Reasons of Tourism Crisis Management in Nepal

The contribution of tourism and travel to both developed and developing countries is now so great that any downturns in the level of activity in the industry are a cause for concern.

According to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), “A crisis situation for tourism is an unforeseen event or series of events which may have a very significant adverse effect on the tourist industry in the Country”

NTB is the agency having primary responsibility for the better marketing of Nepal in the world as a better tourist destination. NTB is very concerned to play a lead role in protecting the Nepal’s tourism industry as best tourism spot of the world.

Tourism in Nepal has come through series of hardships and is still suffering due to the absence of proper crisis handling mechanism. There have been many instances where the tourism industry in Nepal has suffered an unexpected and sudden downturn in demand. Image of Nepal as a tourist destination is losing.

Policy makers are confronted by many issues that are relevant to any downturn in tourism activity. There are many reasons of tourism crisis management in Nepal. Some of reasons of tourism crisis management in Nepal are as follows:

Reason 1 of Tourism Crisis: – A world crisis of air travel

Reason 2 of Tourism Crisis: – deteriorating security situation of Nepal

Reason 3 of Tourism Crisis: – Lack of providing guidance to all concerned employer and employee of Nepal tourism industry to act promptly and responsibly.

Reason 4 of Tourism Crisis: – Lack of co-ordination with foreign embassies and the press for the ensuring safety of tourists.

Reason 5 of Tourism Crisis: – Health service for the tourists is not sufficient.

Reason 6 of Tourism Crisis: – Not maintaining responsibility from the tour operator

Reason 7 of Tourism Crisis: – Accommodation at tourism spot in not accessible and sufficient.

Reason 8 of Tourism Crisis: – Visitors and tourists buy a service. Service providers to the tourists are not accurate and well informed and educated.

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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