16 Popular Android Apps in Nepal That Makes Your Daily Life More Easier


5. Nepali dictionary offline :

Nepali dictionary offline is another one of the famous Nepali android apps among Nepali mobile users. This also the fruitful apps of the user but it is mostly fruitful to the students who wants to learn more and more. There are two kinds of students. One who wants to achieve big and another achieve what the God give. The man is never perfect in the whole life. But the life is the race of making self-perfect. This app helps the students to learn more to know more and also make the speaking fast in English. The meaning is the base of speaking and knowing the words and the speech spoken by someone.


The words make the sentence which will only form after the meaning  knowings. If the students want to make himself or herself the intelligent, then they must have to speak better. The better speaking is only possible after the knowing of the words meaning. The formation of the sentence is only possible and it will be better if the meaning is known. The sentence will be not the sense if the meaning is not the exact and proper. The students get much more benefit from this application. It is the best place of learning and shaping the mind in the field of meaning. Students don’t get time to open the dictionary.

But presently every student carry the smartphones, and it’s easy to see the confused meaning. Downloading the apps will help to run your students life fast in the field of education and speaking sector. You can search any meaning you will get all the details about the word either it is noun or pronoun or others. It is the effective and very beneficial apps mostly for the students and learners.

6. Nepal load shedding schedule:

 Nepali load shedding schedule is another one of the famous Nepali android apps among Nepali mobile users. As we know that Nepal is the richest country in the water resources but also here is the problem of electricity. There is not the good facilities and providence of electricity. Nepalese people are facing thins problem from startings. There are many projects national and international which are working to build hydropower electricity. The government is also not showing any interest in built of the nation. The Nepalese are living the happy life although there is the problem of load shedding.


The Nepalese are living the happy life although there is the problem of load shedding. People have to suffer from this disease almost every day.  All the people are busy and don’t have time to show the load shedding. And it is also not the fixed that the load shedding routine will be followed for a long time. As according to a situation the load shedding routine keep changes. So it is difficult to know the load shedding routine and manage our works. This app works as our best friend to give information about the electricity when does it comes and when does it go. These apps have made the people manageable for managing the works and time. People of

People of the present have no time and the works are on the head. the So to be tension free from the income and outcome of electricity, this apps inventor should be given the congratulation for making the person known about the load shedding.

7. Nepali news :

This the news app which provides the current and fast news from the nation. The fast news is only forecasted by this apps. The present people have also not the time to watch the TV nowadays. But they carry the mobile and it’s the great helps that the person can get the events and accidents that occur in the national and international. The news is also the great shadow of the person back cover identity. You can get the news in you mobile.


Now no need to wastes your time to listen to the news. This is also the great apps developed by the Nepalese youth. And there are also the different news apps like the ekantipur, news24 etc which forecast the news online. It’s the great media to forecast the real and fast news. All the news related to business, share market, sports and a filmy world that Bollywood also Hollywood etc are showing and forecasting through it.


Call break is one of the most popular apps in Nepal and most download android apps in Nepal among Nepali mobile users. It’s rest time and gets enjoy because the bundle of works will be sometimes is the rest position. The tired man can’t walk for the long distance. People works like the machine and even they keep it continues. This is the condition of man, they should need the rest. And I think it’s the better to play anything in the field. And for other game we need partners but for playing this game you don’t need any partners. This apps call break has become great popular and presently it is installed in every mobile. This game is popular in everyone in the youth and old age group.


If the game is played with someone you also have the chance of earning if you are the champions in playing card. The card is the favorite game of all the old age groups because there is no need of using the body and legs. If you have mind you can be the master of this game. Many of the groups can be seen in the village playing the card. If you know it bitterly you can play this game online with your competitors and can earn the money. It will be you’re the extra income. The government has the band to play the card but if you play in the mobile there will not any prohibition and have freedom to play it.

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