Why to Go to University : 6 Reasons to Attend College After High School


Why to Go to University : 6 Reasons to Attend College After High School

After almost a quarter of your life, joining a school and studying, striving to achieve the best scores, learning new skills and making new friends, through primary school, experiencing the melodrama of middle School and having to cope with the stress of High School, finally students can decide weather to start working or to attend college. A college is defined as any of the independent institutions into which certain universities are separated, each having its own teaching staff, students, and buildings. Usually students are expected to join a good College so that they can lead a successful life and are prepared to face any probable difficulties that life has to offer. Some people might feel that college is a prerequisite to have a stable life and a successful career whereas others argue that college is a waste of time and it exploits students for profit through student loans. Is it worth the money? Is it worth the time? This is a debatable topic. But here are 5 reasons people attend colleges:

1 Knowledge

Getting knowledge is one of the major reasons to attend college after high school. Knowledge is the familiarity obtained about specific topics by experience, learning or association. College, just like school is a place where you can obtain knowledge from. Colleges offer various subjects and professionals to teach them. According to Quintessential,  the key skills and values employers seek from college graduates, including communications are writing, speaking, and interpersonal, teamwork, analytical ability, multitasking, organization, leadership, problem-solving, tenacity, and dependability.

2 To learn a particular set of skills

To learn a particular set of skills is one of the major reasons to attend college after high school. College is also important to learn the fundamentals or the necessary skills that could be required by the career you later choose. Colleges offer a number of activities that help to build specific skills required for a future careers or very important life skills. Most colleges offer programs such as cooperative education, externship, internship, leadership training, projects, research,  service learning and student organisations.


3 For further studies

Some studies in the future, require you to have a certain amount of knowledge or a certain degree of the particular field. Let’s assume you want to study and get a master’s degree in business. But to take that course later, you will be required to know the fundamentals of business studies, just like when you may have taken business in your high school. To study a certain subject in a college, it may not be required for you to have taken the same or similar subjects in high school, because you can cover most of it. But to study a subject in depth and get a master’s degree it will require you to study the fundamentals in college. That is why further studies is one of the major reasons to attend college after high school.

4 Adapting to changes

College is very different from high school. Just as the US marines put it, “improvise, adapt and overcome”, this is what colleges teach to students to do. It may require you to stay with a roommate. If you are lucky, the roommate could be the type of person you would hang out with. But however the person is, you will have to accept them, their attitude towards you and be friends. College helps you to cope with different kinds of people. Since you will people from all around the world, you will get experience the different attitudes and will have to learn how to cooperate with them.Improvise, adapt, and overcome is a powerful way of thinking for any person who is faced with an obstacle or a desired objective in life. That is why adapting to changes is one of the major reasons to attend college after high school.

5 Independence

College allows you the freedom to explore subjects in greater depth than you did in high school And let you choose your own courses and class schedules. College helps students develop into mature, responsible and independent adults. College is harder compared to high school, but there’s a chance that you may learn a lot of the values you would need when you get to the real world. additionally students not only learn the things taught in college but also learn the more necessary life skills from experience such as how to arrange time and how to cooperate with different people. That is why Being independence is one of the major reasons to attend college after high school.


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