100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her So Much

  1. Although I have lots of weaknesses, she finds my strengths on those weaknesses.

I am not a perfect person. My GF is perfect than me. I have so many weaknesses and I cannot do anything about it. But my GF is so amazing that she does not look at my weakness but rather sees my strengths and tries to turn my weakness into a strength. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She is just too perfect to me. I love her and her qualities make me love her even more.

  1. My girlfriend calls a phone when she is in breaks in the office.

My GF is very nice. She wants to be with me every time. She has her office and I have mine. She calls me whenever she has a break time in office. She tells me how her day is going and what she has eaten or talked to people about. She asks me the same things and we talk about it and discuss everything.

  1. My girlfriend makes me smile when I am not in the mood to smile.

My GF is very cheering. She knows that I am upset about something. She listens to me and tells me what to do and what not to do. Whenever I get sad I do not smile and I stay reserved. But she gets me and makes me smile even when I am not in a mood to smile and talk to anyone.

  1. Sometimes she makes my heart wild.

My gf is a perfect person and I do not know how to thank her for everything. She is a good girl that makes my heart go wild for her and she is just amazing. She has all the qualities that make me love her more and more.

  1. My girlfriend shares her all the feelings with me.

My gf is my best friend too. We have nothing to hide. She shares all the feeling she has and tells me everything. She never hides anything and that is why I love her the most.

  1. My girlfriend has excellent grammar.

My GF has good English and she has excellent grammar. She tells me when my grammar is wrong and teaches me good things.

  1. My girlfriend does not care about her email password when I use.

Sometimes I use her email to do some works. But she never complains about that. She gives her password to me and tells me to finish my work. She has not done anything wrong. She trusts me and I trust her too.

  1. My girlfriend gives the best hugs.

My GF is so good and kind. Whenever I feel sad, she gives me the best kind of hugs and always cheers me up. I cannot live without her.

  1. My girlfriend sets my photo in his laptop desktop wallpaper.

I am my gf laptop wallpaper. She always misses me and she has kept my photo on her phone and her laptop too.

  1. My girlfriend has an awful memory.

Sometimes my GF gets nervous because of her past. She does not want to remember but she cannot let go of it either. She gets so nervous and breaks down easily.

  1. My girlfriend is never cold.

My GF takes care of her health and she never gets cold. Even if she does I am always with her to help and take care of her.

  1. My girlfriend is a totally perfect girl for my mind reader.

My GF is so amazing that she can totally say I am thinking or what I am going to say. She is a perfect mind reader.

  1. My girlfriend has no secrets.

We have our pasts and we had our days but now that we are together, we have nothing to hide with each other. My girlfriend has said everything and I have said her everything. Now we have nothing to hide but just love.

  1. My girlfriend does read my article published.

I am a writer and I write in different sites and magazines. She gets so happy whenever anything publishes. She reads it and gives me suggestions. I love how she gets my job right done!

  1. My girlfriend leaves me to take the decision for any kinds of matters.

I have not been any good at making decisions but I love when my gf leaves me to take all the decisions. She brings the real man in me. Yes, she loves every problem after the bad decision but she lets me take a decision and always puts me in consideration.

  1. My girlfriend loves me much more than I love myself.

I have always been an insecure person and I do not love myself so much. I always hated myself because of how I look and how I think. But ever since my GF has come to my life, I feel blessed because she loves me more than I love myself.

  1. Every time I look into my girlfriend’s eyes make me drown in.

I feel so bad whenever my gf cries. She has been in my heart. She is very emotional and she gets offended and feels bad. She tears up and that breaks my heart too.

  1. every time my girlfriend’s smile makes me smile.

I am so happy for her that she makes me so happy. Her smile is so amazing that whenever she is happy or whenever she smiles at me, I smile back so easily. I feel blessed to have her in my life and she is the only one for me.

  1. My girlfriend allows me to play with her hair.

Her hair is so beautiful that she lets me play with it. Her hair smells like jasmine and that has become my favorite scent recently.

  1. My girlfriend falls asleep in my arms.

It is so cute and overwhelming to see her fall asleep in my arms. Whenever we see a movie, she rests on my arms and she later falls asleep. How cute is it to see that. You feel different with such amazing moments.

  1. My girlfriend is the best girlfriend that one can have.

My GF is already the best of anyone can have. She knows how to pamper and care for me. I never feel alone whenever I am with her. She is just so amazing to describe.

  1. My girlfriend is perfect for my wife or can be the best wife that one can have.

My GF is so perfect that she makes a great wife anybody else can have. I am so lucky that I am her bf and soon to be husband. She is really great and amazing. And I love her the most.

  1. My girlfriend is a very smart girl.

My GF is very smart. She is so smart that she is great in her studies and thinks about the whole situation too. She knows how to handle all the thing properly and that makes her clever too.

  1. My girlfriend is the best partner in bed.

My girlfriend is really great in bed and that is what makes me love her more.

  1. My girlfriend is my best friend

My girlfriend and I have been best friends from the very beginning. We talk likes friends and help each other like friends. That is how our love grew and I always think that everybody should be best friends before being bf and gf.


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