Poverty is The Greatest Evil on the Society

Get the poverty is the cause of all social evils. Is poverty the sole cause of all social evils? Poverty is the greatest evil on the society. Get know about how poverty is a social problem in the country.

Poverty is the Greatest Evil on the Society of the country

They said money can not buy you happiness and all those important things in life that are much needed than wanted.  I never met a rich man who wanted to be poor and always met a poor man who wants to be rich. To me, that is as equal as a skinny person who wants to go on a diet. The thing is it does not matter whatever you are. I am very religious but I never  read anywhere  it was said that being poor will make you happy.  They told me that money was the root of all evil but had no response when asked why money was made by humans then? My grand parents would say, through out all their experiences that money will not give you happiness neither will it give you morality.

It was more apparent when I saw them struggling for breath for a hospital bed. I had no money and I did not help them to give them what they needed. We were made to live on the streets because we were unable to pay rents. Slums, beggar, ratchet people they do not have money yet they don’t see themselves in a happy place. The shopkeeper only smiles at those customers where he can see an opportunity for payments. If you ask your friends what is the best day of the month and what made them happy, the answer was shocking because they never said it was the weekends where they can get to be with their families and friends, it was the pay day.

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a begger – a begger is begging Money

Nobody in this world would be happy  when the tax man arrives for his payments or when the telephone, electricity bills comes to their house door. I was told that money needs starts with remorse, divorce and discriminatory laws. And do not get yourself wrong and call yourself native when you think that life would be much better just because you can buy a branded t-shirt for yourself. But every body would be happy if they could buy their family a house to live in because streets don’t give you that warmth that is much needed. Never confuse yourself with human greed with human need. People go to war over oil and pride because they want more. People killed the love because they feel they do not have enough. Money is the innocent part in all of us. You can’t always blame money for being the evil one. You can only judge the money by the way a person earns and spends. Sitting all day in a hotel and buying jewels all the time wont make a good use of money. It never did and it never will.

Lets look at the statistics and see the preachers. They are the irony man to be called. They will tell you that money won’t buy you happiness and the tag wont judge you but they will be the one to lecture about it by watching the Rolex watch and be in a rush to go to their BMW cars. We people, all of them were happy as a child even though we might not be the richest. We got everything we wanted as happiness because our parents did the best to keep us strong.

The Hunger Games, a movie made about an annual event in which two people from each of 12 starving districts are randomly selected by the wealthy to compete in a televised battle to the death. Irony is that movie is related to most people. But I cant help but notice how painting poverty and white face makes that fantasy makes it fiction, makes a number one selling novel, a hit at the box office. And being hungry in real life have been wailing since parched tongue slipped break fast. Paying tons for filling for themselves and family is way too much and people have been running in this Olympics of Life called Surviving. It is no new story who have been here, fighting and living and struggling to even die while the governing bodies watch you merely placing obstacles in your path. You can still look at the celebrities that are earning money but still are unhappy. There might just be the same kind of people but we don’t notice them.

Money is what you make it to be. You can make it evil as it is said but also make it the needed thing in life. People have been wanting a little part of money so that they can at least eat twice  a day. If that does not bother you, then ask those people of our country who are dying to live a day. And I don’t want to create an stereotype to all and put a misconception that money is not necessary. Money will fulfill your desires which is necessary for a proper living and living has to be done. Money wont buy you love and only a fool will love a object more than the emotions. Money is just a tool for your problems and also the creator of the problems. It will be the solving method if used wisely and make the most out if it.  Money is necessary and important but that does not mean the poor should always be poor and the rich still gets richer. It has been the reason for countries to make war and also the settlement too. Money has been a powerful medium where dreams are either fulfilled  or destroyed. It has been the medium for people to live and also a reason for them to commit suicide. It has become the reason why development are being done and corruptions are built up. Its how you see and make the good use of money.


Writer: Susaan Basel

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