How Racist are Nepalese ? Facts about Racial Discrimination in Nepal

How Racist are Nepalese? Racial Discrimination in Nepal

Nepalese are not the person having the discrimination mentality and behavior. Nepalese have the large hearts that contrast in the need and help of the people. The Nepalese are also recognized for their intensity and mentality. Nepalese have very devoted lifestyles and they mostly belong from humanity in nature. Nepalese are always in front of helping the people.

There are many people who are busy in thinking their own growth and development. The growth and development of people are not the main solution process that reduces the poverty and racist mind from the worlds. We have to know clearly that if there is the existence of poverty, the starvation will automatically take places.

And if the starvation will take places, there starts t the disease of communication and communicable. A person only thinks to save himself and themselves at the conditional effect nobody is there own seen at the time of need. The world will be your if you have everything and the worlds will leave you if your pocket is empty. The man is mostly appreciated having the greenery pocket and property. The person will always be in the pit of discrimination till the poverty exist. But in accordance with Nepalese culture, it is totally difference in context to Nepalese.

Diversity and Unity Racial discrimination

Nepalese are totally helping in nature and they attempted the many helping activities. Talking to the recent held the deadly disasters have taken the life of much Nepalese. In that dangerous situation, much Nepalese came front to pick out the dead body from the buried buildings and many people who are pressed under the fallen buildings. And there also exist many people who have no anyone survives. They are the people who have fed the food to the victims and earthquake have made disturbed all the person and official lifestyles and daily management.  So if we talk about the Nepalese habits and habitual action, it would get appreciation.

There are much Nepalese consisting the regulation and discrimination thought among various eyesight. But the majority of people exist from the positive society and thought who teaches us the lesson of equality and makes the feeling of we all are Nepalese. Nepalese are the own self-made a hero of the world and is recognized as the hero of the worlds.

The great mount Everest of the world tells the story of pride and proud of Nepal and Nepalese is also certifying from these summit of success. Another one, which is we recognized is Gautam Buddha, known as the light of the Asia. But recently, the great Buddha birthday celebration was addressed and the slogan was given like’’’ Buddha is not only the light of Asia it is the light of the worlds and the birthplaces of Buddha is Lumbini. The Lumbini is symbolized as the peaceful and heaven places fro the Buddhist and Nepalese too.

that's rascist

Moreover, if we talk about the present controversy of the worlds against one another country we can imagine that the worlds and the earth will surely vanish one day. Because there are races of inventing the new and modern weapons and missiles for war and to beat or defeat the opponent country. P country is mostly variating their budget most of the parts for weapons and bombs manufacture. One great Buddhist or monks have told that if we invest or spend all the money which is invested in inventing the gun and weapons in the sector of establishing the peace, the worlds and the people of the present will automatically take the breath of relief.

Person and the country look very active in investment in weapons sector for building and stands the country in ahead in the sector of weapons and bombs. In this sectors, America and china, Russia, India look ahead for manufacturing the new and modern missiles for the war and any apportionment of land or assaulted made by the enemy to fight back. Coming back in the light of racist of Nepalese, we can discuss much more about the Nepalese behavior and thought how they react and act with the person and tourist. From that conclusion and transaction also we can evaluate and appraise the Nepalese resistance onward the minds and motion of racist.

From the following nature and nationalism, we can elaborate or flexible the Nepalese in the context of racist. Nepalese are very much aggressive in nature if you misbehave with them. And I think it’s the nature of man if the person or someone who gets or do misbehave with someone, he feels bored and guilty and return back the same and dusty or fool actions of slaps. Let’s we discuss the following variables  that clarify the racism of Nepalese or not, in conclusion, it will not show so according to my attitude:

Common thought and common transportation:

The Nepalese are differentiated in three regions that Terai, Pahad, and Himal. And there is no any barriers for transportation of goods from hilly to Terai regions and migration to hilly to Terai regions. There are many people who have migrated from hilly to Terai regions and it is the continuous process of migrations.  The people of Terai are also very much hearty and they do not do any assaulting works and dominating the action. They can easily adjust here and there are many adjusted here.

rascial discrimination

Terai is the plane lands and it has become the attractional point and all over the mountainous people and hilly people. Terai is also known as the home of crops and golden grounds of golden crops like paddy grow here in large quantity. Similarly, there are many people who have migrated from Terai to hilly for the better habitat and they have settled there with cheering lifestyles.

The lifestyles of people are changes from Terai and Himal. So firstly for some days and some years, they feel difficulty but they easily inserted there with joy. The person feels language problem in earlier days while has recently migrated to Terai but later on the tongue automatically know to speak and launch the words of local. If we see all above lifestyles add language we easily imagine that the person and the Nepalese from every part are very helping in nature and mind both.

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