13 Hidden Facts about Raute Jati Community in Nepal

Get some facts about Facts about Raute Jati Community of Nepal. We have posted top 13 facts about Raute jati community of Nepal. Must know.


13 Hidden Facts about Raute Jati Community of Nepal

  1. Raute are a nomadic ethnic group officially recognized by the Government of Nepal.
  2. They are known especially for their hunting of langur and macaque monkeys for
  3. Raute community in Nepal : They also gather wild forest tubers, fruits and greens on a regular basis.
  4. To obtain grain, iron, cloth they trade handmade wooden bowls and boxes to local
  5. Actual and total Population of Raute in Nepal is unknown. But their home are the thick hilly forest of Dailekh, Jajarkot, Surkhet, Salyan, Kalikot, Achham, Jumla, Makwanpur, Darchula, Baitadi district.
  6. Raute Culture in Nepal : Their leader is named as ‘Manbahadur’.
  7. All most compulsorily follow the order of the leader.
  8. If any one die in this group, the deadbody is clothed and buried, in the net of killing monkeys with property or burnt in their hut and migrate to another place.
  9. The Raute are also known as Banraja, raji, Banrawal, Banmanche, Rautya, etc.
  10. The Rautes do Nagpuja, Masto Bhairab Puja and Puja of nature.
  11. In this ethnic group, the tradition of not doing agriculture, not making permanent settlement and not touching money prevails.
  12. The not touching money tradition is changing these days.
  13. Rautes emphasize that they wish to remain full-time foragers and not assimilate into the surrounding fanning population.

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