16 Popular Android Apps in Nepal That Makes Your Daily Life More Easier


13. Arrow hitter :

Arrow hitter is another one of the famous android apps among Nepali mobile users. This is the most favorite game of the users. Almost this game have achieved the good comment from the users. As it is the game, we need to refresh sometime while we are tired. We are not the machine but even though we work like the machine. People of nowadays have forgotten to take rest. Working and working will make the man like a doll. Life is not only the works but also the motion. Tired is only thrown away after taking rest. And this game is very interesting and non-boring. If you once start it your mood doesn’t go off. This game is like the hitting the balloon by the arrow. If you burst the balloon you will get the points.


The small balloon includes high points and big balloon includes fewer points. So if you hit the balloon you will resist for a long time. At first, you have given only 20 arrows and you have to burst the balloon moving on. If you burst the balloon the points and the number of arrows keep increasing. The miss of arrow hitting will make your points less and also the there will happen the wastes of the arrow. This game has the great efforts and you also need the great efforts to play it. The missing does not regain your chance. So in this game, your eyes should be on the bursting all balloons either it is small and big. The greater points you get after bursting the double balloon in one arrow and gets fewer points after hitting the big balloon. Although it’s the game so make your time enjoying and spending by entertaining.

14. Job provider :

Job provider is another one of the famous android apps among Nepali mobile users. As we know that Nepal is the poor country and many of the youth are traveling abroad for the job. So this app works as the mediator between the unemployed and vacancy. If they are touched with this apps then they can easily get the job and can settle the life. These apps make their life comfortable and sustainable. To getting the job is the getting success. If the person is unemployed then they have to face with inflation and have manage their life shortly. If the lights make the dark away same as this lights make the unemployed employed. Strengthening the internal builds and enlarging the outer visuality keeps the man looking intelligent and valuable.


The person identity is only determined by their works not only by their name. It’s the great things that the person of today wants to work like the machine. The Nepalese youth are always ready to work more. This is the apps that enhance the lifestyles of the unemployed youth. We are educated but also not getting the job. This app will help you to find the job and improve the lifestyles. Moreover, the person life has depended on the source of income and this app will show you that sources.  If you want to search the new and best job or either you want to compete with your new job then this app will serve you as your best friend.


This is also the perfect apps of Nepal. This app mostly teaches you about the matter of politics. The politics tricks are valued as the BRAHMASASTRA in the politics. In the context of Nepal, there are many leaders who are less educated and doing the politics. The Nepalese politics have become like the work of an unemployed person. They have made it job and spending the comfortable life. This is the great bad luck for Nepal and Nepalese to be the citizen.


Poly Tricks is the android game developed by Nepalese program that appends the political, social, cultural and natural aspects of Nepal. Poly Tricks comes with the new challenges daily with different levels. The graphics are awesome with dancing music while playing. If this application is done with more updates then it would be a stupendous app. You can have fun with your friends. And take the enjoyment. But it’s the great thing to know that the intelligent person can learn from everywhere and anywhere.

This game is often also called as the run Neta run. This game is like the politics game as the politics is also the game. Mostly this game is played by the youth for entertainment. As it is the game there is also the one more chance to play. Tricks in politics are the great invention from which we can produce our new principle and can also form the party bigger.

16. English speaking :

I think there is very few man who doesn’t want to speak the better English because of less education. The speaking determines the person weight of capacity and intelligence. The speaker will be always the leader and the listener should always be the follower. This app helps the student to be the fluent English speaker. There is once great proverb in Nepali that the wheat is even sold by the speaker and even the rice is not sold by the dumb. This great proverb is saying that only the speaker can get a good respect and survive the life with respect.


This app is better for the students as the English book is compulsory In every school and college it’s also like the same to know and speak the English. The success is only under the feet of the speaker. If you don’t speak who will recognize you. the You will be treated as the lion of the cage. Who have the power to become the king of the forest but due to the unused of internal stamina spend the life like the dog? This app contains the all grammatical chapter and the process of speaking the English and the courses are divided in the day. You don’t feel difficulty while speaking and reading the English.

This app is like the traveling friend which you can learn and practice your English anywhere. English is the father of all the language so if you want to survive then you must have to speak English as it is the international language. This app has made the students easy way of learning English and becoming the perfect in English.

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