Preeti Font Is The Most Famous And Downloaded Font In Nepal


Preeti font:- Occasionally the letters don’t turn up on another device that shows up well on your computer. This is because of the fonts. A font is the combination of same scale, pitch, and spacing characters. The fonts play the essential role of the characters in the machine typeface. The typeface is the digital representation of how to produce the style. Therefore fonts apply to face face + style + size.

This is the digitalizing age. We cast specific size and weight on the letters. Digital representations of typefaces are graphic design. Today it’s not just like the old age of printmaking; the fonts are interchangeable with a press. One of the most popular questions is which Nepali style font is the best one?

We comprehend the excitement. There are also a variety of fonts that do the excellent job. This article will help you find out if you are looking for the most common Nepali fonts as well as the best nepali font to be used. Yep, you could use it to your common Nepali typing or layout purpose, with none difficulty.

Origin of Nepali Fonts Starting in the 1980s, a wider meaning for the word “font” emerged with the advent of computer fonts. Various sizes of a single style — separate metal kind fonts — are generally made out of a single laptop font, when you consider that vector shapes may be freely scaled.

The typeface “Bulmer” can encompass the fonts “Bulmer roman” The time period font, a doublet of the phrase fondue, derives From the Middle French font, meaning “(something that was) melt(ed)” which refers back to the shape created via way of means of casting molten metal.

10 Famous Nepali Fonts

Ten maximum famous fonts for nepali typing

  1. Preeti font

 Preeti fonts are among Nepali’s most common fonts.Preeti is just like the Nepali Times New Roman font so we will declare it is a Nepali font through default. Type-up is quick and transparent.


  1. Sagarmatha font

Sagarmatha font is another alternative to typing Nepali. It’s a easy and pretty font, too. It attracts the user therefore you can use this font in Bold for Nepali language.

  1. Mangal font

One more common font is Mangal. For offical usage it is very critical. This is also called font Devanagari.Mangal fonts are a touch tough to kind than Preeti or different Nepali fonts. You will use this font for sharing your own thoughts and feelings on social media.

  1. Kantipur font

One more common font is the Kantipur font. You can use it while writing loads of page or article. It looks very similar to font Preeti.

  1. Kanchan font

Kanchan is very basic and similar to the font used in Preeti. It gives you joy on your face after typing a page or article. On the fonts list we can claim the slimmest font.

  1. Ananda 1 Hv font

We suggest you, use Ananda 1 Hv font for the design purpose. It’s too amazing and you will love it when you choose this font to type.

  1. Ganess Font

Garness font is likewise the famous font for people who need to be a designer withinside the future. This font is cherished through maximum designers due to the fact it is very ambitious and excellent.

  1. Amrit Kuroud Font

 Another good looking font, Amrit Kuruti. This is also the common option for design purposes. Bold and beautiful Amrit Kuruti is the best glamorous font in one stage compared with others. You will enjoy it, and use it.

  1. Shrinagar Font

 Another famous Nepali font is the Shrinagar font. Compared with other style fonts this font is thinner in size. To get the specific check on your template download this font.

  1. Suryodaya font

It is some other common, a chunk weighty, Nepali layout font. It seems similar to Amrit Kuruti and also simple and very popular.

Most common nepali font: Preeti font

Nepali language includes thousands of fonts. So, which one would you think is the best? Although each font has its own feature, it is Preeti font that is one of the most popular and traditional fonts. Preeti font is taken into consideration the primary Nepali language font designed by Bhadrakali Mishra and produced by same. Nepal Preeti’s official font is simple to use, and is the most popular font that most people prefer.

Preeti Font download

Preeti font is one of the more famous and conventional Nepali Font for Nepali language typing. This is the first Nepali font created by Bhadrakali Mishra, for the Nepali language. The official Preeti Nepali font is simple to use and it’s the most popular font that most people prefer.

Thus, Preeti Nepali Font is used in the official document of the Nepal government and native newspapers. Many people install Preeti font because of its convenience to work with this font when opening your document on your PC in other PCs or other documents. Preeti Font provides an alternative to Unicode in Nepal. Install it on and continue using it for Windows, MAC, Android, IOS and Linux.

Preeti font is one of the well-known and standard Nepali Font for Nepali language writing. It resembles Nepali’s Times New Roman text style with the intention of claiming it’s a default text style in Nepal. Composition is simple and transparent.

Preeti font is the major Nepali text style that has been developed by Bhadrakali Mishra for the Nepali language. It is obvious to use the authority Preeti Nepali Typography and it is the most commonly known by most individuals. Preeti Usual is a Standard OpenType Font. It was uploaded 1439 times. 6 Users rated the font as 3.17 out of 5.

Importance: You can’t take your device everywhere you’re going. Carrying the data from your pen drive and opening it from other PC cannot clearly reveal your characters this is due to fonts. So, if you do your work in most common fonts this is the best way to get your data clear and without any other errors. Many people install Preeti fonts so it’s easy to work in this font when opening your document on your PC in other PCs or other documents.

Preeti font is one of the most common Nepali Font for Nepali language typing. Preeti Nepali Font is a standard TrueType Devanagari Font whose appearance is simplicity.

Below are some of the features so that in most of the PCS’s Preeti font was one of the most used fonts.

  •  Simplify.
  • Familiar to whoever is using Microsoft.
  •  Both characters have an equal frame.
  • Most impressive.
  • Readable.
  •  The popularity and success of Type-faces.
  •  Elements suitability.
  • Simple to install.

If you want the Pretti fonts to be installed on your computer it is simple. Only go to the instructions below, and download the font.


You will have them on a floppy disk, Dvd, or hard disk to install fonts.

Follow these steps to load font Preeti:

1. Press win +R


Type the following:  %windir%fonts command then press enter.

2. Look in the Drives box, click on the drive that contains fonts (see the drive you set to download).

3. Select New Font From Menu File.

Instead of through choose the common one. Popular one isn’t going to cause you problems. Even the case refers to the fonts. So use the Preeti font to be informed of issues with the fonts.

Instructions for Downloading Preeti Font

Follow the instructions below for installing font after downloading the file.

  1. Copy the Preeti Font which is downloaded.
  •  Go to Font > Control Panel
  • Click right and “Paste”

You are now able to use the Preeti Nepal font.

How to install Preeti Font in your device?

  • For Windows 10/ Windows 7 / Vista users:

– Right-click the Preeti Font file(s) and choose “Install”

  • For users of the previous Windows versions:

One can Copy Preeti Font & paste into a default Windows font folder (usually C:WINDOWSFONTS or C:WINNTFONTS)

How to install Preeti Font in your Mac OS X device?

  • For Mac OS X 10.3 version or above (including the FontBook)

Double-click  the file you have named as Preeti Font file and hit “Install font” button at the bottom of the preview.

  • For Mac OS X

Either you need to copy the Nagarik font file(s) to /Library/Fonts (for all users), or to /Users/Your_username/Library/Fonts (for you only).

  • For Mac OS 9 or earlier

One need to convert the Preeti Font file(s) you have downloaded. You need to drag the font suitcases into the System folder. The system will then ask you to add them to the Fonts folder.

How to install Preeti Font in your Linux System in the device?

  • For Linux Users

You need to Copy the Preeti Font file(s) to /USR/SHARE/FONTS

Font Information

  • Font Name: Preeti Normal
  • Font Style: Normal
  • Font Type: OpenType
  • Font Embedding:  Installable
  • Font Tags:  Normal,Preeti
  • Number of Glyphs:  None
  • Font File Size: 25.5 KB
  • Total Downloads:  1439

(Note: The above information is factual.)

Download Preeti font

What is unicode Preeti?

 Preeti to Unicode software convert traditional Nepali Script, typed to Unicode characters in Nepali using / installing fonts that can be used in any media or computer without using / installing any conventional fonts such as Preeti script.

Unicode Converter to Preeti

Unicode is a uniform encoding across the globe for the different type of font. A single, unified, universal encoding is the word “Unicode.” Representing the visual art is a series of special symbols, here the visual art unicode represents the set of text characters. Unicode has set of code charts locked for all characters. For example to represent unicode, there is a specific collection of code here to dispaly character “a,” which is called unicode.

The web-generally found characters are generally not directly copiable to your desktop-based applications such as pagemaker, word.. Clever attempt to copy the text could result in sequence of unmeaning blocks of characters. This is because web uses different encoding schemes, called Unicode, to represent the characters.

Used with Nepali language and script, it is a global encoding norm by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned with a specific numeric value that applies to entirely different platforms and programs. Unicode to Preeti is an extremely simple, accurate and easy to convert Nepali font into Preeti script.

The choices include easy Nepali writing, Keyboard facility it provides for all letters and numbers, Spacious to write large numbers of Nepali Unicode It also provides Preeti to Unicode Converter and Unicode Converter from Nepal.

Unicode is perfect for web publications, since it functions with the browser of any web user. A quick mapping of unicode characters to ASCII characters relating to other font (in this case preeti) is the key thing to do to make unicode editable or copiable first.

And here’s the mapping method that converts the unicode to devnagari font called “Preeti.” You need to Type or write the unicode from the first field in order convert unicode to preeti and then only press the convert button to convert it to preeti font.. When translated text shows you some randomly typed English alphabets on the right window, this means you don’t have preeti fonts installed on your screen. The preeti font is available for download and install from the site.

This programme Unicode to Preeti converter converts Nepali Unicode to Preeti font in the word programme. Convert also to other famous Nepali fonts such as Kantipur, Sagarmatha, Kanchan, Himal, Everest, and Ananda, Ganesh etc. which are widely used in printing, newspaper publishing, magic and design.

It is essentially a transforming tool that transforms the Unicode Nepali character to traditional Nepali Preeti font. This converter requires pre-installed Preeti font to function. If you don’t have a Preeti font, you can download it hand install it too.

The Bottom Line

Preeti Font is Nepali Font which is commonly used for Nepali typing in Nepal. The Preeti font is used mainly to type government documents and private organizations / institutions. Preeti font is also known as Nepali font style or default. Preeti Font is also used for the translation into Unicode for web purposes such as posting on websites and chatting with Unicode friends.

This font can be found in all Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel and Power Point etc. This font is the most common font used by the people in all Microsoft package. This font is similar to the Devanagari script and is very beautiful font so that can be used for the nepali typing.

Do you use Preeti font?

Which font do you use most?

Don’t you have Preeti Font? प्रिति फन्ट डाउनलाेड गर्न चाहनुहुन्छ?

Do you want to download this Preeti font? If Yes then, please click the button. You’ll redirect to the Google Drive and then download the preeti font. Thank you. Click Here


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