5 Major National Problems in Nepal That Every Nepali Must be Aware

Get here a post about major problems in Nepal. We are here top 5 major problems facing by Nepal. Read here what are the top 5 major problems in Nepal. These are some major social problems in Nepal. Some are major health problems in Nepal. That may cause and leads to the major environmental problems in Nepal. We all Nepalese must be aware about these major problems of Nepal and we must step for the solution of these problems.

5 Major National Problems in Nepal That Every Nepali Must be Aware

1 High maternal mortality rate

High maternal mortality rate is one of the major national problems in Nepal. One of the negative pointers of well being is the high maternal mortality rate. Nepal is a poor nation with rich customary convictions. We will undoubtedly perform diverse exercises as far as social and conventional standards. Early marriage is a regular routine of our general public. It results to expand the maternal death rate. It is assessed that around 30 for each penny moms conceive an offspring before they are coming to 16 years.

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In this manner, this is a basic issue in our nation. To overcome these issues, the social framework must be enhanced which is exceptionally troublesome. It was planned to lessen the maternal death rate from 281 to 250 for every 0.1 million in Three Years between time Plan. Somewhere around 1996 and 2006, Nepal almost divided its MMR, from 539 passing for each 100,000 live births, to 281, as indicated by the most recent Demographic and Health Survey (DHS). A 2012 UN report evaluated the 2010 MMR at 170. This figure is a significant positive one with regards to Nepal.

2 Poverty

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Poverty is another one of the major national problems in Nepal. Nepal is the poorest of the poor nations. The general population get by beneath outright neediness line is 25.2 for every penny as indicated by the review of 2011. Thusly, they are not ready to oversee sustenance, garments and safe house. wellbeing offices are extremely extravagant to them. The accompanying table demonstrates the per capita wage of SAARC nations. Because of the destitution, individuals and in addition the administration can’t oversee wellbeing administrations sufficiently. Accordingly, both the preventive and remedial part of well being is discovered exceptionally poor. The principle solution for this issue is to increment salary creating programs in a monstrous scale everywhere throughout the nation.

3 Lack of health education

Lack of health education is another one of the major national problems in Nepal. Absence of well being training is one of the real issues of wellbeing area. Lion’s shares of individuals are unmindful in our nation where accomplishing wellbeing instruction is an astounding background for the general population. Because of the customary societies and convictions individuals of our nation are biased. They can’t without much of a stretch acknowledge new patterns what’s more, innovations.

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Subsequently, they are confronting a great deal of issues in wellbeing. They do not-visit wellbeing posts regardless of the possibility that they can get free administration and solutions from the wellbeing posts. They are not ready to apply even basic measures to shield from the risky illnesses. As a consequence of this, the mortality rate is discovered high All the wellbeing issues are existed because of the absence of wellbeing instruction. In this way, this part should be given top need in tackling the issues. Despite the fact that wellbeing training is incorporated into school educational programs however the instructors showing wellbeing instruction are just required in telling the understudies as opposed to educating. it individuals can be made instructed they can tackle numerous wellbeing issues without anyone else’s input.


4 Lack of health services

As it was specified before that Nepal is a poor nation. It is extremely difficult to give wellbeing administrations to the general population of our nation. The current well being administrations are extremely ostensible when contrasted with the populace. The accompanying table demonstrates the circumstance of wellbeing administrations accessible in our nation.It is clear from the above table that wellbeing offices are insufficient to serve our entire populace. Whatever offices we have additionally are looking for good administration.

Factors Influencing Health in Nepal

Hence, wellbeing administrations can’t be given to greater part of the populace. This issue is surprisingly more terrible in provincial groups. Individuals of remote territories have never seen specialists and doctor’s facilities. Thusly, this condition is considered as a note worth wellbeing issue of our nation. So, Lack of health services is another one of the major national problems in Nepal.

5 Rapid population growth

Fast populace development is likewise a noteworthy wellbeing issue of our nation. As indicated by the registration of 2001, the populace development rate was 2.24 for each penny. In the event that this rate continued as before the populace would be multiplied following 31 years i.e. in 2032. At present, the populace development rate has been lessened to 1.35 for every penny in 2011 AD, however the rate is still higher. The developing populace will make diverse issues and also trouble in overseeing them appropriately.

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In the event that the number of populace is developing we need to deal with each office likewise which is exceptionally troublesome for nations like our own. We are not in a position to satisfy even the essential needs if the developing of populace continues as before notwithstanding these we have other wellbeing issues as well. We individuals have a great toleration energy to endure filthy environment and other undesirable practices. We gladly smoke and drink out in the open spots. So, rapid population growth is another one of the major national problems in Nepal.

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