. But some of the girls are also trafficked to Iraq, Iran, and other Muslim country for office girls and home works by sawing them the temptation of standard life and comfortable life.  India is eth first country where more than 1 lakhs Nepalese  girls are working as prosituation in hotels, bars, pub and other red lights area. Due to open border with Nepal and India, the agent and mediators also get easy for crossing them the border.

When the girls enter to India, they are not checked and tortured for citizenship and them move to other country where they have made connection. The  channel of trafficking the Nepalese girls to foreign land is really the  secret and standard which does not makes any sound while doing their business. Government are also not able to  stop epidemic problem of trafficking fully. Different organization sometimes get success to get rid out from their trap in the border while trafficking the girls. But due to different political situation and weak law, it is practice and only few of them are punished. But government is currently taken as serious problem and has gives instruction to work on this field strictly to avoid the trafficker and make girls free.

Reasons or causes of Nepalese Girls Trafficking into Indian Brothels


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