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Can social media assist an organization to better reach target audiences? If so, how? Describe which social media tools that should be used by the organization?

Today’s era of modernization is driven by technology. Technology includes social media, internet, robotic world, and what not. Shedding light on social media, they are not only limited to communication and interaction between two individual but it has extended to way greater than that. Now life has been so influenced by social media that in many walks of life it has been very crucial including offices, business, firms, organization and lot more. Social media has revolutionized, revolutionized and mobilized the sector of business. It is not a matter of denial that a social media can also assist an organization to reach the intended target.

The use of social media is permeating to maximal number in different sectors including organizations and institutions. In today’s era, Facebook has been accessible to many of us and it has also been an easy platform for organizations to interact with the public and consumers. According to many research is done in the fourth quarter of 2017, it is reported that there are 2.2 billion of the active Facebook user(Statista,2017) and among billions of Facebook pages, 65 million are organization pages (Craig Smith,2014). So, it can be squeezed out from an instance that organizations are being somehow benefitted using Facebook to gain valuable customer insight.

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Handshaking for professional communication

Not just Facebook, there are a lot of other social media that are yet to be explored by the organization to foster easy interactions between manufacturer, retailer and distributor or organization, and consumers. Through the internet, I came to know about a social media named Xing which is a European career-oriented social networking site for enabling a small world network for professionals which is used by 200 countries(Wikipedia). The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. It enables closed group discussions between the members of a certain company, organization or business.

As for liking, there is a website called LinkedIn that is a business and employment oriented service that operates via mobile is mainly used for professional networking and interaction between employers, organization and job seekers. As of April 2017, there is 106 active millions member in LinkedIn which intended to build trust among the service members and bring commons and organization in the mainstream for interaction (Wikipedia).LinkedIn offers a perfect avenue through which to interact with your customer base, with surveys, messaging and help to provide great customer satisfaction level as there is an interaction between organization and customers through public and private messages which is a great way to resolve any issues.

Like LinkedIn and Xing, there is yet another very popular professional social network which is video whose members include business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and even public(Wikipedia). Viadeo enables members to enhance their career prospects, grab new business opportunities and stay connected with contacts to keep track of different areas of work to maintain up to date online address book.


As technology is enhancing in each sector of life in this very 21st century, organizations are also influenced by science and technology. Technology has offered to foster good relationships between organizations and consumers in this fast pacing life of mechanical has been crystal clear that social media can help as a mainstream to interlink business and consumer to gain their perception about happening instances. Social media can help the organization understand what audience want new and novelty in the business. Organization are very accessible to customers through the medium of social media and being connected to audiences and costumes, the organization is more likely to increase brand loyalty and customer retention ().

Of course, social media can help the organization to better reach its target audiences. Since 67% of consumers now go to social media for customer service, they get fast response and 24/7 support through organizations (Kristina Cisnero,2016). With the use of social media, an organization can ensure if their product had reached the customers in short possible time. Social media is a platform where you can enrich relationships with your customers. Different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,google+, etc. can help the organization build up compatibility with their customers and help the consumer to put forward their problem regarding the organization or related to the organization. Due to the bonafide interaction between organization and audience, there can be an easy supply of audience’s thought with an organization which can help the organization get notified what needs to be changed to meet their demand. The organization can properly address the consumer’s requirement and can distribute as per its ability.

Lastly, without any doubt, we can speak out that organization and audiences can highly be benefitted through the use of social media. Today’s world is woven with a fabric of technology and each sector is benefited by technology but we ought to remember its cons too.


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