100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her So Much

  1. We (I and my girlfriend) like the same types of music.

I and my GF have the best kind of music choice because she likes the same music taste like I do. So we play the same music and enjoy every moment with them.

  1. My girlfriend is passionate about reading.

My gf is a great reader and she reads lots of books. She believes that it is a good habit to read books because that will increase our knowledge and lets us have nice imagination. I think she has good thinking as well.

  1. My girlfriend never lets me walk to the home alone when it’s dark.

My GF is very protective. She never lets me walk alone. She drops me home and goes to her home in her scooter. She is so caring. I should be feeling very proud. She is just amazing.

  1. My girlfriend never intentionally hurts me in any matters.

My gf is the sweetest and amazing person. She is sensitive and never hurts me intentionally. She tells me sorry for little minor things too so she can never do such things that will hurt me.

  1. My girlfriend’s thin lips.

My GF gets angry whenever I tease by saying her lips are thin. She makes faces and gets really upset. I think that is so cute but I love her thin lips.

  1. My girlfriend supports me always.

My gf has been my supporter from day one. She knows me so well that she says the right things that will support and motivate me. She never judges and that is why I tell her everything

  1. My girlfriend calls me handsome.

My gf cheers me up by saying that I am very handsome. Even though I don’t feel good about myself she says that I look nice. She is my best friend and I love her. I feel blessed to have her in my life because without her I don’t know what I would have done.

  1. My girlfriend loves cuddling and watching newly released movies.

My GF loves cuddling with me and watching movies. We don’t go out so much. We prefer staying at home and relaxing and watching movies. She has a great choice of a movie too. We love spending time together and talking about how our days are going or what plans we have for the future. I love my bf very much.

  1. My girlfriend knows very well how to make me laugh.

My GF is so nice and she understands me. She knows everything about me and gets me. She knows how to make me laugh and cheers me up so easily.

  1. My girlfriend inspires me always to go ahead and get destination.

My GF is just amazing and great. She has been my idol ever since. She has been influencing me from the very beginning. I feel sad whenever I don’t get what I want but she inspires me. She motivates me to go ahead and get to my goals. She is an amazing person. I love her.

  1. My girlfriend always apologizes when she messes up.

My GF has no ego and she does not fight with me. Whenever she has done something wrong, she quickly apologizes and clears everything. I think that is a brave thing to do so I do not fight with her. I also apologize and we talk about good things.

  1. My girlfriend is trustworthy.

My GF has so many good qualities and she is just loyal. I have full trust in her. She has never cheated on and she never lies too. She has never done anything that has hurt me. She is trustworthy and that is the reason I love her the most.

  1. My girlfriend gets jealous when other girls are talking to me.

My GF does not get jealous usually but sometimes I want to make her jealous so that I get more attention. So for that, I talk to other talks and I let her know that I am talking to her. She shows attention to me and I love that.

  1. My girlfriend always brings me chocolate after work.

My GF is so pampering. She knows that I love chocolates and I get too tired after work. So she brings me chocolates so that we can share and eat that chocolate together in the park. I love that she cares about me so much.

  1. My girlfriend is confident in herself.

My GF has a great personality. She knows what to wear and how to dress and do her makeup and hair. She knows how to get ready for an event. She does her research before doing anything. That makes her confident in herself. She knows how to answer everything. This makes me love her even more.

  1. We (I and My girlfriend) both like the reading novels.

My GF has taught me that reading books is a good habit because that broadens my horizon and knowledge. Since she reads so much, I have also started reading novels too. This has made me a better person with lots of knowledge. She has brought good changes in me. This is what has made me love her even more.

  1. My girlfriend buys books for me.

My gf is a great fan of books and she buys books for me too. She does this so that I can also get a habit of reading the books. Books are really good to get to know about different facts.

  1. My girlfriend loves the dresses which I wear.

My gf is a big fan of myself. She goes crazy about the dresses I wear. But she chooses for me. She tells me what to wear and what not to wear. She loves me and also loves what I wear. She is just amazing. I love her the most.

  1. My girlfriend always sends love SMS to me on my mobile phone.

My face smiles up whenever I see my GF’s message. She always sends me love messages and I smile. She brings a smile to my face. I also send her love messages so that she smiles too.

  1. My girlfriend is very generous.

My gf is not greedy. Even though she has problems with her, she brings her generousness. She gives her part and does not say anything. I love her qualities. Nobody can be so much giving than her in this world. She does not even complain about this and that makes me love her even more.

  1. My girlfriend is not drunk.

My GF is very good and she does not like to drink. She does not like anybody drinking because she is very conscious about her health. She tells everybody not to drink because that can cause bad things to the health. She is so caring, not only about herself but about everybody else too. I love her.

  1. My girlfriend is my mirror image.

My gf is my mirror image because we think the same things. We have the same music taste and we understand each other. This is the reason why we don’t fight because we are not opposite. I love that I have found someone who is just like me.

  1. My girlfriend is not the hard smoker.

My GF hates people who smoke. She thinks that smoking is really bad for health. She tells me not to smoke too and that is why I have given up smoking. She tells everybody not to smoke too. She is just caring and protective about everybody.

  1. My girlfriend plays chess games with me.

I love playing chess and she did not know how to play. I did not have friends on weekends to play. So she learned how to play chess. She now plays so well that even I cannot win against her. I love the fact that she actually learned from me and I am so happy that she also enjoys the game that I play. She tries to make me happy and I feel blessed to have her. I love her so much.

  1. My girlfriend sings a song with me.

My gf is not a singer and her does not how to sing. But if I insist she sings songs to me. And sometimes we sing different songs together. This is the happiest thing to do because she sings our favorite songs too. She is amazing. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. I love her and she loves me too.


Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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