Private Sector Hydro Power Plant in Nepal


Private Sector Hydro Power Plant in Nepal

This post gives information about private sector hydro power plant in Nepal. There are various private sector power plants in Nepal. All are generating electricity. These are the Hydroelectric power stations in Nepal by private sector.


Private Sector Hydro Power Plant in Nepal
S.N. Name of power stations


1 Aandhikhola

5100 kw

2 Jhimruk

12300 kw

3 Khimtikhola

60000 kw

4 Votekoshi

36000 kw



5 Sangekhola

183 kw

6 Indrawati

7500 kw

7 Chileme

20000 kw

8 Piluwa khola

3000  kw

9 Sunkoshi sano

2600  kw

10 Rerang

500 kw


148683 kw

 Private Sector Hydro Power Plant of Nepal

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