Best | Top Private Medical Colleges in Nepal

PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGEs IN NEPAL: Nepal has one of the best medical colleges in south-east Asia. If you want to study M.B.B.S in one of the best medical colleges in Nepal, then you need not have to worry because there are plenty of great and best medical college here in Nepal.

Medical studies require immense hard work and determination to complete the five-year-long courses and thus, if you are looking for simply the best, then we have provided you with the list of the best private medical colleges in Nepal.

You can learn some of the features in the college below and also figure out the options and weigh your choices in which you want to proceed your choice of medical college. Hopefully, this will be useful to finding you the perfect medical college that suits you the best. Enjoy everyone!

Best | Top Private Medical Colleges in Nepal

  1. Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara, Nepal:

the Manipal college of medical science of Pokhara’s beginning started on the 18th of October of the year 1992 when a historic agreement was signed between the-then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and the Manipal Education and Medical Group for setting up this tremendous medical college in Nepal. Hence, the Manipal College of Medical Sciences in short MCOMS was formed.

This medical college is affiliated to the Kathmandu University. This medical college was set up at Pokhara in the year 1994 with an MBBS program. This was such a proud moment for medical studies in Nepal because this medical college was the first private institution/ private medical college to be established in the history of our country Nepal.

This was a new beginning for the best medical studies in Nepal. Talking about this college furthermore, the seven hundred and fifty bed capacity in this Manipal Teaching Hospital (MTH), Pokhara had been established in the year of 1998 AD.

Both the medical college and the Manipal teaching hospital have been set up with very much efficient modern facilities for the best modern education of medical studies and health delivery of the best medical service. This marvelous medical college that was the establishment of the undergraduate medical degree program in 1994 has still been taking its journey with an intake of 100 admissions every single year.

The affiliation with the Kathmandu University had been enforced with effect from the date of 31st of December of the year 1994.this medical college has full and permanent recognition by the Nepal Medical Council since the date of 6th August of the year 1999. This medical college has also been given recognition by the Sri Lankan Medical Council on the date of 24th August since the year of 1999 AD.

This extraordinary college has also had the privilege of being listed in the category of college in the WHO directory of Accredited Medical Schools because of which this has been enabled the graduates to appear for various international licensing exams e.g. USMLE, PLAB etc and many more.

Another great thing about this medical college is that it has been recognized by the honorary British Columbia Student Assistance Program (BCSAP) and Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) of Canada as well. This medical college of course also holds recognition for the MBBS degree by the Government of India under Section 12(2) of the IMC Act 1956 since the date of 26th of September of the year 2001.

If you are interested in a study of pathology, then you will be glad to know that this college has also established the postgraduate degree programs in Pathology (MD) and other Basic Sciences (MSc) subjects since the year of 2000. This college has also programmed the commencement of allied health sciences (BMLT & BMIT) degree programme since the year of 2001 AD.

The good news is that there has been increasing in the annual intake from one hundred students up to one hundred and fifty students in respect of the undergraduate medical degree program (MBBS) in August 2003 that is split into two batches of seventy-five which each commences in the months of August and February of every year. there has also been the exclusive extension of the program of the postgraduate degree in Internal Medicine (MD) since the year of 2005 AD.

There has also been an extension of the programs of the postgraduate degree program to all other disciplines since the years of the 2007-2008 AD.

The program of BSc Nursing program had been commenced with a total of twenty seats in the date of August 2009 AD which was later enhanced to a total of 30 students subsequently. Later, there was the merging of the students of the months of August and February intakes of seventy-five students into one batch of one hundred and fifty students which was effective from the date of 1st August of the year 2010 AD.

There has also been a commencement of the program of the DM (Cardiology) program since the year of Feb of the year 2013 AD. Furthermore, there has been the program of addition of a lot of number of ultra-modern speciality services including the NICU, Neuro Surgery, Linear Accelerator, Spiral CT Scan, MRI and so on in the Manipal Teaching Hospital and there has also been continuous upgradation of the existing hospital services which furthermore include the addition of the modern and the latest equipment.

For example, Phaco in the Ophthalmology department, the ICU’s equipped with Ventilators and Monitors etc and so on. There is no capitation fee which itself is a remarkable achievement in the field of medical education. The international students and Faculty Members at the Campus since its inception, been very much fruitful as because of this, the medical college has been attracting a lot of international students from all over the world and of course, each year the number has been increasing every year tremendously in view of the global teaching standards that are employed at the college of MCOMS.

The college has also been very much successful in attracting international faculty members. It must also be acknowledged that a large number of graduates are placed at many various prominent international healthcare institutions after the passing out of the international medical licensing exams, for example, we can take the USMLE & PLAB with scores up to 99%.

So why the wait? If you are interested in the best medical study, you can definitely choose this medical college to further your journey in the medical field.

  1. College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Nepal:

Talking about the brief history of the college of medical sciences which is located at Bharatpur of Nepal, its beginning in the journey of the medical field started when the International Society for Medical Education Pvt. Ltd. (ISME Pvt. Ltd.)  which is a non profit organization, they had an agreement with the  Government of Nepal that was signed on the date of the 8th of August of the year of 1993 AD to establish a marvelous medical college in Nepal which was named as the College of Medical Sciences.

This medical college was to be established in the Terai region of Nepal which is at Bharatpur. This college was meant for medical education and also for the promotion of health and training the Para-Medical staff in Nepal. So the institution was established under the leadership of Mr. Nagender K. Pampatiwhoc was a young MBA from the Boston, USA. He became the Managing Director and Architect of this newly established medical institution.

The institution of the college of medical sciences so far has been continuously progressing under the dynamic leadership of powerful, goal oriented and active young medical graduates from the same institution and the direction given by the Director of ISME Pvt. Ltd. Dr. V. Natraj Prasad.

The College of Medical Sciences is currently being headed by the Professor A.C. Patowary, FRCPE, DPH (Edin.) as the principal. He was formerly Professor and Head of the Department of the community medicine, Guwahati Medical College, Director of Medical Education and also at the Planning and Research and Director of Health Services, Government of Assam which is in India.

This institution of the College of Medical Sciences has been affiliated to the Kathmandu University. This private medical college has been fully recognized by the Nepal Medical Council. The MBBS course was introduced in this college of medical sciences since the year of 1996 AD.

Talking more of the recognition received by this medical college, this college has also been recognized by The General Medical Council of Great Britain, The ECFMG of the U.S.A., The Sri Lankan Medical Council. Furthermore, this medical college has also been enlisted in the W.H.O’s World Directory of Medical Schools which is an honorary thing in itself.

The good news is that the college was inspected by the Medical Council of India (MCI)too to give recognition Under Section 12(2) of the MCI act, 1956 which also has been very much successful. You should acknowledge the fact that this college also has the excellent infrastructure in creating the best educational environment in the country for the ambitious medical students.


This college of medical science has very much spacious classrooms, air-conditioned library, clean hostels, hygienic canteen and also well-furnished accommodation for all of the faculty members as per required. In addition, the college has also been successfully coordinating and collaborating with lots of various national teaching institutions for example like the B.P.Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Dharan, B.P.Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital of Bharatpur Govt. hospital of Bharatpur and so on.

Furthermore, the college has also been coordinating with the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and also with the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, in short AFRIMS of Bangkok in Thailand.

There has also been an implementation of many joint research projects that are related to many local health problems which are already undertaken with the collaboration of these institutions which of course have been ended in successful results. Also, the college has already been extending cooperation to many of its local practicing medical professionals too including private hospitals, and also much nongovernmental organization (NGO) too.

This medical college has been inspiring a lot of local students and also been inspiring to opt carrier in medicine, nursing and in the field of pharmacy as well. This medical college has also been actively participating in Government Health Services programs, for example, the Family Welfare Planning & Ophthalmic Care, Immunization and Tuberculosis control etc. and many more.

The vision and the goals of this medical college are to function as an independent Centre of Excellence that is committed to a high quality specialized excellent health care services in our country Nepal. Its goal also includes striving to conduct much research on the relevant local health problems for the holistic development of community services and for the improvement in the field of medical education in our country Nepal.

One of the main missions of the college is to further develop it to an Institution of excellence amongst the SAARC countries for a high-quality health education too. This institution also has the main aim to produce very much highly skilled and competent medical personnel in lots of various disciplines in the field of medical sciences in order to fulfill the need of the contemporary society.

This institution also seeks to provide high-quality specialized health services to the common citizens of Nepal. This medical college also has been assisting the Government of Nepal for the implementation of many of their National Health Services plans as well.

In terms of academic goals, this medical college has aimed to produce highly skilled and competent human resources in health who have work ethics with human values and are also very much capable of serving anyone anywhere in the world in the future.

This medical college has also been successfully collaborating with the department of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal in all of the matters of medical education and services too. This medical institution provides excellent health services that are of high quality through many of its various departments.

The goal of this marvelous medical college is also to participate in all government health programs as an equal partner in providing health services to the common people. This medical college has also been striving to always motivate its students and also the faculty in order to conduct research on areas that are relevant to many of the health problems of the community.

This medical college has also been providing facilities in order to fully update the health knowledge and many modern and latest technologies.

In order to perform the best, you have to be the best and so this college has also adopted many scientific methods for the management for effective and efficient delivery of health services, Medical Education and Research in terms of medical field.

This medical college has also been established in order to monitor and in the evaluation system for the betterment of the evaluation criteria for the health services and also for its implementation of the programmes.The college of medical sciences (CMS) as of today is very much a successful maiden attempt of the ISME Pvt. Ltd which is a premiere medical institution with very high standards in the terms of academics, healthcare and also in the field of the research technology.

The institution of a college of medical science, in itself, has the full potential to further develop into a center of excellence for medical and super specialty care both in the national level and in the international level. So, this college has proved itself to be one of the best private medical colleges in our country Nepal and choosing this institution to further your medical studies will definitely be a correct choice for you.

  1. Nepal Medical College, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal:

The Nepal Medical College, in short NMC, is situated at Attarkhel of Jorpati Village Development Committee, in Kathmandu which is just about 11-kilometers away in the northeast direction of Kathmandu city. This medical college lies at the foothill of a mound which has an environment that is a quiet and tranquil kind that is required for a medical college and a teaching hospital.

The Nepal medical college campus has the academic buildings like a library, female student and male student hostels and Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital in short NMCTH.

The college also has departments of Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Physiology, Community Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Human Anatomy, Medical Microbiology and Pathology and so on that are much required for the first two academic years as per the MBBS curriculum.

There are also other departments of Anesthesiology, Dental, Dermatology, Emergency, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology and Surgery that undertake the teaching of medical students in all of their respective wards and outpatients departments during the rest of the period of four and a half year MBBS program.

This medical college, in addition, also provides health care services to patients from their departments at NMCTH on all working days of the week. There is also the availability of a clinical health laboratory, radiology, operation theaters and casualty services, ICU, CCU, NICU, Haemodialysis service, ambulance service and so on.

All these services fully and efficiently provide round the clock health care services to everyone. Echocardiography, Holter, TMT, Gastroendoscopy, Colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Ultrasonography and Pulmonary Function Test facilities are also some of the services that are available on a regular basis throughout the week. Furthermore, there is also an implementation of specific investigations that are related to subjects like Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, and Pathology.

All these are readily available at the respective departments that are well equipped for carrying out the academic, research and health services. If you are seeking for transportation services, then this medical college also provided the facility of regular micro bus services on different routes because of which the college of NMC is also connected with other parts of the city together as well with taxis which are readily available for the transport of patients to and from hospital of NMCTH from the early dawn to late at night too.

The main mission that is set by Nepal Medical College (NMC) is to educate the human resources for health who are highly competent and have the caring and compassionate behaviour for the rendering of preventive, promotive, curative and the rehabilitative health care services to the people and at the same time keep themselves updated with the most latest and modern trends in the field of medical and health sciences education.

This is achieved by self-enquiring minds of biomedical, sociocultural and epidemiological scientific research activities. The sole vision of the college of Nepal medical college is the sole Nepalese undertaking which will further help develop the medical studies and the improvement of medical personnel in the context of our country Nepal.

This institute is self-reliant health institute which shall definitely impart medical education including other health sciences education of the levels of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels to the global community.

This medical college also focuses on providing health care services to the people from its hospital of Nepal Medical College Teaching hospital as well as from community satellite health care centers that it has as well.the college has also successfully implemented the activities like performing biomedical sociocultural and epidemiological scientific research too.

This college has the goal to become an institute of Medical Education and Health Sciences Education, and also be ultimately upgraded to a deemed Technical University of Medical and Health Sciences of international repute too. The goal of Nepal Medical College is also to earn itself the name of international fame by imparting quality education to the learners of medical and health sciences education.

This institute also has the vision to develop competent human resources for health in the context of our country Nepal who shall provide quality health care services to all the people. The main objectives of Nepal Medical College include conducting undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels of medical education programs by adopting the latest trends in medical education and also through means of the latest technology.

This college also has the objective to provide quality and best health care services from Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital and also through sub-specialty Health Care and Research Centers.The institute also has the goal to provide general health services from its community satellite health centers too. The Nepal medical college also has conducted and is still continuing a lot of health education programs that are much required in the context of our country.

They also carry out many research activities like biomedical, sociocultural and epidemiological scientific research. Their sole purpose is to improve the health status of the people of Nepal.

They want to fulfill this by bringing in an impact on the health profile of the district where it is established and the country as well. this marvelous medical college has also developed links with national as well as international universities, institutions, colleges, hospitals, organizations, societies, clubs, foundations, philanthropists and so on.

Such impactful individuals in relation to conducting undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels of academic programs, providing health care and performing research and also exchanging faculty including developing infrastructure and also acquiring equipment.

The institution also collects endowments and also has the facility of providing social services and overall achievement for the development and progress of Medical and Health Sciences Education and Health Care Service in our country.

This medical college has successfully become a self reliant academic institution of par excellence for the graduate, post-graduate as well as doctoral level studies in the field of Medical and Health Sciences Education because of which this college of Nepal medical college has successfully been able to attain the status of a deemed technical university of medical and health sciences of national as well as of international repute.

The main purpose behind the establishment of Nepal Medical College was to sow the seeds of self-reliance by the Nepalese medical professionals in setting up a medical college and its hospital. This institute is really just the first of its kind in Nepal. This institute has had one hundred percent initiative that is taken by the Nepalese.

This institute has definitely been successful enough to set an example to the youth of our country to be more motivated to undertake the initiative in establishing similar institutions on their own in future for the cause of human resources development in health.

This definitely has given much continuity to health sciences education, health care service and scientific research as conclusion, the Nepal Medical College has always believed that a medical student must always receive the quality education by always acquiring medical education based on the scientific truth.

They should possess a psychomotor skill that is very much required to perform competencies of a medical graduate and demonstrate the benevolent, compassionate and empathetic behavior. This is always expected from the medical profession. It is notable that during the period that one undertakes the MBBS course of study, one must always be exposed to suitable learning experiences in a congenial environment with a lot of modern technologies for understanding the subject matters and also be aware of doing research.

This definitely is much essential part of the medical profession. It is because this factor contributes to the growth of scientific knowledge. Keeping in mind that upon the achievement of quality education augmented with the elementary know-how on research, the medical graduate becomes confident to provide health services with much confidence and therefore, if one  adheres to these principles, the college of Nepal medical college(NMC) definitely believes that quality Healthcare services are only possible on the condition when the medical education is supplemented with research.

If you want to further your studies in the field of medical science, then you must definitely consider the college of NMC because this college has definitely proved its worth over the course of years that it has been running till now. Make correct choices for your future.

  1. Nepalgunj Medical College

The college of Nepalgunj medical college is to play a vital role in the area of human resource development and hence, thereby contributing to national development. The organization mainly also aims at developing the technical Education Institutes that is comparable to the international standards in the medical and other fields as well which is required to achieve the status of Deemed University.

Their main focus and mission are definitely to develop the medical, dental, nursing & as well as many health-related educational institutions in the country which is particularly in the Mid West and Far West development regions of our country Nepal since as these regions are the least developed in the country.

Their goal is also to provide the human resource of the highest quality that would definitely a play very much vital role in the development of the country in general and also of course, the Mid West and Far West regions in particular.

So, their other objectives also include the establishment and the operation of NGMC and to continue the ongoing educational programs with the sole aim of providing quality healthcare services and also developing human resource of the highest quality, particularly in Medical, dental and nursing fields in order to meet the national as well as international needs.

Therefore, the graduates of this program should have an appropriate knowledge, skills and the ethical attitude to serve as community-oriented Physician, Surgeon, nurse, and researcher too.

  1. National Medical College, Birgunj, Nepal:

The college of the National Medical College was established in the year 2001. It is located in the Terai region of Nepal at Birgunj. It was supported by the “National Medical College Company Pvt. Ltd.” Under an outstanding surgeon. He has earned national and international credentials for the promotion of Medico-Social services.

This college of National Medical College is definitely one of the best medical colleges in Nepal. In fact, this college is the number one among all medical colleges in terms of infrastructure, academic facilities and also modern sophisticated medical equipment.

The National Medical College is a college that is affiliated with the world-renowned Tribhuvan University which is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. This institute has also been recognized by the Nepal Medical Council which is an international institution for Medical Education.

The college has always aimed to produce the most competent and knowledgeable the manpower of the country in particular and of course of the Global Village in general.Furthermore, in addition, the college has also had in its mission to perform the scientific research and provide with quality health services to the sick and the needy people.

Thus, the human resource development is definitely one of its first and foremost objectives as we know of. The College has always been committed to obtain the highest academic place among all the medical colleges in the country by enriching the inquisitive minds of its students with the latest research findings and most up-to-date and advanced scientific knowledge and information on the Medical & Nursing subjects as a whole.

The college has in its mind to leave no stone unturned in making itself one of the finest and the most advanced medical colleges of the country as well as in the international level as well.

The College of Nationa medical college equips its students with adequate latest medical and scientific skills and also with the know-how on the subject for performing successfully their duties.

The institution has also had its mission to nourish and nurture its medical students in such a way that they shall and will always remain benevolent, compassionate and sympathetic to their patients as well as ethical towards their profession while practicing medicines.

So, if you are seeking a top private medical college in Nepal, then you definitely go to this National Medical college because the education and services are both of top quality.

  1. Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar, Nepal:

The Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital (P) Ltd is affiliated to the Kathmandu University which was founded in the year of 2004. This college is located in Biratnagar and is one of the major academic hubs of the eastern part of Nepal.

Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar Nepal
Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar Nepal

Its key objective is definitely to impart the international standard medical education to the students of our country Nepal and the abroad enrolled for both the medical and as well as the paramedical courses too. Nobel Medical College is a college that is recognized by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC), Ministry of Education, Nepal, and Ministry of Health, Nepal.

This college has constantly maintained its academic standards as per the requirements of other Medical councils and Universities. The Institution is of high standards that is well equipped with internationally renowned faculties who are professionally committed in the medical field.

The main vision and the main mission of this college and the Hospital both is to impart very much quality medical education in a holistic way and of course serve the various communities of Eastern Nepal and adjoining district of Bihar, the state of India too as well.

The objectives of medical education in Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital (P.) Ltd. is certainly producing considerate, public concerned with surgeons as specialists with sound reasoning domain, efficient and effective towards serving the society, competent in the application of good communication skills, medical ethics and skill too.

The hospital currently has a total of nine hundred and eleven beds of its own at full function. It has been able to serve the patients from various communities of Nepal and also the adjoining Bihar state of India. It definitely has several super Specialty Services with eminent Super Specialized Doctors as well.

The hospital is expected to expand its bed capacity up to a total of one thousand and fifty beds. The hospital of the college of Nobel Medical College is a tertiary medical service center. It offers specialty and super specialty services both.

These services including state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities. They are all there to ensure the delivery of holistic patient care with full effect. The hospital is always staffed with dedicated and highly competent members of the medical fraternity.

The staff along with trained personnel who work with sophisticated equipment are always ready to deliver their full service throughout the working hours. If you seeking for the best medical college, then definitely deserves to be on your list because of its tremendous services and facilities that it has always provided.

  1. Kist Medical College, Imadol, Lalitpur, Nepal:

Kist medical college located at Imadol, Lalitpur, Nepal is definitely one of the best medical colleges in our country. This college has the goal to create competent, humane and compassionate healthcare professionals through its excellence in holistic education, healthcare and as well as research activities.

The main focus and the sole mission of this college are definitely to become one of the preferred learning destinations for medical students and faculties of health professions education as well.the goal of this Kist medical college is always to encourage integrated as well as interdisciplinary learning among the students of the health and medical professions and also to develop a holistic, humane approach to healthcare delivery all over our country Nepal.

The main mission of this college is also to create an institution that is so much responsive to the healthcare education in our country and the healthcare delivery needs that are required here. And furthermore, also meet the expectations of people at various levels of society in local as well as national level.

The college has successfully been able to establish a robust research infrastructure and it has also successfully been able to promote and support the research especially for those which would make a tangible difference in the lives of the people of our country Nepal. Hence, if you are looking for the medical college in Nepal, you should definitely not miss the Kist medical college on your list of choices. Good luck students.

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