What is the Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport Holder

What is the Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport Holder

Nepal is the very active country for the providence of citizenship and passport. There are many steps to be fulfilled if you are in the procedure of getting the police clearance. Police are clearance is the certified document approved by the police officer for the people improvement that the responsible and approved person is not involved in any illegal activities and he or she is pure and patriotic Nepali citizen. This is one types of legal paper for the citizen purity and patriotic. Many of the person thinks that the man can’t be recognized with their original face and originality.

So there is made the system of checking and clarifying the person for their truth and trustworthy. The man is of different nature and thought.  Surely and truly, it’s difficult to recognize the person identity by their look up and spoken words. People a get cheated and looted by not knowing the realistic mystery behind the sweet words and behavior made by the strangers. There happen many natural and unbelievable events that had made the victims of many honest and silent people. Person of different society and locality have their own recognition and identity for which they are recognized.

Talking more about the police clearance, there obstruct many gaps to made them the certified and honest citizen. The passport is also the legal symbolical document for belonging from the Nepal. But the man of illegal and toxic thought have no any ideas and even they don’t want to investigate what’s the truth. So the government of Nepal has made the procedure for verifying the people for their truthiness. Moreover, we have to know firstly that, why it is made?

The answer consists very sweet and short paragraph to be detailed out on this questions.  As we know that, there are many youths who are unemployed and they are in the search of investing places where they can invest their efforts and labor. The people of Nepal are recognized for the hard works because the Nepalese are very much energetic in works. The works given to the Nepalese workers fulfill their responsibility with credibility.

But it’s the black luck and bad luck whatever we say, there are many dedicated and destinated mind and people who are living their life near the fire shaking their hands and warming their body due to jobless. The per who know bitterly about their future don’t want to rest because life is like the momentum of time, Peninsula of the watch which never takes rest and never says to have rest. The life is also moving like them and but due to no any work available for format it, there has existed the crisis of hunger and starvation.  So for the job and getting the life and family better, they want to go the foreign country for investing their labors and hands to get the money which makes the survival of him and their family.

Nepal  government is like the slept lion who never want to wake up with the eyes of development  they have no any interest in made the country strong and cemented with the availability of all the sources and utilizing the rooted and available resource  properly that intends and in strokes the Nepalese economy in the direction of developed and dreadful country.

So, there are much youths going outside of country mostly in gulf country for wasting their sweat in the high temperature and hot atmosphere living and working by challenging the death. There are the millions of youth who are living the life of hell and even due working for erasing the hunger of him and their family. Man have many options but in the controversial situation, all the hope of doors get closed, and we see no one around us whom we have expected has also settled and made some reasons for not presenting.


It’s the life who teaches the man in every step more and more about the meaning of people, nature, and the God. The man who gets painful hands and painful words in every door and hoping format have no any hope on other rather to of God. The man can betray the man but God never hates their devotee.

God have equal eyesight on every of their devotees. The sense speaks here about the life and the pain of the youth who are obligated to live the life in the wall of death and life. The snow in the rain and bubbles in the paint makes the man flutter and their identity become rubber. The man have no more expectation where they get the door closed for them

The procedure of police clearance is like the step of getting legal certified statement in Kathmandu. It’s not the lengthy process but also it takes the time to succeed and adopt this gaps.


So if you talk about the police procedure to be step up is by following networks of level:

Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport Holder

Clarification of citizenship:

The government first clarify the person either this is the real Nepali citizen or not. The real citizen of the country have held the right only to take the Nepalese citizenship. It is done for checking and purifying the actual Nepalese citizens. Nepal is the country of open border with India. So there is expectation and doubt on the people either he is Indian or pure Nepalese. The checking of Nepali citizenship is the process of selecting the actual and true Nepali citizen. Nepal government is very active and inspect the every person while giving the citizenship.

Nepalese citizenship sample

Nepalese citizenship

The process of doing this is even protested by many leaders but also this is in a continuous process.  The Nepalese government is doing for the pre-Nepali habitat in Nepal for the real Nepalese identification.  The checking of citizenship is done in every Ilaka office or in administrative office while procedure and applying for any documents and proposal. The legal document and proposal need you citizen for proceeding it up. So, it is the first is the procedure to get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport holder.

Passport clarification:

This is next is the procedure to get Police Clearance Certificate for Nepalese Passport holder. It is not more the risk level where the officer check it a because the passport is made by the help of citizen rectification. The rectification of passport means to verify it as the true and correctness. The correcting is even done in every step for better result of correctness. While preparing the passport, there exist many check post who mostly checks your the citizenship and your all needed document. The passport manufacturer office is in near the royal palace that is Durbarmarg. The Durbarmarg is located near the royal palaces and after few distance nearby the office of passport department held.

nepali passport

nepali passport

Where you can get the passport after fulfilling the required document and criteria. For passport, there is needed of a recommendation made by the municipality officer for providing a passport. And you have to also add the Red Cross Society certification. Then after you have to prove by the area administrative office for correctness. It is the quick process to get the passport after paying the charge of 10000 and if you want to take the passport in 24 hours then you have to pay Rs 15000.

But if you have no any urgency to take then you can also apply in your district headquarter office. But they will provide you in one month. Because all the document is sent to Kathmandu for checking and correcting for the procedure of passport delivering and granting.  So for taking the passport, you have to fulfill all the procedure for your approval project.

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