21 Ideas on Rakhi Return Gift Traditions

Rakhi Return Gift Traditions

Rakhi is the famous and religious festival which celebrates the strong bond and relationship between brother and sister. It is the festival of sharing the love and emotions and also the sentiments with your siblings. In this day, sister ties the sacred thread Rakhi, the symbol of love, affection and protection in the wrist of the brother wishing the long life, prosperity, happiness and bright future.

The brother vows to protect his sister in good and bad phases in her life. The tradition of Raksha Bandhan has steeped the forward with brother offering the return rakhi gift. Earlier, the brother used to present the money what he has with him as a rakhi return gift. The money may be rs.1 or 100. But the money as return gift was said to be precious. But with time, there is a tradition of presenting different modern usable things as a return gift.

In Raksha Bandhan, sisters leave no stone to unturn to make their brother feel special. Sisters make all the things perfect with full of happiness and excitation. It’s your turn to make your sister feel special by presenting the return gift from this Raksha Bandhan.

Brother must gift a treasure- love of sweet memories with a pledge of care and protection forever. You can bring the million dollar smile on your sister’s face by surprising her with precious things. If you are puzzled with the idea of return gift for your sister to surprise her on this Raksha Bandhan than we are with the best ideas to explore the amazing and unique range of rakhi gifts for a sister. On this Raksha Bandhan, the great tradition of exchanging gifts between brother and sister has been simplified by same day delivery for the siblings who are far from each other. Hope you will get some ideas to present a return gift of Rakhi;

Things which should be considered before purchasing the Rakhi return gift are;

  • The likes and dislikes of a sister should be known.
  • If you want to surprise your sister then, you can take help of girlfriend or any female in the store.
  • The gift must be under your budget.

Rakhi Return Gift 

1. Clothes;rakhi return gift

Girls are mainly fond of different fashionable, trendy and designers clothes. Also, all girls love to store the latest fashionable trendy dresses in her wardrobe. In this Raksha Bandhan, brother can choose the beautiful dress from a wide range of apparels in the market, mall. As small girls are fond of frocks and skirts. So, you can choose an attractive frock or skirts for your cute and amazing small sister.

For your married sister, you can offer sari, lehenga to your married sister. You can present one piece dress, skirt, t-shirt, shirt, pant for your sister who loves to wear westernized dresses. If your sister loves to wear the traditional clothes then you can gift her kurta, surwal. You can choose the dress of white, blue, red and purple color. Too much bright color clothes are not good for girls. If your sister love a dress in the shop but she is unable to manage the money to buy the dress then you can make her surprise by gifting that dress of her choice. You can get all the happiness of the world in her face. There are many Rakhi gifts available in the market in convenient price. So, don’t buy the clothes over your budget.

2. Fashion jewelry;rakhi return gift

Girls are extremely fond of jewelry. As jewelry is the symbol of feminist. Girl wearing jewelry looks so gorgeous. The girl also wants to wear jewelry matching to her dress. She usually wears the jewelry in the party, in holidays and in the ceremony as well. In these days, jewelry has become the important and essential part in the life of a girl.

As your sister never forget to tie the rakhi on the wrist of yours then, you must present her jewelry as Rakhi return gift for making the festival special and memorable. Jewelry such as necklace, ring, bangles, earrings, bracelet, pendant, chains made up of silver, gold and diamond can be offered as the rakhi return gift. If your budget is low then you can present her the jewelry of silver or low prices jewelry. So, if you present jewelry as a rakhi return gift then, obviously it will blow her mind.

3. Branded perfumes and deodorants;rakhi return gift

Perfumes and deodorants are essential accessories for girls. In this Raksha Bandhan, you can choose the branded perfumes and deodorant to offer your sister as a rakhi return gift. For this, you can explore the different collections of perfumes and deodorants in online stores and shops. If you don’t know the choice of the fragrance of girl, then you can take the help of your girlfriend or lady in the store. A good fragrance can bring the bright and big smile in your sister’s face.

4. Watches;rakhi return gift

In this fashion ongoing world, girls are more being so choosy and classy. In this Raksha Bandhan, designer’s trendy watches can be the best option as a rakhi return gift. Girls are fond of watches. They mostly wear watches as a fashion than looking time. Earlier, girls used to wear small sized watches but with the change in time, girls are fond of wearing medium sized round watches. So, you can choose a nice and fabulous collection of watches according to the designs, patterns, size, and colors in an online store and shops in malls as well. A single look on watch will make your sister to remember you.

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