Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Celebration in India

Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Celebration in India

Rakhi celebration in India: – Rakhi is the religious festival which maintains the harmony and mutual cooperation in Nepal and India. In India, it is celebrated with enthusiasm and happiness and also with religious belief. Rakhi is the celebration of the pure and sacred bond of brother and sister. Rakhi is the symbol of the bond of protection. Rakhi brings the joy, happiness, and security in a person’s life as well in society.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of Shrawan month ( August). It is a festival which increases the love and affection between brother and sister. The thread of Rakhi is said to the stronger than the iron chains as it binds the best and beautiful relations of love and trust between brother and sister. It has its own social significance that, it enhances the society to get forwarded with harmony and complete understanding with each other.

The brother gifts the present and promises to protect her under any circumstances. It symbolizes the love and care of sister and brother. About the month before the Rakhi, we can see the colorful Rakhi and Rakhi gifts in the market. Ladies shop for Rakhi and Rakhi gifts early. They shop for new clothes and beautiful rakhi gifts for their sisters and brothers who are far from each other.

To Indians, a festival defines a combination of religious beliefs, with gifts and special dishes, especially sweets. Among the festivals, Rakhi is also the festival which is celebrated with more enthusiasm.

India is one of the unique countries in the world with varied culture and traditions. Culture and tradition of India is one thing that makes this country one of the beautiful countries in the world. When we say “Unity in Diversity”, we certainly think about India and people of India living under the same roof with lots of love, respect, and unity.

There are many festivals which Indians celebrate with lots of fun and happiness with each other. One of such celebrations that fosters the loving relationship between a brother and sister is Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi. Since ages, people of India has been celebrating this wonderful festival with the same enthusiasm and style.

‘RakshaBandhan’ consists of two different Hindi words ‘Raksha’ and ‘Bandhan’. While Raksha means to safeguard or to protect, ‘Bandhan’ literally means bond. Therefore, the words Raksha Bandhan is figuratively a bond that keeps the promise to protect or to safeguard. It is a promise to defense the relation of people who tie this thread on each other. It’s no compulsion that only brother and sisters need to tie Rakhi on each other’s wrist.

Even if you are not related by blood but still choose to tie Rakhi on someone’s wrist, you are bound to protect one another. However, mainly this festival is celebrated by the siblings or brother and sisters. In India, Raksha Bandhan is one of the very significant festivals. All the activities are done on this day to celebrate our significant in its own unique ways.

When it comes to naming Raksha Bandhan, it has unique and distinctive names amongst Hindus all over the world. Even to all those people belonging to the same place, it is known by different exclusive names. For example, people from Hilly regions of Nepal refer to it by the Janai Purnima, while Teria residents know it by Rakhi. Similarly, this festival is referred to as Rakhi by North Indians while in other parts, people know it with the name Raksha Bandhan.

In different regions or among different people, the way of celebrations of Rakhi differs because the implications and significance of the festival vary as per the area and spiritual faith that one person belongs to. Different significance has made the festival much more inclusive among people from different region and belongings.

Whatever it is famous as, be it Rakhi, Raksha Bandhan or Janai Purnima, the sentiment behind this is all the same. However, it is celebrated with lots of joy and happiness by all the people as it is one of the holiest festivals among all the Hindus all around the world.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is as old as the Human civilization and people worship this festival with equal respect and emotions. Rendering to Hindu Mythology, Rakhi signifies fraternity and harmony. On this holy day, a sister ties a rakhi or holy thread or any kind of attractive bracelet on the wrist or hand of her brother.

The feeling behind tying this thread is that of accountability and admiration. While sisters tie a holy thread on the wrist of her brother, on the other hand, brother makes an appeal to god for the happiness and good health of his sister.

Raksha Bandhan is reflected as a pure day to celebrate the divine relationship between a brother and a sister. However, today, this festival of the bond is not only narrowed to the brothers and sisters. This festival is also renowned to fortify the social bonding of the people living in the same community or area.

When a Rakhi is knotted around the wrist of friends, neighbors or relatives, it underlines the necessity for a pleasant life, where every individual live calmly as the brothers and sisters. In India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in this way too to help all the people live harmoniously with each other. Upon celebrating Raksha Bandhan in this way, all the members of the society pledged to protect each other thereby reducing the quarrel and disharmony.

RakshaBandhanrepresents the bond of love, respect and care between the sisters and brothers. However, in wider lookout, this festival also carries the intrinsic message of extensive sisterhood and brotherhood.

To celebrate this festival of Rakhi, first of all, the sisters select the perfect Rakhi to tie it on her brother’s wrist. To be specific, Rakhi is a particularly a holy bracelet that is worn on the wrist. In India, Rakhi is the day when brother and sisters tie this Rakhi around each other’s wrist. The underlying concept being the same, i.e to make it sure that the brothers are protected by the holy Rakhi and via the blessings of the sisters.

In previous times, rakhi used to be a holy thread but the commercial market of today has made the occasion even more commercial by the production or preparation of different types of beautifulRakhi that shopkeepers sell in the market. In the return of the Rakhi that the sister ties around the wrist of her brother, the brother then gifts something special thing to his sister.

This tradition is very popular in the Terai region of Nepal and Indians among the It is the celebration of the relation between brother and sisters. Other than the blood relation, the ones who are distant but have a pure relation of brother sisters can also observe this celebration to mark the purity and responsibility of this relation.

Ritual of Rakhi

In this day, people wear the traditional clothes. Men wear kurta paijama and women wear the sari and kurta in India. In India, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement. The preparation was done a month ago. Sister shops for a decorative and beautiful rakhi. Some sisters make the rakhi by themselves. Sister and brother bath earlier and sister made the preparation for rakhi. She didn’t eat anything until she ties the rakhi to her brother. Sister worships the god and put rakhi in front of god to have the blessing. She prays to the god for her brother’s wellness, good luck, and successful future.


First, she worships the brother and put tika on the forehead of a brother. She then ties the rakhi to the brother by placing him faced towards east. It is believed that religious things should be done facing towards east. She ties the rakhi in the wrist of a brother. She offers the sweets and delicious foods. Brother and sister travel to different beautiful places on this day.

They spent the whole time together. To respect the sister’s love and care towards him, the brothers offer the nice gifts. Offering a gift ceremony makes the festival memorable and special. Through these rituals, rakhi strengthens the love and closure bond of brother and sister. After performing the rakhi rituals, the whole family enjoys and have fun by uniting together.

They share the delicious foods, sweets, gifts. They sing the song and dance. It is the day to remember the craziest and fun time spent together with siblings.  Also, friends with each other through messages, email, and social media.

Gifts offered by brothers to sister in the Raksha Bandhan occasion are;

  • Clothes and shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Handbags
  • Perfume and deodorant
  • Cup sets etc.

Brothers and sisters who are far from each other send the Rakhi and gifts through courier service. Brother gives the surprise to sister by delivering the online gifts.


In India, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christian also began to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is also regarded as the festival which brings mutual cooperation and harmony in the society. It is the festival celebrates the love, craziness, and pampered between brother and sister.

The day of Rakhi in India

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the celebration of this auspicious occasion begin with the break of the day. After taking shower in the early morning, people get prepared by wearing new and traditional clothes and get together for worship. After appealing the blessings of the God, the sister executes brother’s aarti and then puts tika on his forehead and then ties Rakhi on the wrist of her brother while chanting of mantras for appealing protection to the god.

Sisters heartedly give sweets and chocolates to their brothers to eat which in turns definitely adds more sweetness to the Rakhi celebration and pray for their wellbeing. In return, brothers coddle their sisters and give beautiful and attractive presents to lure them while making a promise to take care of her and stand by her in any conditions.

Once these rituals are over, the entire family get together to have even more fun and happiness. Once the rituals are over, family members share tasty foods, sweets, gifts, and dance with the sound of the music as well. It is a day to recall all the unforgettable time that is spent together for those who are far away from their family members as well.

Emotions and love for each other can also be expressed via rakhi greeting cards and rakhi through the Internet. The swarming emotions of brothers and sisters can be never stopped on this day. A very famous author, Rabindranath Tagore has referred to rakhi as ‘RakhiMahotsavas’  to propagate the e.motions of brotherhood among the people He also believed that the this will appeal trust and feeling of peaceful coexistence.

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is a sacred bond that desires devotion from each people celebrating; especially among brother and sisters, or between friends, it represents a sentiment that is herbal. Hindus consider it with a lot of reverence that it is now considered certainly one of the most important festivals that Hindus from anywhere rejoice.

Specifically it celebrates the bond amongst brothers and sisters. It is meant to make the connection amongst brother and sisters a good deal deeper and entire of duty for the each.

Rakhi is consequently the symbol of a sacred bond that demands devotion from each aspect. might also it be between brother and sisters, or among enthusiasts or between friends, it represents a sentiment this is natural.

Hindus believe it with a lot of reverence that it’s miles now one in all the most important fairs that Hindus from all over the world have fun. mainly it celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It is meant to make the connection between brother and sisters an awful lot deeper and full of duty on both facets.

This manner, unique legends, and a stunning sentiment this is behind the ritual itself are what makes Rakhi as special as it is right now. Celebrated through Hindus all around the international, it is the party of dating and duties associated with it.

Hence, Rakhi is one of the most beautiful and happy festivals that is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm by all the Hindus. Indians specifically celebrate this festival with lots of rejoicing. When it comes to celebrating this festival, Indians do not leave any stone unturned to make it one of the best festivals.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different ways in different places of India.


Maharastra is one of the states of India, where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with coconut day festival ( Narali Purnima). The fishermen community, kilos of the coastal state offers prayers to lord Varun the god of the sea of Hindus, for blessings. They celebrate the festival as the beginning of new year. According to the ritual, coconuts were thrown into the sea as the offer to the god of the sea. Also, the sisters tie the rakhi on the wrist of a brother.

West Bengal and Odisha;

The day of Raksha Bandhan is also called jhulan Purnima in the state of West Bengal and Odisha. In these places, the prayers of Lord Krishna and Rakha is performed with religious belief. Sisters tie rakhi on the wrist of brother wishing his long life, good health, and better future. All the offices, schools, the community celebrates Raksha Bandhan with a new hope of mutuality and harmony. For the males of Brahmin community, this day has a significance. The Brahmin males change their thread ( Janai) through some rituals.


Along with the festival of Raksha Bandhan, people celebrate the festival of salono in Haryana district of India. Salono is celebrated by people and especially priests tying scared threads in the wrist of people against evil. As, sister ties the sacred thread rakhi in the wrist of brother wishing good health, good luck of brother. The brother offered the rakhi gift and promise to protect his sister from any circumstances.

Jammu Kashmir

In the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, there is a common practice to fly kites. In this day, the sky gets filled with kites of all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. The people buy kilometers of strong kite strong commonly called Gatto door. People of community organize the kite flying and cutting competition between age-specific individuals.


Pavitropana is the celebration of Raksha Bandhan in some parts of Gujarat state. Gujarati community worship Lord Shiva and they offer coconut milk, curd, milk, honey and water to the deity. Gujarati people believe that Lord Shiva is the symbol of destruction, and will destroy all types of negativity and bring prosperity to the earth. People enjoy the festival with more enthusiasm and excitement.

Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh

People of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh call Shravani or kajal. This festival has special significance to farmers and women’s. An interesting aspect is that women who gave birth to a male child can perform the rituals to this day. Women collect a soil in a cup and store in a dark room. They worship the room for seven days until kajari Poornima. They pray to god for the well-being of their child, family members, and good harvest.

In Raksha Bandhan, the offices, schools are closed in India. It is the great festival for Indians which flourish happiness everywhere.

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