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If you (boyfriend) want to know only the reasons or causes only. Then there are the top 100 reasons or causes why I love my girlfriend.

1. My girlfriend wears dresses nicely.

2. The height of my girlfriend is tall; 5.4 feet.
3. My girlfriend remembers all the things which have said.
4. The face of girlfriend is the cutest face of the world.
5. My girlfriend learns from her own mistakes first. She doesn’t repeat the mistakes again and again.
6. My girlfriend wants babies.
7. I think my girlfriend is selfless.
8. My girlfriend is ready to do everything I ask him to do for me.
9. My girlfriend is very sensitive person.
10. My girlfriend is seldom jealous.
11. My girlfriend wants the best of the best for me in any matters.
12. Personality of my girlfriend is very attractive.
13. My girlfriend’s hugs are always remarkable for me.
14. My girlfriend has a great future planned for brighten life.
15. Sense of humor of my girlfriend is appraisal.

16. My girlfriend has long and curly hair
17. My girlfriend kisses my forehead slowly.
18. My girlfriend is a hard working.
19. When we cross the road, my girlfriend holds my hands every times.
20. My girlfriend calls me sometimes baby, ‘heartbeat of my heart’
21. My girlfriend holds me often from behind.
22. My girlfriend has changed me from negative thinking person to positive thinking person.
23. My girlfriend loves domestic animals as I do.
24. My girlfriend wants to make me always happy.
25. My girlfriend knows everything what I like and what don’t like.
26. My girlfriend is a competitive person.
27. My girlfriend has natural hair.
28. My girlfriend can see us getting married.
29. My girlfriend puts me as his lock screen.
30. My girlfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to do, which are wrong to do.

31. My girlfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to say, which are wrong to say.
32. My girlfriend takes care of me very seriously.
33. My girlfriend always pushes me to be a better lady.
34. My girlfriend knows me better than my mother and father.
35. My girlfriend cures me when I’m sick.
36. My girlfriend remembers my birthday even I always forget.
37. My girlfriend falls asleep on the mobile phone with me.
38. My girlfriend never makes me feel left out.
39. My girlfriend closes my eyes from the backs unseeingly.
40. My girlfriend doesn’t care what the other nonsense people think about her.
41. My girlfriend’ smile is so cute.
42. I feel always my girl friend is made for me.
43. I feel always secure when I am with him.
44. My girlfriend body is so dashing, attractive.
45. My girlfriend acts as he is my life partner.

46. My girlfriend is always motivating me in every steps of life.
47. My girlfriend gives me what I want even if I don’t deserve it.
48. My girlfriend’s eyes looks like hunger of my love.
49. My girlfriend cooks for me sometimes very tasty dishes.
50. My girlfriend is good behavior with kids.
51. We (I and my girlfriend) like the same types of music.
52. My girlfriend is passionate about reading.
53. My girlfriend never lets me walk to the home alone when it’s dark.
54. My girlfriend never intentionally hurts me in any matters.
55. My girlfriend’s thin lips.
56. My girlfriend supports me always.
57. My girlfriend calls me handsome.
58. My girlfriend loves cuddling and watching new released movies.
59. My girlfriend knows very well how to make me laugh.
60. My girlfriend inspires me always to go ahead and get destination.

61. My girlfriend always apologizes when she messes up.
62. My girlfriend is trustworthy.
63. My girlfriend gets jealous when other girls are talking to me.
64. My girlfriend always brings me chocolate after work.
65. My girlfriend is confident in herself.
66. We (I and My girlfriend) both like the reading novels.
67. My girlfriend buys books for me.
68. My girlfriend loves the dresses which I wear.
69. My girlfriend always sends love SMS to me on my mobile phone.
70. My girlfriend is very generous.
71. My girlfriend is not drunk.
72. My girlfriend is my mirror image.
73. My girlfriend is not hard smoker.
74. My girlfriend plays chess games with me.
75. My girlfriend sings a song with me.

76. Although I have lots of weaknesses, she finds my strengths on those weaknesses.
77. My girlfriend calls a phone when she is in breaks on office.
78. My girlfriend makes me smile when I am not in the mood to smile.
79. Sometimes she makes my heart wild.
80. My girlfriend shares his all the feelings with me.
81. My girlfriend has excellent grammar.
82. My girlfriend does not care about his email password when I use.
83. My girlfriend gives the best hugs.
84. My girlfriend sets my photo in his laptop desktop wallpaper.
85. My girlfriend has an awful memory.
86. My girlfriend is never cold.
87. My girlfriend is totally perfect girl for my mind reader.
88. My girlfriend has no secrets.
89. My girlfriend does read my article published.
90. My girlfriend leaves me to take the decision for any kinds of matters.

91. My girlfriend loves me much more than I love myself.
92. Every time I look into my girlfriend’s eyes make me drown in.
93. Every time my girlfriend’s smile makes me smile.
94. My girlfriend allows me to play with her hair.
95. My girlfriend falls asleep in my arms.
96. My girlfriend is a best girlfriend that one can have.
97. My girlfriend is the perfect for my wife or can be the best wife that one can have.
98. My girlfriend is very smart girl.
99. My girlfriend is the best partner in bed.

100. Put here your reason in this list 100 reasons i love my girlfriend

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List 100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her

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