Happy Ram Navami Messages In English For This Year 2021


Ram Navami is celebrated with great happiness among Hindu communities around all over the world. Here are 73 best Happy Ram Navami messages in English language. So, first of all, Happy Ram Navami 2021! Happy Ram Navami 2078 Vikram Samvat. We are here with more than 70+ wishes, messages, status, and quotes for this year 2021.

Happy Ram Navami Messages In English For This Year 2021

May your life with God be easy and beautiful, may troubles not hang over you with gloomy clouds from heaven!

May sunny weather be on your soul all year round, may cold and anxiety not touch your heart! May your thoughts be bright, your dreams high, your faith unshakable, your hope unquenchable!

May your face reflect God’s glory and reflect the love of the Almighty on all people!

May the warm light of God’s eyes give you confidence in tomorrow!

Happy Ram Navami Wishes in English

May God’s grace protects you and your family, may the sky above you be blue, may the guardian angel not leave you!

If you suddenly get lost on the true road, may Lord Ram guide you on the path that you need to follow, because his all-seeing eye is always above you!


Happy Ram Navami Messages In English

We wish that at every step Lord Ram bless you and give your soul spiritual joy! May it rain abundantly upon the great generosity of God!

May the everlasting light of faith accompany you everywhere! May joy and love with God Vishnu blessing go with you. I wish that the soul remained clean, good health, bright thoughts!

Let your thoughts be positive, without worries, anxieties, disappointments, and pain! We sincerely wish you, as well as your family and friends, prosperity, health, kindness, faith, hope and love!

 God’s help to you in all deeds and undertakings! May Lord Ram renew your strength, strengthen your faith, give you bodily strength and accompany you all the days of your life!

May Lord Ram always be behind your back, giving good hope and happiness in your heart, prosperity and good luck on your way.

We wish that hard work and prayers ennoble your being, that prosperity reigns in your home, that your family is strong and friendly!

May the blessed faith lead you in the right way, protecting you from evil people and evil looks.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes In English

May God bless you on the right path and victorious life, so that your spirit can triumph over worldly sorrows!

 May Lord Ram bless you in faithful service, so that you will be a winner in the fight against the evil spirit!

 May Lord Vishnu bless you for a good deed, for a good desire and pure intention, so that you do not know petty deeds and evil intentions!

We wish you good health, longevity, spiritual growth and development, earthly blessings, prosperity in everything, peaceful sky, heavenly miracles, love, and understanding!

 Believe, hope and love, and if difficult times come, turn to God, he will help and support you!

May God fill the soul with the missing pieces of strength and faith. May your heart lead you from this day only along the righteous path to true happiness and the grace of life.

Happy Ram Navami Wishes In English

I wish you to tirelessly continue your journey, illuminating this world with kindness and mercy. Letting go of your grievances and not allowing darkness to close the joy of your soul.

I wish that God Ram will protect you from ailments and unclean thoughts, that your path will be successful and bright. Happy Ram Navami Status in English

May your life path always remain gracious, may God protect you from troubles and evil intentions.

May Lord Ram direct you to the true path of happiness and love on this bright day of your soul – on the day of his birth.


 I wish you peace and respect, deeds for the benefit of society and sincere gratitude of the heart for the life given.

 May your heart believe in miracles today, may God send you good health, prosperity and good thoughts today. I wish you peace and pure love, true friendship, and bright hope.

May all sorrows and misfortunes remain in the past, and instead of them, your house will be filled with happiness and love!

I heartily congratulate you on this bright day and sincerely wish that the mercy of God Vishnu always extends over you and all those close to you.

Happy Ram Navami Quotes In English

Let the heart believe in miracles that always come true. Health, peace, and love never leave your home. And luck will be a faithful assistant in any business.

May God Vishnu be merciful and endow with patience, wisdom, and deliver from troubles.

May the cold disappear from your life forever, anger and misunderstanding disappear. May spring blossom in your heart and drive away sadness.

On this day, the sun shines in a special way, nature is transformed, and people are becoming kinder! I wish you that all your dreams come true, that you think only about the good and accomplish all the most beautiful!


With all my heart, accept bright wishes for Ram Navami! May Lord Ram be incredibly kind to you and very merciful, give his boundless love, warmth, and faith.

May this festival illuminate the sky and shed light on our souls and hearts. On the birth of Lord Ram, let an unearthly love for others be born, our soul will reincarnate, and our world will become kinder and more careful.

Happy Ram Navami Quotes In English

May this holiday sow understanding, mutual help and soulfulness in our homes. And Faith, Hope, and Love will be faithful companions in life.

Give your love without demanding anything in return and you will receive twice as much love and affection.

 Rejoice for the success of your family and friends from the bottom of your heart. Thank Lord Vishnu for each new day. Believe in success. And life will become a fairy tale!

May God Vishnu keep you, guide you, and bless you every day and every night.

The light that radiates from the heart of one who has faith in Lord Ram is the most beautiful and bright of all.

May Lord Ram support you, save you, and bless you the way He has done to this day.

Have faith that Lord Ram will always be near to guide and bless your way in this world.

You live under the protection and blessing of the almighty Ram, and you owe only love and gratitude to Him.

May God Vishnu be your guide and bless you all your days.

Happy Ram Navami Quotes In English

May God protect and bless you so that you have a day of great light, peace and joy, daughter!

With God Ram at heart and thought, it is easier to be happy and enjoy life.

Lord Ram has sent each of you to give light and happiness to my life. Happy Ram Navami to all my friends.

May Lord Ram bless you, my dear friend, with peace, health, and joy. And even in the most difficult and inevitable moments, you can count on him, who is the true friend of all time.

If the steps of life are difficult to climb, hold in Lord Ram’s hand so that you will surely find the strength to go on.

I am always hoping that you will reach your goals. You are a very struggling person and I wish God Vishnu to always guide your steps.

Never forget to chase your dreams and remember that Lord Ram helps those struggling to realize their dreams.

Never forget that you can count on me for whatever you need. May God always bless your journey and illuminate your future! Happy Ram Navami.

God Vishnu bless and protect you day after day. The Lord is always present and attentive and that is why you are never alone. Remember to do good on any occasion.

Happy Ram Navami Status In English

 Never forget that love is the answer to everything in life. Fight for everything you believe in and do not give in to temptations or futility of fate. Love, let yourself be loved and be happy with God’s blessing.

You are a wonderful person with a beautiful heart of gold. I only want God Vishnu to bless you every day and every night in any situation. Enjoy the Lord’s gifts with a smile on your face.

Trust, focus on the essentials and live up to what seems right to you. Best wishes in Ram Navami.

You deserve to be happy every day and you can be sure that God is attentive and will provide you with unique moments of peace and love in your life.

May Lord Ram bless your day and grant you success in all your projects.

May Lord Ram bless your day and grant you success in all your projects. Happy Ram Navami Status In English

Never stop fighting for what you believe in, or lose faith if something does not go your way.

God puts obstacles in the way of those who can overcome them so that they can learn and strengthen with them.

This is a time to pray a lot, to thank Lord Ram for all we have, and to remember the true meaning of Ram Navami. Today we honor and celebrate the life of our Lord Ram.

Happy Ram Navami Greetings In English

Sometimes life causes us to stumble and fall, but at any moment you should never give up. Always have faith that Lord Ram will help you, and hope that tomorrow will be born full of light and joy.

May Lord Ram always bless your path and grant you success in the end. But never forget: the best attitude is to throw yourself into the fight!

May your faith in Lord Ram guide you further in this journey and may you always be grateful for the good things in life.

Never forget that everything we do must be done with the divine word in mind. Spread the grace of God Vishnu, the faith and above all spread the love.

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I know Lord Ram has reserved wonderful things for your day, so live every second. Pray a lot, thank the Lord for another dawn and never forget that He is always watching over us.

 Be at peace, smile and thank the opportunity to be happy. Take the divine message wherever you go and know that there will be a reward.

Happy Ram Navami Messages In English

If we have faith in God Vishnu, He will lead us in the right way and lead us out of the darkness.

May God Vishnu bless you so that your day may be one of peace. A new dawn has come to bring love and joy to our hearts.

Smile, for our Lord Ram, has blessed us with a new day and it is up to us to thank.

 May you find beauty in every detail and that today is a blessed moment. A very happy Ram Navami.

Living is the greatest of all blessings and I want you to make the most of every moment and not miss any opportunity to be happy.

Nothing is more important than smiling, being happy, loving, and receiving love, and today is the right day for it all.

 Put the best smile on your face, delicate words in your mouth and practice goodness through God’s word at all times. Let us be and make happy those we love.

This auspicious day is blessed by Lord Ram; all dreams will be fulfilled and no mission will be left unfulfilled.

This is a day when our actions should be turned to praise the word of Lord Ram and find in them the salvation of our sins. No one is alone when we have Lord Ram in our hearts!

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With faith and compassion, let us make this festive day another divine gift as we dedicate our lives to the power and love of God Vishnu.

Love exists and is always within your heart. This is the great gift of Lord Ram.

Happy Ram Navami Messages In English

Lord Ram is present and the great protector. And it is through Him that you will overcome all challenges and trials of fire.

Lord Vishnu blesses your life, your days, and guides all your steps. You just have to keep fighting for something fair for everything and everyone.

It is time for solidarity, affection, and attention. We will practice good at all times and with all the people, animals, and all the things.

Let’s be and make happy those we meet. Let’s smile, hug and take care of realizing all dreams. God Ram will always be by our side.

It is time to fully enjoy this divine day with the blessing of Lord Ram. Let’s smile, hug, kiss and take care of those we love. Let’s be happy without fear of sadness.

May we all realize ourselves as human beings, without forgetting to do good to everything that moves in this world.


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