100 Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection


100 Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English: – Rakhi is the celebration of a strong bond of love and purity of brother and sister. There are two festivals in a year which celebrate the relation of brother and sister which are Tihar and Rakhi. Rakhi falls in Shrawan ( August).

The relation of brother and sister is one of the beautiful relationships in the world. It is full of love, happiness, sentiments, and craziness. Sister takes care of brother as a mother. It is said that the sister is another mother. Relationship of brother and sister is the best relationship in the world.

Sister and brother are like a best friend, a partner in various craziness, second parents and also protector in every situation. Siblings spend more time with each other than with their parents. SO, they know much more about each other, about secrets mainly.

So for this craziness and love celebration, Rakhi gives the best way to express each other’s love for each other. So, we are here with the 50 Rakhi Wishes to Sister. I am sure, by this wishes smile will come into your sister’s face.

Words can have the fun of power than anything else. Not only it can make relationships but can break them too. You might have had a really hectic day and you might have got the chance to buy the things you wanted to give. There might have been several reasons where you might have thought about doing the right thing but you ended up with nothing.

But here is a good thing, you do not need to buy fancy gifts or tell the world about it. You can buy him simple stuff and give him the kind words of yours. And if you not living near him and are far from home, then the messages we have listed might come in handy.

Here are the top 30 messages we have for you. Do send these to your brother and make him happiest as ever. Do follow us on our Facebook page and don’t forget to share.

100 Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

1. Happy Rakhi to the most beautiful and caring sister in the world. You mean a lot to me. May God give you the strength to tackle every problem. May I get to celebrate this special day up to 100 days with you….

2. Thank you, god, for giving me such a lovely and caring sister. She is so good, kind-hearted precious sis. I wish her to be that way forever. I love you, sis. Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!

3. My sweet sister, you shared your every joy and sorrow with me. You always stood with me in my tough days, you always be with me in my success, you are always there in my joy and tears. I am very proud that I am your brother…. Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!!!!

4. Dear sister, may all your wishes come true and may your each and every day filled with joy and big smiles too…. Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!!!!

5. Sister is the most competitive relationship within the family. But once the sisters are grown up then it becomes the strongest relationship with her…. I am very lucky to have you, my sister… Happy Raksha Bandhan….May God fulfill all your dreams…..

6. Rakhi is scared thread that binds the two souls forever… I am remembering you today with joy…It is the celebration of the time of our relationship. I wish you happiness and good luck forever….Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!

7. Happy Raksha Bandhan to the best and sweet sister in the world. Your love and care always gave me the strength to win all the odds … You have been always directed me towards positive pathway….You are the biggest reason to smile… Love you !!!

8. Rakhi is the colorful thread that fills the colors in our life. May this Rakhi brings positive vibes and success in your life. Rakhi is the occasion to let you know that, although you are not with me now you are always in my heart. A big wish to my great sis.. happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!

9. Sis, I want to say you a secret… God gave an angel as a blessing. An angel cares for me, loves me, She scolds me for my wrong deeds and an angel praises me for me. Achievement and also a small success. That beautiful and caring angel is you, my sister…. My Dearest sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!

10. I pledge to protect you from all kinds of evils and bad situations.I will be always there for you when you are in need or crisis. You did many things for me, for my happiness. You always make me smile in my bad days by supporting me. I get strength in your motivations. There is a big space for you in the my heart. You are the special person for me… Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!

Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

11. The band we shared is being matured with care…May our friendship lasts for many years…Wish your success touch the sky…I always wish you to help the needy people… you are the best sister who always thinks about other..sister, please take care of yourself too… I will always make you happy… don’t change in any situation… You are my inspiration… Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!

12. Today is the special day to express my love to my adorable sister… I wish you get all the happiness and your desire.You are my best friend and partner in my crime…. Sister, never leave my hand… You are the one who knows me more than myself…. Let’s celebrate our pure bond. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

13. Dear sister, you are so cute, sweet, amazing,……. More ever you are my sister having all these qualities…. I always wish you never change !!!!! Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!

14. Rakhi is the special day for both of you…I want to hold your hand and never leave you …I am always there for your joy and sorrow..I will always work for filling your life with happiness….. Dear sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!!!!

15. This is a bond of love, trust, and togetherness…… Rakhi is the thread binds our lives and heart together…. Happy Raksha Bandhan !!! May you get all the happiness and joy in your life… May you live longer!!!!

16. My sweet sister, I pray to God on this day to bless you with a beautiful and enjoyable life… I always pray for your good health, prosperity and a big smile, I am sending you warm wishes on this day….Happy Raksha Bandhan Sis!!!!

17. My sweet sister, Raksha Bandhan is the occasion to tell you how sweet you are, how adorable you are. You are the bright shining star. Missing you a lot on this Rakhi. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!!!

18. When the world says No, you are there for me who says you can do it…..You always believe in when the world doesn’t… You are always standing beside me to guide and support…. Thank you so much for all the things….. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. We have shared our childhood… From childhood, you tied Rakhi in my hand with blessing….. I always get strength by your words….You have been my ideal…..Happy Raksha Bandhan Sister!!!!!!!

20. You make my life motivated with happiness…You are the new fountain of joy and delight… I wish a couple of blessing for you for the long and healthy life of yours…. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!

Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

21. happy Raksha Bandhan Sis. On this special occasion, I wish success always knock the door of your life. You may achieve your dreams, love, and respect from everywhere, you are the best, you are the one who always understands me…

22. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest sister, I miss those days when you scold me for my wrong deeds or wrong words you always stand by me when I need someone to cry on. Thank you so much, sis I love you

23. God gifted me the lovely and cute sister whose big smile brightness up my day. I cannot stop from cuddling you whenever I see your lovely and beautiful face… I wish all the loads of happiness always be there with you….. I always wish you reach the peak and your success story never gets an end in your life…. Warm wishes to my beautiful sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!

24. today is the special occasion of Rakhi, The first thing came to my mind the fights and arguments we had in our childhood up to this stage…. Today, my love towards you boosted……. You are far from me, but you are always in my heart. I want to make favorite food of yours and want to feed with my hands…. Come home soon sister… Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!

25. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my beautiful sister of the world…. Wishing you happiness and smiles on this day and always…. No matter how far you are, you are always in my heart and thought…. The memories of the fun we have shared, the craziness and smiles all are in my heart… These are the memories which make me smile when I miss you a lot….. I love you a lot…

26. It is the truth that we gain and loses things everyday… But there is one thing that you will never lose is me. I am always there for you, both in your joys and sorrows….. May your every day be special….. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!

27. Dear Sister, I am missing you very much… The Rakhi you sent is so beautiful…. It looks great in my wrist…. I know your good wishes and blessings are always with me, I pray to God that we will be together in every rakhi!!!!!!! Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!

28. A small piece of thread has more power than anything… It is full of good wishes and blessings… I have this sacred thread in my hands…. It is motivating me by providing the strength….. I wish, may you get all the happiness in the life, May the success kiss your hands…. Happy Raksha Bandhan to the world best sister!!!

29. You are the sweet sister, you are lovely and gentle, I am very proud to say you as my sweet younger sister…. I got strength by your support… I love your childish nature and love to guide you…… I wish our pure bond, love lasts forever….. Happy Raksha Bandhan Darling!!!!!

30. There is no better friend and guardian than sister…. There is no better sister than you my darling….. Always stay happy and funny…. Enjoy the life with full of courage and craziness. My love for you never decreases…. Happy Raksha Bandhan Dear!!!!!

Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

31. Dear Sister, you are my life…. Having a best sister like you is like having a best friend… You can’t get rid of… Whatever you do, I will always be there for you !!!!!!!!!!! I am missing you a lot this day….. A big Wish for you… Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!

32. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!! We may be miles apart, I will always be there for you by my heart and soul….In this year, I cherish the happiest memories and craziest moments we together have shared…. Though you are not with me, I hope In next Raksha Bandhan we will together celebrating…….. Love you a lot !!!!!

33. Sister is the important person in our life who is caring and sharing… She can understand things we never said….. Sister can understand the pain which is invisible to others…… I love you, sister……. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!!!

34. Dear sister, Today is the day to celebrate our relationship…. I really wish you were here for me… So that we would celebrate our relation together…… You are always in my heart…… I am missing you a lot….. Sister, May God fills all your dreams and desires….. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!

35. Rakhi is the symbol of love and affection between brother and sister…..It’s such a great feeling I always do….Wish you a big Raksha Bandhan….. Sister, I have sent you a big gift with all my love…..It’s surprising ….

36. Raksha Bandhan is the time when brother and sister take vows to protect and support each other. We have numerous joyful moments together from childhood to present. I hope my dear sister that we will have many more years together. Happy Raksha Bandhan my dearest sister.

37. My lovely sister. We can’t be together on this special day.The rakhi sent by you is so beautiful and I can feel your love and care. I am sending you gift filled with lots of love. Sister, I am thinking of you, I am wishing you the happiness always. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!

38. Happy Raksha Bandhan my dearest sister, You are the best sister in the world… I am very lucky to have you, Sometimes being brother is better being a superhero. I pledge to protect from the evils. I will try to give all the happiness….. Thank you, god, for giving this best gift!!!

39. Happy Raksha Bandhan my lovely sister, On this Rakhi, Let’s bring back all the lively spirit of childhood. Let’s play a prank with each other… We are always the best and crazy sibling …. Love you !!!!!!!

40. Dear sister, you are the one who understands my every situation with your real concern… You are the one who knows my need without my any words…I am really blessed to have you my sister….. In this Rakhi, you, are not with me but We are sharing the rakhi and gift with each other… May this celebration lasts forever. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!

Rakhi Wishes to Sister in English – Raksha Bandhan SMS Collection

41. Today is Raksha Bandhan… We celebrate this day to make our bond stronger…May you overwhelmed with joy and happiness today and forever…I love you my dearest sister…I wish you all the best on this special occasion… It’s our today.. let’s cheer up…. Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!!!

42. Within this interval of time, you have become the important part of my life, as my dearest friend, as my lovely sister. I can share you everything…A heartful and warm wishes to you with all my love… Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!!!!!!!

43. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my sweetest sister, let’s celebrate our special relationship and promise to be with each other always…you are the best sister, any brother could ask for!!!!!!

44. I waited for this day throughout the year…. You so ceremoniously tie rakhi on my wrist and pray for my well being and success. Dear sister, I wish that our bond grows stronger and longer everyday… I won’t leave your hand at any cost… You are the one after my mom…You handle my craziness, my happiness, and sorrows… Thank you, sister, for your precious care and love…Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!

45. My beautiful sister, my best friend, we have been with each other in our hard times, in our happiness… You are not only my sister…my good wishes, my motivator, my ideal… You have taught me the various aspects of life…. I wish you to be always with me….. I love you more than myself… Happy Raksha Bandhan!!!!!!

46. Though I don’t talk to you every day but you are always in the core of my heart… Love you… Happy Raksha Bandhan !!!