100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her So Much

  1. My girlfriend is a competitive person.

My GF is very competitive with her loved ones. She is always one step ahead of everyone.

  1. My girlfriend has natural hair.

My GF has amazing hair and flaunts it without any trouble. She loves to style her hair.

  1. My girlfriend can see us getting married.

We have been dating for a long time now and she plans for our future. She has planned about us getting married soon.

  1. My girlfriend puts me on her lock screen.

My GF loves to flaunt me as well. She has kept my photo in her screen lock so she doesn’t have to miss me.

  1. My girlfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to do, which are wrong to do.

As said earlier, my gf knows how to make decisions. My girlfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to do, which are wrong to do. She is just great!

  1. My girlfriend knows very well about all the things which are right to say, which are wrong to say.

My GF is so well behaved that she knows what to say at what time. She always does and says the right thing because she knows and understands the situation very well.

  1. My girlfriend takes care of me very seriously.

My GF is like my mother. Yes, it is true. When a girl loves you truly she becomes your mother and takes care of you. I just love her.

  1. My girlfriend always pushes me to be a better man.

My GF always strives for better and she always wants me to the better man and does well in life. She thinks about the future where we become independent. She is a great woman.

  1. My girlfriend knows me better than my mother and father.

I tell her everything and I think that is the reason she knows me better than my parents. I talk to her without any guilt and that is what makes her know so much about me.

  1. My girlfriend cures me when I’m sick.

My gf cares for me whenever I get sick. She brings me food and medicines. She takes care of me. She does not go to her office because she thinks I am her priority.

  1. My girlfriend remembers my birthday even I always forget.

My GF knows everything and remembers every single thing. Sometimes I forget my own birthday and she surprises me with lots of gifts. I am blessed to have her in my life.

  1. My girlfriend falls asleep on the mobile phone with me.

Whenever we are video calling, she falls asleep because she is a working woman and she gets tired. But she wants to talk to me as well. So she talks and falls asleep when chatting. She looks so cute whenever she does that.

  1. My girlfriend never makes me feel left out.

I am very left out with my gf. She makes sure that I get involved in every function of her family. She introduces me to her family members.

  1. My girlfriend closes my eyes from the backs unseeingly.

She is so cute and pretty. She likes to surprise me so when closes my eyes behind and tells me to guess. I love her smile after that.

  1. My girlfriend doesn’t care what the other nonsense people think about her.

My GF is independent so she doesn’t bother what people think of her. She does her own thing and does not care about what others are doing too. She is minding her own business. She is just great.

  1. My girlfriend’ smile is so cute.

Everything about my gf makes her look so cute. I always compliment her saying cutie.

  1. I feel always my girlfriend is made for me.

I think my GF and I are meant to be. I think that we are made in heaven and nothing can break us. She understands me and I love her equally.

  1. I feel always secure when I am with her.

I feel she is the one for me. I feel very secure whenever I am with her. She is the best and always bring the best in me. I love her so much.

  1. My girlfriend body is so dashing, attractive.

My GF always captures my attention. She has a great body and exercises too much to get that body maintained.

  1. My girlfriend acts as she is my life partner.

My gf and I have been together for so long that she knows me very well. She does everything like a wife and that is the thing I love about her the most.

  1. My girlfriend is always motivating me in every step of life.

My GF wants me to stop every bad thing and do my best. I get low sometimes and that is why she motivates me so much. I get so energetic after she counsels me.

  1. My girlfriend gives me what I want even if I don’t deserve it.

I don’t consider myself as a guy who deserves what I am getting right now. She gifts me so many things that I think I should not get. I feel helpless and sad due to this reason but I love her anyways.

  1. My girlfriend’s eyes look like hunger of my love.

My GF has lovely eyes. I feel like these eyes are full of love and see everything good. I think she wants love from me and wants to spread love as well.

  1. My girlfriend cooks for me sometimes very tasty dishes.

I am a foodie person. I want to eat the stuff again and again. She is a great cook and she always gets what I want her what she cooks. So she cooks for me the dishes I want to eat.

  1. My girlfriend is good behavior with kids.

My GF has good manners and behaviors with kids too. She is great with elders. Whenever she is with kids, she becomes like them and gives them lots of love. Kids like them.


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