21 Ideas on Rakhi Return Gifts Tradition That Make a Special To Your Siblings


Rakhi Return Gifts Traditions: – Rakhi is a famous and religious festival that celebrates the strong bond and relationship between brother and sister. It is the festival of sharing the love and emotions and also the sentiments with your siblings.

Rakhi is the most popular Indian festival that is dedicated to sisterhood and is celebrated with great fondness and devotion. This is the festival which predates Rakhi clothes as well as Rakhi sweets and it is one of the biggest Hindu festivals.

Rakhi is mostly associated with the brother-sister bond but today people of every age group and religion are also interested in celebrating the bond between a brother and sister. It is a fact that Rakhi is an occasion when sisters extend to their brothers and help them and support them in their everyday life.

On this day, the sister ties the sacred thread Rakhi, the symbol of love, affection, and protection in the wrist of the brother wishing the long life, prosperity, happiness, and bright future.

Rakhi Return Gifts Traditions

The brother vows to protect his sister in good and bad phases in her life. The tradition of Raksha Bandhan has steeped the forward with brother offering the return rakhi gift.

Earlier, the brother used to present the money that he has with him as a rakhi return gift. The money may be rs.1 or 100. But the money as a return gift was said to be precious. But with time, there is a tradition of presenting different modern usable things as a return gift.

In Raksha Bandhan, sisters leave no stone to unturn to make their brother feel special. Sisters make all the things perfect with full of happiness and excitation. It’s your turn to make your sister feel special by presenting the return gift from this Raksha Bandhan.


Brother must gift a treasure- a love of sweet memories with a pledge of care and protection forever. You can bring the million-dollar smile on your sister’s face by surprising her with precious things.

If you are puzzled with the idea of return gift for your sister to surprise her on this Raksha Bandhan than we are with the best ideas to explore the amazing and unique range of rakhi gifts for a sister.

On this Raksha Bandhan, the great tradition of exchanging gifts between brother and sister has been simplified by same-day delivery for the siblings who are far from each other. Hope you will get some ideas to present a return gift of Rakhi;

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Things which should be considered before purchasing the Rakhi return gift are;

  • The likes and dislikes of a sister should be known.
  • If you want to surprise your sister then, you can take the help of a girlfriend or any female in the store.
  • The gift must be under your budget.

Rakhi Return Gift 

1. Sibling Shirts Set for Big Sisters and Little

rakhi return gift

Girls are mainly fond of different fashionable, trendy, and designer clothes. Also, all girls love to store the latest fashionable trendy dresses in her wardrobe.

In this Raksha Bandhan, the brother can choose the beautiful dress from a wide range of apparel in the market, mall. As small girls are fond of frocks and skirts. So, you can choose an attractive frock or skirts for your cute and amazing small sister.

For your married sister, you can offer sari, lehenga to your married sister. You can present a one-piece dress, skirt, t-shirt, shirt, pants for your sister who loves to wear westernized dresses.

If your sister loves to wear traditional clothes then you can gift her kurta, surwal. You can choose the dress of white, blue, red and purple color. Too much bright color clothes are not good for girls.

If your sister loves a dress in the shop but she is unable to manage the money to buy the dress then you can make her surprise by gifting that dress of her choice. You can get all the happiness of the world in her face.

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There are many Rakhi gifts available in the market at a convenient price. So, don’t buy the clothes over your budget.

2. Fashion jewelry – Rakhi Return Gifts

rakhi return gift

Girls are extremely fond of jewelry. As the jewelry is the symbol of feminist. Girl wearing jewelry looks so gorgeous. The girl also wants to wear jewelry matching her dress.

She usually wears the jewelry at the party, on holidays and in the ceremony as well. These days, jewelry has become an important and essential part in the life of a girl.

As your sister never forgets to tie the rakhi on the wrist of yours then, you must present her jewelry as Rakhi return gift for making the festival special and memorable.

Jewelry such as a necklace, ring, bangles, earrings, bracelet, pendant, chains made up of silver, gold, and diamond can be offered as the rakhi return gift. If your budget is low then you can present her the jewelry of silver or low price jewelry.


So, if you present jewelry as a rakhi return gift then, obviously it will blow her mind.

3. Branded perfumes and deodorants;

rakhi return gift

Perfumes and deodorants are essential accessories for girls. In this Raksha Bandhan, you can choose the branded perfumes and deodorant to offer your sister as a rakhi return gift.

For this, you can explore the different collections of perfumes and deodorants in online stores and shops. If you don’t know the choice of the fragrance of a girl, then you can take the help of your girlfriend or lady in the store. A good fragrance can bring a bright and big smile on your sister’s face.

4. Watches

rakhi return gift

In this fashion ongoing world, girls are more being so choosy and classy. In this Raksha Bandhan, designer’s trendy watches can be the best option as a rakhi return gift. Girls are fond of watches.

They mostly wear watches as a fashion than looking time. Earlier, girls used to wear small-sized watches but with the change in time, girls are fond of wearing medium-sized round watches.

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So, you can choose a nice and fabulous collection of watches according to the designs, patterns, size, and colors in an online store and shops in malls as well. A single look on the watch will make your sister remember you.

5. Cosmetics

rakhi return gift

Every girl uses cosmetics to improve the beauty and looks of her. Every female loves to adorn her. She mostly wants to do makeup while going in ceremony, parties, vacation, and while visiting relative’s house as well.

Girls are so concerned about their skin, face, and complexion. Cosmetics can be the best option to offer your sister as a rakhi return gift. For a simple sister, the makeup kit should be smaller with fewer makeup products.


But for makeup-loving sister, you can offer the varieties of makeup products. You can offer a good brand of cosmetics such as lipstick, cream, gazal, indoor ( for married sister), nail polish, hair band, hair clip, shampoo, hair straightening cream, curl iron as a Rakhi gift.

You can gift the cartoon form of hair clips for your little sister. For cosmetics, you can choose the brand of Maybelline, Lakme, L’oreal, etc. Also, you can gift a combo pack of beauty cosmetics including toner, moisturizer, and cleansing.

You can also gift her coupons of the best and her favorite salon for facials, waxing, manicure, pedicure, body massage, etc.

6. Crockery – Rakhi Return Gifts

If your sister loves to cook the food then, crockery is the best option to present her as a return rakhi gift. She can serve the delicious foods made by her in those gifted crockeries.

While eating food, she will remember her brother. Especially, it is the best rakhi return gift to your married sister.

You can gift ceramics plate, glasses, spoons, cooking utensils for your sister as a rakhi return gift. The relation between brother and sister will be stronger and longer.

7. Chocolate boxes;

rakhi return gift

Girls of any age are fond of chocolates and love to receive them at any time as gifts. Girls love to have a great interest in tasting the different types of chocolates.

Buying chocolates shouldn’t be a difficult task for you, as the wide ranges of chocolates are available in the market made especially for Raksha Bandhan.

You can choose the hampers of chocolates like dark chocolates, milk chocolate, white chocolate, bitter chocolate, rum chocolate, and so on. You can make chocolate at home and offer your sister as a rakhi return gift.

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Especially, for chocolate lover sister, there is nothing more important than a bite of her favorite chocolates. Sweets and Chocolates are the best options to make the festival bright and pleasurable.

8. Decorative items;

If your sister loves art then, you can present her paintings, wall hangings, or craft materials in this Raksha Bandhan.

According to your sister’s taste and requirements, you can present the decorative pieces. If she loves to beautify her home then, you can present her any decorative beautiful items. It will be highly appreciated and cherished for life.

9. Gadgets as Rakhi Return Gifts

Rakhi Gifts Ideas for Brother

In this developing and internet world, there is a mobile phone in everyone’s hands as well as laptops and iPods. Many of the youth are attracted to the latest features smartphones, laptops.

If you have the adult sister, then gadgets will be her need. So, what is the better gift than classy and latest gadgets for your sister? Surely, it will blow her mind. You can present her a Smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPod as a return Rakhi gift considering your sister’s preference and interest as well.

10. Toys

Rakhi Gifts Ideas for sister

Small girls love and adore toys at any time. Toys can bring the dollar and instant smile on your sister’s face.

Barbie dolls are the favorite of small girls and teddy bears are the favorite of small and big girls. You can gift the plethora of toys in different forms of animals such as elephant, dog, cat, etc.

11. Handbags

rakhi return gift

Handbags are a favorite of working women, housewives, and college girls. They have special attention to various types of handbags.

In this Raksha Bandhan, you can gift the best and beautiful handbag for your sister as a return gift. It should be in your choice.

You can order online as well if you don’t have time to visit the stores of a shopping mall. The brandy and classy handbags will add more style and glam into her looks.

12. Customized coffee mug;rakhi return gift

It is trending to give customized coffee mug as a gift. In the rakhi, brother can offer the good quality ceramic mug for thanking your sister for everything she has done for you, for love, care, and guardianship.

In the market, it comes to HD printing of your photo or something really beautiful that expresses the bond of love and care between you. Also, the mugs filled with chocolates are available to reach your sister comfortably.

While using that mug by your sister, she will surely remember you, all your memories. Various sizes of mugs are available in the market. But it is good to present her the medium-sized cup.

13. Recipe Book;

Most of the girls are fond of cooking, actually trying a new dish. So, in this Raksha Bandhan, it will be an excellent choice to gift her recipe book. She will make tasty and delicious foods for all your family with the recipe book she has got from her brother as a gift.

This idea will be best for the sisters whose marriage date is coming soon so that she could learn many tasty dishes. She will be thankful to you for the best rakhi return gift.

14. Novel;

if your sister shows interest in reading novels and books, then the novel will be the best choice as a return rakhi gift.

Your sister may be the fan of some author, so in this Rakhi, if you know that your sister is fond of reading novels then, you can choose the appropriate novel of the best author and trend in the market.

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So, you want to present a novel or any books to your sister then, you can also take the help of your novel and books reading friend. You can also the novel online.

15. Household utilities;

such type of gift should be given which can be used in our daily life. If you think to shop for the best rakhi return gift then, you can choose the stock of various kitchen utilities.

It will be helpful for your sister which can be used by her daily. You will be satisfied by gifting the household utilities such as a knife, storage rack, gas stove, refrigerator, dining table, etc. This gift is appropriate for your married sister.

16. Greeting card;

Card Rakhi
Card Rakhi

in this Raksha Bandhan, it will be a good idea to send the lovely greeting card wishing her good life, happiness, and good luck. If your sister is far from you, then you can send the greeting card online or by carrier service.

The choice of the greeting card is different from girls in comparison to the boys. So, for this, you can take the help of your girlfriend.

17. Cushion;

The cushion is so soft and pliable to decorate and holding it. In this Rakhi, gift your sister the best cushion. Various designs, sizes, and forms of the cushion are available.

You can choose the cushion of good design and the color of the cushion should be loved by your sister. So, you must know about the favorite color of your sister. She can proudly decorate the cushion in her house; can hold it with gentle love.

Good quality of cushion should be chosen. Cushions are not so expensive.

So, it will be good for you if you have a limited budget. In this Raksha Bandhan, express the immense love and care towards your sister, feel special by endowing her with a personalized cushion featuring quotes or messages written for her.

You can freely gift a beautiful and comfortable cushion to your sister as a rakhi return gift.

18. Chargeable light and fan;

Nepal is a country where there is load shedding. So, it is inconvenient for all. In this Raksha Bandhan, give some innovating, usable.

If your sister is in the place where it is hot and if there is no 24 hrs electricity service then, you can gift her chargeable hand fan and lamp. It will be so helpful for your studying sister.

So, a Chargeable fan and lamp will be the best and convenient idea for your sister as a rakhi return gift.

19. Idols;

In this Raksha Bandhan, it will be a good idea to gift the idols of god-like Ganesh, Saraswati, Buddha letting the blessings of God shed on your lovely sister. This gift will enhance the celebration of the festival. You can try this idea, it will blow her mind.

20. DSLR camera;

rakhi return gift

In this trendy world, the majority of youngsters have the dream of having a DSLR camera. It will give the best shooting experience, easy to operate, and has the ravishing shooting modes.

Collecting photographs is the best way to collect the beautiful and joyous moments of good times you have spent.

If your sister has the passion of collecting photographs then, you can offer her the DSLR camera by closing your eyes completely. For a passionate sister, the DSLR camera will be the cherry on the cake.

So, DSLR cameras are the best gift fully loaded with joy and excitement to your sister.

21. Flowers – Rakhi Return Gifts

rakhi return gift

Girls are fond of different varieties of flowers. So, in this Raksha Bandhan, don’t get panic if your sister is angry with you then you can make her happy by gifting flowers. Rose, Pansy, lotus, and other decorative varieties of flowers are best for gifting as a return rakhi gift.

Make your sister happy and feel special in this Raksha Bandhan. Gift her making her likes as a priority, not yours. Have an enjoyable and joyous Raksha Bandhan 2021 !!!!!!!

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