How Raju Sada Is Murdered in COVID-19 Isolation by Government of Nepal


How Raju Sada Is Murdered in Isolation by Government of Nepal

A 16-year-old boy from the Dhanusha district, Raju Sada, died during treatment in the isolation ward of Janakpur Provincial Hospital due to the carelessness of doctor and hospital staff.

Hansapur-7 community had returned home on May 16 after a week-long trip from Ahmedabad, India. Upon arrival, he was taken to a quarantine center where he remained for 17 days during which no tests were conducted to determine whether or not he had contracted Covid-19.

Amid widespread reports of mismanagement of quarantine facilities, it was discovered that while in quarantine, he had attacks of diarrhea due to unhealthy food at the facility. However, Raju was not adequately treated.

As his health deteriorated, Sada and two other people with various illnesses were taken to the provincial hospital in a garbage truck on June 10, where he was isolated.

Raju sada death isolation quarantine nepal
Raju sada death in isolation

Meanwhile, Raju’s relatives have attributed his death to negligence in the hospital and inattention after the teenager’s unfortunate death. Pachu, a relative of his, claimed that Raju had not even received a packet of Jeevanjal (Oral Rehydration Salts) because his health continued to deteriorate, and no doctor visited him for consultation.

According to Dr. Jamun Singh, head of the hospital’s isolation department, up to four doctors took charge of Sada’s case after showing symptoms of encephalitis. Based on the results of his blood tests, the sodium level in his body was very low at 117, which is a critical condition.


We started treating encephalitis from Saturday after the preliminary diagnosis, Dr. Singh claimed that Sada had recovered from diarrhea within two days of being hospitalized.

The doctor added that, depending on the severity of the disease, people can have seizures if they develop encephalitis. “We have been waiting for reports to start treatment according to the procedure, which may also require the patient to pass out.” And unfortunately, there were no fans, “said the doctor.

His hyssop sample was taken in isolation, and after his report failed on June 22, he was taken to the intensive care unit, where he died Wednesday. Dr. Jamun Singh said the family is in mourning and their allegations of neglect are one thing, but the hospital has done its best to treat Raju.

The family did not see the procedures we use to treat him. Then you can make accusations in the hospital, but it is not true that we have not treated him. The family of the deceased has called for a fair investigation to determine the cause of death at the hospital being treated.

The 16-year-old was the sole breadwinner in the family in Ahmedabad, India. He had returned home on May 16. During his stay in a quarantine camp, he had diarrhea and was taken to Janakpur Dham Provincial Hospital for treatment.

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His swab samples were collected for a coronavirus test, but he died on June 22 while awaiting the report. Then he tested negative for the virus. The State 2 government has announced financial support for Raju Sada’s family from Hansapur, Dhanusha, who died of diarrhea in the isolation hospital of Janakpur Provincial Hospital a few days ago.

The Minister of State for Internal Affairs and Law, Gyanendra Yadav, said the survivors will receive Rs 500,000 as a temporary aid. Sada, who returned home from Ahemadabad, India on July 16, had diarrhea after 17 days at a local quarantine center.

He was then taken to the provincial hospital with a garbage truck, where his swab sample was collected. He is said to have been denied a better treatment for diarrhea that led to his death. His COVID-19 test report was also late.

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In the last test report, however, it was negative for coronavirus. The state government has formed a committee to investigate the death of the 16-year-old in isolation. The committee, which has seven days to present the report, is said to be operational

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