16 Popular Android Apps in Nepal That Makes Your Daily Life More Easier


9. Call recorder:

Call recorder is another one of the most popular apps in Nepal and most download android apps in Nepal among Nepali mobile users. This is also the very important apps for keeping the secrecy. Although it is not in most use but this app have their own character which makes this app valuable for someone. This app is mostly used by the boyfriend and girlfriend. The call recording is also sometimes become the proof of the evidence. It is the great time to deal with the relationship if you do any illegal activities in the love or anywhere. The proof works as the real criminal and non-criminal. If we record the voice of some evidence then the truth can be picked out.


The real hero is only made by the recording of the record. If we don’t have the proof of any evidence then we will be in the caged situation. The recording voice becomes the real proof which we can’t hide. And it’s another feature is that if you do call in another mobile the conversation between you and them will be recorded. So this conversation can make you clarify about the topics and the events. You can also record the voice of your girlfriend while talking and listen at the time of free and leisure. The sweet moments and the conversation will make you satisfy after the breakup even with any causes. So this app is also in the use by the youth who are in the relationship.

10. Call speaker :

This is the great invention of the Nepalese inventor. This app is the great achievement of Nepalese engineer which show the way of developing technology path. As it is the new and unique invention in software world it is used by almost all the smartphone who know about you. This app has the features of notifying the carriers about the calls and the number whom it is.


This app gives you information by speaking the numbers and the name if you have saved. These apps have the great importances of making the person increasing the intelligence. The smartphone carriers can installed this app freely from the play store. This is only the apps which tell you the information of calling details. The mobile will increase its values after the installation of this apps.

11. Emblood :

Emblood is one of the most popular apps in Nepal and most download android apps in Nepal among Nepali mobile users. It is the application related to the blood groups and donation. As we know that blood is the main part of our life. It’s like the fuel of the engine. The blood is the great emergency thing which might be needed anytime. It gives the information of blood groups and also convinces about the blood donation. It is my favorite application that new and most useful in our life. TechRoadians is the developer of EmBlood which is a reputed IT company established in Nepal.


 As it serves the life and saves the humanity of the people, it is quoted as ‘life-saving app’. It alerts with the blood search notification. The sharing feature has made it mammoth because this is helpful in the case of emergency. Emblood can help to save your life as well. So start sharing your blood group & donate as well. Sometimes you may need your own blood. Sometimes we also fall in the situation of emergency if we had donated our blood then it’s easy to get. So share this app and share the information and benefit of blood donation and save your life and others too.

12. Nlocate :

This is the great apps for the user and the unknown person who is new in some places. As it works as the shower of the places and the location that he or she wants to reach. It helps you to find the ATM, hospital and the mostly the public places. The application shows the map where you are and the places where you want to reach.


The another use of this application is that locates the cinema halls and theaters and shows the show times. It will spot the maps. The most recent searches using this app saves offline and is used later. This will also provide you the full information about the movies time when the show will start and ends. That might save your time and changes your management of the program. This app is like the traffic police which shows you only the right path to your goal. So download this app today and visit the new ant tourist place of Nepal where you have not reached yet.

So all above are the Nepalese android apps which are mostly used by the android user. The development of the application is going on and the smartphone customer is also increasing on the daily basis. The today youth have attached with the mobile. So it is the good news for the developer of the application and also the good news for the user. Updating and improvement in the application are being donned after the feedback of the user. So keep it up and use in a store.

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