All about Nepal PSC Results, Online, Login, Vacancy, Results, Exams, Syllabus, Routines, Centers, Form, Contact: – In the year 2007, with the aim of establishing democracy in the country, the purpose of recruiting the employees of separate employees from the independent and independent bodies is to make a decision. Public Service Commission has been established for the year 2008 (according to 15 June, 5151).

Since the establishment, the Commission is working to choose the appropriate candidates in the posts of the civil service. The provision of written examination taken for the post of civil service, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal, and other federal government services in the Constitution of Nepal has been arranged by the Public Services Commission. Regarding the Public Service Commission, 23 of the Constitution of Nepal has been arranged.

In accordance with the provisions of the formation of the Public Services Commission, which is in the sub-section (2) of section 242 of the Constitution of Nepal, 23, there is provision to be the Chairperson and other four members in the Commission.

When the president appointed the President and member of the Public Service Commission in the recommendation of the Constitutional Council and appointing at least fifty percent of the members of the Commission, for twenty years or more, from among the people in any government service, and the rest of the members are in science, technology, art, literature, law, public administration, Research, etc. in other fields of sociology or national life God. or any other important task is assigned to individuals who have attained the reputation of the law.

PSC Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal

PSC Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal

Before the appointment of the federal parliament, there will be parliamentary hearing through the fifteenth joint committee, as per the federal law living in the members of both the members.

As per the provisions of the Constitution, there are only 5 officers including the President, more than the officials of the Commission are working before the implementation of this constitution so that the appointment of 7 officials has been given to the constituency of section 301 (3).

Work, duty, and right of PSC Nepal

To conduct the examination candidates to choose the candidate for appointment in the post of the civil service, the arrangement for the duty of the Public Service Commission has been made in Section 243 of Nepal Constitution.

The word “civil service” means that the post of service of all government services other than the post of the soldier or Nepal Police or the Armed Police Force, posts of service to the Nepalese employees and the posts of the civil service, is not the post of other services as stated.

Apart from the posts of the civil service, there will be the provision of public services commission responsible for conducting written examination taken for the post of Nepali Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal, other federal government services and organizations organized in the organization.

Apart from the said duty and responsibility, there is a provision to consult the Public Service Commission in the following matters:

  • Regarding general principles that should be adopted by promoting the post of Nepali Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal, and other federal government services;
  • Regarding the general principle that the employee’s service staff should adopt the law regarding the condition of service and promotion and departmental action in the posts of such service;
  • Regarding the law regarding the condition of federal civil service;
  • Regarding the principle of adopting appointment, promotion and departmental action in federal civil service or post;
  • Appointment for more than six months in the post of federal civil service regarding the suitability of candidates;
  • Candidates for posting or transferring service to the post of federal civil service in the post of federal civil service or by posting a post of the civil service posts in the post of federal civil service from the post of any type of federal civil service or other government services.
  • Regarding permanent transfer or promotion in the post of the situation to be consulted with the public services commission to the employees restoring the position of the situation which should not be taken to consult the Public Service Commission; And
  • Regarding departmental punishment given to the employees of the federal civil service.

According to the provisions made in Nepal’s constitution, the Public Service Commission conducts the examination in the vacant posts in the departments.

  • Public Service officer
  • Nepal Army
  • Nepal Police
  • Armed Forces Force, Nepal
  • posts of federal government service
  • Established by federal law or commission formed by the Government of Nepal, Institution, Authority, Corporation, Establishment, Board, Center, Council, and other organized institutions of similar nature
  • Institution, company, bank, and committees controlled by fifty percent or more shares of the Government of Nepal

In the clause 243 of the Constitution of Nepal, the term “civil service” refers to the post of all other services of the Government of Nepal, except for the post of service or service of the service of the Nepal Army or the Armed Police Force, the post of service of Nepal and the service of the service of Nepal. In addition, civil services are those which are made in accordance with Section 3, 1949. Those services are as follows: –

  • Nepal Economic Planning and Statistics Service
  • Nepal Agricultural Services
  • Nepal Foreign Service
  • Nepal Audit Service
  • Nepal Miscellaneous service
  • Nepal Engineering Services
  • Nepal Justice Service
  • Nepal administration service
  • Nepal Forest Service
  • Nepal Education Service

PSC contact number

If you want to personally contact PSC office, situated at Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal then here is the phone number.

Phone No .: 01-4771488, 4771481, 4771494, 4771528

About the State Public Service Commission

Section 244 of Nepal’s Constitution has been arranged in accordance with the Public Service Commission:

(1) State Public Service Commission will be held in each state.

(2) The formation, as well as the work, duty, and authority of the State Public Service Commission, shall be as per the law.

(3) The Federal Parliament will determine the basis and criteria of the law for the purpose of sub-section (2).

About PSC Vacancy

According to the Public Service Commission Act, 2066, the Commission can choose the appropriate candidate for one or more ways of the following:

  1. A) written examination,
  2. B) experimental examination,
  3. C) interviewer and
  4. D) Other methods determined by the Commission.

The Commission prepares an annual schedule for the candidate selection process. Determining the percentage of vacancies also describes the details of the choice processes in different phases. After the demand of the concerned body to fulfill the vacant post, the Public Service Commission determines the rank for the post fulfillment in accordance with the rules.

After this post is set up, the website’s website will publish advertisements on every daily basis in the bulletin and the Gorkhapatra National Daily. 21 days for the internal competition test on the open while advertisement and additional time will be given of 7 days with a double charge for extending deadline.

After the advertisement is published for the open and internal competition examination, online registration of the posts advertised from the Regional Directorate, Zonal Office and Trust Management Center is collected. Entry letters are issued to examine the examination received for the advertised post and the candidates will be included in the exam.

In order to maintain fairness and accuracy in the selection process, the Commission has authorized the policy to keep the neutral system for the creation of paperwork, post-examination modification, answer book checking, the interview, and interview written in the examination and the proceedings of each other.

PSC Login – Creating User Account Applicant Login Page

The steps to create the login page for the user account requester are:

  • Double-click on the browser or another search engine icon to open the browser.
  • Enter the URL in the address bar as
  • On the home page, click on the online request button. The system opens the PSC homepage for the applicants.
  • Create a login of the applicant On this page, the user can create an account when registering in the system. The user must create a login username and password. The user must also enter their personal information when registering.
  • Click on the Login tab. The system shows the registration page.
  • Enter every detail asked in the form / Select the entries to be made. Click on the Save button. The confirmation message is displayed in a secondary window:
  • The registration process is accepted when the user clicks the Yes button, I would like to send. The next page will be displayed with a confirmation message with your username and password. The username and password will be sent to the mobile phone number of the applicant that is provided when registering. The registration page remains unchanged when the user clicks “No, I do not want to send”.

PSC Online – Guideline to fill up PSC online form

After creating the user account Click on the Save button to complete the registration of the applicant. On this page, all registered applicants can log in to the system.

Applicant’s Homepage (after login) This page displays the list of tabs on which the applicant can enter their data for the application. Or follow the URL

Click the Personal Details tab:

• Enter every detail asked in the form / select the entries to be made

• Click the Next button. The More Details tab is displayed:

• Enter every detail asked in the form / select the entries to be made

• Click the Next button. The contact details page appears. The applicant must enter the contact information to go to the next page

• Enter every detail asked in the form / select the entries to be made

• Click the Next button. The education details page appears:

• Back button: To update the details of the previous tab, the applicant can click the Back button. The system takes the user to the previous page to update the details. Clicking the Add New Details button displays the secondary screen for entering educational details. On another page, the user can enter his / her educational details.

• Enter every detail asked in the form / select the entries to be made.

• Select the appropriate qualification and upload the corresponding documents. The two upload buttons are used to upload documents in PDF format. One button is for uploading document-related education while the other is for equivalence if any. When you click the upload button, the following dialog will be displayed. 10 Click Select to select the desired document. You must upload After you have corrected all inputs, click the Save button.

• Click the Next button. Now the Training Details page appears: Clicking the Add New Details button displays the secondary screen for entering workout details. On another page, users can enter their training details. Enter every detail asked in the form / Select the entries to be made. Upload the appropriate training documents as described above. When you click the Upload button, the following dialog opens.

• After all, entries, click the Save button. • The new screenshot shows the confirmation message with information on the training details. If an error occurs while entering the entries, then the “Edit” button will be clicked as mentioned in the “Education” section. If you click the “Edit” button, the following dialog will be displayed.

• Now the page of the Medical Council is displayed. Candidates applying for health-related posts must provide the required information. For others, it is not necessary. After clicking on “Add New Details”, follow the same steps as editing and training and enter any required details.

• Click the Next button. Now the “Experience details” page is displayed: Clicking the “Add new government details” button displays the secondary screen for entering exercise details. Required information must be filled in with the document in PDF format. Similar to above, the Upload button is clicked to upload documents.

• Select and enter the correct information.

• Click the Save button to save the information. Or

• Click the [X] button to close the current page. The system closes the current page and returns to the start page. The stored information/details are displayed under the Government area. If you click Add new non-government details, the following window opens. The following document with all entries related to the experience is added via the “Upload” or “Replace” button.

• Click the Next button. The upload page is displayed: The applicant must upload their scanned photo, signature, inclusion group certificate and proof of citizenship.

• Click the Load or Replace button in the “Upload the scanned photo” section.

• Click the Select option and select Scan Photo in the secondary window.

• Click the Load button. The applicant must upload his scanned signature.

• In the Upload, Your Scanned Signature area, click the Load or Replace button.

• Click the Select option and select Scan Photo in the secondary window.

• Click the Load button. The loaded information/details are displayed. After uploading both the signature and the photo. The admission certificate must be uploaded in PDF format. All inclusion certificates to be loaded must be summarized and loaded as a pdf file. The citizenship certificate must be uploaded in JPEG format.

• Click the Next button. The application preview is displayed

• Click the Next button. The Send Form page appears

• Click the Show All button. All published publications are displayed with details:

• Select the appropriate announcement code and click on it. The selected code is displayed:

• Select the checkbox below the drop-down menu where you can apply

• Click the Process button. The selected ad and category, minimum rating for the application of this publication, will be displayed below.

• Candidates can see the exam center according to the promotional code. Activate the checkbox General Terms and Conditions.

About PSC Online Payment

• Click on the Submit button Fee Payment Candidate’s application will not go for scrutiny process until the payment is not done. For proceeding to pay a new tab called Payment has been added.

• Step 1: – In this payment tab you can view the list of all the advertisement you applied for. You can choose the advertisement you wish to pay for.

• Step 2: – After choosing the advertisement code that you want to pay for you will be given 3 options for payment. i.e Global IME Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, and Online Payment through Connect IPS. Note: – Payment buttons are enabled only after you check the terms and conditions given above.

• Step: – 3 • If you choose to pay your Examination fee via Global IME Bank You have to print your Bank Payment Voucher by clicking on Via Global IME button. On Clicking this button, you will receive a Bank Voucher. This voucher can be printed by clicking the print button. this print button is by default disabled, it is automatically enabled when you accept terms and conditions written in it. • The same methodology is applied if you want to pay via Rastriya Banijya Bank as well. Following screenshots show the voucher of global Ime bank and rbb bank.

• Step: – 4 If you want to pay online with your account linked on Connect IPS, you should choose the third option as E-payment. To access this facility, you will have to create an account on after you create an account there, you can link your bank accounts on the created connect IPS account. If you already have Connect IPS account and want to pay via it, you should click Epayment button.

On clicking this button, you will be redirected to connect IPS login page. Log in to your Connect IPS account providing valid credentials. after successful login, you will be given options to choose your linked bank accounts. choose the bank account that you want to pay from. after choosing it to click on submit.

Once You click submit button you will receive a one-time password on your linked mobile phone and your email. Use the received one-time password to confirm the payment. If your payment is successful, you will be redirected to the payment success page. if it fails you are redirected to the failure page.

About PSC bulletin

PSC bulletin includes every update and notice of PSC. You can follow up the link below and you can download every notice. PSC release a bulletin every week in every Monday. You can find every notice whole for the week.

Admit card Generation Sign in to your account.

As you click on the home menu then the following window will appear. Click on E-Admit card button. The following window will pop up. click on the Payment Status menu and select the completed option and click on the search button.

The following window will appear. To ensure their payment has been completed, the candidates can see the advertisement code. Click on the Admit card view.

The candidate can view the ADMIT CARD as follows with the applied advertisement detail, roll number, and name of the authorized scrutiny office if the scrutiny is completed and if candidates form is completed. It is compulsory for candidates to print the Final admit card with Roll number, which they must bring for participating in the related examination.

About PSC Exams

During editing the above tasks, the competitiveness of subject matter related to the related examination of posts and posts for conducting the examination of the above mentioned tasks will be received and a set of secret papers will be received as confidential punch, and the other skills of the same question will be made to create at least 5 set-up questions. Set the separate signal to the set During the time of trial and during the examinations, the set-up paper is set on the basis of Honorable Chairman of the Commission.

The examination branch in the entire North-books received after writing the written examination has kept the highest confidentiality in the examination of the first code to keep the first code and the officials of any other branch to keep the second code.

Thus, the answer books received after the second code are sent to the competent/specialist subjects related to the issues related to the Hon’ble Speaker. The score of the answers found after the test is published and published on the basis of the code by publishing the result.

The interview is given to the candidates who have been selected for the interview, as well as to be interviewed in the attachment of the competent subject and the number given by one will be given secretively in the other way. Such a score is only opened in the candidate’s qualification and recommendation time.

In addition, the number obtained by the candidate in the written examination will be sent only during the time of qualification and recommendation without taking the interview.

The Public Service Commission has listened to the list of skilled and specialists updated from time to time, including the names of experts in relation to the related number of related issues related to the construction of question papers, question papers modification, answer booklet examination, interview, psychological personality test, curriculum construction.

The Commission sets them secretly for a specific type of choice. The Commission has the process of Screening Test, with certain posts which are more attached to candidates. It has arranged only those who passed through the initial phase test to get involved in the original examination.

After the final choice of the candidate, the post of civil service posts for the appointment, if the post of the civil service ministry and the posts of the different rules under the rules of the law, there is a provision to recommend such service to the bodies operating in the office, and the maximum number of candidates should be recommended in the office of the first candidate in the title of the Unauthorized post.

The candidate picks the same office On the top level of merit, the former provision is recommended. When sending a letter to the relevant body for the appointment, the formatting system of the concerned candidates will be sent to one copy and send the copies of the certificate presented along with them.

The works carried out by the written examinations in the rights of security bodies and other government services / organized organizations, are done according to the above-mentioned procedures.

About PSC Yearly Calendar

To follow up every program of PSC for the accounting year, you can follow up the link below.

In the above link, you can get the latest calendar download in PDF format.

What basis is assigned to the services service?

Service-related law, as per arrangement in the rules, postpartum is governed primarily on two bases: by open competition and promotion.

(A) Open competition: An open competition is an open and competitive contest on the open and inclusive basis for interested and qualified candidates to enter service by publicly advertising.

(B) Promotion: The promotion means the provision of service, groups employed in the closest post within the group, for the written examination and service related to the group, the rules related to the group, and according to the rules based on the functionality, duties, and performance, and experience, etc. The following are mentioned below: –

(A) Internal Contest: An advertisement to be eligible candidates for the same service, group within, closest posts, is the internal competition for the appointment of competitive examination. Competitive written exams will be conducted in the posts that are delivered by open and internal competition.

(A) Priority and performance evaluation: Based on the service period and performance evaluation of staff serving within the service related service group, the arrangement to be distributed by file enhancement is the promotion of seniority and performance evaluation.

(I) Performance of performance: Based on the evaluation of the overall functionality of performance of employees serving within the concerned service group, the arrangement for recruitment by the increase of file is the promotion on the basis of efficiency.

(E) By the adjustment of performance and assessment of experience: the education based on the service, the educational capability, experience, and the development on the basis of various activities will be under this.

According to the above, according to the above mentioned above, the National Competitive Examination and Performance and Performance Evaluation are evaluated by the assessment of functionality on the positions of civil service and promotion on the promotion according to the Civil Service Act, 204.

About Source of information about Public Service Commission 

Information about the public works of the Public Service Commission can be collected through the following information regarding demand collection, percentage of publication, written examination, written examination results, written examination results, interviews and recommendations related to the public and decisions of Public Service Commission, publications, and FAQ.

  • Public Service Commission Website:
  • Bulletin publicly published by the Public Service Commission,
  • Every Wednesday marks of the daily journals of the Gorkhapatra National Daily magazine and the other day marks are also included in the information of public services commission,
  • Newspaper to publicly publish public service commission quarterly,
  • Everyday news from Radio Nepal, 9 00 pm after the news of Public Service Commission, which will be broadcast at 915,
  • Spokesperson and assistant spokesperson at the Central Office of the Commission,
  • Information Officers of Central Office, Regional Directorates, Zonal Offices and Duty Management Centers to get information according to Right to Information Act, 2064.

What kind of arrangement has been made for the potential candidates to be able to track advertisements? How is it calculated?

About eligibility of the applicant

As per the count of the age of the applicant, there are two provisions for recruitment. They are.

1) To the service of the civil service and the legislative parliament

Potential age calculation for registration : (open)

  1. A) For the post of the Gazette Untitled Category and Classification (e.g., Kharidar, NAB Subba or Similar)

The minimum age for the last 18 years was not completed for the last 18 years (without 40 years in the rights of women and disabled)

  1. B) The posts for the registrar (such as Branch Authorized officer, Deputy Secretary, and Joint Secretary or equivalent)

The minimum age for the last tenure of 21 years has not been completed for 35 years (not exceeding 40 years in the rights of women and disabled), but the maximum age limit for the post of Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary has been set for 45 years.

2) On health service: Assistant level posts (minimum 4 and 5) have been set for 18 years and maximum 45 years, the rank of authorized level (above level 6) is minimum for 21 years and maximum 45 years.

But there is no provision of age limit in the service of civil service, legislative parliament service and permanent restoring employees in health services. Such employees should submit their documents certifying that they are permanently employed. The details form should also be verified by the concerned office head in detail.

About the general fact that every examinee should be aware of their exam

The commission is published on the basis of the annual schedule determined by the Commission for the posts of various categories/folders, services, groups, and sub-groups.

It is important for candidates who testify about the advertisements so that adequate information and subjects mentioned in the advertisement should be studied intensely. The main issues that should be taken before submitting the check are as follows:

• In the case of the first installment, information about which time the advertisement is advertised. Such information can be received from the Commission’s Annual Trial. After the workshop is approved, the beginning of the financial year is also published in Gorkhapatra. Also, the publications contained in the commission are included.

• After opening the advertisement, the details of the following mentioned in the advertisement should be briefly studied

• The basis for minimum days for maximum date and maximum age and duration.

• The required service group, subgroup, the category required the required educational qualification (minimum, maximum).

• Special qualifications (requirement of a specific subject, experience needed or not).

• Date of receipt

• Examination date and time

• Examination center

• Essentials for examination

• Course

• Destination Place

• To manage the documents they need, the required documents on the rights of service groups, to ascertain them.

• No special document is needed for an advertisement to be candidates. For example, inclusive groups, tribal, tribe, Madhesi, Dalit, disabled, backward areas, etc., any other recommendations necessary.

• Since the information given on the published advertisement can be changed in the special circumstances, after completing the form of form, the Commission’s website, the publications and the publication of the information from the commission should be informed from time to time.

• At the examination center, the candidate should make his presence at least one hour before the examination center.

• Which ad, service, group, sub-group designation examination is being conducted, how long will it be for the examination period? How long will the candidates begin the examination, to get information about how to enter and to go out of the examination house, after some time?

• How many centers are there in the examination board? How many roll nos are there in your examination center?

• What is the type of test material or subjective? What type of answer books are used in the examination? The way to fill in those books in the Answer books.

• The role you need to do in the examination, the upper side to ask when it is unclear.

• What should be done with examinees, what is the dignity of examination? For example, the examinees may go and check the answer book written by the examiner, not to signal them. If any examiner can be cautious if he has any inquiry, then only let the small voice listen to him only.

• Should be used in the examination without the permission of the CENTRIC, to submit the papers, give it to others. Do not allow other unauthorized persons to enter the examination center/building/ room.

• Do not do things like playback, phone calls, conversations in one another, and seats in the examination, and staying nearby.

• If a person in the examined examination is a relative, he should not be involved in such tests.

• After completing the examination, match the books in accordance with the presence of candidates present in their examination room.

• If you have answers to objectionable questions, scroll the room (-) in the room where the respondents put the answer empty. However, you should not set the right to answer the booklet to be tested from the Optical Mark Reader (OMR) machine.

• In any examination, the exam should be done by entering the scheduled time and preparing to examine themselves. If the examinee cannot be reached at the examination center at the prescribed time, the examination can be entered in the examination halls till the time given above the prescribed time in the right of the examination conducted by the commission.

(A) Thirty minutes after the examination started in the subject matter

(B) For fifteen minutes of the examination in the physical examinations

(B) For just a few minutes after the examination started in a subjective and materialistic examination

Ten minutes after the period of admission to the examination center mentioned above, only candidates who want to leave the examination should be allowed to leave the examination hall.

• Going to the examination center, you will be well informed about the information center of the examination center to make sure that the center of the center, according to the service, group, subgroup and post, and the roll no.

• After attending the prescribed examination center, according to the details stuck in the original door of the examination house, find out the self-examination solution, after entering the entry bell, the room should be kept in the specified place according to location.

• Module and other electronics accessories should not be found in the classrooms. Keep it closed and put it in the designated place.

• Complete the details as stated in the answer book. If anything is unclear, ask the inspector and staff that is in the examination room.

• Read carefully about the subjects that the students should follow and read all the details mentioned in the entry book.

• After handling the question sheet, the instructions mentioned in the paper form will be read and followed. All questions have been printed according to the rules, not only after assigning the mandatory writings of the answer book and in the right to the subjects of the subject matter, answer the same answer book as per section.

• Only use black ink to write in the test. From the examination time, the examination time should not be considered as specified.

• Examples should be done if the examiners object to some material objectionable. In the right of subjective questions, any corner of the answer book can be used for ramping purposes.

• If you go to the toilet, after giving the examination, you will not be able to take any money or items.

• After examining the examination, in order to make it necessary to describe manifold people in the examination room in their respective answer-books (as well as the answers or empty) according to the section, and return the question books that must be submitted in the intellectual questions and questionnaire, in return with the answer box.

• If the subjective answer book is written, the candidates will not give a letter to the empty sheet that is not answering, and to the Central Headquarters of the North Book.

• Everyone in the test room should not attend the presentation, the number of present candidates, the inclusion of the inclusive form, etc.

• To resolve the issues related to an immediate emergency during the conduct of the examination, and presenting the Vice President to the right to issue the issue.

• The written examination of various services, groups, and sub-group candidates, along with the post of Joint and Integrated Examination, is also taken once. Candidates who choose to open and candidates for interview from written examination in different inclusive groups, for interviewing different candidates in different groups of more than one advertisement, can be temporarily more likely to take a separate examination and interview for different groups.

Not suitable. Therefore, once the candidate was successful in the written examination in more than one (open and inclusive) group, the examination took place only once the examination and interview were taken and the number obtained so successful was kept in each group (open and inclusive). The decision has been made by the Commission and implemented.

About PSC Interview

The written examination of various services, groups, and sub-group candidates, along with the post of Joint and Integrated Examination, is also taken once. Candidates who choose to open and candidates for interview from written examination in different inclusive groups, for interviewing different candidates in different groups of more than one category, more likely to take a separate examination and interview for different groups is not suitable.

Therefore, once the candidate when successful in the written examination and is included more than one (open and inclusive) group, the interview examination take place only once and after the interview is taken and the number obtained so successful was kept in each group (open and inclusive). The decision has been made by the Commission and implemented.

About PSC Curriculum

Six subjects on the post of NAB Subba level placed on the posts prescribed for elective first class, NAB Subba or equivalent and the ranked third class branch officer or six candidates for the unofficial examination system, joint and integrated examination system.

The subject is called. Choosing one of these topics, candidates can test the subject. The subject of academic qualifications, the Higher Secondary Education Council and the University, can be different subjects within different faculty-based faculties. But the elective subjects of the Commission are as per the criteria as per the prescribed schedule.

The examination is conducted as a separate letter of these topics. The elective/academic subject is not a subject to be made based on any subjects read in academic qualifications. Topics that are not in their educational qualifications can also be taken as subjective and scientific subjects. Elective subjects are included in the curriculum in the curriculum under the rank of the third class, Branch Authorized or equivalent curriculum are included.

Third letter for the post of Nayab Subba or SohaBranch Authorized officer or For equivalent Posts
S.NSubjectक्र.सं.The medium language will be both Nepali and English subjectsक्र.सं.Medium language in English-only subjects
०१Economics)०१Account & Finance०१Agriculture
०३ (Management & Accountancy)०३Education०३Engineering
०४(Political Science)०४Law०४Environmental science
०५(Population Studies)०५Political Science०५Forestry
०६ (Science)०६Population studies०६Health science
०७Public Administration०७Microbiology
०८Sociology &  Anthropology०८Physics

About PSC Exam Center

An examination center is maintained if there are usually 2 candidates in the examination conducted by the commission. There can be 2-3 centers in the same examination building.

For each test center Examination of the person’s cooperation and coordination with head of the center of or sub-head of the center, the answer is usually be written in and usually 30 candidates with a subsidiary Head of center and for question written in different answer sheet along with subsidiary Head of center and 15 candidates, for showing the test operation of the examination of the room, drinking water and other functions to provide 2 assistants are provided.

For test management to coordinate with the head of the center 2 coordinating person are assisted. The central officer conducting the examination system is to be authorized officer over 1 level than the category of giving the concerned examination and the member can be sent by the commission from the employees in the commission as well as not from the employees of the commission.

A superintendent is specified according to the examination center for the purpose of supervision of the examinations conducted in the examination center, for the purposes of supervision of administrative aspects of the examination centers, for easy access to the examination centers, and reduce any uncomfortableness. Similarly, an examination controller is specified for the examination of the examination.

PSC latest news

If you want to get an update about the PSC, and you have two way to keep updated. Follow the website to read published advertisements

this site includes the notice about the PSC

Similarly, you can find the latest news on every daily basis in the bulletin and the Gorkhapatra National Daily.

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For weekly package, you have to pay Rs 25 only, for the monthly package you have to pay Rs 80 only and for the yearly package you have to pay Rs 380. Here, you can find Model sets, update about the current affair, links of several verified news portals, Notices about PSC, Notices from Gorkhapatra about PSCs notice and program, News about vacancies, Discussion, that include support from experts, General knowledge that would help to increase your IQ level.

To make the site more interesting, the developer has developed a quiz option where you will be asked the random question, that may be useful for PSCs exam point of view. There are several features that an examinee can be benefited with these sites.

If you further want to join the classes in the best institute then in the panel named Institutes, you can find the best of the best institute available. Besides this, you can find information and contact detail of every governmental firm that PSCs support with the selection of the manpower.

Besides this, you can have links of form, tutorial video of the lecture, information about system provision (Bishkek) and rules and regulation. Long Question related to such sector would be asked in every exam, so this could be very beneficial.

Author:- Poonam Neupane