100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her So Much

List 100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her So Much

Here we have posted a list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. Here we have posted a list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. How many reasons do you have? May more than me? Check it out. It may be similar to yours. Here are 101 reasons that I love my boyfriend.

To love someone is world’s greatest things. These are much more reasons that one can love to his girlfriend. We can’t limit the reasons. We can’t limit the causes. If we say these are limit things, cause or reasons that one can love or like to someone, in that situation we are totally wrong. We are not right. Because these are uncountable reasons, causes that one can love to someone. There are uncountable reasons. Here I have list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. But I am not saying or I never dare to say that you love your girlfriend because of these reasons.

99 reasons that I love Girl friend

So, this is a list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. One can also come up with 99 reasons to love someone. List 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. The 100 reasons to love girlfriend will always make her feel special and remember the special moments shared together.
Get a pen and paper and write a list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend for that special man in your life. I’m sure your girlfriend will definitely love this sweet gesture of romantic love as a gift to you. But say your girlfriend you are the best things that ever related to me.
These are more reasons for this list, but I will not include them. These may embarrass or too crazy to handle for me. My words are actions are not enough to express how much I love you. My words and actions are not enough to express how much you mean to me and my life. I am looking forward to spending a lifetime with you. I love you. Yes, I love you. I really love you.

100 Reasons Why I Love My Girlfriend | Her

Here is list 100 reasons I love my girlfriend. Let’s check it.

  1. My girlfriend wears dresses nicely.

The reason I love my girlfriend is that she wears the best kind of clothes. Her personality reflects and glows when she dresses as per the situation. That is the thing I find amazing about her. I love her the most and she has made my life complete.

  1. The height of my girlfriend is tall; 5.4 feet.

I am a tall guy and she matches my height. She is a tall girl which makes her look good and healthy. When we stand, we look like a perfect couple. We are blessed to have each other.

  1. My girlfriend remembers all the things which have said.

Now, this is a good thing and a bad thing. She remembers all the things which I have said. Even though I forget she remembers everything. That makes me on time for everything. But sometimes, I forget the important dates that I had planned and she gets sad because it makes her feel like I am not worth it. But I love that she remembers all the things.

  1. The face of girlfriend is the cutest face of the world.

The reason I love my girlfriend more is that she is the cutest of all people. She makes silly faces that I cannot resist but smile. She makes me laugh even if I am not in the mood to smile. She is the cutest and I don’t want to look at anybody except her.

  1. My girlfriend learns from her own mistakes first. She doesn’t repeat the mistakes again and again.

My girlfriend is brave and understanding at the same time. She is a human and yes she makes mistakes too. But the thing I love about her is that she learns from the mistake. She analyses the whole thing and the situation. She sees what is wrong and right and understands. I have never seen my girlfriend repeat any kind of mistakes.

  1. My girlfriend wants babies.

How cute is it that my GF wants babies. But she is also familiar with her responsibilities and duties. She talks about getting married and having babies after we start earning and standing on our own feet. I just fall for her every day.

  1. I think my girlfriend is selfless.

She never thinks about anybody and never knows how to say no. she is always there for people who need her. But I think that she also gets her in trouble because she does not say no to anybody and that causes people to use her and take benefits.

  1. My girlfriend is ready to do everything I ask her to do for me.

My girlfriend is really a lovable person and she is here to help me anywhere and anytime. Even though she is busy in her works and if I tell her to do something, she gets ready in one second. That makes me love her even more because how can a person be so lovable. I am in love with my gf.

  1. My girlfriend is a very sensitive person.

My girlfriend is really sensitive and emotional. Even if she sees a dog in the street, she gets emotional because that affects her so much. That is kind of a good thing and a bad thing as well because such person is trustworthy and kind. Sometimes it is hard for me to take care of her and I cannot say anything to her to console. She is always there for me and I feel sad that I cannot do anything for her.

  1. My girlfriend is seldom jealous.

Some of us might be thinking that this is unreal. I mean what kind of girl does not get jealous. But the truth is she does not. Because I do not compare her with anybody. She is my queen and she is the only person I want. I enjoy every moment with her. And yes I treat her right and she does not get jealous. I love her so much

  1. My girlfriend wants the best of the best for me in any matters.

Behind every man is a woman who is always wanting good for him. Yes, that is my girlfriend. She supports me in every way possible and always wants to see me the ace in everything I do. Her support motivates me and keeps me going for good. I want to make her proud and thus I work hard for everything I do.

  1. A personality of my girlfriend is very attractive.

My GF has an amazing personality. She walks tall and full of confidence. This is the thing that makes her personality so appealing. She knows how to dress and talk with other people. Even on her clumsy days, she knows how to ace all the things.

  1. My girlfriend’s hugs are always remarkable for me.

She knows how to brighten up my day. She knows that I am sad and knows how to cheer me up. She gets me. If I feel sad or down, her hugs brighten up my day. Her hugs are special and I get star stuck whenever she hugs me.

  1. My girlfriend has a great future planned for brightening life.

She is a great woman and has planned everything on her own for our bright future. She knows that studies are important so she gives them very much importance. She does her job well too. She is matured for her age groups and that is what I love her most.

  1. The sense of humor of my girlfriend is an appraisal.

My girlfriend is so funny that she makes my eyes tear. She talks sarcastically and nobody can win her such sarcastic comments.

  1. My girlfriend has long and curly hair

I feel blessed to rest under my GF’s long and curly hair. They are so smooth that I feel like touching them over and over again. The hair makes her face so bright and glowing. I have not seen anybody hair better than my GF’s.

  1. My girlfriend kisses my forehead slowly.

She is so lovable. She knows how to care for me. She kisses my forehead slowly and lets me know that she loves me very much.

  1. My girlfriend is a hard working.

The real reason I tell that she has a bright future is that she works very hard for it. She knows her priority and always gives her 100%. She tells everybody to be focused on their life too. And that is what captures my attention and make me love her more than she can ever imagine.

  1. When we cross the road, my girlfriend holds my hands every time.

My gf is a scared person. Yes, she is sensitive but there are few things she does without her knowledge by herself. She is very scared of the vehicles and she grabs my hand every time we cross the road. That is so lovable.

  1. My girlfriend calls me sometimes baby, ‘heartbeat of my heart’

She is too cute because she calls me by various sweet names. Sometimes she calls me baby and sometimes she calls me heartbeat or maybe honey. I love her so much.

  1. My girlfriend holds me often from behind.

I get chills and thrills every time she holds me from behind. That makes me feel like I am her responsibility and she feels safe with me too.

  1. My girlfriend has changed me from negative thinking person to positive thinking person.

I was a very negative person and I used to think about bad things only. Ever since my girlfriend has come to my life, she makes me think about good things and she makes me a positive person. She has taken out the monster from me and made me a better person.

  1. My girlfriend loves domestic animals as I do.

My gf and I are animal lovers. We love domestic animals as well. We have animals in our houses too and we planned that we will own an animal after we get married and settle down.

  1. My girlfriend wants to make me always happy.

My GF is so caring and she always wants me to be happy. She sometimes gets sad but still makes sure that I am happy.  I try to make her happy as well.

  1. My girlfriend knows everything what I like and what don’t like.

The best thing about my gf is she makes sure that she gives me the right thing. She knows what I like and what I don’t like. This means that she listens to me and keeps my choices in mind. I love her.