45 Rare and Vintage Photos of Nepal That Push You to Think


Find here 45 rare photos of Nepal that makes you interesting. Here we have collected dozens of pictures related to country Nepal’s history, politics, facts, profile, entertainment, nature, geography, celebrities, etc. We hope you will love these images. Have Fun and think about Nepal.

45 Rare and Vintage Photos of Nepal That Makes You to Say ‘Oh My God’

Incredible Vintage Pictures Of Nepal and the story behind them

Newars are thought to have lived in the Nepal Valley since the fourth century AD, building up a Hindu-Buddhist culture. The Gurkha realm was later settled by RAJPUT warriors from India, and in 1769 they vanquished arrives past the present-day outskirts of Nepal. After attacks into northern India in which the Gurkhas were  crushed, Nepal lost piece of its domain to British India however  held its autonomy and delighted in close ties with the British.It has  kept up its nearby relationship with India since the last picked up  freedom in 1947.  Nepal, the world’s just Hindu government, was controlled by a innate prime ministership until 1951.


The country’s first decision was held in 1959, yet in 1960, King Mahendra expelled the bureau, broken down parliament, and prohibited political gatherings. A 1962 constitution made a non party panchayat (committee) arrangement of government. After a 1980 choice endorsed an altered variant of the panchayat framework, coordinate parliamentary decisions were held in 1981. A question with India prompted India’s end of most fringe intersections from March 1989 to July 1990, and the resultant financial emergency filled requests for political change. Following quite a while of viciousness, King Birendra  Bir Bikram Shah Dev broke up parliament.

The resistance shaped an interval government in April 1990, and another constitution making a established government and a bicameral council wound up noticeably powerful on Nov. 9, 1990. Multiparty administrative decisions held in May 1991 were won by the anti-extremist Nepali Congress party; the Communists progressed toward becoming the main restriction party. Mid-term decisions in November 1994, which were called after the administration, lost a parliamentary vote, brought about a hung parliament and the communists, who developed as the single biggest gathering, framed a minority government. There are many old pictures that describe the history of Nepal. That vintage photo carries many importance values. They describe the life style of people at that time. Its shows the realistic piece of art that Nepalese people has flashed out at that time.



Ford Dealer Lazimpat 1930
Ford Dealer Lazimpat 1930

Many old and historic goods are kept safely in national museum so that many people can know more about Nepal’s history and culture as well. They will know how our brave ancestors fought with rivals in order to protect our mother land. They played with blood, scarified everything that they had for the protection of mother land Nepal. Many developmental activities were also conducted during those days. Being a land locked country Nepal was a bit backward in developmental activities. But many monasteries, temples, stupas, buildings, palace for kings, schools were built which are still live and standing. They carry our historical and religious values. It makes us proud and happy as well. Many tourists also come to Nepal just to have a glance at that beautiful and lively art.


There are many photos relating to these places with us. Many old photos that make the history lively and more interesting will be posted in this article. The photo of bringing the first car to Nepal is can also be observed.

45 Rare and Vintage Photos of Nepal That Push You to See Again and Again

4. How cars first arrived in Kathmandu valley of Nepal. This makes you to think. Autos would be stripped of their haggles, and many young fellows from the towns of Makwanpur were contracted to do the hard work. Just in 1957, when the Tribhuvan Highway was at long last opened, did the time of autos on human shoulders at long last arrive at an end. There are some picture in which you can see some people carrying car into their shoulders.


img src Vintage Nepal

5. First Car brought to Nepal By carrying.

How cars first arrived in Kathmandu valley of Nepal. People are carrying the car. Legend has it that the main ever auto was driven in Nepal in 1922, when Britain’s Prince Edward (later King Edward VIII) rode over the outskirt to chase tigers in Kasara of Chitwan.  From that point forward, Nepal’s Rana rulers got snared to autos. They couldn’t have enough of them, yet there were no streets to Kathmandu so autos (and the petroleum to run them on) must be physically continued the mountains from Bhimphedi to Thankot by watchmen.

img src  imgur.com

6. We have heart the Shrawan Kumar in the religious book of Hindus. Shravan Kumar is such a son who carries his blind mother and father like this and move around the religious site. Here in Nepal, A father is carrying doughter and son.

img src pinterest.com

7. Ason Tole of Kathmandu vallery, some decade ago

8. Sir  Projwala-Nepala Taradisha Sri Tin Maharaja Sir Chandra Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana, 5th Prime Minister of Nepal.

Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana 1910
Chandra Shamsher Jang Bahadur Rana

img src artisans-lane.com

9. Vintage postage stamp. Postal stamp of Nepal

depositphotos 2920889 Vintage postage stamp. Post. Nepal
photo by depositphotos.com

10. A vintage post. This post is related to radio program which was broadcasted by Radio Nepal, first and mother radio station in Nepal. Pharmaisi Karyakaram was one of the most popular program in that radio station. This post is send by a listener from the Gorkha district of Nepal.

photo by ebay.com


11. Original Nepali Coins Cufflinks. It is Hand Made coins. It’s amazing.

12. It’s good taste. Maybe he is saying like this. What do you think?


photo by pinterest.com

13. A beautiful girl with traditional jewelry of Nepal. Such type of jewelry is not found now. Or rarely found.

14. Hollywood Actress and Model Kate Moss when she was in Nepal March 1994. This photograph is credited to Arthur Elgort for Vogue UK,
tumblr mq2d5iqnyR1s6wdcdo1 500
photo by tumblr.com

15. Laxmi Prasad Devkota. He is the greatest poet in Nepal of Nepali language.

16. Bengal tiger hunting party, date unknown


17. This is a William Simpson painting from 1876 of H.R.H. In this picture you can see The Prince of Wales Beating the Jungle with Sir Jung Bahadur in the Nepal Terai.

Simpson%252C%2BWilliam%2B%25281823 1899%2529%2B %2B1876%2BH.R.H.%2BThe%2BPrince%2Bof%2BWales%2BBeating%2Bthe%2BJungle%2Bwith%2BSir%2BJung%2BBahadoor%2Bin%2Bthe%2BNepal%2BTeraiphoto by circusnospin.blogspot.com

18. 1990 (1934 AD) Quack in Nepal. This is a picture of Ghantaghar of Kathmandu, in the mid-city.

19. One of the hundreds of glimpses of armed revolt against the then 104-yrs old authoritarian Rana Dynasty regime, 1950 Photographed: November 1950


20. Tribal Jewelry: Nepalese Necklace Jewelry. It is hard to find now.

photo by tribalmuse.com

18. Backside (tail) side of a Nepalese coin.

21. Balbhadra Kunwar, A Nepali Historical hero. A brave-hearted man. He was in Nepali commander of the Anglo-Nepalese War.

Gurkha Commander Nepal War

22. Pictures of telephone lines being laid in Kathmandu valley, Nepal

Nepal History
photo by usaid.gov

23. See here in the picture, The first stamps of Nepal on the cover, 1881.
1881 Nepal first issue on cover

24, 25, 26. Royal Family Of Nepal (King Birendra with his Family). King Birendra Bri Bikram Shah:

Lord Birendra Bir Bikram crowned head Dev was the eleventh King of Nepal United Nations agency succeeded King Mahendra Bir Bikram crowned head Dev once his death in 1972. He was the eldest kid of King Mahendra and is accepted to be the most effective ruler among each one of the rulers United Nations agency have dominated the state. He was a sort and lusty individual from an especially young age and was exceptionally notable as a ruler among the final population of the state.

He was the most ruler of Nepal United Nations agency required his kinsmen to own Associate in nursing ordeal of real vote based mostly system wherever there would be a kind of punchayet framework that may be valuable to all or any. He to boot required that the entire power unconditional with the ruler be canceled Associate in Nursing there need to be an ‘Established autocracy.

The ‘General population’s Movement’ in 1990 was a win as a results of his easy and vote based mostly views. He was the one who counseled the event of SAARC comprising of Asian nations which might facilitate the relations and economy of all the half nations. Some old and vintage photos of King Birendra can be seen below.

photo by vintagenepal.blogspot.com

27. The 1st KGVO Gurkha Rifles 1857.

photo by kukrimart.com

28. Maharajah Jung Bahadur and Maharani Hiranyagarva 1864

29. This is a picture of Tudekhel, Kathmandu in 1983 AD. Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa amassed an army to fight the British in faraway lands the Gurkhas had conquered.

30. Picture of New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal in 1936 AD. or 1993 B.S. You can see the Peepal Tree in this picture.

History+of+Nepal+ +Ancient+New+Road+in+Kathmandu
photo by magicalnepal.blogspot.com

31. Namaste Nepal. How some children are saying hello in the Nepali language.

32. Shree 3 Maharaj Shree Jung Bahadur Rana.


33. Tribhuvan Bir Bikram SahDev, the King of Nepal, with Syrian Ambassador to India Najib al-Armanazi.

show 6e133b64 56a0 405f 97cd 03829cca405c
Image Source: Amr al-Armanazi Archive

34. First to the top of Everest: Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary.
51314649 nepal tenzing hill pa
photo by bbcimg.co.uk

35. Rana Rulers.

ranas main

36. Marriage photo of late King Birendra Shah with Queen Aishwarya

late king of Nepal birendra and Queen Aishwary Marriage Picture
late king of Nepal Birendra and Queen Aishwarya Marriage Picture

photo by xnepali.com

37. Bagmati River and area around Bagmati:

The Bagmati River is viewed as the wellspring of Nepalese human progress and urbanization. The waterway has been said as Vaggumuda in Vinaya Pitaka and Nandabagga. It has additionally been specified as Bahumati in Battha Suttanta of Majjhima Nikaya.An engraving dated AD 477 portrays the waterway as Bagvati parpradeshe and in this way in Gopalraj Vanshavali.  The Chobar glut slices through the Mahabharat Range, likewise called the Lesser Himalaya. This 2,000-to-3,000-meter (6,600 to 9,800 ft) extend is the southern furthest reaches of the “center slopes” crosswise over Nepal, an imperative social limit between unmistakable Nepali and more Indian societies and dialects, and in addition a noteworthy geographical component. Some relating photos can be seen here.

38, 39, 40. Rani Pokhari and the site near Rani pokhari area:

Rani Pokhari was worked in 1670 AD by King Pratap Malla, a standout amongst the most famous rulers of the Malla tradition that ruled Nepal for over 600 years. Pratap Malla had the tank built to reassure his ruler who was distressed with sadness after their child was trampled to death by an elephant. He had water gathered from different sacred spots and waterway junctures in Nepal and India like Gosaikunda, Muktinath, Badrinath, Kedarnath and filled the lake to purify it.  A sanctuary committed to Matrikeshwor Mahadev, a type of the Hindu god Shiva, remains at the focal point of the lake. It is come to from the road by a thoroughfare. A substantial stone statue of an elephant bearing the pictures of Pratap Malla and his two children Chakravartendra Malla and Mahipatendra Malla is arranged on the tank’s southern dike. The lake is revived by water streaming in through an underground channel.

41, 42, 43, 44. Old Kathmandu City:

The Kathmandu most explorers come to see is the old city, a tangle of restricted back roads and sanctuaries promptly north and south of the focal Durbar Square. It’s a clamoring quarter, where tall more distant family homes shut out the sun, open-fronted shops swarm the paths and vegetable merchants stop up the crossing points.

The major building square of the old city is the bahal (or baha) – an arrangement of structures joined at right edges around a focal yard. Kathmandu is honeycombed with bahal, a number of which were initially Buddhist religious communities, however have since returned to private utilize.

45. Dharahara:

Dharahara, likewise called Bhimsen Tower, is a nine story (50.2m) tall tower at the focal point of Kathmandu sundhara. It was worked in 1832 by the Prime Minister of the time, Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal. Thapa assembled the tower under the requests of Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari.

The tower has a winding staircase inside containing 113 stages and 25 stages outside it . The eighth floor holds a round overhang for spectators that give an all encompassing perspective of the entire Kathmandu valley. The tower has a 5.2m bronze pole on the rooftop. The tower has been open for the overall population since 2005 for a little expense.  The present day Dharahara is really the second such tower made by Bhimsen Thapa.

The first Bhimsen Tower was made in 1824AD which was 11 stories high to the top, two stories taller than the present day Dharahara. Dharahara was worked for Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari, who was the niece of Bhimsen Thapa. She needed her very own tower alongside Bhimsen’s unique tower.  Amid the quake of 1834, both the towers survived, however Bhimsen’s tower endured extreme harm.

A hundred years after the fact, on January 15, 1934, another quake made Bhimsen’s tower be totally demolished. Just two of the 11 stories on the second tower remained. The head administrator of the time, Juddha Shumsher, redesigned Dharahara to its past shape. While the first Bhimsen Tower was demolished, Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari’s tower got its name, ‘Bhimsen Stambha’. Tragically, the site where Bhimsen’s unique tower stood is currently a parking garage.

Note: All the pictures are collected from various sources and give due credit. Non of the pictures are our property. If you think there is any correction needed please do contact us. Thank you.


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