14 Best Ideas on How to Propose to a Girl on Valentine Day – Tips for Boys


Ideas on How to Propose to a Girl on Valentine Day: – Valentine’s Day is a day just for the lovers. It is that romantic day of the year when the lovers celebrate their intense love for each other and promise to be with each other for the rest of the year.

This day is also popular for being the most romantic day of the year. A day to celebrate love, valentine’s day is popular with the kids, teens as well as adults who are in love.

While the couples celebrate this day by being with each other and enjoying the company. The way of celebrating can be different, but the feeling of every celebration is just..LOVE. On the other day, Valentine’s Day is also a day to share your feelings and to propose the girl/boy you love.

Valentine ’s Day could be the day of the start of your romantic life…however unless you fall prey to Valentine’s day mishaps. Winning a girl’s heart is not an easy thing.  With small mistakes or thoughtless proposal, you can get rejected as well.

So, to help you out with smooth propping and a happy ending, we have compiled ways you can plan things ahead of the Valentine’s Day and propose to your girl on Valentine’s day and thereby winning the girl’s heart.

To propose a girl you love, it’s better to plan ahead of time. With increasing popularity of this day, most of the restaurant, gift shops, and even cinema halls bring out their best offers to attract the customer.

So, in this case, its always better you plan ahead of time and make sure your plan can be well executed on the day. However, before proposing the girl about your feelings, do think of a way to surprise her as all girls love surprises.


Also, plan for the activities that she loves rather than you love, coz its Her Day and you need to make her happy no matter what. Still confused?? Well, here are few of the ideas on how to propose your sweetheart on the valentine’s day. Select the ones that fit you perfectly.

14 Best Ideas on How to Propose to a Girl on Valentine Day – Tips for Boys

  1. At the water

If your girl loves the water, then it would be a perfect idea to propose her at the waters. Take her on a private yacht or a boat. Take her into the sea or a small river.

Once it gets evening, take out the candle and a cake you have preplanned and get on your knees. While on keens, ask that Million Dollar Question and see how blushing she gets. I am sure this will melt your girl’s heart and be yours right away.

  1. Propose her over a lovely dinner

On the valentine’s day, it’s likely the restaurants to be horribly crowded with the lovely couples all around. It would be a perfect place to propose your girl where the audiences are the couples themselves.

Preplan to book the table for 2 in a romantic restaurant, preferably her favorite. Once you start your dinner, order a cake and when she gets little busy with her food, take out your chance to get on your knees and propose her. I am sure that you cannot have another perfect idea that classic ‘dinner proposal’.

  1. Get on the knees amidst the sunset

The time during the sunset is probably the most romantic time. I am sure she would not resist herself if you propose her amidst the sunsets. First of all, get to the nearby hill station from where the sunset can be witnessed.

Once the sun touches the mountain, get on your knees and propose to your girl. While the sunset itself creates a magical moment all over the earth, you can have the magical moment of your own. Make use of the sunsets to your benefit and start the romantic venture of your life.

  1. On the roads

Yet another lovely way to propose her would be in the middle of the roads. Drives can surely be romantic. This valentine’s day, make a plan to take your girl for a long drive.

Try taking her to the places where there is natural beauty. Just when she feels most rejuvenated with the drive, propose to her. This way, you can share your feelings while you are on a lovely romantic drive. Going on the long drive additionally help get together and make a lovely set out for both of yours.

  1. Let your picture speak

This valentine’s day, you can get extra creative in proposing your girl. If you want to be the creative type, then click a lot of pictures of her and create a lovely collage of them and give it to her.

Just when she completes recovering from that amazing gift of yours, ask her the quintessential question and see how she blushes and must out completely.  This is by far the most creative and thoughtful way of proposing to your girl if you are a shy and creative type of a person.

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  1. While on the Swim

If making a collage of your time together is too tame go for a swim. There are a lot of swimming pool in the city that you can effortlessly locate one with the lovely view and amazing food. What would be more romantic if you go swimming in the night with which is sure to make your night a memorable one?

Let your girl enjoy the lovely mood set by you and just when she gets little too excited, as her that question and see how she mushes out completely. Make it sweet and romantic. It would be a time to relive times before and also plan for future years. Your newly girlfriend will simply appreciate this gesture and love you for your amazing preparations you have made just for her.

  1. Surprise her once the clock strikes 12

If you are deeply in love with your girl, then why to wait for a whole day to propose her. You can propose her at the mid-night and make all day the memorable one with your newly made girlfriend.


To surprise her right at midnight, preplan to stay over at your common friends a day before valentine’s, or if she lives alone, you can just knock her door and give that surprising visit. Just when the clock strikes 12, get on your knees and ask that question. I am sure she will fall out for you right there.

  1. Propose her while on Indoor picnic

For those who don’t want to go out or to reserve meals from outdoor, it is better to cook dinner or some delicious meal for yourself and make your girl happy before actually proposing her. Make dishes steady with what your female friend likes and set up an indoor picnic.


To decorate your vicinity, hang beautiful lighting throughout the room, purchase a few picnic-y snacks, pop the champagne and installation a blanket and pillows for you and your lady to take a seat on.

This may be an amazing alternative than going out and setting up the place to propose her. It might be something new and homely which your lady will truly love and get on her keens instantly with your sweet gesture and love.

  1. Cook dinner just for her before proposing her

Nothing will make your female swoon over you than a scrumptious meal. In case you’re feeling formidable, cooking dinner for your lady friend is complex, you want no longer fear. Take a look at easy food network’s food and dessert recipes.

In case you’re like maximum parents and cooking a whole connoisseur meal is not an opportunity, take a look at easy recipes, like old style pizza. additionally, if your female friend is up for it, cook dinner collectively—it’s going to probably be especially horny to paintings with each other within the kitchen and prepare a very good dinner that both of you may experience.

  1. Plan a complete-Day Date and propose her at the end of the day

The relationship isn’t always simply having lunches or dinners, it is also spending time collectively. So, on a day you wish to propose your girl, the only thing you can do is commit your entire day to your female friend. Make a complex plan on what to do throughout the day.

Take her out early in the morning and pre-arrange the whole thing that you may be doing for the day. Make the day remember and live in each moment of it. It does not take that masses quantity of time or coins to installation everything either.

Truly make certain you find great spots to revel in and communicate and experience. Later, at the end of the day, you just get on your knees and say those lovely and magical words. This would be a perfect way to propose to your girl and promise each other to be with one another for the days to come.

  1. Dress especially for Her and get a perfect gift just for her.

The very excellent manner to share your love with her is to place on lovely dresses as in step with the choices of your female friend. In addition to it, you may additionally buy matching or complement dress on your to be girlfriend as well.

That way, you two will complement each different fantastically. You may go for dinner dates or lunches dressing up simply properly and going collectively. By using dressing up proper as according to her options, you may make her glad. She can recognize which you care approximately him and recognize how you like her.

As we searched for the right present for our girlfriends remaining Valentine’s Day, we knew that women love things like goodies, flowers, teddy bears and lovable present objects. You could also cross traditional for valentine’s and purchase those items.

Every female friend will truly anticipate those sorts of the present on this unique day. Just for this occasion, you will also locate fantastically prepared plants, candies, tender toys and gift gadgets too. Simply go to any of the present stores and get them for your girlfriend. It’s far as simple as that!

  1. Recite a poem for her to express your love

Nothing makes her happy than confessing your love through a lovely poem. This valentine’s day, get modern and compose a poem for her. Make certain you write a romantic poem so that it will make her sense unique and permit him to keep in mind that how lots you fee the love and the time which you spend collectively.

Write it on a card and offer it to her or you may additionally recite it to her. Over dinner, while you find out a quiet time together, you could recite the poem and make her experience unique for being in your lifestyles.

  1. Sing her favorite song while proposing her

If you aren’t the only who can write poems, you may in reality attempt making a tune for her. Take a look at one in each of her favorite songs and sing it for her. In case you play any tool, you can additionally strive to play the song for her and sing it too.

It’ll be a totally considerate gesture of affection to the individual you care a lot approximately. This instant might be memorable and she or he’ll continuously be very glad approximately it. Pick out a romantic track and make it memorable for her!

  1. Dance together

Dance can be definitely romantic and a top-notch manner of spending time collectively and proposing her. You may each go for a ball or a dance birthday celebration.

Choose out your preferred and dance with her. It is going to be profitable and you can have a top-notch time collectively. For the dance, you can get geared up mainly for her, look stunning and adorable and display him your movements. Who is aware of, that might sweep her over and would like you even more for it.

Starting of a love life is not an easy task. More than that, confessing your love to her is even more difficult and takes a lot more courage. In case you are in love with someone and want to confess your love to your lady love, you need to be more courageous and confess your love with lots of passion and love.

Above mentioned are few of the ways you can confess your love. Make sure you choose the way that you are comfortable with. Valentine’s day is around the corner, you can take this opportunity and propose to her on the wonderful and most romantic day of the year.


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