All About Prime Life Insurance, Nepal


All About Prime Life Insurance, Nepal: –Built up in 2007, Prime Life Insurance Company Limited has performed well to wind up one of the fruitful insurance agencies in the nation today.

The decade long voyage has been a time of progress for the existence safety net provider as far as the business extension, renewal and authoritative magnificence. It is one of the leading life insurance companies in Nepal.

“Our business is developing by 22 per cent every year. It is particularly in accordance with the normal development rate of life coverage industry in the nation says Manoj Kumar Bhattarai, CEO of the organization.

A report distributed by the appraisals organization ICRA Nepal has put Prime Life at the fifth position among life guarantors in Nepal. As per Bhattarai, the organization beat the market position regarding winning per share (EPS) and productivity. The organization was at the ninth position before 2014 when there were just nine life safety net providers in the nation.

Organization Background ofPrime Life Insurance, Nepal

Despite the fact that it was enrolled in 2007 as an organization, Prime Life Insurance formally began its task on June 5, 2008. The organization was advanced by various conspicuous business bunches including Khetan Group, Laxmi Bank and so on among others. “We made the solid framework and enhanced administration arrange generally the nation over.

In any case, at first the organization appeared to be progressively centred around term protection of the individuals who were moving for outside work as it was a simple, brisk, and gainful business contrasted with customary protection,” uncovers Bhattarai.


From 2014 onwards, the organization pushed ahead balanced with an equivalent spotlight on a wide range of protection. A while later, its development rate picked up an upward force in all parts of industry normal contrasted with other life back up plans in Nepal.

Defining moment

The organization saw many high points and low points while quickening its business. “We experienced the most troublesome time amid FY 2012/13 and 2013/14 when the Insurance Board requested that we direct a Due Diligence Audit (DDA),” reviews Bhattarai, including, “Amid the period, the organization was not doing admirably because of the expanding costs and diminishing business volume.

The salary was going down.” The organization then started different mindfulness crusades for the extra security administration in Nepal. .. per him, the organization’s diagram indicates 15 per cent normal speeding up in its business at present.

Items and Services of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

The organization has 15 distinct items, in particular, Prime Foreign Employment Term Insurance Plan, New Life Term Insurance, Sulav Money Back, Surakshit Awash Jeewan Beema, Primelife Pension Plan, PrimeLife Single and Limited Payment, Nari Jeewan Beema, Dhan Sagar, Jeewan Surakshya among others.

Bhattarai says that the organization has sold 1.6 million protection approaches to date. Among them, 1.4 million approaches are for outside business protection and 200,000 arrangements for other protection.

As indicated by Bhattarai, it is the main organization to give protection administration committed to ladies under ‘Nari Jivan Beema’ in Nepal. Under the item, it gives a segment of total guaranteed every year to the safeguarded on the event of any celebration they wish.

In like manner, the organization has an item named ‘Prime Life Surakshit Awash Jeewan Beema’ which is an extraordinary item all alone. With this item, the protected, while taking advance for developing/purchasing home will find hobby protection of aggregate equivalent to the home credit taken from the bank.

In like manner, the item Prime Life Swornim Jeewan Beema is with the end goal that if the proposer (one who registers for a kid’s protection) is dead, the organization itself keeps going laying the premium till the arrangement is developed. Also, the organization pays one per cent of the total guaranteed each month to the tyke protected.

“We have additionally built up another and one of a kind item which will be uncovered soon,” shares Bhattarai.

Showcasing Strategies of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

As per Bhattarai, the organization has been following the 5 Ps (item, value, spot, individuals and advancement) promoting system. “We have our own procedures for the 5 Ps. Our items are less expensive,” claims Bhattarai, “We are advancing the organization and its items through publicizing, attention battles and mindfulness programs balanced.”

The primary target of Prime Life Insurance is to give effective and dependable life coverage administration to every one of the general population with its slogan of ‘Prime Life Insurance Surakshit Bhabisya’. “We focus that even the general population with low salary are not denied of our administration.

In this manner, we have offered a term approach of Rs 100,000 with a low premium measure of Rs 1, 350,” says Bhattarai. Be that as it may, the excellent sum won’t be returned aside from if there should be an occurrence of the demise of the safeguarded.

Administration Network of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

The organization has extended its administration to arrange the nation over. It has 115 system focuses the country over. It has 29 branches, five local workplaces administration her contact workplaces in the nation. “We focus to achieve 135 system focuses by this year.

We are in a procedure to define a five-year marketable strategy,” shares Bhattarai. As indicated by him, the organization will include three additional branches, 15 sub branches, and around 20 contact workplaces in the coming days. It is additionally intending to have common workplaces in all the seven territories.


Promising Financials of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

Amid the foundation of Prime Life, the base paid-up capital necessity, according to the Insurance Act 2049, for extra security organizations was set at Rs 250 million. “While enrolling the organization, the controller coordinated to keep up the base paid up cash-flow to Rs 500 million inside five years.

Because of different reasons, our paid-up capital came to the dimension of Rs 481million by FY 2016/17. Anyway, the controller trained to make least paid up capital of Rs 2billion and the organization can get the new paid-together capital prerequisite set by the controller as it has adequate hold, working benefit, and store gathered from the closeout of right offers.

At present, the organization paid up capital is Rs 1.78 billion which will achieve Rs 2 billion by mid-July 2018.

In the course of the most recent four years, the principal year premium accumulation developed over Rs 1.8 billion which would associate with Rs 2 billion before the current year’s over.

Hazard the board of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

Protection is the procedure of the exchange of the dangers of the guaranteed to the backup plans. As indicated by Bhattarai, chance administration in protection depends on the pool rule. He clarifies that the organization rehearses chance hunger appraisal to know its hazard bearing limit.

It has reinsurance concurrence with Hannover Re German reinsurance. Under the understanding, Prime Life Insurance bears a dimension chance while the danger of more than held farthest point is borne by the re-safety net provider.

“Under the game plan, the held likewise will be embraced as ‘calamitous’ to guarantee that the case will be paid by the re-safety net provider if there should be an occurrence of any characteristic cataclysms like a flood, quake and so on”, says Bhattarai.

Life Fund Management of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

According to the current venture mandates, disaster protection organizations are required to contribute a base 70 per cent of their complete reserve in fixed stores at business banks or potentially put resources into bonds and securities issued by Nepal Rastra Bank.

In like manner, the insurance agencies can contribute 10 per cent of the complete premium in offers of open constrained organizations recorded with Nepal Stock Exchange.

Life subsidize is put resources into safe and verified way as coordinated by the controller. Subsequently, the organization can ensure to restore the entirety guaranteed back to the protected. Bhattarai includes, “We are at the seventh position on the life finance premise. This additionally demonstrates we are developing vivaciously.”

Quality of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

• Young, vigorous and qualified staff members who can work for an additional 10 years to 30 years.

• Wider system extension

• Will move to its very own structure which is under development at Naxal in next two years.


• Business centre redirected for a certain time before.


• 52 per cent of the populace in the nation is monetarily dynamic.


• No select office framework for extra security in Nepal

Mindfulness Programs of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

As indicated by Bhattarai, Prime Life is the primary local insurance agency to expand life coverage mindfulness among the general population with a solid motto – ‘Sunya Wa Tin, Bichar Garan Ek Xin’ (zero or three, we should consider it).


To build mindfulness on life coverage among the general population, the organization has been conveying distinctive handouts with substance featuring the significance of protection.

It gives 3-day preparing to its protection specialists, bestowing on them information about protection strategies and its market situation. The organization’s promoting head, branch administrators and furthermore common office boss visit a few spots to spread learning about life coverage and its significance in verifying one’s future.


As indicated by CEO Bhattarai, extra security itself is a demonstration of CSR and the organization is doing CSR consistently. “We give some budgetary help to minimized gatherings, compose occasions to make mindfulness about life coverage, its significance to verify existence with protection,” says Bhattarai.

Hear it from the owner of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

It is with incredible energy that we present our corporate Strategic development plan for Prime insurance agency Ltd. As per the mandates of the National Insurance Commission, Prime Life Insurance Company Ltd. is an actualizing groundbreaking activity as a method for developing the protection business in our iLifedible country.

These activities supplement and expand upon the systems and duties we made in our past key arrangement, which is helping us develop the salary of our investors, make and hold a solid organization picture and grow profitability through advancement.

This new protection development plan is intended to satisfy these objectives – and some more – making a dynamic, growing protection industry in Nepal. Not exclusively does the protection business shield a large number of Nepali from monetary misfortune, however, it likewise speaks to an imperative financial motor for our nation.

Insurance agencies utilize around 1,000 Nepali, whose compensation all out almost GHS 500,000. In excess of 25 insurance agencies and Insurance dealers just as specialists work in and around the nation. This is an industry-driven key development plan.

Key people with ability in all protection fields gave guidance and direction in building up these activities. We are appreciative for their info, learning and experience amid this procedure.

As we look to our future, we are sure that there are chances to develop Nepal’s protection division considerably further, extending protection occupations all through the nation.

Nepal’s protection industry has a rich history and with the assistance of our new development activities, we will expand upon this establishment to bring a splendid financial future for all Nepali. We are really amped up for the chances and organizations that lie ahead as we grow a standout amongst Nepal’s most conspicuous and promising ventures.

The  Mission and Vision of Prime Insurance Company Ltd. are typified in its Strategic Development Plan. The organization has set out a five-year vital arrangement for the years 2012-2017 with the initial 2 (two) years (2012-2014) being introduced as a first medium-term plan.

The First Medium Term Plan is the guide appearing, what, and how the organization will be controlled in the following two years. The arrangement merges the tasks and exercises of the diverse units in the organization towards a synergistic, lucid and monetarily practical program with indicated courses of events. This Strategic Plan is relied upon to advance productivity, designate assets adequately, upgrade straightforwardness, and distinguish accountabilities.

Official SUMMARY by of Prime Life Insurance, Nepal

Studies have demonstrated that the protection business is considered as a business influenced by open intrigue (Crawford, 1998). This is because of the way that in case of any setbacks, organizations and society everywhere are conveyed to their feet.

Occupations which would have been shut down on account of such heartbreaking calamities like flame, theft, or general mishap would be reimbursed and taken back to its previous financial position.

Protection can be named some portion of the administration business since is sells items which are not unmistakable, it is in this way vital that the customer isn’t just happy with the item or administration offered however should likewise be happy with the entire administration experience.

For this rich client experience to be conceivable, organizations must find a key way to deal with giving the best administrations through a procedure of nonstop improvement of each part of the organization’s activities with the inclusion of staff at all dimensions.

As of late when the business sectors are so immersed and modern, with rivalry among insurance agencies sharp, it is exceedingly basic that 21st century insurance agencies, for example, Prime Insurance audit their activities to suit current benchmarks so as to accomplish upper hand and one of the manners by which this can be accomplished is by sending the full parts, methods of insight, devices, procedures and frameworks related with absolute quality administration.


Created nations have seen a huge improvement in their economies on the grounds that the protection business contributes enormously to monetary development by changing over reserve funds made by people into resources. Since the assets raised by the business are a long haul in nature.

Unmistakably, the protection part without a doubt stays vital in the improvement of each economy by giving occupations and contributing altogether to a nation’s GDP (Mensah, 2008; Lovelock and writs 2007).

It is in such manner that the United Nations gathering on exchange and advancement (UNCTAD) in 1994, gave a sign that a sound national protection showcase is a fundamental trademark for financial development.

In Nepal, the protection business is around a multi-year-old; be that as it may, the creation linkage of protection and national improvement is moderately low in Nepal.

In Nepal, most insurance agencies were composite; guaranteeing both life and non-life strategies. Anyway, in 2008, the establishment of a protection law engaged the national protection commission to guarantee that all insurance agencies split into life organizations, and General business organizations. (NIC Report 2006)

This arrangement combined with the exchange progression strategies in Nepal prompted the relentless convergence of Nigerian insurance agencies into Nepal. As of now, there are around 36 insurance agencies in Nepal. (NIC, 2006)

Prime Insurance Company Limited is a result of the assurance of expert lay individuals from Assemblies of God Professionals Network.

Prime was enrolled as a restricted obligation organization in September 2004 under the Companies Code of 1963 ACT to give protection administrations.

Administrations/items offered by Prime Life Insurance, Nepal :

  • risk protections
  • bonds protection
  • engine protection
  • financial misfortune
  • development and designing
  • flight protection
  • merchandise in travel
  • marine protection

Gradually yet relentlessly the organization has had the capacity to build its piece of the pie. This achievement accomplishment has been made conceivable by the offering of value protection items at equality costs.

The organization has had the capacity to construct a decent picture and has subsequently earned the trust of its customers due to the quality items and administrations offered through adherence to best practices and ceaseless improvement, which is made conceivable by including all staff at various dimensions to give the best an incentive to customers.

It is basic to take note of that, for an organization to fill its proposed need and furthermore contribute decidedly to the development of an economy to a great extent relies upon its capacity to give quality items and administrations that will meet the customer’s desires.


In setting up this vital arrangement the organization investigated its past key plans and assessed its achievement in accomplishing the objectives put forward in that. Two division-wide objectives that stream down to program level have created.

We trust that the objectives, destinations and pointers displayed in this vital arrangement reflect what we hope to accomplish and give great proportions of our advancement toward those accomplishments. Our concentrated endeavours increment the quantity of value back up plans working together in the nation, and to settle the property protection advertise in Nepal.

On-going endeavours to serve the purchasers whose intrigues we ensure and the makers are fixing near our capacity to keep pace with innovative advances. Online maker authorizing and premium duty filings are two regions where we have made incredible steps.

Changes in the job of the Insurance Rating Commission have changed certain capacities inside the business. Our on-going endeavours as shopper advocate have been expanded in the consequence of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

There have been moderately few changes to execution pointers. Some previous Key and Supporting markers have been moved to General pointer status; some General markers have been dispensed with in light of the fact that we trust that they are never again significant to the arrangement as well as give almost no valuable data to the division and to other people who survey this arrangement.

Consequently, a couple of new pointers have been made to more readily mirror the exercises of those divisions.


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