14 Things to Do and Places to Visit in Rara National Park, Nepal


Rara National Park is an ensured territory in the Himalayas of Nepal and was set up in 1976. Covering a range of 106 km2 (41 sq mi) in the Mugu and Jumla areas, it is the nation’s smallest national park.

Its principle highlight is Rara Lake at a height of 2,990 m (9,810 ft). The recreation center was built up to secure the one of a kind widely varied vegetation of the Humla– Jumla Region of Nepal. The recreation center ranges in rising from 2,800 m (9,200 ft) to 4,039 m (13,251 ft) at Chuchemara Peak on the southern side of Rara Lake.

On the northern side, the pinnacles of Ruma Kand and Malika Kand outline the elevated freshwater lake, which is the biggest lake in Nepal with a surface of 10.8 km2. this stop is oval formed and this is the fascinating spot to visit in Nepal. 

Well even though the park is a smallest national park of Nepal there are various places to visit and things to do in that place. These days many people have started thinking about visiting the different places rather than staying at home during the holiday and vacations or in the festivals.

Rara National Park Image
Rara National Park Image

People are always searching for new places to visit and have an adventure trip always. Well visiting the remote areas of Nepal which have the natural beauty in it help you to be very close to nature without any artificial world completely.

These also help people to feel the nature and forget the stress and anxiety for a few times. Being the natural beauty of the world many people visit the Rara national park every year for various purposes. The main theme of visiting the Rara is enjoying with family and friends. 

Well, the main purpose of traveling to Rara national park and its surrounding area.  The national park is surrounded by the thick pine and juniper forest in the Rara area and its surrounding. The view of the national park and the lake is very attractive and eye catchy.


Well while visiting the Rara national park and the Rara lake people can be very near to nature and can enjoy the beauty of nature without any disturbance. If someone is interested in visiting or trekking than Nepal is there the first choice.

They can visit many Himalayan hilly and mountain region in Nepal at a time as the country itself is made up of different states of land from the highest to the low land and with all kind of flora and fauna that the people around would love to see.

We can list many places of Nepal according to the interest of people who are really interested in visiting the natural beauty of nature. here we are giving the tips about traveling to Rara national park and the Rara lake and its ethereal places and the various adventurous things that can be done in the trip to Rara lake and the national park.

Firstly lets discussed the variety of things that can be done in this lovely and precious piece of nature and the Rara lake.

We can see a variety of flora and fauna in this national park:

While visiting the smallest national park people can observe the various vegetation like alpine coniferous and much other vegetation of that region.  

Even though the area is the smallest national park in Nepal it has the more than 500 variety of flower, 20 different species of animals and 214 different kinds of birds. As for the water life, it is covered by the snow and the various species of the fishes can also be found in the lake.

The person who goes to the Rara national park and the Rara Lake will definitely be able to see the ranges of vegetation and the endangered species of the animals too. We can also say that the national park is the habitat for the many flora and fauna.

1. Best for trekking:

The smallest national park of Nepal the Rara which is located in the far northwestern part of Nepal. Although Rara is the smallest national park the lake itself is considered as the biggest lake in Nepal.  

This lake has the magnificent views of the deep blue clear lake and the forested hillside, as well as the snow, capped peaks around it. Actually to reach the Rara we can take the flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla.

After reaching Jumla the destination to Rara will be 2-3 days walk away. We can start the adventurous trekking from Jumla in the hilly village of Jumla where apple orchard stretches out over the hills.

beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images
Beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images

The trek leads through the remote countryside toward the Tibetan border.  A journey into the Jumla region and the beautiful Rara Lake is probably one of the most rewarding and fascinating treks in all the Himalayan range given its un-spoilt splendor of nature.

While trekking to rara we can see various hills and mountain on our way. We can also see the green hills and variety of vegetation on the way as well. We can see many different fruits like famous apples and other like oranges and so on.

While trekking to rara it might be tiring but the view and the natural beauty of the location will make it worthy to walk to the rara than by taking flight or by bus. Well can say that Rara lake and Rara national park is worthy to trek.

2. Boating:

The biggest lake in Nepal is known as Rara Lake and the surrounded national park is Rara national park. The lake which is oval in shape and will be covered by snow most of the time is one of the best place sightseeing. Here in the lake, we see a variety of fishes. The clear blue water allows the clear view of the periphery too.

The amazing view of the park and the lake is amazing. It is mind-blowing to do boating in the clear water of the lake. The visitor can enjoy the amazing view of the rara the biggest lake of Nepal and its surrounding mountain greenery view and various water plant and fishes of the lake.

Even though we can do boating in any other places too it will definitely be different in the Rara Lake. The tourist and another visitor can have a different experience while boating in this place.

3. Hiking:

The short walks to the nearby distance are called hiking. In the region of rara, it is amazing to hike to nearby hills for nearer views of the mountain and around the lake. The people of this area are absolutely amazing and the friendly people of that area.

The people have a good sense of hospitality for the tourist and the other people. Well, the hiking also is fruitful if we just wanna see the view of the surrounding area and the very rare birds and the wildflower which are very rare and can be only seen in that region only.  


While hiking we can also see the peripheral area of the lake and the amazing and the sound view of nature without any disturbance of the artificial and any other disturbances. It is a very good place to be very close to nature and see the creation of the god in its original form.

As the place is in the hilly region of Nepal it is not artificially developed and couldn’t find the artificial facilities like transportation and good restaurant. The people who are a real lover of nature and its beauty will have a good time in this area while doing hiking and walking in the area with their friends and enjoy the greenery and the different flora and fauna.

4. Sightseeing:

The mountainous region of Nepal in the far west of Nepal which is known for its natural beauty and the smallest national of Nepal known as Rara National park and the biggest lake of Nepal Rara Lake is one of the tourist areas of Nepal.

This place is located in the Mugu district of Nepal. Which takes at least 7 days to travel from Nepaljung to Jumla and from Jumla we can walk to Rara Lake and park? Well in this area we can find various species of flora and fauna including various freshwater fishes too.

The people who are interested in seeing the various plant and animals in the same place can go to the area national park and see the species there. Well, this place is also very popular for the greenery hills and nice Mountain View from the lakeside.

The oval shape of the lake is amazing in itself. The largest lake in the country which is located in such an amazing shape and size itself will give peace to the eyes of the viewer.  The views of the national park by walking or by the elephant ride give us an interesting view of the place.

We can also see the various flower and birds including different insects too. The .place is perfect for the shooting site for the commercial movies and these days many of the producers have started to shoot in that view of the scene their movie. It is known as the best place to see the nature its beauty and enjoy the natural form of the earth from very close.

It also best for taking the picture of the scenery and the mountains with the green forest and the deep blue freshwater lake.

5. Jungle Safari:

The smallest national park that is located in the far west of Nepal is one of the best places to visit to see the various species of bird’s animals and other different plants too.  

Even the national park is in the remote area of the far west of Nepal these days the popularity of the place has been increasing day by day and the visitor for the place has been increasing rapidly in comparison to the previous year.


Here we have the facility of different activities fun having fun like hiking trekking boating camp firing and jungle safari too.  In jungle safari, we can go through the entire jungle and look at the different species of animals and birds and other plants too.

By jungle safari, we can see the different animals and plants from very close and enjoy their presence. Jungle safari is the activities that are done in the jungle area which means traveling through the jungle and looking to nature.

Being the smallest national park in Nepal it has many varieties of plant animals and different insects. As the location is between the hilly and mountain region it has the animals and plants of both the region so it has a variety of plant and animals.

6. Campfire:

Ever done a campfire when you are on the way away from your home. The campfire is really fun if you find one cooler group of friends with you. Here is, the other activity that is available in the rara lake is the campfire.

It is very rare in other places due to the strict rules and regulation of the national park and the lakeside. It is being strict due to the reason that it affects the plant and animals and also harm the environment too. Well in the area of rara lake and the national park it is available to do campfire.

This is one of the most interesting activities that also attract the visitor and the tourist too. The visitor who is very tired of the whole day traveling will definitely enjoy the campfire and the warmth after facing the cold and cool breeze of the mountain. It sounds interesting to do campfire by the group of friends and then enjoy with singing and dancing too.

camp fire

In the open land on the sky roof having a campfire and sitting by the group of people and enjoying the nature is amazing and the best part of it is that it is far from the city area so can enjoy the nature fully.

7. Cycling:

Cycling is a sort of open-air workout. It enhances our well being. Be that as it may, we ought not to make excessively utilization of it. The cycle is the least expensive methods of transport. A decent cycle can be had a little more than eight hundred rupees. It will stay in great request for quite a while.

Other than joys cycling shows us something. When we go on it the neighboring zone of the city, we get the hang of something. We motivate chance to know the history and geology of the spots we visit. Cycling can be done in the national park.

A cyclist requires not to travel alone. He can simply go in the organization of his companion. As they cycle along, happily goes the discussion. When they see some delightful protest, they can stop to appreciate it.

It is also another exciting thing to do in the Rara national park if you got good cycling friends who are fond of cycling. These days, wellbeing wave is blowing everywhere throughout the world, individuals are ending up more cognizant with respect to their wellbeing so what’s the preferable route over cycling to shed off calories and picking up wellness.

Actually, cycling is a standout amongst the most useful activities and all you require is a cycle, a protective cap, agreeable garments, shoes, and some pedal power. Likewise, you can do cycling at whenever, wherever, all alone or with loved ones.

Cycling winds up plainly prominent worldwide because of its straightforwardness, cost-adequacy, and ease of use. Cycling offers various medical advantages and lives a solid and tranquil life. They sit back in chuckling, talking and splitting jokes. In this way, their opportunity goes into cheerful making.

Different places on the way to Rara, The biggest lake, and the smallest national park

We know that to reach the destination we have to go to various places. The largest lake in Nepal and the smallest national Rara is located in the western region of Nepal. If we start our journey from Kathmandu it is approximately 15 days.

We can take the different route to reach Rara national park.it is completely in our decision. While planning to go to Rara the best time is spring and autumn season. If we start our journey from Kathmandu than we can visit many places of Kathmandu valley itself.

Here we can see many historical places like Durbar square and so on. From Kathmandu, if we take a flight to Nepaljung and from Nepalgunj to jumla than from jumla we will have 3-4 days trek to rara lake and national park.

Rara-national-park-route map

Nepaljung is the hottest place in Nepal. We can see the town of Nepalgunj too if we like. Well from here we will go to Jumla which is one of the most underdeveloped places in Nepal and very few people reach here.

  1. From Jumla we start or trek to Chere chaur:

We can start our trek to Chere Chaur. The adventure begins with a rising climb along the Jugad stream. The trail goes through green woods, delightful towns, old religious communities and markets with astonishing scenes see. Stay the night at camp in Chere Chaur on full board suppers with hot tea and other drinks too.

  1.  Jaljala a gauge

We begin our trek and trail go rise until the Jaljala pass. Jaljala pass isn’t a hard such like different passes since it gauges just 3,580m from ocean level. Besides, in the wake of intersection the pass trek proceed with a straight approach to Jaljala Charu.

In the wake of achieving Jaljala Chaur, we take rest for a few minutes and after that trail goes climb up to Chala Chaur. Overnight at camp in Chala Chaur on full board suppers with hot beverages.

  1. Sinja valley:

our trek begins with a rising climb to Sinja valley which goes through a few settlements, thick woodland along the Jaljala stream. .Sinja is an old capital city of Khasa kingdom which governed this locale from twelfth to the fourteenth century.

Overnight at rose camp on full board dinners., we extend our trek with a tough trail along the Hima River by intersection Laha town, woods and wonderful valleys. In transit, we need to cross suspension connect. Stay the night on the rose camp at Gorusinga with full board dinners.

  1. Gorusinga to Rara Lake

Our trek starts with hot breakfast and experiences Chuchhema Danda. Chuccheman is one of the finest viewpoints to get the appreciate perspectives of Himalayan ranges and hypnotizing Rara lake.

One the way we go through Khatyar stream and a couple of towns including Murma. Overnight at rose camp in Rara Lake on full board suppers with hot tea and espresso.

  1. Rara lake itself:

Finally, it is a day to investigate around Rara Lake. Rara Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Nepal situated at an elevation of 2,290m and has a surface of 10.8 sq km. We do drifting to appreciate the pleasant setting of the lake and watch verities of fish.

Additionally, climb around the Rake Lake for staggering perspectives of Himalayan tops on the southern and northern side of the Lake. Overnight at rose camp in Rara Lake on full board suppers.

  1. Trek from Rara lake to Pina

After breakfast, our trek goes to Pina town. We start our climb with simple and straight trail until Gamgadi. Gamgadi is the central station of Mugu locale where government workplaces are found. At that point after, we stroll down to get Pina town. Stay the night at Pina town in rose camp on full board dinners.

  1. Trek from Pina to Bumra (2850m.)

The present trek begins with plummet climb by intersection Ghurchi Lagna pass (3485m.) with lovely mountain perspectives and towns to get Bumra. Bumra is one of the excellent towns in this district. This town is otherwise called Nauri Ghat. Overnight at Bumra in rose camp on full board dinners.

Well, it is not compulsory that we trek to all the places but it is definitely worth to trek to other sides of the Rara as well. It is very far from the capital city of Nepal and is not possible that we travel that place from time to time so whenever we make a plan to visit Rara we can also go to these places and have fun by trekking hiking boating and so on.

This is one of the best places to visit and not only Rara on the way to Rara we can also visit so many other new places in bonus.

So, here you go all you can do in the national park. National parks are basically for the purpose of saving the nature and natural life around us. All sorts of plants and animals and the species of them are well protected in the Rara national park.

Moreover, the national park makes our ecosystem in a balanced form and keep its environment clean, green, fresh and healthy. Now you have some idea to visit and have some fun around the Rara national park. Go visit it.

Trek or hike or do cycling. Have fun camp firing. Do some research on the various species of plants and wildlife, insects and birds, etc. Do some cool photography. You can do vlogging if they allow you to do so around the national park.

Here we have discussed about Rara national park and lake and the different things and the places that can be visited and the different things that can be done in the smallest national park and the biggest lake of Nepal one of the very attractive place for the national and international tourist to visit and enjoy the nature without any disturbance.

Things to do and places to visit in Rara National Park


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