6 Reasons Why One Plus X is the Best Phone to Buy on a Budget


6 Reasons Why One Plus X is the Best Phone to Buy on a Budget

One plus x is a phone started by a brand called one plus in Hong Kong. It can be bought for only 250 US dollars and now can be bought without an invitation. Here are 6 reasons why the one plus x is the best phone to buy on a low budget:

1 Extremely fast and excellent performance

One plus x contains a 3GB ram and a snapdragon 801 processor. Ram or the random access memory is a type of memory that can be accessed randomly. This means that any byte of memory can be accessed without interfering with the preceding bytes. Ram is the most common form of memory found in smartphones and it is important for various reasons. Without the ram, your phone would be extremely laggy and very frustrating to use, even to perform basic actions such as using the browser or even calling someone. Random access memory allows us to switch between apps or use a number of apps smoothly.

The more ram there is a smartphone, the faster, and smoother the processes are going to be. For example, 1 gigabyte of ram could be enough for very basic functions such as running system files or default apps, but when it comes to games, especially those that are particularly big, r size does matter. Ome plus x comes with a stunning 3 GB ram that is usually not present on a phone of this price range. This makes the phone very fast and easy to use. It also features a snapdragon 801 processor that is a pretty new processor in the market. According to Qualcomm snapdragon, “ It supports breathtaking speed, jaw-dropping graphics, ultra-fast connectivity and longer battery life on your mobile device so you can do more of the things you love.” And just like they have stated, it is completely true.

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2 Good camera

The one plus x features a 13-megapixel camera at the back and a staggering 8 mp camera at the front. This is really astounding because even phones as expensive as iPhone 6s comes with a 12 mp camera at the back and a 5 mp camera at the front. Moreover, the main camera of the one plus x uses an ISOCELL sensor which improves color fidelity, sharpness, and dynamic range when compared to regular BSI sensors found in other phones. It also features a hybrid auto focus system. In addition, the oxygen OS also brings a very neat camera interface with very simple and easy options. It contains only a few options which are a photo, video, slow motion, time lapse, and panorama. It also comes with an HDR which clicks ten photos and combines them to form a single photo that is more crisp and clear and an overall better quality. According to the ‘Gsmarena’, “Unlike the OnePlus 2, there is no lag when shooting low light images, but the HDR mode and the ClearShot mode take their time for extra processing after each shot.”

3 Expandable storage

One plus x offers a 16 GB storage with up to 128 GB expandable storage option. 16 is usually a good amount for most people, however, if you play a lot of games, take a lot of photos, videos and don’t really like to upload it to online or offline drives because you like to view them very often, like me, than you will require a lot of storage, preferably up to 32 GB. However. If you require, even more, you have the option to go up to 128 gigabytes.

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4 Great user interface

OnePlus X offers a 5-inch display on the front with a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 which is a Full HD display. Moreover, It has a 441 ppm, resulting in images always looking beautiful. It runs an android 5.1 lollipop by default but has been given a few useful updates. One plus x features a beautiful AMOLED display. Usually, phones at this price can only offer an OLED screen. AMOLED is a hybrid display technology that combines the active matrix backplane of a traditional TFT with a modern OLED display.

5 Premium build and captivating aesthetics

Aesthetically, one plus x is a beautiful phone. Most of the body, the front, and the back are made out of glass whereas, the sides are metal. It is available in two colors, one white or “ceramic” and black or “onyx”. The glass body gives the phone a very premium look offering a five-inch screen as well as on screen and off screen buttons.

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