Different places on the way to Rara, The biggest lake, and the smallest national park

We know that to reach the destination we have to go to various places. The largest lake in Nepal and the smallest national Rara is located in the western region of Nepal. If we start our journey from Kathmandu it is approximately 15 days.

We can take the different route to reach Rara national is completely in our decision. While planning to go to Rara the best time is spring and autumn season. If we start our journey from Kathmandu than we can visit many places of Kathmandu valley itself.

Here we can see many historical places like Durbar square and so on. From Kathmandu, if we take a flight to Nepaljung and from Nepalgunj to jumla than from jumla we will have 3-4 days trek to rara lake and national park.


Rara-national-park-route map

Nepaljung is the hottest place in Nepal. We can see the town of Nepalgunj too if we like. Well from here we will go to Jumla which is one of the most underdeveloped places in Nepal and very few people reach here.

  1. From Jumla we start or trek to Chere chaur:

We can start our trek to Chere Chaur. The adventure begins with a rising climb along the Jugad stream. The trail goes through green woods, delightful towns, old religious communities and markets with astonishing scenes see. Stay the night at camp in Chere Chaur on full board suppers with hot tea and other drinks too.

  1.  Jaljala a gauge

We begin our trek and trail go rise until the Jaljala pass. Jaljala pass isn’t a hard such like different passes since it gauges just 3,580m from ocean level. Besides, in the wake of intersection the pass trek proceed with a straight approach to Jaljala Charu. In the wake of achieving Jaljala Chaur, we take rest for a few minutes and after that trail goes climb up to Chala Chaur. Overnight at camp in Chala Chaur on full board suppers with hot beverages.

  1. Sinja valley:

our trek begins with a rising climb to Sinja valley which goes through a few settlements, thick woodland along the Jaljala stream. .Sinja is an old capital city of Khasa kingdom which governed this locale from twelfth to the fourteenth century.

Overnight at rose camp on full board dinners., we extend our trek with a tough trail along the Hima River by intersection Laha town, woods and wonderful valleys. In transit, we need to cross suspension connect. Stay the night on the rose camp at Gorusinga with full board dinners.

  1. Gorusinga to Rara Lake

Our trek starts with hot breakfast and experiences Chuchhema Danda. Chuccheman is one of the finest viewpoints to get the appreciate perspectives of Himalayan ranges and hypnotizing Rara lake.

One the way we go through Khatyar stream and a couple of towns including Murma. Overnight at rose camp in Rara Lake on full board suppers with hot tea and espresso.

  1. Rara lake itself:

Finally, it is a day to investigate around Rara Lake. Rara Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Nepal situated at an elevation of 2,290m and has a surface of 10.8 sq km. We do drifting to appreciate the pleasant setting of the lake and watch verities of fish.

Additionally, climb around the Rake Lake for staggering perspectives of Himalayan tops on the southern and northern side of the Lake. Overnight at rose camp in Rara Lake on full board suppers.

  1. Trek from Rara lake to Pina

After breakfast, our trek goes to Pina town. We start our climb with simple and straight trail until Gamgadi. Gamgadi is the central station of Mugu locale where government workplaces are found. At that point after, we stroll down to get Pina town. Stay the night at Pina town in rose camp on full board dinners.

  1. Trek from Pina to Bumra (2850m.)

The present trek begins with plummet climb by intersection Ghurchi Lagna pass (3485m.) with lovely mountain perspectives and towns to get Bumra. Bumra is one of the excellent towns in this district. This town is otherwise called Nauri Ghat. Overnight at Bumra in rose camp on full board dinners.

Well, it is not compulsory that we trek to all the places but it is definitely worth to trek to other sides of the Rara as well. It is very far from the capital city of Nepal and is not possible that we travel that place from time to time so whenever we make a plan to visit Rara we can also go to these places and have fun by trekking hiking boating and so on.

This is one of the best places to visit and not only Rara on the way to Rara we can also visit so many other new places in bonus.

So, here you go all you can do in the national park. National parks are basically for the purpose of saving the nature and natural life around us. All sorts of plants and animals and the species of them are well protected in the Rara national park.

Moreover, the national park makes our ecosystem in a balanced form and keep its environment clean, green, fresh and healthy. Now you have some idea to visit and have some fun around the Rara national park. Go visit it.

Trek or hike or do cycling. Have fun camp firing. Do some research on the various species of plants and wildlife, insects and birds, etc. Do some cool photography. You can do vlogging if they allow you to do so around the national park.

Here we have discussed about Rara national park and lake and the different things and the places that can be visited and the different things that can be done in the smallest national park and the biggest lake of Nepal one of the very attractive place for the national and international tourist to visit and enjoy the nature without any disturbance.

Things to do and places to visit in Rara National Park