What is the Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport Holder

The procedure of police clearance:

For traveling to the foreign country on working visa, the police clearance is required for your recognition of identity. The man can’t be to9ld by their face and the book can’t be told by their cover. So there are many youth and person who are traveling to gulf country for the job and they are in the queue of getting the police clearance. For passport holder, it is easy to get the police clearance because the government also know better about the condition of the country and condition of the youth.

Nepal Police
Nepal Police

So they clear and approved all the youth as the honest and brave Nepalese citizenship. They have to visit the Ratnapark near the Bell home (Ghanta Ghar) where it is made and you have to fill up the forms and then you have to apply to the police station where it is made and proceed as near the GhantaGhar. It is the places where the many youths seem as the crowd to get this police clearance. Police clearance is provided by the head of the police and you have to fulfill all the required document legally and you have to wait for three days for getting that police clearance.

Police clearance is very easy to take if you are the passport holder. But if you are not the passport holder, there may arise the problems of difficulty to chase up.  There are much youths who even wants to fly outside the country for seeing the life and lifestyles of the people. The foreign worlds are not all the ripen and developed but there are many countries who are even back from the Nepal. Nepal is leading very ahead of their harmonious power and infrastructure in comparison to that country. Person throughout the country have also distributed in many desire according to their holding and assisting the economy condition. The economy condition leads the person lifestyles and the eyesight to see the worlds and words.

The men can get many opportunities to sworn out but space waits for time to cut the obstacles in right parts from the right point.  The person who are legal in nature and contains the thought of honesty and resist then he or she can easily adjust to every topography and climate

The clearance of police stated in many procedures but it is in a smooth path which is made for everyone to follow. If the person who saw their greatness here in the path, can lose their direction and become nervousness and also have to return to empty hand without getting something or expected thing. The process and the system are made for the nation and the nation give the real identity of the person living their geographical region. If we love our nation, the nation will also love us, if we hate our nation will also hate us.

nepal police logo gif
Nepal police logo

Similarly, the sense can be illustrated and terminated by following tried a suitable example that if we waste our ideas and mind even in barren lands, then I think the land will surely give the production, that may be the amount of expected or unexpected or that may be hopeful or unhopeful.  The country aims to make the country fully legalized documentary and diagrammatically system that help the country in the upstairs of development and promotion. The country is not even creeping in the platform of development but it’s like the moving   Tortoise in the real race not in the competitive race.


Police clearance can be easily taken by the passport holder without any inauguration if you are the real citizen of Nepal. The police clearance is not available and is legalized for the other country citizenship. It is mostly done for clearance of identity and thought of the person who is going to work in another country. The government has made this procedure for making the person legalized and also stating the person in the document that the affiliated person is liable and true honest citizenship of Nepal and have not involved in any illegal activities.

So, I assure you to the person is not the illegal and bad tempered, have good intensity and dedicated in their works not give you chance complaining you in their work completion given responsibility on their heads.

To end up in one sentence, it can be elaborated as the systematic process of confirming the person as the true and honest citizen of Nepal legalized and proved by the government and police department. This is not only provided to the passport holder but also to the passport holder in case of an appointment for need made by the person.

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